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I went to a job fair today that was for educators and future educators at my alma mater. I think things went pretty well. I went around to the different tables and got some information from the various schools and districts.

There were a few home health businesses, which I thought a bit odd since this job fair was for teachers and others in the education field. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that there weren't any representatives from the city school district, nor the local county. You'd think there would be since they were local and that these future educators may want to have some options closer to home. Whatever...

I was pretty proud of myself for being very professional. I shook hands and introduced myself and would ask the necessary questions. Some of them were unable to say whether or not there would be any librarian positions open, but to check back in the summertime when the majority of the postings would be available. Some said there would be some retirements coming, so to check back in a few months.

I did get swag and lots of other information, like salaries and information about the schools. I handed out all of my employment information, like my cover letter, my resume, my test scores and license information. Most just had resumes, but I figure if I can give them more information, that's less they have to look into and it's stuff that can be on hand as they look through all the piles of resumes they got.

The weather isn't very cooperative lately. While it's been pretty warm most of the week, today was cooler than usual and I got a headache on top of it all. I seem to be getting a lot of migraines in the springtime due to the up and down weather patterns. I wish things would level out so that my head can be at peace for once.

My knitting has been getting better. I still haven't figured out socks, but I've been practicing my magic loop circular knitting and I've gotten the hang of it, for the most part. I just got to keep at it and keep getting better.
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OK, so there's a slight chance we may be moving.

Here's the breakdown. Friends of ours live in an adult-only apartment complex that is based on income. Since mom is the only one who is over 55, it'd be based on her SSI that she receives. This is good since she'd be living there on her own eventually anyway. Our rent is currently $800.00 a month. I usually pay the rent with my monthly annuity, which basically takes all of my money. However, if we get this new apartment, it'd be cut in half, if not more.

It's much smaller than our condo, and there is no garage and no basement. However, with the money we'd save on rent (which mom would be paying instead of me), I can get a storage unit for the extra stuff we have and still have money left over. For me, it'd most likely be temporary, because once I find a job (God willing), I'd eventually move out on my own and mom would have the place to herself.

We took a tour today and found the apartment to be very nice. It has a laundry room and an elevator, which would help mom out considerably since it's on the second floor. I'd have to try and re-work my space issues with my stuff, but I think I can figure out something. Plus, I'd get my own bathroom again, which I miss since living here.

The area isn't all that far from where we are now. While we're currently on the South side of town, this is closer to the North side and we'd have to get re-oriented to where things are located.

It shouldn't be too difficult for us to qualify. While I'm not thrilled at the prospect of moving again, I think it's the best for both of us, since it'd save so much on money and maybe I can get ahead financially and can save some money for when I move out on my own. Ad I know it'd be a load off of mom's mind since she was always so worried that she'd have to find a place that was less than reputable for her to live in eventually. This place is nothing like that.

So prayers and good blessings that things will fall into place as needed. While we're far from being homeless, it's been quite the struggle to keep up with bills and rent and everything lately and moving here would help us out quite a bit. Plus, there are people we know who live there and that would be nice for us in many ways.

I'm not gonna mention anything about it on social media until things are finalized and I tell my immediate family what our new address would be.

No news on the job front. Maybe next year? I dunno. I don't know if others have as much difficulty with trying to find employment in my career choice or if it's just my luck. Maybe I'm meant to wait a certain period of time until after the potential move and mom's possible knee surgery next Spring? I just wish I had a little heads up as to what the plan is so that I can rest easy. Augh, so much uncertainty!!

I voted early last week, so hopefully this dumpster fire of an election will prove to be fruitful for the right people. I'll be honest, Trump in the White House terrifies me on so many levels. #ImWithHer
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Things are going pretty steadily right now. I don't have my part-time job anymore. Some crap about not getting enough rates per hour and stuff. I actually think I may have mentioned this in a previous post.

I'm waiting to get my final paycheck, which I hope comes soon. I'm also looking into finding a freelance proofreading job if I can find one. Despite the fact that I have no experience, I'm pretty sure I can be pretty good at it since I tend to proofread a lot of other things for people. I was a beta reader for fics some time ago, so it's something I feel comfortable doing.

Still no luck on the career-type job search. I'll still keep looking, but I might not have much luck until the next school year. Considering this one just started, it may be awhile. In the meantime, I have more free time now, and I'm going to take advantage of it. Re-learn to knit, do some coloring, read, catch up on some television shows I recorded, etc...

I did see about being a librarian at an International school overseas, but it's very hard to get into and they ideally want people with experience, which seems to be my undoing no matter what country I try to work in.

Mom started her class last week. She seems to be enjoying it so far. I go with her on Tuesdays so that we can go to the community center for a game of Mexican Train Dominoes afterward. It's fun. I take my laptop and go to the library while mom is in class.

We're officially in September and I hope the weather starts to cool off more. We've been getting a lot of rain lately and while it hasn't been helpful for my migraines, barometric pressure and all, it's been good for the garden and the greenery, so I can't complain too much.

I'm gonna sign off now. Hopefully, I can update on a more regular basis, depending on what's going on in my life.
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I have an interview tomorrow afternoon for the Media Center at a high school in Greeneville. Media Center is basically the library, but since most people think of libraries as just having books instead of a place to do research and other activities, they're usually called Library Media Centers.

Anyway, Greeneville is about an hour away from us on the south side of town, so we're probably gonna leave two hours early to account for traffic. While I've applied to many other places, this is the first one to actually ask for an interview. So, who can say what will happen? Even though school has already started in many places, I guess they never found anyone yet. There will be a committee of people doing the interview, and now just the principal, so it's a little bit nerve-wracking, but I'm trying to maintain my cool.

Hopefully, this will lead to something, because I have a feeling my part-time job is close to an end. They put me up for review because they say I'm not rating enough in the time given. Bullshit. I make sure I get in over the minimum amount every day.

Maybe it's just as well. I hadn't planned on keeping this job for very long anyway and it was beginning to get tedious. I'm trying not to put the cart before the horse here, but who can say what will happen. Mom did say she's expressed an interest in doing it since she could use some extra money and since it's a job you can do while at home, it'd be a good fit. She also signed up to do some auditing for some classes at the university. A lot of the seniors at the community center she plays cards with have done it and they seemed to enjoy it. You can take classes without paying tuition, but you also don't get any credit for them. Mostly just so that you can learn something new if you want. She wants to take photography classes, but there's a required art composition class she has to take before she can take the one she really wants. I told her it'd be useful since photography does need composition.

If I do get the job in Greeneville, I'll have to move closer since the commute will be easier and I don't have to get up quite so early and have to wrestle with traffic as much. But, like I said, I'm trying not to put the cart before the horse. So any good wishes, prayers and the like would be appreciated sometime around 3:30 EST.

I'll be glad one this election is over (or not, depending on the outcome). I'm tired of all the ugliness I see, especially on social media. I've been taking a small break from Twitter and the like because I need it. The timing is bad due to the Olympics, but it can't be helped.

Once I know how everything went, I'll post another update!
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Wow. It's been awhile since I posted on here.

I don't think 2016 is gonna be my year. Well, so far, 2016 hasn't been a great year all around. I'm thinking more professionally on my account. Despite many efforts, I haven't had any job bites so far. The school year will be starting soon and at this point, I don't think it's gonna happen. I've been trying to keep my hopes up and my options open, but it's been for nothing. Maybe I should take the first thing that's offered to me instead of holding out for something I really want. Hey, what's being unhappy over a steady income? I never knew that trying to find a job would be this difficult, at least for me. Others who graduated already have jobs. Maybe I'm just a loser who no one wants to hire...

Sorry, got a little dark there. People keep giving unsolicited advice to me, like maybe I need to volunteer somewhere. While that would be nice, I can't give up my paying part-time job. Maybe I should. I mean, who needs to pay for food and bills and the like?

This whole job search isn't good for my mental health, I gotta say...

The extra income is nice for one thing: I can go out and do some more things other than staying home all the time. Not just going to the bookstore and the like, but some of the summer programs that the area has. So, there's that I guess.

I'm gonna stop here before I depress myself further.
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Today was kind of a bad day today. I'm feeling very frustrated with the job prospects out there and while most of the time I try to remain positive, today everything just came to a head and all of my emotions kind of came to the forefront. I try not to angst too much on social media, but it kind of all came out and now I'm worried people will think I'm just being a complainer.

I know people mean well, but sometimes the advice they give isn't really all that helpful. Like a few are saying that I need to try substitute teaching or something. I don't want to teach. I want to work in the library. If I wanted to teach, I would've become a teacher. My social anxiety prevents me from doing it. Others are saying I should broaden my search to outside the library. And do what? I have a degree in being a school librarian.

I don't even know anymore. Mom keeps saying to hang in there and that God has a plan and a place for me. I'm not seeing it. I wish that I could know something about what's going on. It's frustrating. No one wants to take a chance on me. You pretty much have to know someone or have been in the education field for someone to hire you. What about those of us who wanted a career change outside of education? Where is our place? Why won't you hire us? Give us a chance?

I hate not knowing and all of this uncertainty. I keep saying about all of the things I want to do once I get a 'full time job' but I don't know if that will happen now.
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I apologize for not posting much. I have a busy schedule with my part time job and doing various errands and whatnot during the daytime. The evening usually consists of me catching up on my non-work related internet time. I think I spend waaaaay too much time online and not enough doing my other hobbies, like reading and knitting. I'm going to try and remedy that. We'll see how successful I am. I tend to get sucked into websites like TVTropes, Cracked or Buzzfeed. Occasionally Wikipedia, but not as much anymore. I also listen to some podcasts, so that takes up some of my free time as well.

I applied to another job at a local school. It's about 30 minutes away (in good traffic). It's not a huge school, but it's not a small one either. It's about mid-sized. It's a high school, which is where I want to try to get in. I still have applications out to two high schools in Knox County yet, and I haven't heard from any of them as of yet. Maybe within the next few weeks since school is ending and the principals and the HR staff can find the time to go through applications.

Being at a local school would be pretty nice, since I wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to live right away and I can maybe save up to find a place after I've been working for a year and they find they like me. So keep fingers crossed, prayers flying and good vibes a-comin' my way that I'll get a job soon-ish!

Mom has been having a good time with the friends she made from her card group. I'm glad. I was a little worried that she wouldn't do much of anything once she retired and since we moved to a new state, we didn't know much of anyone and the people we do know here are busy with their own lives. I tag along sometimes too, like for karaoke nights. I don't sing, but I like to watch and listen and be supportive. It's pretty fun, but by the end of the evening, my introvert batteries are starting to majorly drain and I'm usually ready to leave.

Mom has been getting her knee injections and they seem to be helping. She not walking lopsided anymore. She's also able to do more things with greater ease, which is nice. Her hip was hurting as a result of her walking off kilter because of her knee, but the ortho doctor said it should feel better once her gait improved. Maybe once the summer rolls around, we can start to do more things like we were doing before.

My part time job is still going. There are some aspects of it that can be tedious, but that's any repetitive job. But, the extra money is nice to have and it enables me to be able to do things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I just have to remember to remain focused and not to let my attention stray too much so that I can get the requisite amount of reviews done in the time allotted. I doubt I'll be able to continue once I get a full time position, since I wouldn't have the time, but that's at least a few months away yet. I also have to remember to fill out the forms I need to defer my student loan payments for at least another few months until I start a full time job. They do offer income based repayments, which I think is the best way to go for me right now.

It's a busy year for movies! Now that I have some extra income, I don't have to wait to see summer films until who knows when (I still have yet to see Inside Out). Ghostbusters is one I want to see as well as X-Men Age of Apocalypse and Finding Dory. I think there are a few others coming out (like the Independence Day sequel) that I may see as well. I also have my 40th birthday in a few months which I'd like to have a big shindig for, but we'll see what is in store come the end of July.

Which reminds me, I'm also due for my colonoscopy sometime this summer. Not something I'm looking forward to, but such is life with a chronic illness.

That's all for now! I'll try not to be so long between entries.
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I'm trying very hard to not be annoyed right now. My car isn't working due to issues with the brakes. And when you only have one car, it kinda limits you.

While there have been a few nice people who have taken us for errands and the like, but there's still a limit to even what they can do.

Even though I have a part-time job now, I still don't have the money to get it fixed. So I'm pretty much stuck at home. And that's a problem. Not only is it the catalyst for massive cabin fever, but I can't do things that I need to do, like getting my allergy shots and doctor appointments to go to. I just have to figure out what to do.

Additionally, I'm kind of in a holding pattern with my job prospects. I realize it's getting close to the end of the school year, so there isn't going to be a ton of focus on new hires right now, but I have to figure something out so I know if I need to move and getting all of that taken care of. Plus, I have student loans due soon, so that's another problem I have weighing on me.

Why do children want to be adults so much? It kinda sucks...

I'm trying to stay positive, but it's not easy. Especially when you're like me and have Anxiety. It's not a good combination...
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I started a new part-time job Thursday. It's an online one and it's four hours per day. I signed a NDA so I can't go into too much detail, but it's basically doing search engine assessments for a company. I have to make sure that the search query that people search for in Google, come up with the right results and if they're for commerce products or not. Barring any technical issues, I should be OK. I couldn't work Friday because there were no queries in the queue to assess. Not a good start for my second day. Hopefully this week will be better...

Still on the hunt for a career type job. The PT job is nice for a few extra coin, but it's not a career. Besides, there's no way I could make my student loan payments with it. Hopefully, more openings will come up as the school year comes to an end. I want a high school, ideally, because it's the type of books I read and I can relate a little more to the students. Plus, I wouldn't have to do a lot of actual teaching. I almost had a nervous break down when I had to teach a class of sixth graders, and that was only one lesson! Yikes!

The university had a comic-con that I tried to go to. Turns out you need to have a valid student ID in order to get in for free. Sadly, I did not have the fee to pay for admittance. But, I was able to get some pictures of cosplayers, so it wasn't a total loss. I didn't want to hang around too long because I didn't want to come off as a creeper. I dunno what'll happen next year if I'll even be in the area to go next year. I guess we'll see.

Not much else has been happening. Mom has been doing a lot more stuff with the cronies from her card group, which I'm glad. Neither one of us tends to get out much, especially since we don't go outside to do any work. Maybe once the weather gets a little nicer and I have a little more money in my pocket, we can do some more things.

I saw my GI doctor on Friday. Things are pretty much status quo, which I was happy to hear. I do need to schedule my colonoscopy soon within the next few months. That'll be fun... I don't want to do it so close to the 4th of July like last time, or near my birthday. That'd be a bummer of a birthday, I tell ya.
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Today was the last day of my Practicum and it was a little bittersweet. I do think I learned a lot from this experience, though, which was the point. I will enjoy having more free time devoted to classwork (and, let's be real, sleeping in). I still have a few more months until graduation, so things will be getting more hectic. Hopefully I can keep my cool. I'm not gonna lie, I had a minor nervous breakdown on Friday. I guess all the stress had built up and it just exploded into one roiling sob fest. It did feel good afterwards, however. Like a catharsis of a sort. I guess it's something that you need sometimes...

I have some potential job prospects in the Knoxville area soon. My adviser had email some of us in the Practicum class about openings coming up in Knox County in January and gave us the name of the lady who is the liaison between the school board and the principals in hiring of new school librarians (I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Go figure). She did contact me back and we're going to be setting up a Skype interview within the next few weeks. Mostly because Knoxville is about two hours away from here. I am kind of hoping to get one of the later openings in May and thereabouts so that it will give me some time to move there. I'd rather not commute that distance, especially with a less than reliable car and in the winter. If it does happen, mom had mentioned something about moving with me and helping me get settled for a year or so, then moving on to maybe Townsend, TN which is closer to the Smokies, which is her dream area. Only time will tell, I guess.

I have to prepare for my Oral Presentation on Thursday. It's also via Skype with my graduate adviser and another instructor who teaches a lot of the library classes I take. I'm not super worried, but I do need to print off a bunch of stuff so that I can show them my physical binder. I have quite a bit of it already, but there are still a few items that I need to add yet.

I had my Remicade on Wednesday. Like a total dumb-ass, I forgot to do my lab work ahead of time, so I had to do them both on the same day, which took a long time and I had to wait awhile before I was even set up for it. Then, they couldn't get a good jab into my vein, even after multiple tries (which hurt. A LOT). They moved to another vein and things were better. I was the last person to leave, however, once everything was done. My next one is in December, a few days after my graduation. The only thing I wouldn't look forward to about moving again is having to re-establish with doctors and finding new favorite restaurants. It's the little things, sometimes...
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I broke my Facebook and Twitter hiatus today officially. I'm gonna ease my way back in and try not to be on quite as long or check in as often as I did. That way I can still have more time to do other things also.

I had a meeting with the Dean of graduate studies, the Assistant Dean and the head of the department of the program I wish to apply to yesterday afternoon. I think things went pretty well. I didn't freeze up or stumble over my words like I tend to do when talking to people of authority. I said my main concern was that my GRE Quantitative scores would probably not be all that high due to my learning disability and that I didn't want it to hinder my acceptance. They eased my concerns and said that the scores were only a fraction of what they take into consideration when admitting students and that based on my other information it probably wouldn't be difficult for me to get in the program. The head of the program also said that the only math-based course I'd be taking was more of a Statistics type course and that if I register with the students with disabilities office, I could get the additional help I needed (which I had planned to do anyway). They do have a copy of my testing that I had done when I was in Community College, so that will help also.

I made an appointment to take the GRE for next Thursday for 1:30 in the afternoon. It's in Bristol since there were no openings on the campus for anytime in November. It's about 45 or so minutes away, and we need to be there a half an hour beforehand so I can register. So, hopefully my mind won't go blank when it comes to actually take the test. And it takes a total of four hours to take it, with a ten minute break halfway through. It'll be a loooong afternoon.

The weather is gonna take a dip for a few days next week. Enough that we may even get frost and even snow. I do need to see about getting some winter clothes in the near future. Mostly thermal undies and some boots and coats. It will be kind of nice to have a Christmas that actually feels Christmasy though.

We're trying to conserve gas, so we haven't been going very many places, and it can get kind of boring after awhile to be stuck inside the house all day. Hopefully mom will be able to find a job soon so that we can have some income coming in and actually afford to do more things around here. Here's hoping for the best!!
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I quit my job Friday. This is a pretty big step toward the Big MoveTM which is inching closer and closer.

It was bittersweet in many ways. Even though there were some rough times here and there over the years, and some questionable issues with the buyout, I have some pretty good memories in general of working there. I made quite a few good friends while there that I hope I can continue to be in contact with them as a I move on.

The farewell shindig they threw me was very nice and thoughtful. I've participated in most of the parties and such over the years, but this one was the first one just for me. It was a little overwhelming. I also realized I have the taste palate of a 10-year-old since it was a potluck of my fave foods (some of my co-workers called my mom and she gave a list of the stuff I like to eat). So there were hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, soda, Uncrustables sandwiches, fried chicken and a delicious chocolate cake.

I told everyone I was going to take pictures, which I did. They are here.

Now comes more packing mostly. I don't plan on doing it 24/7 or anything, but the majority of the coming days and weeks will be busy with packing and cleaning and various errands to run. We have some people that said they wanted to take us out to dinner, so we have that to look forward to also. Hopefully it won't take too long to receive the funds we need to get the ball rolling for the move.

My cousin had her baby today. A little girl named Alexis Jean. She joins her big brother J'Quahn. Mom and I are hoping to be able to stop and visit tomorrow morning before church.

Sometime mom and I want to go and see the new Star Trek movie next weekend. I invited [profile] cosmic_reverie to come join us, so hopefully we can find a good time to go. I think she'd enjoy it since she's a Trek fan as well. Last one we were also able to watch in IMAX at the Space Center, but I don't know if we'll be able to do that this time around.
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I've noticed an odd pattern of sorts recently. Whenever I tell someone (or they find out somehow) that I'm moving away, I always seem to get asked the same types of questions:

1. WHY?!

I understand people are curious as to why we're moving, but it's no big important reason really. Because we want to. Pure and simple. Wanting a change of pace and/or a change of scenery.

2. Do you have family up there?

I get this one a lot. Like the only reason to move is to be closer to family. I understand that's why a lot of people move, but that's not the only reason. I do say we have friends up there and that seems to be an acceptable answer. I guess they like to be reassured that we're not gonna be alone or something.

3. Do you have a job or something?

True, lots of people move due to their job relocating them, but not everyone. I think it may be easier if you do, that way the company may pay for moving expenses and you'd have an income once you move. I think that's the scariest part for me.

I'm not 'offended' or anything by people asking me these questions, but I just noticed a bit of a pattern with the line of questioning. Hell, I may ask these kinds of questions myself of people whenever I find they're moving.

Still nothing on the housing front. I'm trying not to angst about it. I just want us to be able to find something nice in a nice area for us to stay put for awhile. I mean, I don't want to find something kinda meh to transition into a better place later on. I don't want to move again for awhile if I don't have to.

I've been busy at work training the people who are going to be taking over my posting when I leave. It's a bit exhausting and time consuming to say the least. I guess I was a little bit short tempered or frustrated today because I got an email from my boss saying I need to 'get along better' with my fellow associates. I didn't realize i wasn't, but maybe I was and didn't notice or something. I dunno. I have my exit interview scheduled for the 10th at 2:30 and then after that it's 'hasta la vista'!

I have my final Remicade treatment on Wednesday and maybe I can do more packing that day since I'll be home. I did talk to my GI doc today and he said he'd like me to try to get established with a GI doctor up there so that I don't fall behind on my treatments. Which is all well and good and everything, but if I don't have insurance to AFFORD said treatment due to not having a job, than it'll seem relatively pointless.
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Again, sorry for the lack in updates. I keep telling myself I'm going to do it, but other things happen and it doesn't get done.

Some things are still the same in many ways. Work is still pretty much in transition for the time being. Since the people from HealthFirst haven't permanently settled in to our building yet, things are somewhat relaxed in atmosphere. Our supervisor isn't one who is super strict about a lot of things. I don't know how that will change when they do move in. Hell, I may be gone by then. I've got almost a month to go yet.

I did make friends with the new lady in our room. Her name is Lisa (Lisa no. 2 as a matter of fact since we have an established Lisa in there) and she's very nice. She's been in Florida since August and has been working for MIMA/HealthFirst Medical Group for six months. She was originally in registration, but she wanted something different so she moved into our department. It seems like a good fit for her. She learns fast and has been helping with keeping everything caught up.

Her and her husband moved from North Carolina, not far from where we'll be moving to in Tennessee. She has a daughter that still lives in that area who just recently got married. I'm glad I got to make friends with her.

Our moving plans are still going forward. I think once I quit my job, I'll be more motivated to pack things away since I'll have more time during the day and I tend to work better when I'm under a time crunch. I don't know why that is, but I was like that in school as well. My mom told my one aunt who lives here and she just said that 'people need to do what they feel they need to do.' It's a pretty non-committal response if you ask me, but that the way she is. Mom is going to call my other aunt ostensibly tonight and tell her.

Yesterday, mom and I went to the Warbird Airshow that is held every year nearby and met up with [profile] cosmic_reverie while there. We went on a Huey helicopter ride which was totally awesome! Mom and I volunteered to be in the gunner's seats which faced sideways out the door. We were securely strapped in, so there was no risk of us falling out or anything. I was able to take some video while onboard:

We watched the air show afterward and it was quite the spectacle. I took a ton of pictures.

I did manage to get a partial sunburn on my legs since I missed a few spots with the sunscreen. So now I have patchy red spots on my knees and upper legs. At least I wear long pants to work.

I did a strand test for my henna and it turned out really well, so I have high hopes for the rest of my hair come Saturday. I'll post pictures once complete.

As to the title of the entry, Laura asked me what my call sign would be. I thought for a minute and said it'd probably be Dragon Lady since I like dragons and was born in the Year of the Dragon. I kinda like it!

Dragon Lady signing off.
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Friday was our company 'Spirit Day.' Basically meaning we could wear a company shirt or company colors with jeans. Any chance I can get to wear jeans at work, I'm gonna take. This next week will be our last as our company as we know it. It'll be a little weird and hopefully the transition will be a smooth one.

They told us we'd be getting cubicles, but I don't know when for sure. I mean, it could be as soon as next Monday. I guess we'll have to see. They're also gonna cram more people into our room, so that will take some time getting used to. I got my tax return and ordered me a new iPod so that I can listen to my music/podcasts in peace. I mean, I like the camaraderie we have now with the open floor plan and that will be pretty much eliminated with the cubicles, but maybe it'll help me to be more focused.

I will hopefully be able to get my car fixed so that I can drive myself due to the schedule shift under the new company. Since I carpool, trying to get to the office at a specific time isn't always viable. We try, but things happen sometimes. Maybe if I drive myself, it'll be less problematic. It hasn't been a major issue as long as we're not super late and get our allotted hours in, but the new company is much more strict in these type of matters.

But, no matter what, I'll only have a short amount of time left anyway, so I just need to bide my time in the meantime.

Some friends of ours who live in Tennessee came down for a little while to clean up their house down here they were renting out for awhile. Their renter moved, so they needed to do some minor touch ups and repair work so they can have it ready for the next renter. I volunteered to help paint, which is what I did yesterday morning. I'd forgotten how hard painting can be on your back and shoulders. But we got it done, save for a few trim areas that I couldn't reach.

I got to talk to the wife for a little bit and she told me that the university she teaches at have Graduate Assistant positions open for those who want to pursue a graduate degree and have it paid for. I will admit it has been something I've thought of now and then, but I've never had the money or the time to do so. I think if I were to go back to school, I'd probably focus on English Lit or Library Science. It's something to consider at least. I do know I will look for jobs in other fields other than medical, for the sake of my sanity at least. I think I'm beginning to burn out from this stuff. Maybe the time I have between jobs will give me a fresh perspective and a bit of a rest.

I've been brining home some of my stuff from the office here and there. Originally it was because of the inventory they plan on doing on Thursday and if you don't want your personal items to be counted as belonging to the company, you need to take it home. I had originally planned to do it slowly over the past few months, but this inventory thing has me needing to do it sooner. I was able to bring most of it home, but there are still things I have to wait until the last minute because I still use them. I need to go through the boxes so that I can keep the necessary stuff and get rid of the stuff that isn't. That part will be easier than going through my closet, which is crammed full of stuff. I'm not looking forward to doing that. Plus, my closet always gets wicked hot and I hate being in there for long periods of time.

I did mange to pack a few more of my books away. I still have quite a few left though. Such is the curse of being a bibliophile. Both of my parents are the same way. I suppose I could donate some to libraries or used bookstores, but I have a hard time parting with my books. I haven't reached hoarder status just yet, but I need to watch myself.

I have Friday off (actually, our whole department does since the computer systems will be down), so I think I will try to use my time to my advantage. I do want to go to the movies and see Warm Bodies sometime, so I'll try to then. Maybe I'll attempt to tackle my closet some. At least go through some of my clothes I don't wear anymore.

Our internet was down for a few days, so that was a lot of fun. We had a tech come out and replace our modem, so it's faster and they were running a deal where we could get a few bucks off per month and have a free preview of Showtime and Cinemax. So, we took it. :D

That's all for now. I'll try to keep everyone updated on how things are going at the company after the transition has been completed. I did get my new ID badge and was able to sign up for the new benefits package, so that's one thing out of the way.

And I want to dig out my past volumes of Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji) and reread them.
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I've never been one for patience.

I'm wanting these next four months or so to be over with quickly. I want to quit my job and leave (at least temporarily) all the stress behind me. If I didn't need to work for the money and, more importantly, for the insurance, I'd be very satisfied at staying at home.

Maybe the time in between when I quit my job and start another one in Tennessee I'll have recovered enough from stress that I won't burn out. Hopefully.

The majority of the stress comes from the soon to be buyout and the transition that comes with it. We have to amp up our workload in order to make sure we get all the stuff caught up and posted and it means longer hours for us. Plus, I got in a wee bit of trouble due to my hours being askew since I had to go in early and leave later for the past few weeks. Hopefully since my mom's hours have regulated, so have mine. There are days when carpooling kinda sucks...

I got into a bit of a tiff with a friend of mine on Facebook took something I posted the wrong way. I mentioned the fact that I didn't want to see pictures of mutilated or dead animals on my news feed because it's just something that I don't want to see. Yeah, you can hide them, but the image is still in your head. My friend had posted earlier about a petition to prosecute a guy who killed a dog by malnutrition or something (I didn't read the post too closely) and thought that I was singling her out specifically. I told her it wasn't due to her alone and that there have been other posts about various animal abuse causes that tend to use graphic images in their postings. She mentioned how she was creeped out by Domo-kun for some reason and didn't want to see any pictures of him and some such. We were able to hash things out and I think things are cool between us now, but I just hate how political Facebook has gotten. And how hyper sensitive people are anymore. All I wanna do is keep in touch with friends and family that I don't get to see on a regular basis and post geeky pictures and cat macros. so I'm laying low for a little while until the whole thing blows over...

My anxiety and the paranoia that sometimes comes with it is starting to crop up again. Hopefully my meds will regulate things again and I can feel like a human being once again. It really sucks in the meantime. Maybe once all of the stuff regarding the take over is all over and done with, things will begin to smooth out and feel normal again.
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Today has been a fairly long day.

I had my Remicade treatment today. I tend to sleep through it, so it's not like it's super stressful. I mean, I don't like being poked, and my veins are starting to scar over and soon it'll be difficult to find a viable one to use. I'm considering having a port put in near one of my shoulder blades so that there is one spot to put the IV in as well as take whatever labs are needed. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it as soon as I can.

After that, I went to eat at my favorite Chinese buffet (which I will miss greatly once we move) which satisfied my craving for at least a little while.

Then I had to go over to the main building of our company and fill out paperwork and do a little dance in order to get everything set to be an employee of the company that bought ours out. It was a lot of hoops to jump through. I needed to bring in my Degree for some reason as well as copies of my driver's license and social security cards (as well as the originals) and fill out a lot of paperwork. I had to get a picture taken for the new badges we'll be getting. Hopefully it won't look too hiddy, but I'm not holding my breath. Then came the lab work. Routine drug testing, but instead of just the urine test, we had to get our blood tested as well. It took bloody forever.

For starters, they call you back two at a time and have you stand in line. First, you have to wash your hands, then stand back in line. Then they call you back for your blood work. Since my veins are thin and my one good vein was already used today, they had to find a smaller one to draw from. That was a lot of laughs. They took five vials of blood which makes me wonder just what they're testing for. I'm surprised I have any blood left.

Then after the blood work, we stand in line again for our urine sample. This is what took the longest. You get up to the test administrator, present your photo ID, partially fill out more paperwork, grab a specimen cup, go into the toilet to fill said cup, come back out, wash your hands again while they pour your urine sample into a smaller cup to be sealed, sign and date the seal, finish filling our the paperwork and then you can leave. Good Lord!

So after that was all done, I thought I'd go ahead and wait for mom to go back and finish her work up for the day and go home with her since we have to share a car.

And for some reason, the new kitty Tor-T has gravitated more towards me than mom even though ostensibly she's more mom's cat than mine. I have no idea why. I do nothing to encourage her to do this. I mean,  I'm nice to her and scratch her on occasion when she'll let me, like mom does, but for some reason she like to lay on my bed with me more so than mom. And mom is kind of upset about it. I mean,  I can see why since she wanted a cat for her to love on. What can I say? Cats are fickle. I don't know why they do what they do. So now I have to deal with mom being emo over her cat liking me better than her. You can't win for losing.

Maybe things will look up once the weekend comes and mom's best friend from her school days comes and visits.
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Sorry I've been so sporadic with my posting on here. My depression sometimes tells me why I even bother since hardly anyone reads it, but I know a few of you still do, so I appreciate it.

Health wise things seem to be getting better. I still have a few problem areas, but otherwise I'm doing good overall. Maybe now that we're getting into fall, things will get even better. I do know there are those out there who have it worse than I do, so I guess I'm appreciative for that at least.

Things at work are actually pretty good. I think it's partially because I'm working on changing my overall attitude to try and become a better person. I don't want to be the kind of person who holds onto all of the petty crap and bitterness that happened in the past. It does nothing but hold you back keeping you from moving forward with your life. It won't always be easy, but it's worth it to try.

I also think it helps with the fact that my co-worker that had the most issues with everything is no longer there and not feeding into the situation. I still keep in contact with her and we're still friends and all and I value that friendship, but she's a bit anti-social and misanthropic. So since she's not at work anymore, it helps to stay focused on other stuff and not get dragged down by the little unimportant things.

There's still heavy talk of a buyout, but some of us had a meeting with our supervisor last week and the subject was addressed. It seems for the most part that our department will most likely stay intact. My boss reasons that since we have the more advanced computer system, that it would be foolish to get rid of people who have been using it for awhile and are familiar with it. And since we'll be implementing a new data entry system (which will take a few years to be fully operational) that we'd still be needed. Now, granted this is all guessing, but it still gives me some relief to say the least.

Mom and I are prepping for our vacation in three weeks. I'm so excited! We're going to be in Tennessee and see the fall colors and the beautiful mountains and the crisp air. It's gonna be very hard for me to go back. Especially since more friends of ours moved up there this weekend. I keep hoping and praying that the opportunity will arise for us to make the move up there once and for all. Hopefully...

I finished my reread of Furuba yesterday. I still get the warm fuzzies when I read the last chapter. I have such affection for this series as well as the friends I met through it that it makes me smile every time. I may reread my Ouran series next, even though I'm missing the first ten books. I hope to be able to acquire them at some point in time. Either that or High School Debut, another shoujo series that I find cute and charming. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Well, happy fall everyone! Enjoy the changing of the leaves, the cooler air, pumpkin flavored everything and the coming holidays!
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Well, I'm still having some health issues. this has been a really crappy summer thus far healthwise.

I saw the Endocrinologist last week. He was very personable and helpful. He did a physical exam and said things looked good in that regard, but the elevated THS could be a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain and had me do some blood work. I haven't heard the results yet.

I still have some infections that I'm dealing with, but to my continued annoyance. It's not nearly as bad as it was, but I'd still like things to be back to they way it was before this whole adventure. I no longer have the rash, but I'm still dealing with dry skin. And now the dermatitis on my face has returned with a vengeance and now I feel like a lizard. I might as well put a bag on my head and be done with it all.

We're going to be leaving for vacation in a couple of weeks and I highly excited about it. We're off to Tennessee and I know it'll be fabulous! I love the area and am looking forward to the fall colors and cooler weather. Mom and I still have some stuff to do before we leave, so we're working on that.

People at work seem to be jumping ship left and right. We lost three people that I know of just in the past few weeks. I don't know if they're leaving due to the buy out or not. I know we'll be downsized, so that might be part of the reason people are leaving, but as for me I'm not going anywhere mostly because I have nowhere to go. I am worried that I might lose my job and what I'd do if that happens, but I'm not gonna stress out about it until I know for sure.

I've recently been rereading my Furuba manga. It takes me back so much. I rewatched the anime as well, but nothing compares to the original manga. I almost forgot how much I adore this series. Through it I've made so many of my friends that I still have, so it'll always be special to me.
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Things at work are going from bad to worse. My friend Jenn just told me that starting tomorrow she's going on medical leave for an indefinite amount of time. Things in there have gotten that bad.

And I hate it.

I hate everything about it. I hate the bitches in there that are too childish, petty, immature and spiteful to suck it up and act like mature adults and follow the rules like everyone else has to. I hate that my boss seems to not want to do anything about it which only escalates the situation. I hate the fact that the only real friend I have in there is being driven away and I can't even say good bye to her.

There's another data entry position available in another department in another location and I'm going to apply for it first thing tomorrow morning. Then I'm going to tell my boss exactly why. I don't know if it will make much of a difference or not, but I feel this is what I need to do in order to save my sanity and my very well being itself.

Hopefully I will be able to transfer and leave the drama and stupid kindergarten crap all behind me. I spend the majority of my time at work and that is not something I need to be faced with each time.

If I was really lucky, I'd be able to move out of this godforsaken state altogether. That may not be possible for awhile though.