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Yesterday was an absolute joy. I was getting up to get ready for work when my stomach and my head had other ideas. Needless to say, after revisiting my breakfast, I decided to stay home.

One good thing did come from it however. I managed to finish watching Princess Tutu. And yes, I almost cried. Especially when Fakir was comforting Ahiru on the bottom of the lake. *wibbles* And when Ahiru was back to being a duck again and was dancing despite being knocked around by the Raven. *sniffles* And the end, where Fakir is writing by the lake with Ahiru on the water. It's sorta open ended if you think about it...

I did like the chapter menu art for the final disk. I wonder if I could find that anywhere?

I downloaded the Legs and Boots of the concert that I went to on the 18th. I made a copy for the girl I went with. She flipped! She loved it! I'm glad! I haven't listened to it completely yet.

I got my seventh volume of Kaze Hikaru and the fifth volume of Emma today. I plan on settling down and reading them shortly.

Kinda short today. But that's OK sometimes...

ETA: Happy birthday, [ profile] shoomy2003!!!

Word of the Day: caltrop
Pronunciation: /KAL-trup/
n : a caltrop is a metal device with four sharp spikes arranged so that when it lands on the ground, one of the spikes always points straight up.

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Well, here I am, back to the grind. The four day weekend was nice, but it had to end eventually.

So, here's the scoop on my mini vacay: )

Needless to say, I wasn't able to watch my Princess Tutu set while I was there. Mostly because we weren't there long enough for me too and when we were, we were either too exhausted or I was trying to catch up with my FL.

In fandom news, I decided to order volume seven of Kaze Hikaru from Amazon as well as the missing volumes of Emma I need. I also lucked out and found copies of Fury and The Essential Guide to the Force. Needless to say my icon-fu will be twitching...

I went to the GI today and he wants me to have my colonoscopy after the first of the year... say January. The only bad thing about it would be the prep for it. I have to take this nasty ass liquid to clean me out. Blargh.

Word of the Day: verdigris
Pronunciation: /VUR-dih-grees/
n : a coating of green copper chloride and copper sulfate.

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IT CAME!!!!! My Princess Tutu box set!!!! *squees with joy* Now I can watch the rest of the series at my leisure and squee at the cuteness (and cry at the sadness)!

For some reason, I can't seem to find volume 7 of Kaze Hikaru in the bookstores. Usually, they're pretty good about keeping up with the releases, but it's been a couple of weeks and still nothing. I may have to break down and order it from Amazon (as well as the missing volumes of Emma I need).

I left work a bit early today. Ostensibly under the pretense of getting my lab work done for my appointment, but I probably could've waited a bit longer. There was basically nothing left for me to do anyway, so I just cashed it in and left early.

Next week looks to not be a fun one for me. Not only did I not get my regular insurance checks this week, but I'll have the ones from this week and next week to post as well as whatever fee tickets I happen to get. On top of that, next week is not only the end of the month, but the end of the quarter as well. Let the fun begin!!! /sarcasm

Mom and I are still figuring out what exactly we want to do when we're at St. Augustine for the long weekend. There's a lot of neat stuff and relatively little time to do it in. I'm sure we'll have fun no matter what.

Here's hoping that everyone has a pleasant and safe holiday. And I wanna wish [ profile] kawaiiayu a happy birthday! As you can see, I once again have failed to produce your scarf... T_T I'll to keep plugging away and maybe mail it to you in time for your 80th birthday...

Word of the Day: pulchritudinous
Pronunciation: /pul-kri-TOOD-in-us/
v : pretty, beautiful

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Well, I did filing today. I had a brief moment where my frustration was beginning to get to me, but it didn't last very long fortunately. I'll have more to do tomorrow I know. Oh, well. One day at a time is my new motto.

Mom and I visited the traveling Vietnam Memorial at the park this weekend. I did see the real one in D.C, but this one was just as moving. Mom left something in remembrance for a guy she knew at school who was killed over there. There was a memorial for the War Dogs that had gone over. I almost became emotional at that point, actually. I guess different things affect different people differently.

Saturday wasn't too bad either. Mostly what I did (as well as everyone else there) was pull out the documents generated by the computer charts so that the remainder of the charts can be scanned into the computer charts later on. It actually does make sense in a way.

When I'm out Wednesday to get my oil changed (and to do a few other things), I might look into getting a longer Ethernet cord. Right now, I'm sitting at the end of my bed since that's as far as the cord will reach for my laptop. Therefore, I have no back support and it can get a bit uncomfortable after too long. I'd like to be able to lay back like I could when my AirPort was working...

I was able to find volume 5 of Kaze Hikaru Saturday after work. I was so excited. Not as much Okita/Sei squish, but still a good read. I still haven't received my volumes of Furuba I ordered form YesAsia even though they were supposed to have been shipped Wednesday. IIRC, it took a while from my last order from them to get to me. However, I did get my recent issue of Runaways today, so that'll sooth my annoyance to a degree...

And I think The Red Tide is about to rear it's ugly head. I'm more hormonal than usual, as my subject line will attest to.

Word of the Day: fealty
Pronunciation: /FEE-al-tee/
n : faithfulness
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Sorry about the sparseness of yesterday's post. I was feeling "ugh" and cranky and blah. But, I feel better today, even though I was almost worked into the ground. My feet kinda hurt a little.

I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Mom and her cousin who's visiting want to see a movie. If I see the same one they do depends on the one they pick. Other than that, things are kinda iffy. Friday we're going to the Space Center, so that'll be fun.

I swear, I think I should sink stock into Gap. I went there on Sunday ostensibly to look for a sweater hoodie so I can diversify my sweaters for work. Well, I picked up a pair of pants, a shirt, a long-length cardigan and a pair of wedge heeled sandals. The whole ensemble is qute cute, actually. And I took precautions so the shoes wouldn't butcher my feet.

Annnd, I need my FL assistance in deciding something. Here goes:

Since I plan on purchasing an iPod nano in the next month or so, I was planning on having it engraved. Now, since I'm a bit... eccentric, I decided to choose a name for it. Now, I need your help in deciding what name to use for the engraving. It'll be silver, in case that helps. So, get those creative juices a flowin'. I'll give everyone a week, then gather the names and put up a poll for everyone to vote on!

[ profile] kawaiiayu, can I post a poll using a client?

As to the whole "program issue" I had yesterday, I think I'm gonna look into buying a "For Dummies" book on the subject. Yes, I'm that dense.

And, newest chapter of Kaze Hikaru is out! *squee*

Word of the day: sobriquet
n: a nickname
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Well, today was decidedly better than yesterday, I must say. I think I went in with a different attitude. I was basically not gonna let the overload get me down. I'm gonna do what I can at my own pace and hopefully let the other things sort themselves out.

I had to leave early today because I had to pick up mom in order for her to sign some stuff she needed to, so that was nice.

Wow, it seems surreal that Christmas is only four days away. Before, I always had this time off, but now I'm working and it seems strange. But, I guess I'll get used to it.

My printer was hating me last night. For some reason, it doesn't like to print any of my projects from PrintMaster. This is my new printer, too. It's supposed to work better, dammit! I have book marks to finish!

I wrote more on ATACT tonight. It was pretty good I thought. I hope my muse decides to stick with me for awhile. I have other story stuff to get through...

Well, it seems there's more development in Kaze Hikaru. I don't know how many of you follow this series (or if anyone does), but I'm gonna blather on about it anyway. Feel free to skip.

It seems that Saito (who we think finally discovers Sei's secret) has told Okita if he plans on "making any moves." Then he says that he plans on telling the Vice-Captain (Hijikata, I think) and that he wants to marry Sei! Dun dun dunnnnnn... Not that I have anything against Saito, but I'm sticking by my Sei/Okita ship baby!

Trivia of the day: In the Thomas Nast cartoon that first depicted Santa Claus with a sleigh and reindeer, he was delivering Christmas gifts to soldiers fighting in the Civil War. The cartoon, entitled "Santa Claus in Camp" appeared in Harper's Weekly on January 3, 1863.
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Today was our Christmas Party. It was a small gathering, but nice all the same. Except the lady I was Secret Santa for wasn't there, so I don't know how she liked her gift... The girl who had me got me cash, which is always handy. The lady who trained me stopped by to cover the rest of the stuff we never got to during initial training. I also discovered that since I'm per diem, I'm not eligible for benefits. Period. So hopefully a full time position will open up sometime so I can get insurance eventually so I can actually go to the doctor more than once a year. So that sorta wet my firewood.

The ladies I work with each got me a little something for Christmas... and I didn't get them anything. I feel like such a heel. But, I hope to remedy that soon though. I have a plan. And it's not just to alleviate my guilt, but also because they genuinely make the working environment a lot better and I do appreciate it.

I'm not gonna be able to read my FL tonight since, in lieu of Bible Study, we went to Bible Study and it was just mom, our Music Minister's wife and I, so we ordered some pizza and had a girls night in watching Talladega Nights.

And I got cards from [ profile] kawaiiayu and [ profile] elantis today! And the cell phone charm is so cute!! Alas, my new phone (Sakura :3) doesn't have a place for one (T_T). So I have it hanging next to my monitor along with the one Mona got me in Japan! Trés cute! And I love the lil drawing of Willow, Emi-chan! I sent your guys' out today, so hopefully they'll get to you soon!

In fandom news, I saw the raw scans of Kaze Hikaru for chapter 110. Methinks Saito suspects something about Sei. Indications are that he figures out her lil secret. Then, he proceeds to punch Okita because he kept it from him. Poor Soji. He probably feels a little relief to know that he's falling in love with an actual girl, however. Unfortunately for Saito, she loves someone else... Okita. Ahhh, I smell a triangle forming! *tweeheehee* Gah! I so need summaries of this series!

Trivia of the day: Rubies and sapphires are made of corundum -- the hardest known rock after the diamond. <-- one of which is my birthstone. Awesome!
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Well, I had orientation today. It wasn't too bad. Typical stuff. Going over policies. Boring vids. That kinda stuff. Still, I got paid for it, so that was good. I have to call my supervisor tomorrow since my time card got screwed up.

I was actually able to get somewhat caught up from what I missed this morning. I still have some indexing to do tomorrow morning, but I got all the charts scanned. I have some loose sheets I need to scan yet from last week. I dunno when I'll get to those...

Mom is in a better mood today. She still wants to switch doctors though.

I got me some new books. They're Star Wars books, but they're set during the Clone Wars and it focuses on a Med Unit. Sorta like M*A*S*H in space. And I was successful in getting my hands on a copy of Legacy 5. Good stuff.

I downloaded the latest Kaze Hikaru chapter. Okita is so cute when he's blushing. And Saito makes the funniest faces when he's flustered. Hee!

I think I'm gonna try to post my Christmas Card post tomorrow. If not, then sometime later in the week.

Trivia of the day: Mussels can thrive in polluted water because of an inborn ability to purify bacteria, fungi and viruses.
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Day Two of scanning. All is going well. I seem to be keeping up with the demands so far. *crosses fingers* And boy, was I mighty comfy in my jeans. I need to go this weekend and get some pants so I can have other things to wear during the week.

Onto entertainment news:

Lost )

Veronica Mars )

And I saw a brief summary for Furuba 135. A tear-jerker to be sure. But it's nice to see that particular loose end tied up. *siiiigh* The end is nigh.

And I've been perusing my newly acquired raw scans of Kaze Hikaru. Much cuteness involved. Poor Saito, though...

The leftover spaghetti I had for lunch today really hit the spot. Now to decide what to do for supper...

Trivia of the day: The evolution of social life in ants and termites has been accompanied by an extraordinary royal perk -- a 100-fold increase among queen ants in average maximum lifespan, with some queens surviving for almost 30 years. This longevity can be attributed in part to the sheltered and pampered life of the royal egg layer.
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Well, I've survived my first full week of work. And I'm not as cranky this time around. I think it was due to the fact I was wearing more comfortable shoes.

I was able to visit with my dad this weekend. It was very nice. We went to the bookstore. I was actually able to contain myself and only get 4 books. Three were CSI novels and the fourth one was a mini-book in the Princess Diaries series. I didn't get any manga this time, though (I got Victorian Romance Emma the day before however). I still couldn't find issue 4 of the Legacy comics. I'm getting a bit perturbed.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the Chinese buffet I like. Dad was able to get some of his raw oysters that he likes. I was successful in the fact that I didn't lose what I had just eaten while he sucked them down. Blech!

When we got home, dad showed us his pictures Germany. It's a beautiful country. I hope to go someday.

In regards to Victorian Romance Emma, it a very well done lovely series so far. The cover isn't the shiny smooth paper that is generally used. It feels rough and antiquey. The art is very very nicely done and meticulous. I think I shall definitely be keeping up with it, despite the fact that CMX is the one doing it.

And I just downloaded and "read" the latest chapter of Kaze Hikaru. *squish* Very cute. A few adorable Sei/Okita moments. Plus, I'm coasting on the high of some Vash/Meryl squish in the most recent chapter of TriMax. *dies of glee*

Trivia of the day: Cut-outs of a moon and a star were used in colonial times on outhouse doors to designate the gender of the intended user. Originally, the moon cut-out was for women and the star was for the men. But men's outhouses were usually such a mess that men preferred using the women's outhouses. So, eventually the use of stars were phased out.<--I've kinda wondered about that
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I completely forgot that yesterday was National Talk Like A Pirate Day. So my journal was un-piratized. *hangs head* But I did have a pirate speak filter I ran the entry through, so I could see what it'd say.

I saw a rainbow coming home from dropping mom off at work today! It was almost a full one, too. It really made my day.

Well, mom called around and the position at the doctor's office I was up for was filled (so no Blood Waters of Dr. Z references from me). But, she did talk to someone at Human Resources and I should be expecting a call from someone about setting up an interview, so... *crosses fingers*

Well, I tried to watch the first episode of Kokumono, but somehow the sound was out of sync with the video. I mean, the narration started before the OP had even finished. So I have to figure out what the problem is, if I can. I wonder if it's my codec. I've used it for episodes of Veronica Mars and for Smallville, but never for an anime.

I saw the most recent chapter of Kaze Hikaru yesterday. *squish* Now, since it's nigh impossible to find any translations and/or summaries of this series, I pretty much only have the scans to go by. Previously, Sei was visiting someone she knew at a convent. While there, she was contemplating her feelings for Okita and possibly considering becoming a nun (like I said, I'm pretty much guessing here). She was helping this one family where the mother was sick (it looked like tuberculosis to me. Could this mean something? O_O). Anyway, in this chapter, she was talking to her nun friend about her feelings for Okita and the conflict they bring (hey, this is a shojo series, love always brings some sort of conflict). The nun, meantime, was telling Sei about her own past and the path that led her to becoming a nun. Apparently it involves an assault of some sort (O_O) and a lost love of her own. Whatever was said, I think it helped Sei to decide on what to do.

It seems that Sei returns to the Shinsengumi (she had been given a three day leave by Hijikata for doing a good job on a previous assignment). We see Okita burning what looks to be a note that Asato-san had given him (I think it was written by Sei). I don't know what it said, but it's something he wants to keep to himself. He returns to the temple (where the Shinsengumi are housed). He passes through one of the training areas and sees Sei asleep amidst the chest guards. He's moved seeing her there (C'mon, we all know he loves her, he's just a wee bit dense in that department however). Needless to say, I squeed quite a bit...

Trivia of the day: A new word, “serendipity,” was coined from the title of a book, “The Three Princes of Serendip.” Serendip was located in Ceylon.
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I think I'm becoming obsessed with this song. I've listened to it like 11 times in a row already...

Well, I went to the bookstore again yesterday, but I really lucked out, so all is golden. So I don't have to go back again until it's time for me to get the newest Legacy comics...

Mom saw the OKGo video with the treadmills on YouTube last night and she thought it was pretty neat. I saw it before, but it wasn't a very good quality version of it, so I was actually able to see the entire thing. The friend that sent it to her said that they performed it live (complete with treadmills) on the VMA's.

My allergies are bugging me a lot lately. I had a hard time going to sleep last night because of them...

OK, onto more important things...

I was able to finally get my hands on a copy of TriMax 9. And I must say this, I agree with [ profile] lizardali when she said "Poor Livio." Poor Livio indeed. But he's a real bad ass though! He caught a rocket fired from Wolfwood's rocket launcher with his bare hand! Dayum! And I never knew Livio and Razlo the TriP of Death were the same person, albeit separate personalities. From reading summaries and translations I always thought they were two different people.

The shock of Mustang's actions in FMA 9 was lessened since reading it the second time around, but it still stings a bit.

And I got the final volume of Hot Gimmick as well. It was wrapped in plastic and had a disclaimer on the cover. Can't have innocent eyes flipping though it and see the boobies! I saw raw scans and read translations before, so I wasn't overly surprised at the outcome. It was nice, however, to see clearer images than the somewhat fuzzy ones from the raw scans.

I also gazed at more raw volume scans of Kaze Hikaru. I say "gazed" since I can't very well read them. Oh, for some translations! Anyway, this time was volume 8 and it had a lot of Okita's past in it. And Okita as a little kid? Abso-freakin-lutely adorable! And we see that he runs into Sei when both were little kids! How cute! Sei is lost and looking for her brother Yuma and Okita is also lost. He helps her find her brother and he gets found as well. We also see what Kondo and Hijikata were like when they were younger. Pretty much the same, really. Hijikata was still an oni and Kondo was very much a kindly older brother.

I know I should be working on my story for ATACT, but I haven't felt very motivated lately. Maybe I've reached a sort of ennui in regards to story writing. I mean, I still have some ideas buzzing around, but I haven't felt the urge to write them down. I dunno why, really. Maybe it's something that happens to everyone once in a while...

Trivia of the day: The biggest fear of chefs who cook for world leaders is food poisoning. Many cook for as many as 5,500 guests at a time. Sudhir Sibal, a devoted world-class chef who serves India's prime minister, says he personally samples all food first before it is served.
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Well, being that yesterday was Labor Day, we pretty much took it easy most of the day. We did go out to run a few errands, but aside from that, we stayed in. It's still too hot to do much of anything outdoors. The good news is is that the pool has finally been fixed, so it's open for business. I may stop by sometime this week...

There were a ton of marathons on TV yesterday, so I switched between CSI and M*A*S*H. Later in the evening I watched the final two episodes of Season One of Veronica Mars that I missed during my original marathon...

And I was shocked to hear that the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin died! I somehow had the feeling he'd eventually die from an animal, but not this soon. He had a wife and two young children left behind.

I heard from some sources that Hot Gimmick 12 is out now (the final volume). I'll have to swing by Barnes & Noble tomorrow and have a looksee. I'd do it today, but it's Tuesday and I'm sans automobile on Tuesdays.

Volume six of Kaze Hikaru looks to be incredibly cute. Quite a bit of Sei/Okita squee and we see Sei come into her own as a member of the Shinsengumi. I just wish I knew what was being said since I only have scans of the raws. And there are woeful amounts of summaries or translations available. I know many people were upset with the fact that it's not going to be in Shojo Beat anthology anymore, but I'm beginning to see it as a good thing since it means the volumes will be out sooner. Three is coming out in November and then 4 is supposed to come out in February, so that makes four months instead of six between volumes.

And I just got finished seeing digital camera pics of chapter 132 of Furuba. This is the first chapter of the final arc. The next one will be out on the 20th.

All will be well; Even after all the promises you've broken to yourself )

There's supposedly five different endings, but the publisher is only going to use one of them. I hope we get to see the other endings in some form or another. Mostly I want to see what eventually happens to everyone.

Trivia of the day: A Club Med survey found that couples who dieted while on vacation argued three times more often than those who didn't, and that those who didn't diet had three times as many romantic interludes. <---that's because people tend to be cranky when dieting
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One more day until my birthday!!! Even though I'm not going to be doing anything for it, I still kinda get excited when it comes around, you know? Kinda like, "Yay! I've been hanging around for another year! Go me!"

I had this strange dream this morning. I was in a house with mom, and the lady we used to live with was there along with her granddaughter. I don't think we were living with her again because the house was different. Anyway, I was sitting in front of the TV and I was picking up chocolate covered pretzels from the floor and putting them back into the bag, only the bag was starting to get full, and there were still more pretzels left. I was watching 'Everwood' on the TV, only all the characters were a lot younger. Ephram was about eight and he had a beard. I don't think it was real though, but for a play of some sort.

I told you it was strange...

And I just found out that 'Kaze Hikaru' is being pulled from Shojo Beat after the September issue. How lame! That was one of the few series I like in there. I mean, I do read NANA and Absolute Boyfriend, but since I've read all of AB already and I can get scanlations of NANA, there will really be no reason for me to continue to keep getting it. I do like the newest series, Vampire Knight, but I can get scanlations of that too. I'll still buy the graphic novels when they come out, though. So after the September issue, no more Shojo Beat for me!

And where was FMA on Monday night?! It's getting toward the end and I'd been watching it, but they had something else on instead! I was pissed! I hope it's gonna be on again next Monday!

There's going to be a game night at church tonight, and from the looks of it, mom wants to go, so we'll be doing that tonight.

In the meantime, I'm doing laundry 'cause mom needs some clothes for work. I also need to put the clean dishes away from the dishwasher.

À bientot!

Trivia of the day: Reportedly, Louisa May Alcott didn't want to write her classic novel, Little Women. She despised young girls and wrote the bestseller for the money.
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If I was a Jedi, I'd think I'd like to be a cross between Mace Windu and Yoda. Both were bad asses who had mad skillz. Of course, only Yoda survived the Jedi Purge. Oh well, you can't win 'em all...

OK, enough of me geeking out about Star Wars... for now.

I found this really cool Princess Tutu AMV via [ profile] sir_hellsing's journal. I really like the song and I'd like to try and find the mp3 of it, but I don't know if iTunes has it. It's called "Hold Me" by a Swedish artist named Nanne Grönvall.

I picked up the latest issue of 'Shojo Beat' yesterday. They've started doing something different. They're printing the manga parts in different colors. Still monochromatic, but in either pink or blue. I think some of the Japanese phonebook compilations do the same thing, but it still looks strange to me. I mean, I think I prefer it in the regular black and white. Not as glaring.

There's a new series that started in it called 'Vampire Knight.' It looks pretty interesting. It's got bishies, good art, intriguing story, and bits of humor. I think I'll keep an eye on this series.

And in 'Kaze Hikaru,' Okita looks really cute with his hair down (he'd just gotten out of the bath)!

I also got 'Saiyuki Reload 4.' The conclusion of the 'Burial' arc and the beginning of the longest arc yet, 'Even A Worm.' We see youkai!Hakkai again and we meet Hazel and Gato. And since I've been rereading the series, I have definitely noticed a change in Minekura-sensei's art style. Hakkai's hair isn't as poufy and the guys are looking even tastier...

Trivia of the day: A United Parcel Service delivery person typically makes up to 300 pickups or deliveries a day. That compares to someone doing 600 sets of step aerobics a day.
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I think it originally said "smiles" but I like "smites" better.

Well, I have a bit of a task before me. I need to unload the boxes with bathroom stuff and kitchen stuff from the POD and try and find a place for it. Yeah, right. Space is limited as it is. I also want to try and find some more of my books and put them away so I can get my bookshelf finished and can eventually move onto something else. *sigh* I just want this to be over with so I can get back to my life. Argh!!

I was able to pick up the latest issue of Shojo Beat yesterday. the chapters of 'Kaze Hikaru,' 'Absolute Boyfriend' and 'NANA' were all good, but I don't feel like summarizing them at the moment.

I watched the newest episode of 'Everwood' last night. Poor Bright. He's really missing Hannah, but he has no one but himself to blame. I mean, I think she was the very first person he really truly loved and cared about, but he had to go and blow it. *shakes head*

I also taped 'Grey's Anatomy' last night, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I hope to sometime today.

I downlodead the finale of Veronica Mars from BitTorrent and then did the client. Yeah, I know I saw it already, but sometime in multiple viewings you can catch things you miss.

Well, I gotta go! I need to take my allergy medicine since I know I'll be kicking up a lot of dust.

Trivia of the day: Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, is so close to its parent planet that it could not be seen by an observer standing at either of Mars poles. Phobos make three complete orbits around Mars every day.
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Well, I'm kinda pissed. Since I only caught half of 'Veronica Mars' on Tuesday, I was all set to tape it so I could watch it later, since I usually watch 'Lost' on Wednesdays with mom. Well, due to STUPID FRELLING BASKETBALL, it wasn't on!!! *growls* Now I can only hope to catch it on the rebroadcast my UPN affiliate does on Saturday nights. And, of course, I mised the really cute LoVe snark that was during the first half :3 Maybe I can download the episode sometime... if I can get my BitTorrent to work right and find a .torrent that isn't corrupted somewhere. And, naturally, 'Lost' wasn't even on...

And both [ profile] umadoshi and [ profile] pinnacles are going to search through their Tori Amos collections and upload some songs for me adn make me an official member of the club. *grins*

So, anyway, I kinda want to do a short summary of 'Kaze Hikaru.' But of course, knowing me, it probably wont be all that short. T_T

*titters* )

Well, hopefully I can find some way of getting my BitTorrent client to work. Wish me luck!

Trivia of the day: "The bends" is a painful condition caused when nitrogen gas forms bubbles in a diver's blood. Scuba divers risk getting the bends if they come up too fast from a deep dive.
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*looks at the time* Nope. you're not seeing things. I'm posting later than usual. The power went out sometime during the night. I don't really know why. I think something happened with one of the utility poles down the street. That's where all the power trucks were congregated. Anyway, it was back on why I got back from dropping off mom at work. Went by my usual routine in the morning. I checked some of my e-mail, went on my forum, then the browser went all wonky. I looked at my modem, and sure enough, the green "cable" light was out. I unhooked it, waited and then hooked it back up again thinking it was something with the modem itself. It worked for a little while, but then it went blotto again. So I turned the TV on to check and, sure enough, the cable was out. Even though we had power again, we still didn't have cable. So, since I couldn't really do anything online, I burned a few CD's and packed up a few things from the bedroom. Then I had to leave and go to the orientation. Everything is fine now, obviously.

Speaking of which, the orientation itself went fine. I sat, filled out a shitload of paperwork and watch some "videos." I almost fell asleep during one of them. And I filled out enough paperwork with enough personal information that I felt as though I was signing away my firstborn child. I took two tests. One was a typing test (35 wpm in case you were curious) and another a data entry test. I scored good on the typing test (surprisingly considering the amount of typos I make) and fair on the data entry test. I attributed it to it being timed and stuff. If it wasn't being timed, I think I would've done better. I have to return tomorrow to give them another form of ID since I apparently need two and I didn't have another one with me. It's not like I carry my Social Security card around with me all the time. Since I don't remember where I put it, I'll have to use my birth certificate to prove that, yes I was actually born. I think next they'll ask me for a vial of my blood.

I was able to get some help in regards to BitTorrent (thank you [ profile] thesnipe). I haven't been able to fully test it yet since I wasn't able to get online for much of the day and was gone for the rest of it. The torrent I had originally downloaded was corrupted, which explain why I could hear it, but not see it.

We got a call back from the lady about the duplex. She seemed interested in my mom's proposal about the pets, and she wanted to know when we could move in. My mom said at the first of the month. The realtor said that she'd told the owner that they need to shampoo the carpet and paint first. Mom said she wanted to have a look at it before we commit. I don't blame her. I'd want to as well.

After I finished my orientation, I stopped by BAM and was able to pick up the May issue of 'Shojo Beat.' I haven't read very far in it yet, but I do agree that the chapter of 'Kaze Hikaru' is undeniably cute. I may do a write up either tomorrow or Friday depending.

And out of the Tori songs I've collected thus far, I think this one is my favorite. "Spark" is my second favorite...

Trivia of the day: Scientists have determined that most rocks on the surface of the Moon are between 3 and 4.6 billion years old.
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I've totally gotten hooked on another series. It's called 'Kaze Hikaru'. It's kinda like 'Kenshin' for girls except it's focused more on the Shinsengumi. I've been reading it in Shojo Beat, actually. I mean, I pretty much like all of the series in there (except for 'Baby and Me,' which I never read). Now, I hadn't been truly focused on one series over another. I just basically read them, enjoy them and move on. I guess it's due to the latest issue. Why you wonder? I think it's because Sei is beginning to have feelings for Okita (in case you're curious, Sei's really a girl disguised as a boy to avenge her murdered family. Only Okita knows the truth). This has the potential for so much cuteness. So far it's just being serialized, but the first graphic novel is due in January. And you just know I'm gonna snatch it up...

I finished my application for Barnes and Noble. I go today to drop it off. I also plan on picking up more boxes. I filled three of them just by packing a few things in my closet. Today, I'm to pack some of my books. I need to get it done before the effects of Wilma come charging toward us.

Speaking of which, it may not hit us directly, but I think we'll definitely be feeling the effects of it. We've been very lucky this year in regards to hurricanes (unlike, say, last year). We have the plywood, but I doubt we'll be putting it up unless it drastically changes course. So I don't know if we'll have power or not. Our power lines can be a bit touchy.

Quote of the day: "The simplest and commonest truth seems new and wonderful when we experience it the first time in out life." -- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach