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Hello everyone.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or other Holiday if you so celebrate). Ours was very low-key. Not just financially, even though that did play somewhat of a factor. Mostly because December is a bit of a downer month here for us. My sister’s birthday is the 18th and the anniversary of her death is the 26th. So things are kind of subdued. Plus, mom misses spending holidays with my aunt and her family. I know that it’s important to her, but I told her that even though it’s just the two of us, it’s still family and we should be happy for that at least. That seemed to make her feel a little better.

I did get a few things, like a few Blu-Rays from my dad as well as a few knitting items. Yes, I plan to teach myself how to knit! I even joined Ravelry and my username on there is snapdragon1976 in case anyone want to go friend me! I got a couple of small Guardians of the Galaxy action figures from mom, which knowing how tight money is, was most appreciated and unexpected. I hope to be able to return the favor once I get my student loan.

Mom tells me that when I get my loan money and we can get the cars fixed (again), she’ll put more of a serious effort into finding work. I’d like to believe it, but a part of me doesn’t. She’s been out of work for over six months now and even though we need the money badly (my monthly annuity and her monthly Social Security isn’t enough), I think she’s gotten used to not working and being able to do things at her leisure. As well as I think there is a fair amount of discouragement she feels being in her 60’s and trying to find work.

I haven’t had much luck on the GA front myself. The one I applied for at the lab school at the University was a bust since I was told that the school is undergoing staffing changes and there won’t be a need for a GA there anymore.

I start my Remicade treatment for my Crohn’s back again on the 7th. I didn’t have a bad experience when I did it last time, but the human body being what it is and wanting to be fickle much of the time, it may decide to cause me grief. I mean, I know that due to the fact that it’s an immunosuppressant that I’ll be more prone to infections, but hopefully I won’t have stuff like massive hair loss and other major side effects. I tell you, having an invisible chronic illness sucks balls.

I may do a Year in Review post for January like I usually do, except for this past January, when I got over ambitious with it and never finished… Like I was going to do some excerpts from my journal over the past ten years since I’ve been on LJ for ten years. Maybe that’s one goal I can work on for 2015 as well as maintaining a more regulated sleep pattern instead of submitting to my night owl tendencies to stay up until 2:30-3:00 in the morning…

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll be more diligent in my regular postings instead of once a month as I seem to be doing. Hopefully, I can discipline myself enough to do it.
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I've decided I'm doing something a weeee bit different this year. I still plan on sending out Christmas letters, but I'm also posting it online for people to read who I don't have a physical address for or that I know checks my Facebook page on a regular basis. That way, it cuts down on how much I mail out. If anyone still wants me to send out a physical letter to them, just let me know and I'll message you for your address (as well as mine if you want to send a card). My email will be fine too. It's

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It's pretty short. We've had a pretty low-key year.

I also finished all of my classwork for my classes for this semester. The hardest one was the Research Proposal I had to write. I don't know what sort of grade I'll get but at least I finished it. I also have an interview for a GA position at the on-campus laboratory school library on Thursday. I don't know if I'll get the position or not, but here's hoping. Maybe I'll be a GA once again and hopefully I won't screw this one up!
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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, those of you who celebrate that is.

Ours was very low key, but still pretty special.

Mom and I slept out in the living room Christmas Eve since we keep the lights on all night. I like doing it because it's kinda neat in a way. Sleeping under the Christmas tree with all the lights on. It's kinda magical.

I was the only one who got gifts since mom and I will be having our own Christmas celebration in late January due to having more of an income flow by then. Mine were from my dad, and I was very pleased.

I got the 25th Anniversary set of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the Hyperbole and a Half book by Allie Brosh (huge fan of her blog), the How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You book by The Oatmeal and a Cat Lady 'action' figure, which is a testament to my dad's weird sense of humor.

We didn't go to church services this year. It was a little strange not going, but I think we're still on the search for a full time church home. The one we've been going to a few times before was pretty nice, but I don't really know the reasoning for us not going back. Who can say...

We had a meal of ham, mashed potatoes and corn. It was minimalist, but since it was just the two of us, it served our purposes just fine. I'd have liked some rolls or pie for after, but our money is very tight right now and we couldn't afford it. We do have plenty of ham left over though.

Our microwave quit on us again. And it's the same problem as our last one had, strangely enough. The power works and everything, it just won't heat anything. We let the landlord know about it, but he hasn't contacted us about it yet. Hopefully it can get replaced soon since even though we can reheat things on the stove top, microwaving is so much easier.

This time of year is also a difficult one for mom especially. My older sister died the day after Christmas in 1979 and even though it's been 34 years, it's still rather melancholy. I try to cheer mom up a little, but I don't know if I help or not. I know that there are things that can't be helped, but I still like to try anyway.

I have no plans for New Year's other than what I usually do, which is stay home and watch the ball drop on TV and maybe have some sparkling cider. Mom and I did make plans to go to the movies on New Year's Day, so hopefully that's still on the agenda. I'd like to go and see Frozen and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug if possible. I'm not looking forward to the party our neighbors are more than likely gonna throw on New Year's Eve which will undoubtedly be loud and obnoxious. -_-

My classes start in another couple of weeks or so, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get the things I need before then. I don't know when the GA position starts officially and I'm assuming I'll be contacted with more information once everyone at the school returns from Winter break. I did find out what books I'll be needing, and one of them costs almost $200.00!! Yikes! I think I can find a used on for cheaper, and if not, there is the option of renting if need be. My GA job will pay for my tuition, but not my books or any other expenses.

Mom seems to be settling into her new job fairly well. She still has more training to do, and she needs to be trained on the company wide computer system, but that won't be until January 8th since they only do them on Wednesdays and they have two Wednesdays off in a row. I hope she'll take a picture or two of her work area since I don't think I'll be able to see it in person.

That's all for now. I still plan on sending out letters, but it may not be until after the New Year since I have to get ink for my printer as well as stamps. So rather than a Christmas letter, it'll be more like a New Year's letter.

Take care, and stay warm all of you in the colder climates!!
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Merry Christmas!!!

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I gotta say, I've been jumping through so many hoops these past few days, I feel like I should join a circus.

Apparently there are absolutely no records of me having gotten my MMR immunizations from when I went to undergrad. I know for certain I had boosters done in '99, but UCF doesn't keep records longer than seven years. Naturally I can't sign up for my final class unless I have this dealt with, as I explained in more detail in my last post.

We searched high and low (literally, since we have files both upstairs and in the basement) for these damn things, only to come up empty. So I thought I'd go and get the MMR Titer test done so that they can see that I did indeed get my immunizations, only to discover that they damn thing costs $107.00! Screw that!!

So, I thought I'd just bite the bullet and go to the Health Department and get immunized again so that there can be documentation that I'm not riddled with disease. I called them (which I loathe since I have to talk on the phone with my voice the way it is) and talked to someone who made me an 'appointment' for today at 9:00.

I show up, and after it took them awhile to even find me in the system (turns out whoever I talked to on the phone took down my birth date wrong), I discovered my appointment wasn't until TOMORROW at 9:00.

Now, I distinctly heard the lady on the phone say "Tuesday at 9:00", which I even put in my calendar on my phone so I'd remember. How the hell they had me down for tomorrow I'll never even know.

And now I have to traipse alllll the way back to the health department tomorrow to get injections which I've had twice already, then haul ass back to the school so that they can have documentation that I did all of this, just so I can FINALLY finish registering for classes and am eligible for the GA job I'm pretty sure is in the bag. That is, if this whole debacle hasn't sabotaged my chances.


I just gotta keep focus on the larger goal here, which is to get my Master's Degree and have a career that I actually might enjoy rather than a soul killing job.

Then I find out that the kid who shot up his school in Colorado this past week was looking for the school librarian... Fantastic.

Remind me not to head the debate team.

In better news, I did manage to get the Christmas tree up and decorated a mere eleven days before Christmas. Which means it'll probably stay up until April.

And no, it's not crooked. It's just the angle at which I took the picture.

I'll probably not be able to send out the letters until the New Year, since I need to buy ink so I can print them off. Maybe next year I can actually send out cards instead of lame-o letters...
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Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope it was happy and healthy for you!!

Mine was very good. I got my mom two Cd's that I knew she'd like (both were Trio Cd's. The Trio consisted of Dolly Parton. Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt), and a DVD set of an old cult TV show she used to watch Tales of the Gold Monkey.

I got the newest Star Trek New Frontier book and a really neat coffee table book called Harry Potter Page to Screen which is about the process of getting the Harry Potter books turned into films. It's really fascinating so far.

From mom I got a new pair of ear phones since the ones I have are starting to die out on me. But the best gift she got me was the new Amazon Kindle Fire! It's really cool! Not only can you read book, but you can play games, listen to music, watch movies and TV and surf the web. It's basically like a tablet PC. I've been fondling it for the majority of the day. :DD

My aunt got me an entire jar of these delish cinnamon rolls she makes using the extra dough from when she bakes pies. A whole jar of them, JUST for me!!! Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!

I found out today at dinner what my Native American Animal Totem is. It's not something I would've expected either. It's a swan! Yes, a beautiful swan. It may start out plain, but it grows into something beautiful yet fierce when needs to be. Specifically either a Trumpeter Swan or a Black Swan. Mom's is an otter, which reading the description fits her perfectly!


Tomorrow mom and I are planning a major movie marathon. First, we're going to see 'Sherlock' again. Then, while she goes to see 'Mission Impossible' I will be seeing 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.' After that, we'll be seeing 'The Descendants so that'll be fun. I'm looking forward to that!
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Yes, it's a little goofy and a cat with human lips looks more than a little creepy, but I found it very amusing.

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Totally one of my faves from when I was a young'un. It's rarely ever played on television anymore. More's the pity.

And I plan to post another Christmas card post in the next few days. Be on the lookout!
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Totally one of my faves from when I was a young'un. It's rarely ever played on television anymore. More's the pity.

And I plan to post another Christmas card post in the next few days. Be on the lookout!
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Sorry for posting so late, but I took an epic nap earlier today (which is totally going to affect my sleep tonight, I know it).

So, instead of listing my Christmas haul, I figured I'd take a picture and label everything. So, without further ado, huzzah:

It was a pretty decent take, I'd say. I was most excited about the Lost Encyclopedia I got from my dad. There are supposed to be further details that weren't revealed on the show, so that excites me to no end!

And Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate it!
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Sorry for posting so late, but I took an epic nap earlier today (which is totally going to affect my sleep tonight, I know it).

So, instead of listing my Christmas haul, I figured I'd take a picture and label everything. So, without further ado, huzzah:

It was a pretty decent take, I'd say. I was most excited about the Lost Encyclopedia I got from my dad. There are supposed to be further details that weren't revealed on the show, so that excites me to no end!

And Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate it!
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This is my first Christmas employed and it feels a little strange. I'm so used to having all this time off. Meh...

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas (or Hanukkah). I did. OK, the rundown:

Christmas Eve:

We went to church in the morning and afterwards got a few extra things for the Luminaries. Then we went home and rested for a bit, then we got the Luminaries prepped and loaded in the car then we went to church and set everything up. It actually all went pretty smoothly. Only a few of the bags got burnt and, while it did rain, the bags didn't get soaked.

It was strange because we didn't have to drop Grandma off at my aunt's afterwards...

Later that night, I got dressed in my pajama's and watched my annual tradition of A Christmas Story. I love that movie. Then, I set up my air mattress in the living room and settled in. I watched Nicholas Nickleby (the one with Anne Hathaway) until about 12:30. The guy playing Nicholas was a cutie.

Christmas Morning:

I woke up at about 8:30 (which is later than I used to wake up during Christmas morning in the past). My haul:

From my dad -- Freaks and Geeks DVD set (loved this series when it was on originally), Veronica Mars Season Two (whoo!) and a red tote bag (which was a freebie they got from Amazon).

From my mom -- a little make-up bag (which I needed for some of my new make-up I had gotten), Christmas socks and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

My aunt and uncle -- A cute cat ornament.

We had a delicious dinner of course. And I had fun seeing my family that I don't get to see very often.

Since I usually get a calendar from my aunt and I didn't this year, I may actually break down and order that Saiyuki one I have my eye on...

And I got your cards today [ profile] flamika and [ profile] f_ireworks! Thank you both so much! They're now on my door along with the other ones!

If anyone's gotten their card from me already, please leave a comment. I want to see who hasn't gotten theirs yet.

And I've been wracking my brain all day trying to find this book I read when I was at school. It was a true crime story about this girl who was killed by a classmate who thought she was eyeing her boyfriend and the girl kept a piece of her skull as a trophy. But I have no idea who the author is or even the title. So it's driving me crazy!

Trivia of the day: In Australia, usual Boxing Day activities include surfing. Christmas comes in the middle of summer.