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I can't believe the ridiculous heights some people took the whole "Apocalypse" nonsense. "The world is gonna end because an ancient civilization says so?"

Wow. Just... wow.

People can be so paranoid.

I know it's been a week since the horrific school shooting in Connecticut, and I really don't have much to say about it. I really don't. Words will not form.

I ended up not going into work today. Not due to illness or anything, I just worked my hours for the week. Mom's been going in earlier and so that meant I did too. I just hope my boss doesn't think I'm doing it deliberately or something. I did email her telling her I wasn't going to be in and didn't hear a response so no news is good news I guess in this case.

I suppose it's a good thing I ended up staying home since last night my toilet decided to spring a leak and upchuck water all over my bathroom floor. Thankfully it was water from the tank, so it was clean. Still, I wasn't happy about finding almost an inch of water on the floor and my rug soaked. I did turn the valve off so no more water would leak everywhere. If my toilet crashes through to the apartment below due to water damaged flooring, I'll know why.

I did make good use of my morning since I went and bought Christmas presents for my mom. She's the only person I need to shop for, so it's pretty easy. I got her a case for her cell phone. She puts it in her pocket and it gets covered in lint, so she wanted a cover that enveloped the phone, so I got a nice leather one as well as a stylus for her touch screen. Bless you Target!

I got home and told the front office about the toilet issue as well as a few minor problems that cropped up, such as a broken hinge on the kitchen cabinet under the sink and the busted ice maker in the freezer. I then thought the toilet issue was resolved until I went to use it again and noticed it leaking in the same spot. Luckily it hadn't been doing it for very long and the puddle was much much smaller and easier to clean. So now, until the top notch maintenance crew fixes it for good, I have to turn the water valve off behind the tank until it's time to flush, turn it on again after the bowl refills and turn it off again. Exciting.

Mom and I did go and see The Hobbit last weekend and I found it excellent. I know there were changes from the books, but I don't think it was detrimental to the story. I haven't finished the book yet actually. I just started reading it not long after we saw the movie since I figured it'd be an easier read than the LOTR trilogy. So far it is. Maybe one day I'll tackle the trilogy that is collecting dust on my shelf.

I sent my Christmas cards off a few days ago, so hopefully you'll get them fairly soon. You Canadians may be a little later though, depending on how fast the post office is on either side.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or had a Happy Hanukkah) and I'll probably post a swag post on Tuesday.
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Looks like I'll be staying home from work tomorrow.

The air handler in our A/C unit froze over again, so someone has to stay home and wait for the maintenance people to come and fix it. Again. It was 'supposedly' fixed last time, but obviously it didn't work. It's a shame because the guy that worked on it seemed really nice and wanted to be helpful.

What really needs to happen is our apartment complex needs to buy a new air conditioning unit for our building. We've had so many problems with it ever since we moved into this new apartment. In our previous apartment (which is in a different part of the same building) we didn't have any issues mostly because it had a newer unit. With all of the complaints and 'repairs' that have had to be made in the years we've been here, you'd think they'd actually get around to replacing the damn thing instead of always having to come and repair it. I have to be the one to stay home since where mom is at, they are extremely short handed personnel wise and she'd be dead meat if she called out. I can make up the majority of my hours during the week.

Normally this time of year it wouldn't be a major issue, but we've been having an unseasonably warm winter, so we've been running the A/C more often than usual. I'm still wearing my summer pajamas in December. It kinda sucks, but what do I expect from Florida. It'd be nice to be able to sleep at night without having to run the A/C any. Meh...

So, I have to wait around tomorrow until the repair guy shows up. I have no idea what I'll be doing. I suppose I could start cleaning out my closet, but it tends to get super warm in there and with the A/C being on the fritz, I don't want to be holed up in there doing sweaty work. So, I'll most likely watch movies or read. Or nap. Maybe I'll finally get around to putting up my Christmas lights.

I ordered my Christmas cards and according to the tracker on the FedEx website they were delivered... to the Post Office. Why they delivered them there as opposed to my door is baffling. I mean, FedEx usually delivers to the residence. So, I guess I'll be getting them in hand tomorrow. Now I just need to get stamps.

Here's the cover picture, btw:

It was one I took while on vacation a few months ago that I fancied up using a cool photo editing program called Be Funky. I've been having waaaaaay too much fun with it. I used to use a program called Picnik, but they don't exist anymore, so I had to look elsewhere. All of my contact pictures on my phone I ran through filters and stuff just for fun. I am easily amused by the smallest things...

Met up today with [profile] cosmic_reverie at a charming local coffee shop. I hadn't realized we talked for almost two hours! It was fun! I enjoy making new friends! Especially ones who live locally! We talked about a wide variety of subjects, like Star Trek, NASA, the future of the space program, places we want to go in Florida, cameras and the like.

Mom and I bought the Blu Ray combo pack of the Nolan Batman trilogy, so we made a day of watching all three movies yesterday. It was pretty fun! Today we watched the Blu Ray of the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert, which is always excellent. Makes me hyped even more for the movie coming out in a couple of weeks. I just know it's gonna shred me emotionally, so I need to make sure I bring tons of Kleenex. I tried to buy the soundtrack to the movie, but apparently it's not available yet. At least not on iTunes. *rawr*

Well, I'm gonna close out and try not to go into heat stroke over night. Sweet dreams!!
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I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving (those of you who celebrate with the rest of America. You Canadians had yours already).

I did. It was smaller than usual since a few family members were missing. One due to having to work and others due to illness. I think Christmas will have most of everyone back.

We went to my aunt's like we usually do and the food was good as always. Whenever we move to Tennessee (which, like I mentioned before, I hope to be next year at the least), I shall definitely miss the food and company, but maybe we can have our own traditions.

I was planning on putting up my small purple fiber optic tree in my bedroom this weekend, but I never got around to it. Mostly I was distracted by our new kitty! She's mostly for mom since our established cat, Moon, is glued to me most of the time. She said she wanted an older cat (not a kitten), female and that would get along well with other cats.

She called a lady who does cat rescues and fostering and she had the perfect cat! She's a three year old tortie and she's very quiet and gentle. She does have her front claws and so we have to make sure she uses her scratching post and not the couch. But she's spayed and had all of her shots and flea treatments.

Her name was originally Angel, but mom didn't like that name so she's renamed her Tor-T. My mom has a thing for unusual names. I myself was leaning more toward Tortle, but it is what it is.

So far, her and Moon have been guarded toward each other, but Tor-T seems to be making herself at home, so that's good. I told Moon that she can't keep hiding out in my room, so when we leave for work tomorrow, mom and I are cutting off all hiding places so that they'll be pretty much forced to be in the same room together. It may take time, but I think eventually they'll mellow toward each other.

Yesterday, mom and I went to the beach to take some pictures since the waves were numerous over the weekend. We got a couple of good shots of the waves rolling in, as well as a few of some surfers taking advantage of the opportunity.

I will say, that when we do move away from here, I will probably miss a few things about Florida, like the sound of the ocean and walking along the shore, but I think the mountains of Tennessee would more than make up for it!

In fandom related news, we went to the bookstore yesterday, and naturally I had to buy stuff. I bought the December issue of Vogue since it had an interview with Anne Hathaway and some pictures from Les Miz that I wanted. I also got a collectors issue of Star Wars Insider as well as a film magazine about The Hobbit. I got two volumes of manga Sailor Moon Volume 8 and Bakuman. Volume 16. I was also able to find the first two volumes of the color version of Scott Pilgrim, so that was a nice find to say the least. Thank God for Membership cards!

I saw Rise of the Guardians earlier today and I must say, it was well worth the hype. I have a feeling it's going on my 'Must Have' DVD list. And I will say I think Jack Frost is a cutie, but even though Chris Pine is pretty awesome, he doesn't sound like an 18 year old...

I've been rereading the High School Debut series and I almost forgot what a cute series it is. I think, even though I just finished rereading it, I may read it again I love it that much. I might read a few other things in between, like the stuff I just bought as well as another series I've been wanting to reread called Beauty Is The Beast.

And another reminder that I need your address for Christmas Cards. I'll be ordering them soon, so I want to get a count of how many I'll need, so be sure to reply to this post so that I can have your info. Even if you don't plan on sending out any cards yourself this year, I'd still like to send you one so I'd like your addresses. :D
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I stayed home today due to major migraine yesterday. It was the worst one I've had yet. I was practically crying when I got home yesterday. I took my meds and went to bed and didn't get up until this morning. I didn't even eat dinner or anything. It sucked. And it was all thanks to the paint fumes from yesterday. The maintenance guys got the brilliant idea of spray painting the water stains on the ceiling in my office. As opposed to cleaning them, replacing them or even waiting until no one was in the office to do it. Not that it did a lot of good since you can still see the water stains. And since I have no ventilation in my office, I was sucking in fumes for most of the day leading to the skull crushing migraine I received.

And, if you want to, it's not too late to submit your email to the Christmas E Card project I'm doing for this year!
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Hay guys! Guess what?! I got a shit ton of icons due to me renewing my icon account! 270! I still have a ton of space left (like almost 100) so I'll probably be filling those up gradually too.

And I stayed home today due to major migraine yesterday. It was the worst one I've had yet. I was practically crying when I got home yesterday. I took my meds and went to bed and didn't get up until this morning. I didn't even eat dinner or anything. It sucked. And it was all thanks to the paint fumes from yesterday. The maintenance guys got the brilliant idea of spray painting the water stains on the ceiling in my office. As opposed to cleaning them, replacing them or even waiting until no one was in the office to do it. Not that it did a lot of good since you can still see the water stains. And since I have no ventilation in my office, I was sucking in fumes for most of the day leading to the skull crushing migraine I received.

And, if you want to, it's not too late to submit your email to the Christmas E Card project I'm doing for this year!
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I totally need to get me a new chair at work. Sitting all days for hours on end really starts to get to me. Unfortunately, due to budgetary concerns, in order to get a new chair, I'd need a doctor's note saying I need one. Urgh...

Anyway, this weekend was pretty full. Saturday I finished up my shopping, which took longer than I expected. I had to meet mom then so we could go to the Flea Market and get a few other gifts for various family members. I also got me a bamboo plant for my work area. It looks really nice.

I started on some of my cards, but I wasn't able to finish them, I hope I can real soon so I can get them out as soon as I can, hopefully so you can get them before Christmas. Speaking of which, I got your card today, [ profile] elvenmoon! It's very cute!

Sunday we spent getting groceries, which took quite a while actually, since we went to church beforehand. Then the majority of the day was spend wrapping gifts and printing off gift tags and doing laundry et al. I also watched OotP and played some of my new games I got (Carnival Games for the Wii and Master of Illusion for the DS. Both tons of fun).

I bought volume 15 of FMA as well. It's mostly a flashback volumes as Hawkeye regales what happened during the Ishbalian War to Ed. And Ed's facial expressions are still love...

And today is a day for some hot tea. I think I shall go and fix some.

Word of the Day: pluvial
Pronunciation: /PLOO-vee-ul/
adj : of or pertaining to rain; rainy

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Today was our Christmas Party. It was a small gathering, but nice all the same. Except the lady I was Secret Santa for wasn't there, so I don't know how she liked her gift... The girl who had me got me cash, which is always handy. The lady who trained me stopped by to cover the rest of the stuff we never got to during initial training. I also discovered that since I'm per diem, I'm not eligible for benefits. Period. So hopefully a full time position will open up sometime so I can get insurance eventually so I can actually go to the doctor more than once a year. So that sorta wet my firewood.

The ladies I work with each got me a little something for Christmas... and I didn't get them anything. I feel like such a heel. But, I hope to remedy that soon though. I have a plan. And it's not just to alleviate my guilt, but also because they genuinely make the working environment a lot better and I do appreciate it.

I'm not gonna be able to read my FL tonight since, in lieu of Bible Study, we went to Bible Study and it was just mom, our Music Minister's wife and I, so we ordered some pizza and had a girls night in watching Talladega Nights.

And I got cards from [ profile] kawaiiayu and [ profile] elantis today! And the cell phone charm is so cute!! Alas, my new phone (Sakura :3) doesn't have a place for one (T_T). So I have it hanging next to my monitor along with the one Mona got me in Japan! Trés cute! And I love the lil drawing of Willow, Emi-chan! I sent your guys' out today, so hopefully they'll get to you soon!

In fandom news, I saw the raw scans of Kaze Hikaru for chapter 110. Methinks Saito suspects something about Sei. Indications are that he figures out her lil secret. Then, he proceeds to punch Okita because he kept it from him. Poor Soji. He probably feels a little relief to know that he's falling in love with an actual girl, however. Unfortunately for Saito, she loves someone else... Okita. Ahhh, I smell a triangle forming! *tweeheehee* Gah! I so need summaries of this series!

Trivia of the day: Rubies and sapphires are made of corundum -- the hardest known rock after the diamond. <-- one of which is my birthstone. Awesome!
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Well, a quickie before I have to do more stuff. Oh, did that sound naughty? Hee hee...

Today was better than last Monday. Of course, today I wasn't PMS-ing, so that may have been a contributing factor. Tomorrow the woman who trained me is coming by tomorrow to brief me on some of the other documents that I never got trained on beforehand. So hopefully things will go well.

Tonight mom and I had dinner with an old friend of ours who moved to the DC area a few years ago and is in town for business. It was very nice. We went to the local Mexican restaurant and I tried out the Fried Ice Cream. It wasn't bad.

Tomorrow is the office Christmas party, so I have a few things to finish up for my Secret Santa gift and I did indeed get the Macaroni Salad. Store bought natch.

I got all my gifts bought and wrapped yesterday and they are snug under the tree. I also got my package from dad today. Two of which I can pretty much guess what they are, but the third is a mystery... Hmmm.

I have my cards almost ready to mail out. I just have to add something to one of them and put the stamps on them and they'll be ready to mail out.

I got myself a little something with my little bonus I got. The first volume of the remastered Voltron series I used to watch religiously as a kid. Keith was my very first anime crush...

Well, I don't know if I'll be able to read my FL tonight or not sine I still have a bunch of stuff I need to do yet before I go to bed. Hopefully I can tomorrow.

Trivia of the day: Designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel introduced her first perfume in 1921. She gave it the name "Chanel No. 5." According to Chanel, she jumped straight to number five because it was her lucky number. To add luck to the fragrance, she introduced it on the fifth day of May, the fifth month. Chanel No. 5 became the world's best selling perfume.
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I overslept today. I forgot to set my alarm clock last night. *mutters* So I'm a bit behind on things. Grandma wants me to take her to drop off my aunt's birthday gift for her today before I drop her off at her volunteering thing. I guess she just can't wait until Saturday...

I've been able to load a few more of my programs in. Most importantly, I've aquired the serial number for Photo Shop, so I can load that puppy in again. Yay! Of course, I'll have to reload some of my brushes, the majority of which, I had saved on CD-ROM, so I still have them. I actually thought ahead on that part!!

I've been searching for some images so I can make up a background so I can change my layout. I've got some themes in mind, but it all depends on what images I'm able to find in order if I can use them or not. Generally I've liked to keep my journal fairly fandom neutral in terms of layout theme, but this time, I figured, "The hell with it." I'm sure everyone will be able to see the result once I'm done.

I've finished up all of my cards! I'm sending them out in the mail today, so you who're gettingone, should be expecting it sometime soon, depending on the length of time it takes for the Post Office to get them to you. They're probably really busy this time of year.

Now, it's off to play MahJongg on my computer!

Quote of the day: "I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." -- Laura Ingalls Wilder
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I've witnessed the birth (so to speak) of a new phenomenon. I was reminded of it again yesterday as I was taking my grandmother out on her errands. It's truly bizarre. That is, the instance of trucks that have these... things hanging from the trailer hitch in the back. Not all trucks have them, but I've seen a few of them, as well as some on SUV's. To me, to be frank, they look like testicles. I kid you not. So, henseforth, they shall be dubbed... Truck Testicles®. Now, I don't know what purpose they serve. I mean, do the trucks go out late at night, castrate another unsuspecting truck and then proceed to hang their 'prize' on the back as a trophy? Strange.

Anyway, the cards I finished yesterday are:

[ profile] dracschick
[ profile] kawaiiayu
[ profile] umadoshi

[ profile] lizardali is next on my list. I figure, at the rate I'm going I'll have them finished by Thursday so I can mail them Friday. Some of the addresses I'll have to double check since I tend to write fast sometimes which means my 2's end up looking like 7's. But, you guys be keeping your eyes peeled in the next week or so, barring no mail snafus!!

I changed my default icon to reflect a more Christmasy theme. It's Rin and Haru when they were wee ones and looking oh so adorable. Trust me, it's Christmasy. I know it doesn't match my layout, but I've been thinking of changing it anyway. Not that I don't like it, but I want something different...

And if some of you are recieving responses from me today from comments a couple of weeks ago, I think LJ is starting to send us the comment notifications we've been missing. So no, there's nothing wrong with you.

Quote of the day: "Personal perfection is impossible, but it is possible to aim for genuineness, honesty, consistency and moral purity; and to frankly acknowledge it when we fail." -- Susan Alexander Yates
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Well, I'm feeling much better today than I have for the past few days. Maybe it was some sort of 24-48 hour stomach bug or something. *shrugs* Anyway, let's just say, I never want to go through with that again.

I have to go to my grandma's house and put up her Christmas Tree for her which is always time consuming. But if I don't do it, it never gets done. I think she tends to take advantage of me a bit. Like doing stuff like this and taking her to her volunteering thing on Thursdays. I mean, I don't mind doing it on occasion, but she has this tendancy to assume I have nothing better to do than to cart her someplace at a moment's notice. Beleive it or not, I do have stuff I do during the day, and when it comes time for me to be employed again, I'll have even less time. But I know she does the same with mom, so I don't feel singled out. Like for instance, she wanted to drop off my aunt's birthday gift today since it happens to be her actual birthday. Mom said that my aunt is pretty busy with stuff, and probably wouldn't be home. Then my grandma suggested that maybe on Thursday, after (or before) her volunteering gig. Mom basically said the same thing and that it wouldn't be a big deal if she had to wait until Saturday to drop the gift off. I've not always gotten gifts on the exact date of my birthday. But grandma's a little anal that way. I told her that today, I'd set the time for when I was coming over and I'm going to reitterate that on Thursdays, I'll only take her to the volunteering thing, every other week, not every week. Sorry, but that's the way it is. There are times when you just have to put your foot down.

I started doing some of my cards last night. So far I have finished:

[ profile] poeticdeathofme
[ profile] flamika
[ profile] elvenmoon

[ profile] dracschick is next on my list. For the one's I've finished. all I basically have to do is stamp them, return address them, seal them and mail them. But, before I can do that, I have to make sure I have enough stamps as well as make some return address labels so I don't have to write out all of them.

OK, since there are others doing this, I'll do it too:

My Christmas Wish List:

Furuba volume 18 -- I know it's still in Japanese, but that didn't stop me from buying 16 and 17. And this one has the sqee-able chapter of 106!!

Hot Gimmick volumes 11 and 12 -- again in Japanese, but I still want to look at the pretty pictures, especially since we won't be getting these for quite some time... *grumbles at Viz*

Madonna's new CD, Confessions on a Dance Floor -- yes, I've been outed as a closeted Madonna fan, I'm not ashamed.

a cell phone strap for my phone -- simple, yes. I don't care though. I'd like a Furuba one, but I can take a Tigger or a Tinkerbell or something like that.

This is one of those things where if you think you can help with, than you can, but if not, don't worry about it. My Christmas is gonna be fairly slim this year (on both sides), but I'm still grateful what what I do have, anyway... my friends and my family, my health, a roof over my head (even if it isn't ours), and food to eat.

Quote of the day: "God has built into all of us an appreciation of beauty and has even allowed us to partipate in the creation of beautiful things and places. It may be one way God brings healing to our brokenness!" -- Mary Jane Worden