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Yes, another update. Try not to die from shock.

Weekend went well. Friday we went to the movies (what, like this is new?) and finally got to see Princess and the Frog (which I may have mentioned in the entry before this. Sorry about that. Time seems to run together sometimes...

Saturday we didn't do anything but stay in our pajama's most of the day. I worked on printing off some pictures for the collage picture frames I bought to hang up at work (which I did today). Short of a digital picture frame, this is the best I can do.

Sunday was church and a few more errands. I bought me a couple of pairs of cute flannel PJ's at Target. Since the weather has taken a bit of a dip and I only had one pair of warmer pajamas I decided I needed a few more. This is one pair. Cute, eh? Very cozy.

I also got a charging station for my Wiimotes. This makes things a lot easier since I don't have to go through as many batteries this way.

On the way home, we stopped by Wendy's so we could grab a bite. Mom got a small chili and a side salad. Naturally, being the passenger, I got delegated to hold the bags. When we were pulling out of the parking lot, my lap felt very cold and very wet all of a sudden. I look down and my lap was wet. It seems the lettuce from the salad decided to take a piss on me. That's not the worst of it, however. The water ran down my thigh and pooled on the seat, making it seem as though I wet my pants. -_- Luckily I was able to change into my new pj's as soon as we got home and dried my pants.

Today was slow at work, so we decided to take down our Christmas decorations and stuff. I did a little rearranging of my own and put up the collage frames I worked on over the weekend. The goal is to try to unclutter my wall. It does look better, I must say. Getting the damn things hung was a bit of a bitch though, but I managed...

I also worked out on my WiiFit for the first time in almost a year. Hopefully I can manage to discipline myself enough to whittle my weight down to at least 20lbs less than I am now. Although the Balance Board did say I weigh ten pounds less than the scale at my doctors office and that I LOST close to 5lbs from the last time I used it. Go fig...
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Hey, it's been awhile since I posted and actual entry, hasn't it? My life has been pretty mundane so far, so not much to post about.

Mom and I visited a friend of ours yesterday. It was awesome. She moved to Sarasota a few years ago and we haven't seen much of her since then, but she usually contacts us when she's in town and we get together and have a lot of laughs. Her health is kinda bad, so it's harder for her to get around, but we still have fun anyway. We laugh so much...

According to my friend Michele, we were successfully able to acquire Tori Amos tickets, YES!! Not only are we going to Diz on my birthday, but the day after is Tori! I'm gonna have a bitchin' b-day this year! I hope I can take pictures...

I got the Ghostbusters video game yesterday. I hope to be able to play it this weekend. Due to the fact that I'm dead ass broke, I have no plans to go anywhere so chances are good I will. Unless I get distracted by the shiny...

I've also become addicted to Bejeweled thanks to a co-worker. I have versions on my iPod and my phone as well...

We're also having issues with our A/C. And summer is technically here already which means I'll be roasting most of the weekend. Fun.

Well, I'm gonna try and clean some this weekend and maybe put away some more stuff. Or I'm gonna be lazy and not do anything. It's a toss up.
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Hey, it's been awhile since I posted and actual entry, hasn't it? My life has been pretty mundane so far, so not much to post about.

Mom and I visited a friend of ours yesterday. It was awesome. She moved to Sarasota a few years ago and we haven't seen much of her since then, but she usually contacts us when she's in town and we get together and have a lot of laughs. Her health is kinda bad, so it's harder for her to get around, but we still have fun anyway. We laugh so much...

According to my friend Michele, we were successfully able to acquire Tori Amos tickets, YES!! Not only are we going to Diz on my birthday, but the day after is Tori! I'm gonna have a bitchin' b-day this year! I hope I can take pictures...

I got the Ghostbusters video game yesterday. I hope to be able to play it this weekend. Due to the fact that I'm dead ass broke, I have no plans to go anywhere so chances are good I will. Unless I get distracted by the shiny...

I've also become addicted to Bejeweled thanks to a co-worker. I have versions on my iPod and my phone as well...

We're also having issues with our A/C. And summer is technically here already which means I'll be roasting most of the weekend. Fun.

Well, I'm gonna try and clean some this weekend and maybe put away some more stuff. Or I'm gonna be lazy and not do anything. It's a toss up.
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Friday's here! Yays!

According to my WiiFit, I've lost a total of 2.8 lbs over the course of a week. I totally rock! My BMI went down too. Whoo-hoo!

Mom and I are looking into moving into a larger apartment here in our complex. Right now we have a 2 bedroom 1 bath which has a total of 998 sq. ft. to a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a total of 1060 sq. ft. That's a difference of 62 sq. ft. Plus, the rent is actually cheaper than what we're paying now and I'd also have a walk-in closet and my own bathroom! So, we're negotiating with our leasing office, but it looks like it's a definite possibility. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time.

Naruto 440 is out. Awesome chapter.

possible spoilers... )

Tonight is the last episode ever of BSG. Rest in peace, Galactica...

Birthdays Today: Paul Junger Witt
Emmy Award-winning producer
b: 1943 -

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Not much going on in the land of snapdragon. I reorganized some of my bookshelves which desperately needed it. Put some of the books I don't read very often in a storage box to be sent to the storage locker at some point in the future. I also cleared away the crap-ton of mail I had on top of said bookcase and tossed the majority of it. So the teetering tower is no more. It's been reduced to the size of a mole hill.

I also managed to connect my Wii the the intarwebz... finally. After my cousin helped secure our network, the world is my oyster as long as I have the password to open it. So, those of you who who have a Wii and want to add me (and I you) just give me your number and I'll add it in. My number is in this post. I'll even create a Mii for you accordingly!

We thought we'd be without hot water and be forced to shower somewheres else, but mom fiddled and discovered the circuit breaker hadn't been flipped all the way. So, hot water we have. Which I'm thankful for, because I would've hated to have taken a shower at someone else's house...

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday. I don't care all that much for football, but I watch mostly for the commercials. There were a few noteworthy ones. I wasn't really rooting for anyone, but mom was kinda rooting for Arizona because she like the underdog like that. She was a little disappointed at the final result. Oh well...

Here are a few videos I found that cracked my shit up:

Thank you for your time. You may now return to your lives...

Birthdays Today: Farrah Fawcett-Majors
b: 1947 -

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Darth Vader's Twitter is so much fun! :-)

Nothing much happened today. Mostly posting to let everyone know I'm still alive. The Red Tide hasn't claimed me as of yet. I just hope it doesn't come ashore when I'm at a friends wedding next weekend. Blargh!

At work I spent the majority of the day entering in Flu Clinic charges. Ahh, yes. The flu season is upon us... what fun. Eh, it kept me busy. I left at 5:00 even though I finished my work a few hours beforehand. So I'm not short by all that many hours.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to finally play the video game I bought a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I caved and bought The Force Unleashed. I know [ profile] rurouni_jedi had mixed feelings regarding it, but it looks like it'd still be a lot of fun to play in the meantime. Besides, I look forward to swinging my "lightsaber" around. And, according to Amazon, you can buy an attachment that looks like a lightsaber for your Wii-mote.

And finally, for motivation to clean your house more often, read about the Collyer Brothers.

Today in History: 1933
"News-Week" appeared on the corner newsstand for the first time. Seven pictures graced the magazine’s first cover, depicting an important happening for each day of the week. In 1937, the publication’s masthead sported a new name: "Newsweek".
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Today was another early day for me. Our company is majorly clamping down on overtime, so no working over 80 hours... PERIOD! So I left about 1:30. While I like getting off a bit early, the extra money was nice, but considering the economic
downturn we're having it make sense.

Alas I didn't use my extra time very wisely. I slept mostly. And I picked up my package from Amazon (which was a collected volume of the NF comic that I hadn't realized I ordered. I'll try to post more info on [ profile] stnf).

Tonight I'm staying in. I don't feel much like going anywhere. I was going to be ambitious and try to do some of the things here at home I'd been putting off, but so much for that. Maybe I'll play me some Wii later on...

I tried watching the video of the episode of The Office I missed last night, but the video thing isn't working for some reason. I tried it both on Firefox and Safari, but no soap. Maybe I'll try it on my desktop and see if that helps any...

Hmmm, I gotta figure out what to fix for supper.

Today in History: 1865
The billiard ball was patented by John Wesley Hyatt. Mr. Hyatt won $10,000 in a contest. He was the first person to come up with a substitute for the ivory ball (in use at the time).
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I've been trying to think more positive lately. Not always an easy task for me. I'm not necessarily a pessimist, more of a... realist. I do have moments where I just wanna shout, "Screw you World!" and hide under the covers, but those moments are rare.

For example:

"I'm POSITIVE we will move out of this burning shit-hole and move to a place that has actual SEASONS!"

"I'm POSITIVE a better paying job will come my way WITHOUT me having to sell my soul to Satan."

"I'm POSITIVE mom will find a job that pays well and that she's actually HAPPY doing."

See where I'm going with this?

The farewell party we had on Friday went well. It was a little bittersweet, but pleasant all around. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the DVD my mom put together. She's been getting requests for copies.

Mom and I spent Saturday shopping mostly. I bought two pairs of shoes and about three books. Big surprise. We also saw Indiana Jones for the second time. It was a lot of fun. There was a trailer for Hellboy II before it. :DDDDDDDD

I bought a copy of Mario Party 8 and played some of it over the weekend. It's pretty fun. It's probably more fun with more people, but I had singular fun nonetheless. I was originally looking for MarioKart, but naturally I had zero luck. They sold out the day before... TT_TT

Sunday was church and our final Sunday night get-together. It was nice. While I'll like having my Sunday nights free (and having more of a chance to relax), I'll definitely miss everyone. There are plans for a group blogging project so we can all keep in touch. Sounds pretty cool.

There's still plenty of opportunities to give me a testimonial to update my profile. Let's keep 'em coming folks!

And I hope to God I'm not getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ewww...

Today in History: 1922
Henry Berliner accomplished the first helicopter flight at College Park, Maryland.
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I love this song! How many bands do you know of that use a pipe organ in their music!! :DDD

And I use Wolfwood because he kinda looks like Crowley from Good Reads here... if Crowley carried a gun that is.

Well, last night we had a bit of excitement!

I was going out to get something to eat, when I noticed, about 20 or so feet away, that there was a CSI van, a tow truck and (what one assumes) a plain clothes police officer. They were examining a car that was parked on the far side of the parking lot in front of our building. They were paying particular attention to the driver's side tires. Sooooo, I'm wondering if the car was involved in some sort of accident that involved a fatality or something like that. So, I shall be scouring the paper to see if anything pops up.

I knew I should've taken a picture...

And the hunt for a WiiFit continues. I signed up for WiiAlerts, and I got one saying there was one available on Amazon. I come home to check, but it's being sold by a third party and the price is waaaay higher that the game in the store.

Mom's staying home tomorrow so she can get the project she's been working on for friends of ours' going away party on Friday. She kind of needs a mental health day as it is. This also means I have to record the mid season finale of BSG!

Time for Testimonials!!

On my profile, I have a few testimonials from you, my LJ friends. But since I have a few more of you than I did before, it's that time again!!

So, give me your testimonials one and all! If you've already contributed one, you don't need to do another one (unless you really want to). To see what this is about, take a peek at my profile and see what I mean!!

Today in History: 1923
Harry Houdini, while in a straight jacket, suspended from 40 feet in the air, amazed a large and quite disbelieving audience as he freed himself of the constraints.
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We had a minor catastrophe on my RP forum this weekend. It seems the servers caught on fire (yes, caught. on. fire) and caused a number of the forums to go down. They're working trying to restore everything back to normal and everything. In the meantime, I've set up a temporary forum until the other one gets restored...

Mom's birthday is tomorrow and I bought her a $50 gift card at BAM. I think she'll like it. She wasn't very specific on what she wanted this year, plus I'm trying to save a little for vacay.

I crapped out on trying to find a WiiFit. Sold out, of course. I asked if I could pre-order, but no soap. So, I need to try online, or add it to my Amazon wish list... TT_TT

We did play some Mario Party 8, which was quite fun. I may have to get that...

I MIGHT have set my Wii up for online play. *crosses fingers* I'll have to try it out sometime and see...

I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to play Nintendogs. I mean, by doggie needs to be fed, watered and bathed BADLY, but I can't find out how to do it. I'm having a hard enough time getting him to remember his NAME! Poor little feller... And the little book that came with the game was no help whatsoever. I may ask this on the [ profile] girl_gamers community.

I saw Iron Man... again... this weekend. What? I happen to like it, OK? This weekend was kinda low on the new release front (that I actually WANTED to see), so...

I started reading the Uglies series that [ profile] soleta_nf recommended. So far good. I'm only a few chapters in, though.

And that's the end of my randomness for today. Thank you.

Today in History: 1930
Mrs. M. Niezes of Panama gave birth to the first baby to be born on a ship that was passing through the Panama Canal.
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Mnargggg... I may have to get my car looked at sometime. My brakes are grinding. It's made worse when I have to brake quickly instead of easing into a stop. Stupid lights and people who have to brake suddenly...

I may have to have my cousin have a looksee before I take it to the mechanic to see what he has to say. However, he tends to not be very... prompt most of the time.

I didn't go to the gym today because I left my sports bra at home when I was packing my gym bag yesterday. So, to at least get some sort of a workout, I came home, changed my clothes (including my sports bra) and walked around the apartment complex. It was a pretty nice little jaunt. I should do it more often...

When I came back, mom was home and she had food, so I ate, then I played a game of tennis on my Wii. I lost. Mostly because my "opponents" keep hitting the ball back at me at odd angles, so I have to try and hit it back without going out of bounds. Needless to say, I wasn't always successful.

I picked me up a copy of National Treasure 2 when I was at Wal-Mart yesterday. Since there aren't any movies coming out this weekend that either mom or I want to see, we might watch it. Not on Friday though. That's reserved for BSG.

We had an interesting morning this morning. Our powered flicked several times then went out for about half an hour or so. Mom's first thought was "I DID pay the electric bill this month, didn't I?" Since it flickered several times I knew it wasn't the case. This type of thing has happened before since we've lived here. I don't know what it is with out power source here, but we lose power more often than we did at our old house.

For some reason I keep getting phone calls on my cell phone from some number in Vegas. I mean, I added both of our numbers onto the National Do Not Call list. Maybe it takes it awhile to activate or something...

Today in History: 1959
Abel and Baker were two monkeys who survived a trip into space from a launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
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Just got back from Speed Racer. Most excellent. It's like visual candy. And it was very true to the source material... what I remember of it anyway. I say go see it for sure.

I was gonna try to do a "double feature" along with Iron Man, but SR took longer than I expected, and I wanted to get a few things done yet today.

I did stop by the bookstore and blew over $50 worth on books and magazines. Go ahead, act surprised.

I wandered around the shopping center where the theater was to waste time before the movie started. I stopped into GameStop to see what they had. They looked to have both Mario Kart and WiiFit. Not today though. I'll have to wait until I have more Moolah. Maybe next weekend...

Stopped into the World Market. I saw they had a bag of Pocky there. Also some Oolong tea. It's flavored, but Oolong is Oolong. I'll give it a try. I got the Pocky too. I'm such an addict.

I stopped into A.C. Moore and got some Origami stuff. I wandered the yarn aisle. But since I Still need to finish the scarf I'm in the middle of making for [ profile] kawaiiayu, I didn't buy... T___T

Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to finish laundry and try to milk the rest of the day for as long as I can.

Today in History: 1977
The Human Fly, George Willig scaled the World Trade Center in New York City. It took Willig three and a half hours to make the climb, and $1.10 in fines - a penny per floor.
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I heard this song on an Old Navy commercial and really liked it. It was available for download, so I got it. It's very pretty.

Man, you would not believe how glad I am that it's Friday. The last couple of days at work were a little too intense for me, thankyouverymuch.

My supervisor mentioned something about the possibility of all of us working the last Saturday of the month. I sincerely hope not, because it might collide with other stuff that might be going on... *pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease*

And, since I was asked, and I felt dorky enough to actually do it, here are pictures of my Star Wars Mii's. I have Bleach ones too, but I didn't take pictures of them.

sorry for the quality... )

Mom and I are planning on seeing Prince Caspian tomorrow. *is excited* There's also an exhibit of PostSecret post cards at our local art museum. I dunno if we're gonna go this weekend or not, but it looks interesting for certain!

Today in History: 1960
A research study reported this day that TV commercials "in living color" were over three times more effective than black and white commercials.
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First of all, Happy Birthday to [ profile] rosehiptea. *tosses confetti*

It seems unreal that it's Friday already. Wow. And I really need to do my taxes this weekend. Yipes!

Mom and I played Wii bowling a little. She seemed to have fun. She played three games! She got a turkey last game. That would be three strikes in a row to you laymen. I have yet to get one! *wibbles*

Tonight is the premier of Battlestar Galactica. There will be NO interruptions whatsoever during the broadcast. I will be going on radio silence for an hour until it's over...

Johnny Carson quit "The Tonight Show" on this night. He returned three weeks later with an additional $30,000 a week.
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Well, it's official. I am a sheep. I joined Facebook. Since so many people I know are on it, I figured, "Why not!" I already have a MySpace (which I swore never to do...), so why not something else to suck away my time! So any of you who want to friend me (and know my name), you can. I have six people on there already, more are welcome!

I have to try to get off work a little early tomorrow so I can take my MacBook and see why it wont start up. I tried doing what the instructions say, but they might as well be written in Greek or something for what it's worth. Still, I tried to no avail. So I'm gonna take it in to the local Mac specialist and see what they can do. Hopefully 1. they can salvage my laptop (I've formed quite an attachment to it, you know) and 2. it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Wish me luck!*lights incense and says chants over Hakuryuu*

Work was a bit hectic today. I had to catch up with the stuff I missed for the past two days. In actuality it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I think I'm getting faster. Still, after having two days off, it took me a bit to get used to the ol' routine. Not that I was playing hooky or anything those last two days or anything, although I did watch me some of my Count Duckula DVD's. LOL

I tried to play some more Mario Galaxy, even to the point of starting all over again. Yet, I STILL get stuck at the friggin' Black Hole on Planet D. Once I got soooooo close. I was able to get past the Piranha Plant and onto the switches, but when I went to hop up onto the wall to turn the wall switches off... I overshot it and fell into the Black Hole again. *sobs*

I played more of my Bleach game and moved onto the Arcade Mode. First I played as Renji (and kicked ass) then I played as Ichigo. I still won, but it took me a few times to win against Hitsugaya. As soon as I saw I was up against him, I was all, "Man, I am so gonna get my ass kicked." Of course, it doesn't help matters any that he has those ice wall shield thingies he uses. Still, eventually I was able to defeat him. Hell, I had a hard enough time defeating Uryuu!

So, the Super Bowl was last night. The Giants won. I was happy. Truthfully I wasn't rooting for either team, but I kinda sided with the underdog, so I was cool with it. The commercials were great though! A few of them made me laugh out loud. We were at friends of ours' house, so that made it all the better. It was fun.

Today in History: February 4, 1974
Patricia Hearst, the grand-daughter of the late William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
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Well, I made it back form my colonoscopy in one piece... not that I wouldn't of course. Everything looks fine. I had a little bit of inflammation, but it wasn't too bad. My doctor said on a scale of one to ten, it was about a one. The hardest part was the prep I had to do last night. Ugh. Although it wasn't nearly as bad as the stuff I had to drink before, it's not something I want on the menu even with the flavoring added.

I do have to get a colonoscopy every year now as opposed to every couple of years. Next time, I'm asking for the pills instead of the TriLyte liquid.

Mom went to pick up my car from the mechanic. I just hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. It needed quite a bit of work...

We're also waiting for the delivery of our new dryer. Mom accidentally gave them the wrong cell phone number, so she had to call them in order to fix it. We have to move the large curio cabinet at the end of the hall before they can get the old dryer out and the new one in. I only hope they come after mom gets back with my car.

I also got my volume 12 of TriMax from Amazon. It's thicker than the previous volumes. We're also getting close to the end. Although I've read summaries online before, it's a lot easier to see what's going on for oneself, especially in a series as visually intense as TriMax.

I might try to play more of Mario Galaxy, since I can play it sitting down. I dunno if I wanna continue from where I was or start over again. It depends on how far I can get past the Black Hole.

Today in History: February 1, 1893
Thomas Edison opened the world's first film studio in West Orange, New Jersey.
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I just finished playing WiiTennis as Tenel Ka and I KICKED ASS!!! I got 138, which is the highest I've ever gotten! Maybe it's because I've been playing for awhile now, or it could be because TK is THAT much of a bad ass. I was gonna play as Jacen afterward, but since the first game was so intense, I didn't. Maybe Wednesday. If I get to go to D*C, I'm totally bringing my Wii.

Maybe I should try to channel her when playing Mario Galaxy...

If I get to go to D*C, I'm totally bringing my Wii.

I had to get some blood work done this afternoon for my Colonoscopy on Friday. The actual procedure itself isn't that big a deal, especially since I'll be unconscious during it. What I'm really dreading is the prep. for one thing, I have to drink this stuff:

It's FOUR FRAKKIN' LITERS!!! Imagine drinking two 2 liter bottles of the nastiest soda you've ever drunk over the course of the evening. That's what my Thursday late afternoon/evening is going to be like. There's four "flavor packets" included which is supposed to make it taste better, but it won't help. All of this plus, the 2 hour season premiere of Lost is going to be that night...

We cleaned mostly this weekend. We got a carpet spot cleaner due to the fact we have a cat who likes to make messes. It works pretty well, too.

We also managed to do laundry despite not having our new dryer yet. Luckily our apartment complex has a decent Laundry Room.

I also bought some new clothes Saturday. Just another pair of jeans and a few tops and shirts. I bought a neat pair of kicks also! They're retro looking and cool!

I got the newest DVD of Bleach and Death Note as well as the new Naruto Wii game (which I've yet to play).

Speaking of which, I saw the conclusion of the Naruto and Sasuke fight and it looks like there might be MORE FILLERS coming!!!! Argh!!

Now I gotta try to write out my profiles for my OC in the Kriff Thiss! RP...

Today in History: January 28,1934
Robert Royce’s ski lift was used for the first time in Woodstock, Vermont. Previously, snow skiers had no way to get to the top of the mountain conveniently.
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Work was so-so today. I had some minor errors pointed out to me today, but they were fairly easily taken care of, so nothing too stressful. I think I handled it quite well, I must say. No meltdowns for me!

I just finished a rigorous game of Wii Tennis, but instead of playing as myself, I played as Mii versions of Rukia and Ichigo. Hurr... Rukia kicked Ichigo's ass, I must say. He had a tendency to hit the ball too hard and cause it to go out of bounds. *whistles innocently*

I think Wednesday I'll play as Jacen and Tenel Ka.

I tried to find a picture frame for the IchiRuki fanart [ profile] secondlina drew for me. I got an 8x10 frame, thinking it'd be big enough, but it wasn't. I'd have to either trim it or fold it in order to fit, both things I don't wanna do 'cause it's an original. So it's back on my closet door (which is metal and can use magnets) so it'll stay nice and crease free. So I need to find another one. I've also been meaning to find frames for the Runaways print I bought and an art piece I did years ago. I have a blank spot on my wall for it and everything.

Mom stayed home today because she was congested (or so she said), so she finished the laundry we started. She had to use the laundry room because our dryer is drying a slow death. Hopefully we can find the right part for it. Ideally, I'd like to get a new washer/dryer set... kinda like the ones we used last night at a friends of ours' house. Yes, we came to socialize and we took our laundry with us...

Naruto is getting to the point where I'll watch it again. Mostly because of the fight between him and Sasuke. I tell you, some of the fight sequences were pretty awesome, I must say.

Now, I must poke my muse with the cattle prod again so I can start writing stuff for ATACT again...

Today in History: The "Nautilus", the first atomic-powered submarine, was launched in Groton, Connecticut. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower christened the vessel with a bottle of champagne.
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When is a Buffy quote NOT appropriate?

I just finished a rigorous game of Wii tennis. I played two games since I was creamed (unusually) the first time. Not satisfied with allowing that record to stand, I played again instead of a round of boxing. I still lost, but a lot more respectfully.

While I was at it, I made some more Mii's. Dork that I am, I made a Rukia and an Ichigo Mii as well as a Jacen and a Tenel Ka one. Now I have both of my fandoms covered! Maybe I should make an Amelia and a Zelgadiss one and play "Brass Rackets." LOL

Mom has been showing me pictures of a house in Tennessee and tormenting me with it. It's basically the perfect house for us. Location, size, amenities. Even the price is decent. We've both fallen hard for this house, but it's doubtful we'll be able to do anything about it. My heart, it breaks.

Work gripe ahead:

I need to write a note or something to the girl who sends me my fee tickets to post so she'll send them directly to me instead of my supervisor. She used to do them, but I've been doing them since I was hired, and I would've thought by now, they'd realize that. Today some came in, but I never got them until almost the end of the day, so I had to stop what I was doing so I could prep them. I have to wait till tomorrow in order to actually post them since I ran out of time. This wouldn't have happened if I'd gotten them earlier and I probably would've if they were sent to me. *sigh*

And I just realized that I've still been using my word of the day. I need to rectify that since it's the new year...

Today in History: This is National Nothing Day, set aside each year for people to sit around for the entire day and just hang out. No celebrating, observing or honoring anything. It was created by Harold Pullman Coffin. -- and why isn't this a national holiday?
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snapdragon76: this is made of win and awesome (Naruto's 'rents *squeeeee*)
Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

That's right! It finally came! I'm really excited. I saw some video of people playing it on wii. com and it looks super fun!

Guess what else came! My new laptop bag!! It's just the right size! It even has a cell phone pocket and a cup holder inside!

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The majority of my weekend was spent watching a mini-marathon of The Office. Such fun. I also was loaned a couple of Tori DVD's to watch as well. I need to find a time to watch them sometime too, although I might buy me a set of my own!

Of course, a good chunk of my weekend was spend basking in the glow of being right! I was posting on my fandom journal [ profile] ryudoshi about the three volumes of Naruto I bought and read. I was looking up images on Wikipedia to explain about my theory about Naruto being the son of the Fourth Hokage. Well, imagine my surprise when it was indeed confirmed to be true. Of course, the fact that they looked so similar was a big honkin' clue right there. We also "meet" his mommy, whom he gets his surname and his personality from.

Seeing as this was apparently unveiled in September sometime thereabouts and considering I've been a bit removed from the fandom while the anime is airing the fillers here in the US, this isn't new. But to me, it is! so yay!

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And I naturally got new icons...

And a happy birthday to [ profile] ichiban_victory!!

Word of the Day: zibeline
Pronunciation: /ZIB·el·line/
:a soft lustrous wool fabric with mohair, alpaca, or camels hair

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