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Hello everyone.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or other Holiday if you so celebrate). Ours was very low-key. Not just financially, even though that did play somewhat of a factor. Mostly because December is a bit of a downer month here for us. My sister’s birthday is the 18th and the anniversary of her death is the 26th. So things are kind of subdued. Plus, mom misses spending holidays with my aunt and her family. I know that it’s important to her, but I told her that even though it’s just the two of us, it’s still family and we should be happy for that at least. That seemed to make her feel a little better.

I did get a few things, like a few Blu-Rays from my dad as well as a few knitting items. Yes, I plan to teach myself how to knit! I even joined Ravelry and my username on there is snapdragon1976 in case anyone want to go friend me! I got a couple of small Guardians of the Galaxy action figures from mom, which knowing how tight money is, was most appreciated and unexpected. I hope to be able to return the favor once I get my student loan.

Mom tells me that when I get my loan money and we can get the cars fixed (again), she’ll put more of a serious effort into finding work. I’d like to believe it, but a part of me doesn’t. She’s been out of work for over six months now and even though we need the money badly (my monthly annuity and her monthly Social Security isn’t enough), I think she’s gotten used to not working and being able to do things at her leisure. As well as I think there is a fair amount of discouragement she feels being in her 60’s and trying to find work.

I haven’t had much luck on the GA front myself. The one I applied for at the lab school at the University was a bust since I was told that the school is undergoing staffing changes and there won’t be a need for a GA there anymore.

I start my Remicade treatment for my Crohn’s back again on the 7th. I didn’t have a bad experience when I did it last time, but the human body being what it is and wanting to be fickle much of the time, it may decide to cause me grief. I mean, I know that due to the fact that it’s an immunosuppressant that I’ll be more prone to infections, but hopefully I won’t have stuff like massive hair loss and other major side effects. I tell you, having an invisible chronic illness sucks balls.

I may do a Year in Review post for January like I usually do, except for this past January, when I got over ambitious with it and never finished… Like I was going to do some excerpts from my journal over the past ten years since I’ve been on LJ for ten years. Maybe that’s one goal I can work on for 2015 as well as maintaining a more regulated sleep pattern instead of submitting to my night owl tendencies to stay up until 2:30-3:00 in the morning…

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll be more diligent in my regular postings instead of once a month as I seem to be doing. Hopefully, I can discipline myself enough to do it.
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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Those of us who celebrated it, that is.

Mom and I had a good time at our friend's house. The food and the company was very good!

We were treated to the good china!

We even had individual little teapots for us to have tea with!

This one was mine. I had Earl Grey with my meal. Quite a few cups of it, actually!

After dinner, we got to play with the household pets.

Smoky. She likes to hang out under the chairs.

Ruger. A full sized black German Shepherd who thinks he's a lap dog. He's a sweetie, though.

Pixie, the newest addition. No, she's not related to Smoky, although Smoky did adopt her.

There was also Brody, a Scottish Terrier, but he was too shy for pictures.

We played some games, including Spin the Dreidel, which I won.

My winnings. :D

We also played a spirited game of Apples to Apples. I love playing that game! It's so much fun!

I'd like to play Cards Against Humanity sometime since I heard it's fun, but given the company we were with, it wouldn't have gone over well I don't think.

We went to the Bristol Motor Speedway to see the lights that are set up that people drive around and see. The majority of the pictures I took didn't turn out too well since we were in a moving car at night. They were still impressive to look at however.

When we got back, it was time to light the menorah.

When we were getting ready to leave, I panicked a bit since I couldn't find my phone. Turns out, it had fallen out of my pocket when we came back from seeing the lights and sat outside in the freezing cold for several hours. I'm lucky it wasn't ruined.

Black Friday I didn't step a toe outside due to the madness of all the shoppers. Turns out it was a good thing. Our local Walmart made the Huffington Post, and not in a good way. Two women were apparently trampled by the crowd trying to get inside. This was at 6:00 on Thursday, before Black Friday even began. They weren't permanently injured, luckily enough, but the off duty police officers who were hired to prevent such a thing almost got trampled themselves.

Instead, I decided to put up my Christmas decorations in my bedroom while watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV.

My purple fiber optic Christmas tree I 'inherited' from a former co-worker of mine.

Mom and I will probably try to drag out the larger tree for downstairs tomorrow or later this week, depending on how things are. I'd like to try to go to the movies sometime to see Catching Fire and Frozen. If I can't do both, I'd at least like to see Catching Fire.

I'd still like to try to send out Christmas letters to people if possible. I may send them out whether or not anyone responds to my address post or not, if I still have current addresses that is. Only a few people have moved since last year though.

If anyone wants my address, just let me know. I do have it on a locked post from earlier, but in case you missed it, just PM me or something. Email works too.

Signing off so that I can sit and listen to my rowdy neighbors have yet another party. Ninety percent of the time I have no issues with them, but they seem to feel the need to throw loud, drunken parties every damn weekend. Naturally they're the ones right next to my bedroom window and our walls are super thin. As much as I love our condo, that is the one thing about it that annoys me.
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OMG! An actual post from me! The world is now coming to an end!

LOL, seriously I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas this year... those of you who celebrate, that is. Mine was very good.

Here's my swag:

Not bad! And yes, that IS a Snuggie you see. Laugh all you want, it's very comfortable and practical. So there!

We went to the movies on Saturday. That was an adventure in itself, lemme tell ya. We looked online to see when the show times were so that we would know how to block out our time since we were going to see three movies in one day. We had it all planned, you see. First up was Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakuel (Shut up!), then Princess and the Frog and finally, bringing up the rear was Sherlock Holmes. Alvin started at 10:20 or so. So we buy all our tickets at the ticket counter/concession stand and head to the first one. We sit in there and wait for the film to start and we realize that it's past the time and yet, no movie. Soon the manager comes in and explains that the projector is having issues and the film cannot be shown. She gives everyone free movie passes and we exit. So, that being sunk, we decide to sit in on another movie while we wait for our second feature of the day. So we go into another theater and see The Blind Side for the second time, which we didn't fuss about since we wanted to see it again anyway eventually.

So, that movie exits and we have quickly go to the next theater in order to see The Princess and the Frog only to be told that THAT projector had a meltdown and therefore wasn't going to be playing. Frustrated, we went to the ticket counter to try to salvage our tickets. So the manager was there again and she looked at the schedule and decided to trade out our remaining tickets and movie times for two other times. So we decided on a later showing of Sherlock and an afternoon showing of Alvin.

So we had some time to kill and decided to head over to the mall and grab a bite to eat. While there, mom decided she want a thumb ring, so we go to Claire's and purchase one. I got another one as well.

We decide it's time for the movie to start and we head back over. Alvin was a pretty cute, fluffy movie. I liked it and that's all that matters.

Finally we went to see Sherlock. Lemme tell you, it was FANTASTIC! I loved it! And they made no effort to hide the HoYay between Holmes and Watson, that's for sure. Of course, there are people complaining that it's NOTHING like Holmes. Uh, have these people even READ the books? Book!Holmes never wore a deerstalker cap or smoked a hooked pipe. That was FILM PORTRAYALS FOLKS!!! Also, Watson wasn't a bumbling oaf. He was actually pretty shrewd and quite the ladies man. All in all, I'd definitely see it again!

Oh, [ profile] tenel_ka, I got your card today. And YES, you can DEFINITELY kidnap me for Dragon*Con next year!! :DDDDD

Oh, and we're seeing Princess and the Frog on New Year's Day with our movie passes...
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Hai everybody!! Miss me? No, as a matter of fact I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Despite not updating my journal for a long while (aside from my twitter feed, which I know a few don't particularly like. sorry), I'm still live and kicking. I just haven't been arsed to update any. So, before everyone revolts and leaves, I thought I'd do an actual honest to God update. How about that! Aren't I nice?

Mom has her car, so we are both driving our own cars, which hasn't happened in over a year, so that's nice. Mom sold some silver dollars she had and came up with some additional scratch which helped considerably in springing her car from prison. Still pretty broke though, so I haven't been able to catch up on a lot of the manga/books I'd normally like to. Hopefully this can be rectified soon. *crosses fingers and offer supplications to various deities* Also, I'd like to be able to actually purchase [ profile] secondlina's first publishing effort. I try to support the publication efforts of the people I follow here on LJ. So far, I've done two. I expect there to be more in the future.

I've enjoyed the day off I've had today so far. We didn't do much, because we have no money. So we went to the mall and window shopped a little. I went into a shoe store, which was a mistake because I saw purple Converse low tops and a super cute pair of peep-toe pumps which looked fab on me. I left empty handed...

I also discovered that I really can't upgrade my phone until March at the earliest. I guess I can hang in there a few more months. TT_TT Of course, now I'm torn between the Sidekick and the Samsung touch screen. I fondled both and I still can't decide.
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Why yes, as a matter of fact I AM home early! My boss basically told everyone that we could go home early and since I'd finished my work (which took me a whole hour and a half to complete), I did. I don't know why I even bothered to come in today at all, but I didn't want to screw up my holiday pay, so come in I did...

This is all despite the fact that the Red Tide came ashore yesterday. Thrilling...

And, since I didn't do it properly yesterday:

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There. That's more like it.

And, instead of having resolutions, I'll set goals. Those sound more achievable!

  • Go to the gym more often.

  • Not go out to eat as often. It's healthier that way and it saves money.

  • Save up money for our eventual move to an actual house before our lease is up. This does mean cutting back on my books, which will be hard, but I just have to think of the greater goal... which eventually leads to Tennessee and away from this hellhole.

I think those are decent goals to have.

Yesterday we had no work, so I stayed home and watched the beeb version of Pride and Prejudice on DVD. I STILL love it to pieces! I also took my Christmas lights down from my window. The ones outside still need to be taken down, but that's mom's responsibility. Although, knowing her, they'll probably be up until April.

Today I took down the ones at work. I still only had my little desk lamp on instead of the fluorescent overhead light. It was a nice ambiance.

Today in History: 1974
U.S. President Richard M. Nixon signed a bill requiring states to lower the maximum speed limit to 55 MPH. The law was meant to conserve gasoline supplies during an embargo imposed by Arab oil-producing countries. The embargo was lifted on March 13, 1974, but the speed limit lid stayed on until 1987.
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Ugh, these past few days have been soooo hectic!

Christmas itself was very nice. I slept out in the living room like I always do every Christmas Eve with the lights on and the Yule Log on the telly. Nice.

I got a decent haul this year. It was a bit... humbler than some, but it was very much appreciated in these hard times.

My acquisitions this year consist of:

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia from dad. This looks AWESOME! I flipped through it and whoa!

Heroes Season 2 also from dad.

A pumpkin spice scented candle from mom.

The newest M&M's dispenser form mom. She gets them for me every year.

A cute hand-painted kitty plaque from my aunt.

A cute hand-painted candle from my cousin Brittany (aka [ profile] poeticdeathofme).

Oh, and I got your card today (or possibly yesterday) [ profile] notagimmick). Thanks!

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to do some shopping with her. I know, I must've been suicidal or something. I bought a few books (*cough*), but that was pretty much it. I did see a few cute things at Kohl's, but they have a lot of cute things...

We went to the movies afterwards and saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". It was pretty good. Very different. The effects were pretty neat. There were a few moments I could pick out where the effects were obvious, but overall very effective.

Today was pretty easy going. Mom and I eventually went to get groceries and such and I got a few CD's that I wanted and a case for my iPod so I can wear it while I go to the gym. I also got a WALL-E throw to go with my pillow!

Afterwards mom went driving to the local wetlands so she could take some pictures. I snoozed in the car because that's not really my thing... listened to some Tori. Then we treated ourselves to Marble Slab ice cream sort of as a last hurrah before trying to stick to our Resolutions...

It'll be weird going back to work on Monday after being off for four days. This week will be fairly short too, although we don't get the day after New Year's off. DD:

Today in History: 1845
Dr. Crawford Williamson Long used anesthesia for childbirth for the first time, when he delivered his own child in Jefferson, Georgia.
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Hey all...

Today was boring. I had no checks come in and very few charges, so I spent the majority of the day scrolling through TV Tropes all day.

We didn't do much of anything over the holiday weekend. Stayed home and watched the fireworks on TV. Played a few video games, ran some errands. That was pretty much it. It's OK though. Some days are like that.

Bought a few DVD's. Persepolis and Be Kind Rewind. The first one is pretty good. Very gripping. I watched it in French with the subtitles. I dunno how the English version is though. They got some of the same actors to reprise their roles, except in English.

I also bought volume 20 of Furuba and volume 29 of SDK. Both are nearing the end. I'll try to write up my impressions of Furuba at least sometime. I tend to slack off in that regard.

I finalized some plans with my dad for this summer. We're gonna be doing a lot of stuff in the few days we have. One day there's going to be an after wedding party, which I'm kinda thrown in the middle of, but since it was preplanned already...

I'll try not to let my "inner introvert" freak out too much, as Ysa is fond of saying. I don't do large crowds very well, even less so if it's with people I'm largely unfamiliar with. Needless to say, I never attended very many parties in my younger days.

Mom and I set up appointment to get massages and mani/pedi's the weekend before we leave (which happens to be the day before my birthday). I'm pretty excited. I've never had a massage that wasn't from Massage Therapy students. Moreover, my masseur is a guy! *eep* Name JASON! O_O I'll try not to wig out too much. Either that, or I'll turn beet red...

Today in History: 1802
The first comic book was published in Hudson, New York. It was about "The Wasp" and was created by Robert Rusticoat.
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Just got back from Speed Racer. Most excellent. It's like visual candy. And it was very true to the source material... what I remember of it anyway. I say go see it for sure.

I was gonna try to do a "double feature" along with Iron Man, but SR took longer than I expected, and I wanted to get a few things done yet today.

I did stop by the bookstore and blew over $50 worth on books and magazines. Go ahead, act surprised.

I wandered around the shopping center where the theater was to waste time before the movie started. I stopped into GameStop to see what they had. They looked to have both Mario Kart and WiiFit. Not today though. I'll have to wait until I have more Moolah. Maybe next weekend...

Stopped into the World Market. I saw they had a bag of Pocky there. Also some Oolong tea. It's flavored, but Oolong is Oolong. I'll give it a try. I got the Pocky too. I'm such an addict.

I stopped into A.C. Moore and got some Origami stuff. I wandered the yarn aisle. But since I Still need to finish the scarf I'm in the middle of making for [ profile] kawaiiayu, I didn't buy... T___T

Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to finish laundry and try to milk the rest of the day for as long as I can.

Today in History: 1977
The Human Fly, George Willig scaled the World Trade Center in New York City. It took Willig three and a half hours to make the climb, and $1.10 in fines - a penny per floor.
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Well, we be burnin'! Some asshole decided to get his jollies by setting a bunch of fires locally and now, due to dry conditions and lots of wind, they've spread like, well, wildfires.

One of the ladies I work with had to leave early because she lived near the hot zone and needed to see if she had to evacuate. She has quite a few pets, so...

So far, we haven't had many in our area. There was one near the local 7-11, but so far, that was all I saw nearby. *crosses fingers and offers offerings to the gods*

Here's the full story. I hope whoever is responsible is found, drug out into the street and shot...

I changed my default userpic. Nothing against Jacen (even if he IS a poo-poo head), but I wanted a non-fandom default userpic so I could post in other journals without getting questions about "Who's that in your userpic?" "Jacen? Who's Jacen?" So, Chairman Meow has taken his place for the time being.

I got mom a massage for Mother's Day. She really seemed to like it. I was happy. Besides, if she likes it, maybe we could go and do more stuff like it together. See, there is a method to my madness.

I went to church with mom (since we go to separate churches) and afterward we ate lunch at the local BBQ place and then we went home and watched the little video mom made of grandma last year for Christmas.

We went and saw Iron Man again Saturday. Still excellent. And We saw the Hulk trailer for this one, which we didn't see last time. We stayed to the end and saw the lil cameo at the end! Heee... Next week is Prince Caspian.

Today in History: 1955
Passengers crowded in to ride the last run of the Third Avenue elevated, "The El", in New York City. The way-above-ground train trip down memory lane went from Chinatown to the Bronx.
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Hey ho!! I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas! I did!

My haul:

Not pictured: The Spaceballs/Robin Hood: Men in Tights double feature.

Today was my first day back at work after a four day weekend. It took some effort, but I was able to make it in okay. There wasn't any school zones or a bunch of traffic either, which was kinda nice. I could still kinda tell my brain was a little outta commission for brief times today because I had to go over some things again a few times... eh-heh.

I managed to successfully burn some of my recordings off of my computer onto DVD. I'm pretty pleased, I must say. I wasn't able to omit the commercials however. I'll just scan through them...

We saw Enchanted on Monday. It was delightful! Very cute! Next week mom wants to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. We also have a Wii New Year's Party to attend, which I'm excited about. Mom wants to play mine sometime, but I have yet to figure out the semantics since it's in my room and there's barely enough room for me to play. I'd have set it up in the living room, but it's always occupied and I'd never get to use it at all... Moving it from room to room seems out since I have to lug the entire system back and forth, including the cables and the sensor bar.

ETA: We just had to break up a cat fight on our porch. Weird...

Word of the Day: queue
Pronunciation: /kyoo/
n : a line of people, waiting for something

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Well, this weekend was a pretty busy one for me.


The Nutcracker was FABULOUS!! I LOVED it! Man, if the opportunity ever comes again for me to go to the ballet, I'm jumping at the chance!

Afterward we went to the new Japanese steakhouse not far from us. The same one, in fact, I ate at before the Tori concert. However, I couldn't really enjoy the meal since I had massively bad heartburn for some reason. I mean, I've never had it this bad before.


Most of the morning was spent out Christmas shopping. I was able to find a few things I was looking for. A few things I had to improvise however. Like I couldn't find the DVD set that mom wanted, so I got a different one which I think she'll like instead. I just have to find the companion CD. I also found something for my one cousin that I think she'll like.

I broke down and got me one of the Force FX lightsabers from MasterReplics that they sell at BAM. I posted pictures. I told mom about it and she says she wants one now!

Later that night, we went to a Christmas party at friends of ours house. There were several people we didn't know there, but a few we did. Needless to say, we spent most of the evening talking to the ones we did. Our former Worship Minister and his wife were there and we hadn't seen them in a long time, so we talked to them a lot. I told him we need to have a Wii party sometime since he has one too. He said it sounded like a very good idea!


In the morning, I went to church as usual. then I went to lunch with the minister and his family as well as another couple and mom of the new church she's going to now (if that makes any sense). They seem really nice. The minister is actually a huge Star Wars/StarTrek fan, so we geeked out a bit about that. Then we went home and I took a nap since I was fighting a bit of a headache. Then we put up some more lights up around the outside while I put up the ones I got Saturday (which look really neat, BTW).

We've decided we probably wont be able to put up the regular tree this year since we don't have enough room. We're most likely gonna go with a smaller tree that we can set on a tabletop or something.

We took a nice little walk around the lake and took some pictures of some of the ducks and we found a feather. Don't know who it's from though...

I got my cards and I just need to get busy and send them out.

We are gonna be so busy this week. Tomorrow we need to go and get groceries for various appetizers we're fixing for said events. Wednesday there's a get together at mom's church which I am being drug along (mostly for the food). I said I might bring my lightsaber...

Thursday, the Bible Study we've been going to for a few weeks is having a party, which we're bringing food for.

Friday night we're going to a Christmas musical/pageant/play thing over at another friends' church...

This time of year is always so hectic. But maybe it's for the best since it would've been my sister's 36th birthday next week and she died the day after Christmas and this time of year is kinda hard on my mom. I told you, holidays seem to hate us.

Word of the Day: eugenics
Pronunciation: /yoo-JEN-iks/
n : the scientific study of the hereditary improvement of the human species

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Hmmm, where to start...

Weekend was spent either out doing errands (or at the Body Shop party where I spent too much money), or cleaning. I did get me new bedding. The ones I had were kinda wearing out and they weren't really my style. They came with the bed when I got it from grandma and my aunt had originally gotten them. Very floral.

The ones I got better suit me. They're striped and in more earthy tones. The comforter is plaid and kinda quilt-like. I have pictures of course. I also vacuumed my floor and rearranged a few things (not a lot) so I have a bit more space then I did.

I also got an iDog that I listened to my iPod through. Very cute!

Mom got a water filter for the faucet because she feels it'll save us some money from buying the bottled water we do. Time will tell.

We managed to put up some of the decorations yesterday too. by which I mean the lights on the outside. We need to decide where exactly we're gonna put the tree since we now have the library table. We definitely need the tree so I can have my traditional "sleeping-under-the-tree-on-Christmas-Eve" experience.

I got my Wii controller jacket in the mail today. I got it for free since I got my Wii earlier than when they were standard. It's kinda funky lookin'. Maybe my hands wont get as sweating while using it.


Word of the Day: piebald
Pronunciation: /PI-bawld/
adj : spotted or blotched with two colors, especially black and white

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