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I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday those of you who celebrated. I did. We got together at my aunt's house for a delicious dinner. We had a few extra people, so it was pretty full, which was good. The more the merrier as they say.

We rose our glasses to acknowledge my uncle's cancer free diagnosis. *w00t* Then, a friend of my cousin's brought henna, and gave us henna tattoos. Mine is a swirly pattern on my wrist. I'll post pictures once I download them from my camera.

For some reason, a few of the songs on my iPod won't play. They play perfectly fine on my iTunes, but not on my iPod. Strange. And they happen to be songs I really like, too… *mutters*

Still sorting documents at work. I made a decent dent though, once I got a rhythm going. However, I may run out of room in the filing cabinet before too long.

Well, TriMax ended at 102 chapters. I read a short summary, but I hope to get some scanlastions of it soon. I think Hellsing might be ending soon too. So that makes two more of my series that ended recently. But, I still have others going strong.

And, speaking of which, two more days until I get my hands on Saiyuki Reload 7 and the luscious goodness of Youkai!Hakkai. *sighs*

I haven't received my copy of Runaways 25 yet. If I don't get it by Wednesday, I'll pick it up at the comic store while I'm out along with Buffy 2.

Word of the Day: caterwaul
Pronunciation: /KAT-er-wawl/
v : complaining loudly; screeching; to make a cat's howling cry.
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You have a dream that you're Willow... and a werewolf. Eh-heh...

Today at work was good. I feel sorta bad for this one kid, though. He kinda got reprimanded for not double checking his work in the electronic medical records and some errors were found. Plus he was told he needed to try to get more documents scanned. Today I did a total of 174, he did about... 64. Now, I don't know if that was over the course of the day, or not. So he felt kinda bummed. I understand where they're coming from and all, but I still feel a bit of sympathy for him. After all, he's only been there for about a week or so.

I went to the bookstore yesterday and found a few goodies. Some fandom magazines and an actual book, Good Omens as well as some manga. TriMax 11 and SDK 21. I wrote up a summary on [ profile] ryudoshi on TriMax. And there were parts I squeed about.. *giggle* Pardon the typos. I don't have a spell check on my client, plus I was in a bit of a hurry since I typed it up last night before I had to go to bed.

Mom stayed home today due to a sinus headache caused by the change in the weather. She's sleeping right now...

Word of the day: catercorner
Pronounciation: /KAT-er-kor-ner/
adv: in a diagonal or ablique position
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Ugh. Back at work after a long weekend. And it was a Monday after a holiday. Joy. I kept wanting to nod off during the indexing part of my job...

Actually it wasn't too bad. I was able to semi keep up with things. I also had messages at the end, which meant that everyone tries to call just as it's almost quitting time. *facepalm* I just wanna say to them (even though I'm never on the phone) "Must you always call when it's close to time to go home?! I mean c'mon!" We're having a luncheon Friday with the head of our department. I haven't decided if it's good or bad.

I spend an entire two days in my pajamas. I think it may be a new record for me. Even longer than my mini Veronica Mars marathon I had months ago. So, that means I didn't go out any this weekend, save for Sunday.

Sunday after church, mom and I decided to indulge in the movie. We went to see Santa Clause 3. It was OK. I mean, I think they were searching for plot points, but it was pretty entertaining at any rate. After that, mom had to go and pick up her food she forgot at my aunt's and then we went grocery shopping.

I will say, I was finally able to watch Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. It was pretty awesome. I really liked the action scenes even if they were a bit hard to follow because they moved so fast. And Tifa can kick ass! I was impressed. And I wonder what kind of super hold hairspray Cloud uses to keep his coif in place. And Rude and Reno are hilarious! I loved them! I can see why [ profile] flamika likes them so much.

And I was finally able to get my mitts on a copy of TriMax 10. It's very elusive. But this volume's gonna be a bummer, I know it.

Trivia of the day: The horned lizard of the American southwest may squirt a thin stream of blood from the corners of its eyes when frightened.
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Well, I've survived my first full week of work. And I'm not as cranky this time around. I think it was due to the fact I was wearing more comfortable shoes.

I was able to visit with my dad this weekend. It was very nice. We went to the bookstore. I was actually able to contain myself and only get 4 books. Three were CSI novels and the fourth one was a mini-book in the Princess Diaries series. I didn't get any manga this time, though (I got Victorian Romance Emma the day before however). I still couldn't find issue 4 of the Legacy comics. I'm getting a bit perturbed.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the Chinese buffet I like. Dad was able to get some of his raw oysters that he likes. I was successful in the fact that I didn't lose what I had just eaten while he sucked them down. Blech!

When we got home, dad showed us his pictures Germany. It's a beautiful country. I hope to go someday.

In regards to Victorian Romance Emma, it a very well done lovely series so far. The cover isn't the shiny smooth paper that is generally used. It feels rough and antiquey. The art is very very nicely done and meticulous. I think I shall definitely be keeping up with it, despite the fact that CMX is the one doing it.

And I just downloaded and "read" the latest chapter of Kaze Hikaru. *squish* Very cute. A few adorable Sei/Okita moments. Plus, I'm coasting on the high of some Vash/Meryl squish in the most recent chapter of TriMax. *dies of glee*

Trivia of the day: Cut-outs of a moon and a star were used in colonial times on outhouse doors to designate the gender of the intended user. Originally, the moon cut-out was for women and the star was for the men. But men's outhouses were usually such a mess that men preferred using the women's outhouses. So, eventually the use of stars were phased out.<--I've kinda wondered about that
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I think I'm becoming obsessed with this song. I've listened to it like 11 times in a row already...

Well, I went to the bookstore again yesterday, but I really lucked out, so all is golden. So I don't have to go back again until it's time for me to get the newest Legacy comics...

Mom saw the OKGo video with the treadmills on YouTube last night and she thought it was pretty neat. I saw it before, but it wasn't a very good quality version of it, so I was actually able to see the entire thing. The friend that sent it to her said that they performed it live (complete with treadmills) on the VMA's.

My allergies are bugging me a lot lately. I had a hard time going to sleep last night because of them...

OK, onto more important things...

I was able to finally get my hands on a copy of TriMax 9. And I must say this, I agree with [ profile] lizardali when she said "Poor Livio." Poor Livio indeed. But he's a real bad ass though! He caught a rocket fired from Wolfwood's rocket launcher with his bare hand! Dayum! And I never knew Livio and Razlo the TriP of Death were the same person, albeit separate personalities. From reading summaries and translations I always thought they were two different people.

The shock of Mustang's actions in FMA 9 was lessened since reading it the second time around, but it still stings a bit.

And I got the final volume of Hot Gimmick as well. It was wrapped in plastic and had a disclaimer on the cover. Can't have innocent eyes flipping though it and see the boobies! I saw raw scans and read translations before, so I wasn't overly surprised at the outcome. It was nice, however, to see clearer images than the somewhat fuzzy ones from the raw scans.

I also gazed at more raw volume scans of Kaze Hikaru. I say "gazed" since I can't very well read them. Oh, for some translations! Anyway, this time was volume 8 and it had a lot of Okita's past in it. And Okita as a little kid? Abso-freakin-lutely adorable! And we see that he runs into Sei when both were little kids! How cute! Sei is lost and looking for her brother Yuma and Okita is also lost. He helps her find her brother and he gets found as well. We also see what Kondo and Hijikata were like when they were younger. Pretty much the same, really. Hijikata was still an oni and Kondo was very much a kindly older brother.

I know I should be working on my story for ATACT, but I haven't felt very motivated lately. Maybe I've reached a sort of ennui in regards to story writing. I mean, I still have some ideas buzzing around, but I haven't felt the urge to write them down. I dunno why, really. Maybe it's something that happens to everyone once in a while...

Trivia of the day: The biggest fear of chefs who cook for world leaders is food poisoning. Many cook for as many as 5,500 guests at a time. Sudhir Sibal, a devoted world-class chef who serves India's prime minister, says he personally samples all food first before it is served.
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Stupid allergies. My nose keeps draining and it causes me to have a scratchy throat. I had to wake up an hour earlier since I couldn't sleep what with the sniffling and the scratchiness. Oh well, I watched some 'Buffy' to console me.

I got your package yesterday, [ profile] flamika! I also got cards from my Canadian friends [ profile] soleta_nf and [ profile] umadoshi! Thanks everyone! I felt so much better after having received them! *hugs to all*

I don't know if I feel like tackling my icon table today or not. HTML is my enemy at the moment and I'm worried I'll do something drastic like set it on fire or something (figuratively, of course).

I went to the bookstore yesterday on the hunt for 'Saiyuki Reload' 2 since a few people I know had gotten it already. No luck in that department, but I did find 'TriMax' 7, or as I like to call it "The Birth of a Genocidal Psychopath." The cool thing though, was the lady who checked me out was also a fan! She said she was excited about the news of the possibility of a new movie coming out and I said I agreed. She then said all that needed to happen now was to find away of bringing Spike from 'Cowboy Bebop' back from the dead, and she'd be happy. It was kind of neat to have someone who shares the same appreciation for manga and anime I do check me out.

As for my agenda today, I'll basically be washing bedsheets. Mine are easy to do since I have a regular bed, but mom's are a bit harder. The actual washing isn't hard, just the removing and the putting back on. She has a queen sized waterbed and it's a little difficult to put the sheets back on for one person, so I'm gonna wait until she gets back home in order for her to help me. Mwahahahahaaaaaa!!

Quote of the day: "The most vivid memories of Christmases past are usually not of gifts given or recieved, but of the spirit of love, the special warmth of Christmas worship, the cherished little habits of the home." -- Lois Rand
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Mom's still sick. Whatever she has must really be digging it's claws. I hope she starts to feel better.

I may have another convert to the land of MSTie. [ profile] soleta_nf mentioned that she and her roomies were mocking a TV show and I mentioned that she'd really like MST3K. So she asked some questions and I pointed her to where she could perhaps get some episodes. So she said she'd check them out after she finished moving.

Nothing to report on really. I mean, yesterday was pretty low key and nothing really happened. I did get my copy of TriMax 6 this past weekend. I was so happy. It's a pretty good one. Hopefully I'll do a write up on [ profile] ryudoshi sometime if I don't get lazy. Now I'm trying to find pictures of Dougan from 'Saiyuki Requiem.' No particular reason. I just am. It's proving to be difficult.

Quote of the day: "I always seek the good that is in people and leave the bad to him who made mankind and knows how to round off the corners." -- Goethe's Mother
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I was somewhat of a busy little bee this weekend.

I did decide to go to the movie night Friday. And I'm glad I did. I had fun. I did tell mom of my little dilemma, but she said if she wanted to do something without me, she would. Makes sense since I do a lot of stuff without her only by myself.

I also made a few icons over the weekend. I felt I needed some 'Star Wars' icons since I already have a 'Star Trek' one. I need to cover all of my fandoms, don't I? They aren't from the movies, but rather the novels (or Expanded Universe as it's called).

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Meet Jaina Solo. Daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. Jedi Knight. Pilot. All around good egg. The first image is fron the Essential Character Guide. I was going to scan the image myself since I have that book, but I was lucky enough to have found one online which saved me the trouble. The background wasn't originally purple. I did that myself. Trying to erase around her hair nearly killed me. I made the background purple because that's the color of her lightsaber. I added a light texture from [ profile] colorfilter and text and voila! I originally had a border, but I had to adjust the light filter on the original and forgot to put it back on. I may do so eventually.

The second image is from a Japanese cover of one of the New Jedi Order novel series. I didn't do anything to the background. All I did was add a couple of textures and a border. I liked how it came out.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

This is Jacen Solo, Jaina's twin brother. Jedi. Philosopher. Nature lover. Still damn good in a fight, though. Again, the first image is from the Essential Guide to Characters which I also found online as opposed to scanning. I had to erase the background again, but I didn't have as many hair issues. The green background is because his lightsaber is, what else, green. Add another light texture from [ profile] colorfilter and text and a border and... there ya have it.

The second one is my favorite (which is why I'm using it). This is from another of the Japanese covers. I did the same thing to this one as I did the second Jaina one, although with a slightly different border. Also, a note to the artist the Japanese publisher commisioned for their covers: Good job, I must say.

A question for you icon makers out there: How do you get a picture where you already merged the layers and... unmerge them? Is it possible? There are some I'd like to save as .psd so I can change some things, but I don't know how to do it. Also, how you you get the half text I've seen on some icons? Thank you.

I've been thinking of making my icon journal into a community so I won't have to sign in in order to post stuff. I only have two entries on it, so maybe I can do it. A lot less hassle.

My computer speakers have been acting funky again. They do that from time to time. So no downloading any songs until they get their act together.

I should be getting my TriMax 6 soon. I've been told we learn a few more things about everyone. *glee*

Quote of the day: "It is surely better to pardon too much than to condemn too much." -- George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
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I went to the License Bureau earlier today. I thought I'd be there until doomsday, but I was lucky enough not to have to wait too long. I also went to the library to turn in my book.

I pre-ordered Furuba 11, 12, and 13. I'll probably get 11 relatively soon, like within the next few weeks. Tokyopop says 12 isn't coming out until December. Yeah, it's a mite disappointing, but it's just as well fundage wise. I also checked to see when TriMax 6 is coming out and it's coming out August 3rd. I think I pre-ordered it, but I don't remember exactly. Hellsing 7 is coming out in October, so I'll wait awhile before pre-ordering it. It's just as well since that volume is totally gonna kill me emotionally.

I have to get the kitty carriers down for the kids' trip to the vet later on today. I know they're just gonna be so thrilled.

Maybe I'll get around to scanning that article and upload it onto YouSendIt or something like that. It's only two pages, so it shouldn't take too long.

Quote of the day: "A cheerful giver does not count the cost of what she gives. Her heart is set on pleasing and cheering the one to whom the gift is given." -- Julian of Norwich"
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Well, I read TriMax #1 yesterday. Yummy! My review is henceforth:

Snap's TriMax Review )

*sigh* I've set a goal for myself this summer. Try to read more literature. I'm not talking regular books (like Star Wars and CSI, ect...), or manga. I'm talking actual literature. I'm going to try to read at least two. Pride and Prejudice being one of them. The other to be determined later. *strikes Amelia pose* In the name of Justice, I will read more literature! Even if it kills me in the process!(C'mon. You didn't think I'd go with out at least one "Slayers" reference, did'ja!)

OK, all you out there who haven't yet, pick up Trigun Maximum vol. 1 soon! Trust me!
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*sob* Well, my little "experiment" didn't pan out. I was trying to tape from the Slayers DVD's from Netflix (yeah, I know it's wrong but what can I say, I'm cheap) and it didn't work. So now, I actually have to try and find them. I want to try and get all three seasons. Slayers, Slayers NEXT, and Slayers TRY. But trying to find all of them is as easy as mounting the sky. I'd order them online, but not only would I break the bank, but S&H is a bitch (plus, like I said before, I'm cheap).

I'll just have to console myself with my TriMax. *squee*
And, I noticed yesterday, my second Vash figure is the alt. one with the sunglasses! Bonus!

*sigh* Now, I must hurl myself on my bed and and drown myself in heart wrenching, heaving, wracking sobs of despair at the loss of my Slayers (At least until the next batch arrive in the mail). Am I being over dramatic? Yes, I am, but I don't care. *sticks out tounge*
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OK, it's official now. I'm addicted to Slayers. I watched the 2nd DVD when I said I was gonna wait for the first one to come. At first, it seemed a little goofy, but then as I kept watching, the goofiness grew on me. And man, Lina can pack away the food! Plus, I got to see my boy, Zel in action. *squee* Now, I'm impatient for not only the first disc to arrive, but the 3rd one as well! I also added Slayers NEXT to my Netflix list. That's the next one in the series. Maybe I'll get the third one sometime this week. I returned the MST one when I finished it, so maybe they'll send the other one soon. *crosses fingers* I need my fix, man!!!

On another high note, I got a notice that my TriMax is on it's way!! Whee!!! I should be getting it sometime next week! Oh, the anticipation! As you can plainly see, I'm not a very patient person.

My Slayers and TriMax is coming!!! W00t!!!
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It's Hump Day! Tonight is the series finale of Angel. *has moment of silence* I think I'll have to tape That 70's Show tonight so I can watch the season finale of Smallville.

I have to go over and water grandma's plants for her since she can't bend over because of her cataract surgery. After I finish, I can start the prowl for TriMax #1.

I got my first Netflix movie today. It's Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. The MSTied version, of course. I was hoping to get one of the Slayers DVD's, but they'll come when they come. *must be patient*

[adult swim] aired "Paradise" last night. One of the most emotionally wrenching and moving episodes of Trigun Even though I've seen it several times before, it still chokes me up.

Well, I'm off to look up movie times for when Shrek 2 starts.

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Guess what I got in the mail Saturday? Yes, that's right: My Vash action figures! Whee!!! One of them is sitting on my desk, looking cool. The other is in the packaging in my closet (where it's gonna stay). He towers over my other action figures on my desk. He completely dwarfs Kenshin. Next up, Meryl. Then, Wolfwood. I decided to get Meryl next because she's easier to get and I can stand her next to Vash (where she belongs). Wolfwood is as elusive as Robert Denby (or the Mayfly. Whichever). I have to wait at least another month before I get Meryl, though (money issues). Then comes Inu Yasha, then (hopefully) Wolfwood. I try to space my purchases out so I don't go broke. But, it's all worth it in the long run.

Today, grandma had cataract surgery. She's doing fine, but she's staying at my aunt's for tonight. Mom wants to take the carpet cleaner (which we still have) and clean some of her carpet while she's not gonna be there tonight. Joy. Well, I'm gonna go and check out Netflix. Laters!

*2 days until TriMax #1 and Shrek 2*
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I just got an e-mail confirmation today. My Vash figures are coming!!! Yay!! It'll be a couple of days, cause of the time it takes for shipping and stuff. They're coming Fed-Ex. Next, I'll order Wolfwood (in a few months) and then Meryl! Wolfie's gonna be tough. He very popular! Of course, now AnimeNation is selling them, so maybe it'll be a bit easier.

Still on Netscape. I don't have any problems on IE using anything else but LJ. It's weird!

*7 days 'til TriMax #1 and Shrek 2. ♥*
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*grr* You won't believe how frustrating it is to try and find images of Amon. I Googled my butt off and...nothing. Mostly, the search results I got were reviews of the series.

Watched "From Hell" on TV last night. I discovered something...Bilbo was Jack the Ripper!! @_@ Whoa! Sir Ian Holm (who played Bilbo in LOTR)was Sir William who (according to the movie)was Jack! His eyes would turn black whenever he was in Ripper mode! -----

Am eagerly awaiting the newest issue of Anime Insider. 10 page preview of TriMax #1. I know it's coming out on May 19th, but still. A little hint will just make me even more excited. I mean really. "Throw me a frickin' bone here!"

Well, the search continues. I just have to figure out what other avenues to take. Amon will be mine!!!!

Mwahahahahahahahaha! *eyes turn black* ------
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Well, I was noodling around on my new Photoshop Program and decided to try my hand at icons. Now, I've made some before, but they were just cropped pics with no effects of wording.


This is my first one I did. The image was just a sample I took from my hard drive, cropped it and added a filter effect. The wording is pretty visible still.

more under here )

So, there's my first attempt at being creative. I must say, I am frustrated with the fact that I can't get the text bigger. There's a limit to the size, or I would have made it bigger. Also, I can't do any outlines or shadow effects with the text so it can stand out better against the image itself. I'll just have to muck around a bit more, I guess.

It's May!! And TriMax #1 should be coming my way soon! I'm so excited!! I also want to get "The Last Samurai" when it comes out on DVD tomorrow. Now, I'm off to hunt for some images of Amon from "Witch Hunter Robin" to use. I plan on putting "My Future Husband" on it! ^_^
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