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I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Those of us who celebrated it, that is.

Mom and I had a good time at our friend's house. The food and the company was very good!

We were treated to the good china!

We even had individual little teapots for us to have tea with!

This one was mine. I had Earl Grey with my meal. Quite a few cups of it, actually!

After dinner, we got to play with the household pets.

Smoky. She likes to hang out under the chairs.

Ruger. A full sized black German Shepherd who thinks he's a lap dog. He's a sweetie, though.

Pixie, the newest addition. No, she's not related to Smoky, although Smoky did adopt her.

There was also Brody, a Scottish Terrier, but he was too shy for pictures.

We played some games, including Spin the Dreidel, which I won.

My winnings. :D

We also played a spirited game of Apples to Apples. I love playing that game! It's so much fun!

I'd like to play Cards Against Humanity sometime since I heard it's fun, but given the company we were with, it wouldn't have gone over well I don't think.

We went to the Bristol Motor Speedway to see the lights that are set up that people drive around and see. The majority of the pictures I took didn't turn out too well since we were in a moving car at night. They were still impressive to look at however.

When we got back, it was time to light the menorah.

When we were getting ready to leave, I panicked a bit since I couldn't find my phone. Turns out, it had fallen out of my pocket when we came back from seeing the lights and sat outside in the freezing cold for several hours. I'm lucky it wasn't ruined.

Black Friday I didn't step a toe outside due to the madness of all the shoppers. Turns out it was a good thing. Our local Walmart made the Huffington Post, and not in a good way. Two women were apparently trampled by the crowd trying to get inside. This was at 6:00 on Thursday, before Black Friday even began. They weren't permanently injured, luckily enough, but the off duty police officers who were hired to prevent such a thing almost got trampled themselves.

Instead, I decided to put up my Christmas decorations in my bedroom while watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV.

My purple fiber optic Christmas tree I 'inherited' from a former co-worker of mine.

Mom and I will probably try to drag out the larger tree for downstairs tomorrow or later this week, depending on how things are. I'd like to try to go to the movies sometime to see Catching Fire and Frozen. If I can't do both, I'd at least like to see Catching Fire.

I'd still like to try to send out Christmas letters to people if possible. I may send them out whether or not anyone responds to my address post or not, if I still have current addresses that is. Only a few people have moved since last year though.

If anyone wants my address, just let me know. I do have it on a locked post from earlier, but in case you missed it, just PM me or something. Email works too.

Signing off so that I can sit and listen to my rowdy neighbors have yet another party. Ninety percent of the time I have no issues with them, but they seem to feel the need to throw loud, drunken parties every damn weekend. Naturally they're the ones right next to my bedroom window and our walls are super thin. As much as I love our condo, that is the one thing about it that annoys me.
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Why must a month be so faaaaaaar!!!
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Why must a month be so faaaaaaar!!!
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Just came back from seeing Deathly Hallows and thought I would type up my impressions as I think of them, so they may be a little disjointed.

spoilers ahoy... )

That's it for now. I wish we didn't have to wait quite so long for the next one. I have a feeling it's more of a marketing ploy than anything else since the movie is more than likely already finished. I hope they don't release it in 3D like they say they're going to. I think the 3D is played out.
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Just came back from seeing Deathly Hallows and thought I would type up my impressions as I think of them, so they may be a little disjointed.

spoilers ahoy... )

That's it for now. I wish we didn't have to wait quite so long for the next one. I have a feeling it's more of a marketing ploy than anything else since the movie is more than likely already finished. I hope they don't release it in 3D like they say they're going to. I think the 3D is played out.
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I think this one's my favorite...
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This has to be one of my favorites.
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/fangasm... for now
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OK, I SO cannot wait for this!!

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O.M.G. I SO cannot wait for this!!!

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I forgot today was St. Patrick's Day. I have green eyes though, so I think I'm covered.

I did next to nothing this weekend, which is perfectly fine once in awhile. I did have me a Potter-a-thon over the weekend, so that was fun. Speaking of which, it's been reported that the final book, Deathly Hallows (I wanna spell it like they do on Bleach), will be divided into two films. I can kinda see why though. It's a fairly thick book with a lot of important stuff going on and nothing can really reasonably be cut.

I need to get my ass in gear and start writing something on the Kriff This! RP forum. I have kinda an idea to start with, but I need to try to flesh it out and write it down somewhat coherently.

The clip on my iPod case broke, so I have to stick it my my pocket. I dunno if I wanna bother with getting another one.

I have this sore or something in my ear that hurts like a bitch. I think the ear is one of the most sensitive places, and to get a sore in there is no fun AT ALL!! Especially when I have to shove my earphones in my ear. Argh!

Well, so much for my boring recollection of my weekend. I think Furuba 19 is out already, so I need to check and see. I swore I would try to cut back on my book buying, but some habits are hard to break...

Today in History: 1948
The Brussels Treaty, a 50-year alliance between Britain, France and the Benelux countries, was signed to provide for military cooperation in the event of an attack.
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Happy 2008 everyone!!! And, since I am a sheep, the year in review meme:

Take the first (and second if need be) sentence from the first entry of the month form last year and post them. That is your year in review.

January: Fifty books a month in my savings account? I can handle that... even though my bank account might not be able to.

February: Signs you may be watching 'Buffy' too much...You have a dream that you're Willow... and a werewolf. Eh-heh...

March: *fnarl* Well, apparently there was a meeting yesterday in the Med Recs department (that I missed since it was my day off). It seems as if the Med Rec department in the building where I work is going to be obsolete by the end of the year.

April: I think I'm an electronics jinx. My iPod vomited on me today.

May: Geez, one of these days, I'd like to have a Wednesday where I'm not going anywhere and I can just veg. Not even get out of my pajamas.

June: I got the full time position!!!!11!!!!!!

July: Well, I missed my chance to get home early. It all hinged on whether or not any fee tickets came in that needed posting.

August: Today was another early day for me. The beginning of the month is like that sometimes.

September: Happy Labor Day everyone!! It's nice having a paid day off from work.

October: News on the baby duck front: we have babies!!

November: I was supposed to have an annual job review (my very first, actually) which is related to if I get a raise or not.

December: Hmmm, where to start...

New Year's Eve was fun. We Wii'd our hearts out, despite there not being any Mario Galaxy... We played Carnival Games which was fun, since I don't get to play the competition part any. We ate some Chinese, which was delicious. Maybe I should do that for the Chinese New Year next month...

Yesterday during the day, I didn't do much of anything, which was entirely the plan. I watched a few movies: Saved! and The Simpsons Movie (which was my first time seeing it. Yes, I laughed). After that, I played on my Wii some more. The started with the Harry Potter game. And the wingardium leviosa spell is a lot harder than it looks, I tell ya. Then I played some Bleach, which I hadn't played in awhile. Usually I play against Renji, but this time I decided to play against Uryuu. Big mistake! I was only able to go bankai twice! Usually I'm able to a lot more times than that, but since my life bar was always low, I couldn't. Damn Ishida and his projectile weapons...

I was gonna take a bubble bath, too but I didn't. Maybe this weekend.

It's a little chilly here for us. It's 44° here (6.6° C for my Northern friends). Yes, for us, that's a mite cold. I wore my coat into work today. I'll probably have to do the same thing tomorrow.

Word of the Day: jackleg
Pronunciation: /JAK-leg/
1a: lacking skill or training *b: characterized by unscrupulousness or dishonesty 2: makeshift
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I totally need to get me a new chair at work. Sitting all days for hours on end really starts to get to me. Unfortunately, due to budgetary concerns, in order to get a new chair, I'd need a doctor's note saying I need one. Urgh...

Anyway, this weekend was pretty full. Saturday I finished up my shopping, which took longer than I expected. I had to meet mom then so we could go to the Flea Market and get a few other gifts for various family members. I also got me a bamboo plant for my work area. It looks really nice.

I started on some of my cards, but I wasn't able to finish them, I hope I can real soon so I can get them out as soon as I can, hopefully so you can get them before Christmas. Speaking of which, I got your card today, [ profile] elvenmoon! It's very cute!

Sunday we spent getting groceries, which took quite a while actually, since we went to church beforehand. Then the majority of the day was spend wrapping gifts and printing off gift tags and doing laundry et al. I also watched OotP and played some of my new games I got (Carnival Games for the Wii and Master of Illusion for the DS. Both tons of fun).

I bought volume 15 of FMA as well. It's mostly a flashback volumes as Hawkeye regales what happened during the Ishbalian War to Ed. And Ed's facial expressions are still love...

And today is a day for some hot tea. I think I shall go and fix some.

Word of the Day: pluvial
Pronunciation: /PLOO-vee-ul/
adj : of or pertaining to rain; rainy

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Mom's surgery went well. We had to be there by 8:15 so she could check in and her surgery was around 9:00 or so. The actual surgery was only about 45 minutes, but it took a long time for her to wake up from the anesthesia. I think it was because she had two procedures done: the gall bladder removal and then the hernia repair. She needed to be kept down a bit longer than her previous surgeries. Plus, mom tends to fall asleep easier than a lot of people do.

Right now she's at my aunt's house, resting. It's better this way because my aunt can probably take care of her better than I can. Not that I couldn't, but she can be a bit more attentive and she has a bit more experience in this sort of thing.

I did stop by BAM afterwards to look around, but I saw hide nor hair of either TriMax 9 or 'Buso Renkin'. Curses! foiled again!

I did pick up the paperback version of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' which must've just been released not that long ago. I also got a copy of 'Shonen Jump' but only for the 43 page 'Yahiko no Sakabatou' that's inside (which I felt should've been in the final volume of Kenshin, but what do I know), and a couple of magazines.

I ate a quick bite at Sonic before heading on home where I'll most likely be staying for the rest of the day. At the moment, I'm doing laundry.

Later on tonight I'm going to settle in with my Veronica Mars and my pizza and have a nice evening to myself. Ahhh, Bliss...

Logan!Xterra sightings: 3

Trivia of the day: The curtain or veil used by some Hindus and Moslems to seclude or hide their women from strangers is called a "purdah."
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...I came into the world.

Mom made me open my gifts at midnight last night. She wanted to see what I had gotten. Here they are:

'Hopes and Fears' by Keane
'Star Wars Ep. III' soundtrack
'X&Y' by Coldplay
'Songs for Jane' by Maroon 5

The only one she ever heard of is Maroon 5. I had to explain to her that they didn't have any dirty lyrics or anything. I'd think at least by now, she'd trust in my taste in music...

I went and bought the newest issue of 'Shojo Beat.' Like [ profile] kawaiiayu said, I'm thinking of maybe subscribing. If any of the stories in there were put into graphic novel form, I'd probably buy 'Absolute Boyfriend' and possibly 'NANA.'

I really like the art in AB. Yuu Watase does good work, and it's slightly different than the stuff she did for FY. She renders bishies very well (as evidenced by Hotohori and Tamahome from FY. Yowza)! One of the characters, Soshi Asamoto, I barely recognized in one scene due to the fact he wasn't wearing his glasses. I read it a second time and I could pick up on the resemblence later (which I think was the point). I was thinking, "Wow! He's lookin' really good!"
I should really try to curb by bishie obsession, but I think I'm a lost cause.

I bought a few other books as well. A 'Star Wars' one, 'The Joiner King' which is the first story after the whole New Jedi Order series. I also got the fourth 'Slayers' novel (finally) and the newest 'InuYasha.'

It was a little amusing last night at Bible Study as my Music Minister and I (to a somewhat lesser degree) were explaining to my mom the finer points of 'Harry Potter.' She used to be of the mindset that they were a bad influence due to the fact they were about 'witchcraft' and I personally think it ridiculous since it has nothing to do with actual witchcraft. J.K. Rowling herself said that the majority of the novels are things she herself has come up with and the remainder is based on common folklore. The novels have good moral lessons in them. I told mom I'd let her read the first novel herself so she can get a better indication of what they're about.

We also were also surprised by the presentation of a birthday cake for me and another member of our group who has a birthday the day after mine. It was an ice cream and white cake. It was pretty good.

Today I'm not doing much in the way of chores and my grandma called and said she'd take me out to lunch today. Also, I plan to actually sit down and watch 'The Notebook' so it can be returned to Netflix. We've had it since forever.

*goes back to stare dreamily at her wallpaper of Jin*

Quote of the day: "Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon." -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton