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I apologize for not posting much. I have a busy schedule with my part time job and doing various errands and whatnot during the daytime. The evening usually consists of me catching up on my non-work related internet time. I think I spend waaaaay too much time online and not enough doing my other hobbies, like reading and knitting. I'm going to try and remedy that. We'll see how successful I am. I tend to get sucked into websites like TVTropes, Cracked or Buzzfeed. Occasionally Wikipedia, but not as much anymore. I also listen to some podcasts, so that takes up some of my free time as well.

I applied to another job at a local school. It's about 30 minutes away (in good traffic). It's not a huge school, but it's not a small one either. It's about mid-sized. It's a high school, which is where I want to try to get in. I still have applications out to two high schools in Knox County yet, and I haven't heard from any of them as of yet. Maybe within the next few weeks since school is ending and the principals and the HR staff can find the time to go through applications.

Being at a local school would be pretty nice, since I wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to live right away and I can maybe save up to find a place after I've been working for a year and they find they like me. So keep fingers crossed, prayers flying and good vibes a-comin' my way that I'll get a job soon-ish!

Mom has been having a good time with the friends she made from her card group. I'm glad. I was a little worried that she wouldn't do much of anything once she retired and since we moved to a new state, we didn't know much of anyone and the people we do know here are busy with their own lives. I tag along sometimes too, like for karaoke nights. I don't sing, but I like to watch and listen and be supportive. It's pretty fun, but by the end of the evening, my introvert batteries are starting to majorly drain and I'm usually ready to leave.

Mom has been getting her knee injections and they seem to be helping. She not walking lopsided anymore. She's also able to do more things with greater ease, which is nice. Her hip was hurting as a result of her walking off kilter because of her knee, but the ortho doctor said it should feel better once her gait improved. Maybe once the summer rolls around, we can start to do more things like we were doing before.

My part time job is still going. There are some aspects of it that can be tedious, but that's any repetitive job. But, the extra money is nice to have and it enables me to be able to do things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I just have to remember to remain focused and not to let my attention stray too much so that I can get the requisite amount of reviews done in the time allotted. I doubt I'll be able to continue once I get a full time position, since I wouldn't have the time, but that's at least a few months away yet. I also have to remember to fill out the forms I need to defer my student loan payments for at least another few months until I start a full time job. They do offer income based repayments, which I think is the best way to go for me right now.

It's a busy year for movies! Now that I have some extra income, I don't have to wait to see summer films until who knows when (I still have yet to see Inside Out). Ghostbusters is one I want to see as well as X-Men Age of Apocalypse and Finding Dory. I think there are a few others coming out (like the Independence Day sequel) that I may see as well. I also have my 40th birthday in a few months which I'd like to have a big shindig for, but we'll see what is in store come the end of July.

Which reminds me, I'm also due for my colonoscopy sometime this summer. Not something I'm looking forward to, but such is life with a chronic illness.

That's all for now! I'll try not to be so long between entries.
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Hey, It's August, which is generally considered the hottest month of the year. Yippee.

Not to mention the fact that the month has barely started and I'm already busy.

First of all, there's all the Olympic watching to be done. I swear, I've watched more TV this past week than I have in several months. Then after the Olympics, a lot of regular shows are returning with new episodes. My DVR is already cringing.

I did have a rather nice, if low key, birthday. I got a Soft Kitty T-shirt, singing plushie and a red velvet cake from mom. Later on, she took me to dinner at my fave Japanese steakhouse. From dad I got a stylus for my Kindle Fire, a portable modem/WiFi hub (for travel purposes) and a MST3K set.

Friday mom had surgery on her bone spur she had on her right foot. She had a difficult time coming out of the anesthesia though. So she ultimately spent the night with my aunt, who lives in a one story house and has a wee bit more medical experience than I do. Mom is better now that she's fully alert and no longer nauseous. She's abusing her patient privileges I think though. I told her not to get used to it since I have to go back to work on Monday.

At the end of the month is when I have my colonoscopy, so that's always a good time... I have my Remicade treatment that same week, so I'm gonna take the last three days of the week off.

I've also been dealing with a heat rash for the past few weeks. So yeah, I'll be happy when this summer is over and the weather gets cooler. But, seeing how i live in the armpit of the world, that could be awhile.

In fandom related news, I picked up the newest volume of Sailor Moon. Still enjoying it even while finding the artwork a little old school, it's not a turn off for me. I tend to be an art snob when it comes to my graphic novels. I mean, even if the story is good, if the art is bad, I can't bring myself to read it.

I also picked up the latest volumes of Bakuman. I've been reading this series from the very beginning since before it was licensed and have been enjoying it quite a bit. It ended in Japan a few months ago, but I've been picking up the English volumes when I can.

Another series I found is Vagabond by the same manga-ka as Slam Dunk. It's an historical series about Musashi Myamoto and I have to tell you, the art is AMAZING! The attention to detail and the way he gives each individual character distinctive looks and personalities is incredible. I highly recommend picking it up if you get a chance. Word of warning though, it's pretty long, so you need to be dedicated in order to read it. I've also started to read his earlier work Slam Dunk due to this despite the fact I have no interest in basketball whatsoever. My mother would be so disappointed in me since where I grew up, basketball is practically a religion.

I'm trying out this new gel nail polish I saw in at Wal-Mart in the hopes it'll last longer than regular nail polish.
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Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

I hope I never get to a point in my life where I ever stop being excited about my birthday. I don't know why people get so hung up on age and getting older. I relish getting older. Maybe it's because I had two sisters who never will get older or celebrate another birthday. Besides, I think having another year to spend learning and experience new things is a major plus.

I hope to have a longer post later on.
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Just a quickie post before I leave for the movies... yes, at 2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday.

Well, today's my birthday and it could've gone a bit better, frankly. For one thing the Red Tide decided this would be the perfect time to stop by for a visit. Fantastic. I guess it's a good thing we're not going to Islands of Adventure tomorrow after-all...

I have to decide on where I want to go for dinner tonight that mom is taking me to. I wonder if this is in addition to The Melting Pot tomorrow?

The girls went to get their shots today. My youngest is actually heavier than my oldest which is a bit shocking. Well, not really considering how much she horks down her food...

And apparently I share a birthday with Norman Lear. Hmm...

Word of the Day: tumid
Pronunciation: /TOO-mid/
adj : swollen or distended (usually said of a body part or organ)< -- mmmm, tasty
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Well, if you couldn't guess by now, I'm sick. I caught the cold that's been going around. Fun. So I went to work for a little bit and when there was nothing really for me to do, I went home... at about 10:30. Yeah, I know. Generally I stay until after lunch, but my concentration was pretty well shot and I had the general feeling of "ugh" as it was.

I didn't do much this weekend because of sickness. I still want to go to the comic book store sometime and pick up the latest issue of Buffy. It seems I can never find the opportunity to on the weekends because we're generally doing so much other stuff.

It seems that some of you are concerned that you missed my birthday based on an earlier post of mine. Rest assured, you haven't. It's this Friday, the 27th. I wrote that post as a way of venting my frustrations on the previous patterns on birthday related activities in regards to certain members of my family.

Mom is home this week on vacation. She plans on trying to get things done around the house that she's been meaning to but hasn't had the opportunity. Me, I'll believe it when I see it. Usually she gets so involved in her Genealogy stuff, she tends to forget about the other stuff she wanted to do...

Well, in regards to my plans for today, hopefully I'll get a bite to eat and then most likely veg since I don't feel like doing much of anything. Tomorrow I have to stay for the regular working hours (which sometimes varies depending on what needs to be done and so forth).

And for those it applies to, I hope you enjoyed reading the final Harry Potter book. Feel free to discuss whatever you wish since even though I haven't read it, I pretty much know what happened.

Word of the Day: behemoth
Pronunciation: /bi-HE-muth/
n : a huge animal described in the Old Testament; hence, anyone or any thing of enormous size or power.
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I'm posting mostly to inform everyone I'm still alive and kicking. I mean, things didn't get that bad or anything.

Today was a little bit better... until the very end of the day when I had a major problem that I didn't know how to fix and the ones who I go to for help had already left for the day. Luckily my "office mate" was still there and helped me. I hope tomorrow will go without any hitches whatsoever...

My search for a Wii is proving to be difficult. I can't even find a way to buy it online! What gives?

It seems we're gonna have to delay our trip to Islands of Adventure for a few weeks. Money issues. As long as we still do it, I'm pretty OK.

The Sunday after my birthday we were invited to a Baby Shower for my second cousin as well as a birthday party. I knew no one in my family would do anything for my birthday. They never do. I mean, mom tries to do something for me and I appreciate that, but no one else does. I'm used to getting the shaft when it comes to my family. It doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt.

So since our theme park trip has been postponed, mom said she'd take me to The Melting Pot for desert fondue! The S'more one is my favorite.

Word of the Day: clerisy
Pronunciation: /KLIR-uh-see/
n : intellectual people, considered as a group
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I got the full time position!!!!11!!!!!!


I called her this afternoon since I hadn't heard anything and I wanted to know when (or if) I'd be putting in my two weeks notice. She said she'd accept me for the position. I was so excited. I had to call mom afterwards and tell her. She was happy for me. My last day in Medical records is the 15th, depending on how long it takes them to find someone to replace me.

Mom's birthday is Sunday and I went after work today and got her gift, and iPod Shuffle. It's something she's been hinting at for quite some time now. I was planning on getting one for her anyway. Now she'll have something a bit better to listen to while she's at the gym instead of her cheapo little radio she got.

I also got Maroon Five's new CD and a DVD set of Mythbusters. I love that show...

I keep meaning to write some of you guys letters. Especially [ profile] flamika since I have the bookmarks I was going to send her at Christmas. *facepalm* Maybe I'll get around to it eventually.

We've been having a lot of rain (which we need), but the power went out twice and it wasn't even raining all that hard. Strange. The cable kept fritzing out a lot though, but it looks like it's stabilized.

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Word of the Day: compliant
Pronunciation: /kum-PLY-unt/
adj : disposed or willing to comply; obedient, submissive
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I had some ducks outside my window this morning being very vocal. I had to rap on the window to get them to knock it off. Stupid quackers...

Anyway, I have my evening all set for Friday night. I even have a coupon for the pizza I'm gonna order. Yay!

I have to go to do some errands today as well as stop by the bookstore to see what has come in. I'll try to reign myself in. I will admit to behaving myself very well recently, but only because I've had to.

I haven't had any comments to my posts recently. I know that sometimes there are lag times and that people have lives. If only I didn't angst about it. I mean, not totally, but just a twinge here and there.

OK, time for some pics. They're not random, but a few are some projects I've done, some are birthday related and one is for amusement.

One finished scarf. Not to bad, eh? Ignore the fact that one end is wider than the other...

Read more... )

Well, I plan to peruse my FL and eventually change my Bishie of the Month banner on my userinfo page, so I'm going to toddle off now!

Trivia of the day: The brilliant colors in a hummingbird's feather are created by tiny platelets that resemble a pancake filled with air bubbles. They are called "interference colors," and are much like the shimmering colors seen in a soap bubble or in a drop of oil.
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...I came into the world.

Mom made me open my gifts at midnight last night. She wanted to see what I had gotten. Here they are:

'Hopes and Fears' by Keane
'Star Wars Ep. III' soundtrack
'X&Y' by Coldplay
'Songs for Jane' by Maroon 5

The only one she ever heard of is Maroon 5. I had to explain to her that they didn't have any dirty lyrics or anything. I'd think at least by now, she'd trust in my taste in music...

I went and bought the newest issue of 'Shojo Beat.' Like [ profile] kawaiiayu said, I'm thinking of maybe subscribing. If any of the stories in there were put into graphic novel form, I'd probably buy 'Absolute Boyfriend' and possibly 'NANA.'

I really like the art in AB. Yuu Watase does good work, and it's slightly different than the stuff she did for FY. She renders bishies very well (as evidenced by Hotohori and Tamahome from FY. Yowza)! One of the characters, Soshi Asamoto, I barely recognized in one scene due to the fact he wasn't wearing his glasses. I read it a second time and I could pick up on the resemblence later (which I think was the point). I was thinking, "Wow! He's lookin' really good!"
I should really try to curb by bishie obsession, but I think I'm a lost cause.

I bought a few other books as well. A 'Star Wars' one, 'The Joiner King' which is the first story after the whole New Jedi Order series. I also got the fourth 'Slayers' novel (finally) and the newest 'InuYasha.'

It was a little amusing last night at Bible Study as my Music Minister and I (to a somewhat lesser degree) were explaining to my mom the finer points of 'Harry Potter.' She used to be of the mindset that they were a bad influence due to the fact they were about 'witchcraft' and I personally think it ridiculous since it has nothing to do with actual witchcraft. J.K. Rowling herself said that the majority of the novels are things she herself has come up with and the remainder is based on common folklore. The novels have good moral lessons in them. I told mom I'd let her read the first novel herself so she can get a better indication of what they're about.

We also were also surprised by the presentation of a birthday cake for me and another member of our group who has a birthday the day after mine. It was an ice cream and white cake. It was pretty good.

Today I'm not doing much in the way of chores and my grandma called and said she'd take me out to lunch today. Also, I plan to actually sit down and watch 'The Notebook' so it can be returned to Netflix. We've had it since forever.

*goes back to stare dreamily at her wallpaper of Jin*

Quote of the day: "Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon." -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton