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Welcome to my DreamWidth! My online name is Snapdragon (or Snap for short). I am a member of Generation X and am currently looking for work as a School Librarian.

I have a wide range of interests from anime, knitting, to reading to watching movies and listening to music.

name: Not gonna tell my real name!
gender: female
age: 40-ish
occupation: Unemployed Librarian
pets: two cats, Moon and Tor-T
religion: Christian Witch
hobbies: reading novels and manga, trying to think of short stories for a forum I belong to, surfing the 'net, contacting my friends, fiddling around on Photo Shop, sleeping, getting mail that isn't bills, knitting, ect...

And yes, I'm perfectly aware that I'm a colorbar whore...

Be sure to visit my anime/manga journal at ryudoshi!

Also, I moderate a few communities!

Go and check them out!


My elf name: Lessien Calafalas
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flamika: Snap is an awesome friend to have, always takes the time out to reply to journal entries, and makes funny comments about big piles of panties. XD

dracschick: a great beta!

umadoshi: Snap is focused and yet all over the map. She fangirls many things at once and magically manages to keep 'em all straight in her head. ^^

pinnacles: Snap's a good friend, an attentive co-moderator, and an all-around cool person. Her daily trivia will broaden your horizons and enrich your mind! Plus she has terrific taste in Star Trek novels. Not that I'm biased or anything, but-- *coughstnfcough*

soleta_nf: Snapdragon is awesome. Friendly, caring and sweet, with a strong love for anime and many TV shows I like. :)

zelamenomiko: Snap is my beloved Brain Twin. I can't decide if I should rejoice for the world or pity it. ^_~ *hugs*

pathseeker: I know little of snap, but am eager to know more based on what I do know of snapdragon. Snapdragon strikes me as a an individual whom is close to family and quite aware of her responsibilities to her family and to her close friends. This sort of dedication to friendship make me eager to one day be her friend.

miyabita13: snapdragon76 is one of the kindest people I know. She is always there for her friends to offer kind words of encouragement and support and love. She has a big heart and an incredible personality that's warm and caring. Knowing her has been a true joy, and I'm so glad that she's my friend. Also, she loves Kureno and mostly anything associated with Kureno (except Shigure/Kureno T_T). ^^ But really, I'm so grateful that she's my friend.

kawaiiayu: D-snap and I share a new-found love of LOST, as well as old loves of Fruits Basket, NANA, and other cool things. She is a very cool person to fangirl squeal over these things with, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

shoujo22: Snap-chan has GOT to be one of the coolest chicks I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with....and she will never get rid of me. NEEEEEEEEVER! *lol* She really is an awesome person.

blackestfaery: I honestly don't remember how Snap and I became friends on LJ, it's been so long, but I do know how she stays on my flist month after month: She actually replies on my LJ and remembers me during Christmas time. Now that's beyond just being thoughtful, considering we've never met in person :)


Amon is a Hunk O' Burnin' Love

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Jin is silent but hot love

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Benitora is silly love.

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Vash x Meryl are love

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Vash and Meryl is Love and Peace.

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Gren is love.

Ichigo is heroic love.

Renji is wild and untamed love.

Hitsugaya is boy genius love.

Rukia is lonely love.

Ichigo/Rukia is always read to fight love.

Renji/Rukia is childhood crush love.

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Sohma Akito is Sadistic Love

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NANA is love

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Watase Bishies are LoveTeh Sex

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Orlando Bloom is LoveMy Love Slave

Amelia x Zelgadis is Love

L's Expressions is nothing but love.

Sanzo is Love

Hakkai... *drool*

KenshinxKaoru is love

Ryoki x Hatsumi are Master x Slave LOVE

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InuyashaxKagome is stubborn love

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MirokuxSango is undying love

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PipxSeras is dramatic love

Pip and Seras are sweet love

child Pip and Seras are love

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Snap is a thirty something young woman who likes to read, talk to her growing number of online friends, listen to music, watch movies, and has an active imagination.Her future husband is Amon from Witch Hunter Robin, by the way...
Strengths: Friendly, a good listener, helpful,loyal, sympathetic.
Weaknesses: Get's distracted way too easily, impatient, procrastinates.
Special Skills: Listens well, Insect killing machine.
Weapons: Sword, Bow and Arrows, Flyswatter.
Personal Philosophy: "Out of the bad things that happen in life, good can come of it, if you choose to look for it."

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