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Well, the majority of Saturday was spent cleaning things off of some of my bookshelves and my closet in preparation to move. I did a lot, but it doesn't seem that way since there is so. much. more to do... While moving in and of itself can seem pretty exciting, like colonoscopies, the prep is the worst part. It doesn't help matters any that I'm a total pack rat. Yeah...

Work tomorrow is going to be interesting. It's EOM, which can be really hectic. THANKFULLY, it's not a bonus month! I may as well kill myself then and get it over with.

We may or may not be having ducks nest under the window again. I dunno. I think a lovely young couple were testing out the nest that was there before.

I read Vampire Knight 6 last night. Basically I'm buying this series for one reason: Zero. Everyone else: meh. Yuki is pretty much useless except for mainly having the two guys fall over themselves for her (for some reason). Kaname is basically a Gary Stu who's main purpose is to look pretty and give Yuki someone to fawn over, as well as everyone else in the series. JUST because he's a pureblood. He's practically a God Mod at this rate. Where's the Zero love, everyone? He's a hottie! Sure, he has MASSIVE emotional baggage and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but still. That can be over looked, can't it?

Whatever people...

I also read Bleach 26. I like having Rukia and Orihime working together. Some of the shippers out there are all determined that Orihime hates Rukia for being an obstacle in the way of Ichigo. Uh, no. She looks up to and respects Rukia, and Rukia is quite fond of Orihime as a friend and comrade. SO THERE!!!

I still ship IchiRuki though, don't get me wrong. *ahem*

Birthdays Today: Vincent van Gogh
b: 1853 - 1890

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My weekend was nothing spectacular. I did discover the cause of my car troubles though. Leaky transmission fluid. Hopefully the leak can be easily (and cheaply) fixed. So still driving mom's car to work in the meantime. Hey, at least we HAVE an alternative vehicle.

Tomorrow is the EOM for us at work, and that means looooots of pressure and stress. I dunno what exactly I'll be doing since the majority of the EOB's are all electronic now. I'll try not to think too much about it.

Finally read some of the manga I'd bought. Vampire Knight 5 and SDK 30. The mystery of Zero's feelings for Yuki is finally (mostly) revealed. Not that it was all that much of a mystery, but you know how the bishies are in the majority of shoujo: Can Not Spit It Out.

And we finally meet the rest of Yuan's family. Over on the [ profile] love_deeper comm, I'd heard discussion and seen scans and whatnot, but the pieces are starting to fall into place for me. That typically happens with a series that has Loads And Loads Of Characters.

The tea time we had on Saturday was very delightful. I love it when we do that sort of thing. It's such fun!

Oh, and some of you may or may not notice that I changed out some of my icons.

Today in History: 1829
Greater London’s Metropolitan Police went into action. There was much opposition to the act of Parliament that authorized the police force. Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel had requested the act; and, the police were called ‘Bobbies’ in honor of him. The Bobbies first official headquarters were at Scotland Yard; and Scotland Yard became the official name of the police force.

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Hmmm, this title is strangely apropos.

Well, there's rumors of a big shake-up at work. Due to the fact that the BCBS checks are now electronic and take half the time to post, and half the people, there's a few of us in the office with a lot more free time on our hands. We try our best to fill it up, but there's only so much to do extra. Our supervisor said she wants to get us all together sometime and reconfigure job assignments, but she's been putting it off. I don't wanna say that this means bad tidings, but she's notorious for not wanting to deliver bad news. In the past, when it came time to fire someone, she took that day off and had HER supervisor do the deed. Interestingly enough, she's going to be out of the office on Friday. Does this mean someone gets the hammer dropped on them? Time will tell...

At any rate, I'm determined to stay positive. There have been no official mentions of any cutbacks or layoffs, so that doesn't mean we're in any danger or anything. If, for some reason, I do manage to be without a job, I think I can endure. Even if I can find something without insurance, as long as I can bring in an income, I can handle my prescriptions if need be. I'll look into the "work at home" option if need be. I could be jumping the gun a wee bit though. However, this might be the push I need for some soul searching and a push for our eventual move to Tennessee (which IS gonna happen, dammit).

In other news, there's a slight possibility I may be allergic to shellfish. I find this out after dining out at our local Japanese steakhouse, Tepanyaki style. During the "show," the chef cooks up a few pieces of shrimp before the main course. I'm not a big seafood eater, but I do like to indulge in some shellfish from time to time. Soooo, I popped in the shrimp. A few moments later, my tongue is tingling and it feels like I have a massive case of heartburn. At first, I think it's the sauce used in the preparation since I've had this reaction before at a different Japanese steakhouse, only in a much larger scale.

So, I sit and wait for it to subside, which it eventually does. I discover it isn't the sauce since the chicken I ate is cooked in the same stuff and doesn't affect me. it dawns on me that it's perhaps the shrimp. I think back and remember that before when this happened, I had FOUR pieces of shrimp, which was why the reaction was a lot worse.

In any event, I'm staying away from the shellfish for awhile.

In fandom news, I read the latest chapter of Vampire Knight. Basically, Kaname still has a stick up his ass and bosses people around, albeit prettily; Yuki is still a Mary Sue and waffling between two guys (the staple of shojo manga) and Zero still kicks ass and angsts a lot (although not quite as much as before).

I read the first chapter of Hoshi wa Utau AKA Twinkle Stars AKA Takaya-sensei's new series. I would've read more, but the connection to my laptop must've been off because the pages had a hard time loading, making it very frustrating to advance much further.What I read so far looks intriguing. As of this posting, there are 21 chapters. I hope my desktop will get me a lot farther...

Today in History: 1975
Sara Jane Moore attempted to shoot U.S. President Gerald Ford outside a San Francisco hotel, but missed.
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OK, I just finished catching up with Vampire Knight and I have some thoughts...

a-hem... )

OK, now I got that off my chest, time for bed...
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Saturday was the company picnic at the local zoo. Even though I'd been to the zoo many times, this time I had a decent camera and was able to take good shots. That is, until my memory card got full... *facepalm* I have now in place my larger one so that this won't happen again with any luck. I only wish I'd taken it to the Tori concert. I bet I'd have gotten GREAT pics!

That was pretty much the extent of our weekend, really. We ran errands and went home. I slept a good portion of the afternoon because being in the sun tends to wear one out. Mom went over to my aunt's to help her with her project for her class reunion. She ended up staying all night. She said she got some sleep, but when she finally did roll home, she slept even more.

I also read some of my manga I'd gotten on Friday.

Vampire Knight 4 )

And here are some fun videos I found on Youtube. Hee!

This is freaking hilarious. And this is the kind of area I wanna move to...

That is an electric, seven string, fretted, flying V violin. You can bow it and it sounds like a guitar and play it like a regular violin. SWEEEEEEET!!

Today in History: 1992 California carried out its first execution in 25 years, when double murderer Robert Alton Harris was put to death in the gas chamber.
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This weekend was fun, if a little short.

The tea/luncheon was very pleasant. We stayed and chatted for several hours and it was very nice. However it did eat up a lot of time, but it was time well spent.

That night, I played some more of my Wii and tried out my new Bleach game. It. Is. Awesome. However, by the end of my session, I felt like my arm was about to fall off. If I was more creative, I'd have drawn a little cartoon of me standing and holding my Wii controller and nunchuck and looking at my right arm on the floor. The caption would read, "Dude, and that was only the training level." Hee!

I didn't fare too badly, despite the fact that I was dueling Renji and he has Zabimaru which can stretch... the dirty (but pretty hot) cheater. I was able to go Bankai (since I was playing as Ichigo) and knock him down several times though.

I was able to catch the Death Note anime. I thought I was pretty decent. I liked the voices of Light and Ryuk. Never having seen the Japanese version, it seemed pretty faithful.*shrugs* I dunno...

Sunday I went to church and afterward I stopped by Best Buy to look for some DVD's. I found the third Hellsing Ultimate, which will probably be the last one unless another company picks up the rights... *grumble* But still... PIP!!! *squee*

Then I stopped by the bookstore to primarily browse, but that hardly ever ends up being the case with me and bookstores... I picked up the latest volume of Vampire Knight (and I'm still rooting for Yuki/Zero even though I do kinda like Kaname). I also got a few magazines and a copy of Anne frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. I read it before in High School and I really liked it and it's one of those books that's a must have.

Later that afternoon, I was gonna watch some DVD's, but I was running out of room in my media cabinet, so I went through some of my old video tapes and got rid of what I didn't need anymore. My MST's and Star Trek however are forbidden from being touched.

I started watching volume two of The Office. My favorite episode thus far has top be the one with the fire drill and where Dwight takes the bottle of water from the top of the water cooler and tosses water in the hallway then proceeds to crawl on his stomach to the exit. HAR!!

Mom spent most of Sunday at the tire place getting her tires changed and then at my aunt's helping her clean for Christmas. Early? For most people, yes. My aunt is the queen of Christmas. She has over half a dozen different trees, each with it's own theme. It's all very lovely, but a lot of work.

It's still not to late to send me your full name and your year of birth for a little gifty thing I'm doing. It works best if I have more people. So far I only have two of you. Let's get on the ball, peoples!!!

And finally, a meme I swiped from [ profile] flamika:

The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
Your Result: Kurosaki Ichigo

You secretly desire a guy who you'll hate on your first date. His impeccable style and general coolness will drive you nuts. Against your better judgment you'll still go out with him even if you do nothing but argue. He'll be aloof and standoffish, but somehow along the way he'll show you his tender side without too many words. Once he falls for you, he will fall hard, so beware. Even when you try to get rid of him, he'll just stalk you to the ends of the earth, beat down on your defenses, and make you his. Be prepared for a lifetime of passion and heroics: it's going to be one wild ride.

Abarai Renji
Kuchiki Byakuya
Yasutora Chad
Ishida Uryu
Hitsugaya Toshiro
Ukitake Jushiro
Kisuke Urahara
The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
See All Our Quizzes

*gigglesnort* But hey, having Renji in second place isn't too bad.

Word of the Day: emulate
Pronunciation: /EM-yuh-late/
v : to seek to equal or surpass, especially by imitating or copying

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Whew! Active day today. But, let us start at the beginning, shall we?

Yesterday I found out I'm going to be working in a different building. Starting… tomorrow. I doubt it's due to anything in particular that I've done, they just moved me to where I was needed. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. It's a weee bit further than where I was before, so I need to leave a bit earlier than I usually do. Just about 10 minutes or so, or at least until I can get the hang of my new route. Soooo, no more eating lunches with my mom. I will miss everyone at the other place though. I wish I could've said good-bye to some of them, but it was so sudden, I didn't get the chance. I'm trying not to be too anxious about it, but given my personality, it's pretty much a given. I just hope I can hear something in regards to the Data Entry job.

So this morning, I was timing myself to see how long it takes me to get from home to there. But, given this was around 10:00 this morning, the traffic flow is different, thus the extra time.

Afterwards, I went to the bookstore (which wasn't that much farther), and found Death Note 11, Vampire Knight 2 and Victorian Romance Emma 2 (finally! It was released months ago and I just now found it in the store. Stupid CMX).

After that, I wandered around until I stopped into Old Navy and picked up some of the newer longer shorts and a couple of shirts. I don't generally buy stuff there, not because I don't like the clothes, but the jeans are usually too long for me, but Capri pants are just fine.

After that, I stopped into the Hallmark store, and found a gift for mom for Mother's Day. Then I went into GameStop and browsed their consoles and various games, mentally making a checklist.

Finally, I went into the theater and watched a movie. Meet The Robinsons. In 3D. It was pretty cute! I recommend it.

Then, I went home and mopped up the bathroom floor (mostly to get the pee smell out) and now I must stop by the office to drop off our lease renewal.

And I found out that my copy of Fruits Basket 23 is gonna be delayed. *fumes* But hopefully I'll get vol. 22 and the new fanbook pretty soon…

Heroes )

And now, to quoth the Emi-chan, I must away!

Word of the Day: extirpate
Pronunciation: /EKS-ter-payte/
n : to remove completely
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Even though I'll have to take them off again in order to take my shower later on, there's nothing like kicking back in a nice, comfy pair of pajamas.

Today went pretty well again. Even though the pile of charts are still looming and it wasn't a day I have messages, things were pretty well emotionally. I have no idea how tomorrow's gonna go though... *crosses fingers*

Mom's building is setting things up so that each doctor's suite has a scanner. They've said the secretaries are responsible for scanning in documents. This, on top of their other responsibilities throughout the day. Yeah. Mom's doctor sees a lot of patients throughout the day, which means that mom has a lot of responsibilities to do and now they're saying she has to add scanning on top of that? That's insane. I sometimes think that the Med Rec people aren't being entirely realistic a lot of times.

I have two zits on my chin that are about the size of Mt. Fuji. Talk about a case of the uggos.

And... I struck gold! I got my copy of Saiyuki Reload 6! I had to go to two different stores in order to find it. Hey, sometimes hardcore fangirls go through all lengths to achieve their goals...

I also picked up a copy of Vampire Knight 1.

snapdragon76 cured cancer.
... afterward, snapdragon76 found 10 bucks under the couch.
'How will you be remembered in history books?' at

Hey, knowing me, even if I'd have a kajillion dollars after curing cancer, I'd still get excited about finding 10 bucks under the sofa...

Word of the day: slatternly
Pronunciation: /SLAT-urn-lee/
adj : squalid
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Dammit! What is it with [adult swim] changing the frelling schedule around all the time?!?! I mean, the Monday night airing of FMA was almost to the end of the series and I was looking forward to seeing it again, but now the Monday night schedule is completely different!!!

*stabs [as]*

I was also pissed at my cable for going out in the middle of 'Dracula'. It was a community wide outage, so it was nothing I did (or didn't do).

Anyway, my weekend as follows:


Movie night again! This weeks choice was "Seabiscuit". Things were pretty laid back.


We had errands to do mostly. Grocery shopping and the like. Then mom took me to lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet for my birthday. It was very nice and the food was very good.


Church and then home. We did most of our errands on Saturday so Sunday was a laid back kinda day. I worked more on my scarf since I wanted to lengthen it more. And, I was able to finish it! One end is slightly wider than the other, but it's still not a bad finished product. I took a picture which I hope to post sometime.

I finished watching all of 'Fushigi Yuugi' (and, I might add, all in Japanese). I'll write up my impression on my GJ sometime, or I hope to anyway. I also downloaded some PGE (or 'The Wallflower' as it's otherwise known), so I hope to read some of that sometime. Maybe I can read more of 'Vampire Knight' and perhaps a few more chapters of FMA.

And [ profile] kawaiiayu has discovered the awesomeness that is 'Veronica Mars'. Welcome to the ranks, kiddo.

Logan!Xterra sightings:

Me: 3
Mom: 4

Trivia of the day: According to weather forecast experts, here is a rule of thumb for weather forecasting: winds from the northwest, west, and southwest usually indicate fair weather for a time, whereas winds from the northeast, east, and south predict unsettled weather.
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And the coup de gras to end the week... an attention grabber from Veronica from episode 2.15 "The Quick And The Wed." Now that'll be an interesting sight on the FL and the archives, won't it?

Last night mom and I actually sat down at the dinner table and ate dinner like civilized human beings for the first time in... who knows how long. I honestly can't remember. It was strange, but pretty nice actually. I asked her how long this was going to last, however...

I read some of 'Vampire Knight' yesterday. The first volume was very well done, however another scanlation group (or individual) did part of the second. I don't know how far, I stopped after awhile because I had stuff to do. I really wish the same group had continued. For one thing, the quality of the scans are not very good. Very dark and grainy and the text is small and hard to read and no attempt was made to try to fit them into the speech balloons in any reasonable manner whatsoever. I mean, unless I find better quality scans, I'll still read them, because I'm liking the series, but I hope the quality improves...

As for today, I have a few minor things to do, but I don't know what else I have in store. I guess I'll have to play it by ear.

Trivia of the day: Peanut oil is used for underwater cooking in submarines. Undersea fleets like it because it does not smoke unless heated above 450 degrees F.
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If I was a Jedi, I'd think I'd like to be a cross between Mace Windu and Yoda. Both were bad asses who had mad skillz. Of course, only Yoda survived the Jedi Purge. Oh well, you can't win 'em all...

OK, enough of me geeking out about Star Wars... for now.

I found this really cool Princess Tutu AMV via [ profile] sir_hellsing's journal. I really like the song and I'd like to try and find the mp3 of it, but I don't know if iTunes has it. It's called "Hold Me" by a Swedish artist named Nanne Grönvall.

I picked up the latest issue of 'Shojo Beat' yesterday. They've started doing something different. They're printing the manga parts in different colors. Still monochromatic, but in either pink or blue. I think some of the Japanese phonebook compilations do the same thing, but it still looks strange to me. I mean, I think I prefer it in the regular black and white. Not as glaring.

There's a new series that started in it called 'Vampire Knight.' It looks pretty interesting. It's got bishies, good art, intriguing story, and bits of humor. I think I'll keep an eye on this series.

And in 'Kaze Hikaru,' Okita looks really cute with his hair down (he'd just gotten out of the bath)!

I also got 'Saiyuki Reload 4.' The conclusion of the 'Burial' arc and the beginning of the longest arc yet, 'Even A Worm.' We see youkai!Hakkai again and we meet Hazel and Gato. And since I've been rereading the series, I have definitely noticed a change in Minekura-sensei's art style. Hakkai's hair isn't as poufy and the guys are looking even tastier...

Trivia of the day: A United Parcel Service delivery person typically makes up to 300 pickups or deliveries a day. That compares to someone doing 600 sets of step aerobics a day.