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Well, I was mostly satisfied with the results of the Academy Awards™ last night. I was most excited about Jennifer Hudson's win for Best Supporting Actress. In your face, Simon!! Bwahahahahaaaaaaa!!! *cough cough*

Mom's been sick as a dog all weekend. I told her to steer clear of me since I can't afford to get sick being as I have no sick days. So I plan on sucking down some AirBorne™ to try and nip any germs in the bud.

I bought me a few iPod accessories. An AC charger so I don't have to plug it into my computer in order to charge it. I also got a "coat" for it so I don't have to tote it around in a plastic bag all the time. However, I can't use my lanyard headphones with it, so those I do have to stick in the bag.

Annnnd, tomorrow is the official last day to vote in the Darth Who contest. It's free to sign up, so be sure to vote for the best name! *coughminecough* Tomorrow, I'll post what my name was and my reasons for choosing it.

And today was the first day in many months I was able to wear my Capri pants. It felt kinda nice.

Word of the Day: implacable
Pronunciation: /im-PLAK-a-ble/
adj : Unable to be appeased, unyielding
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It caaaame!!! XDDDDDDD So, needless to say, I'm very happy. I'm all plugged in as I write this. Now I can take my tunes with me to work as I scan, which was my main reason for getting one. There are a couple of songs on my PC that I want to add to it that didn't seem to get transferred over onto my Mac. Yesterday, when it didn't come still, I had a Pixy Stix bender…

And I thank [ profile] dracschick for my virtual chocolates!! Yumms!

Mom seems to be upset about something, but I don't know what. She's being very closed up about it. Something obviously happened at work, because she seemed fine at lunchtime. I hate it when she gets like this because it fills the whole apartment with tension. Ugh.

Well, now to figure out what to do for dinner and try not to get caught up in emo!mom's emotional tidal wave…

Word of the Day: immutable
Pronunciation: /I-MYOO-ta-bel/
adj : not capable of or susceptible to change
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I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY FRAKKIN' IPOD YET!!!! *fnarl* It's hung up in either Memphis or Indianapolis, the Fed Ex tracker isn't sure about that one. Stupid blizzard! Why'd you have to muck up my iPod aquirement! I have headphones, but nothing to attach them to! *fumes*

Why I'm posting so late is because we were over at my aunt's house where we ate dinner and played a hand of "Shanghai Rummy." I lost. My aunt from up north is leaving early tomorrow, so it was nice to spend time with her before she leaves. Of course, the batteries in my camera had to quit.



Aaaaand… I have nothing else to say. I did work on more of [ profile] kawaiiayu's scarf. I have more to do on it, but maybe some this weekend with any luck.

Word of the day: pogonip
Pronunciation: /PO-gan-ip/
n : a dense winter fog containing frozen particle that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.
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*glee* Well, my headphones came today, even though I don't have the iPod that they go to. According to the tracking information, it's hung up in Indianapolis, probably due to the snowstorm. Damn you, Mother Nature!!! They estimate it will be delivered tomorrow… when I'm at work. So, I printed off a Shipment Release Authorization form so they'll deliver it to the Leasing Office since I won't be there. *crosses her fingers*

I went and got mom's V-Day gift. It's the first season of Beauty and the Beast which was a show she loved. I hope she likes it. I also got a copy of Grease 2. Don't give me that look. I know it's cheesy and campy and not nearly as good as the original, but what can I say. I like it. It's a Cult Classic.

Today when mom gets off work, she and I are going to go visit my aunt again. She was supposed to fly out today, but because of the snowstorm looming over Indy, she was pushed back to a flight on Friday.

I hope everyone has a pleasant Valentine's Day and are able to spend it with your loved ones. I've been single far too long to be depressed over Valentine's Day. Such is life.

So, I hope to be able to transfer some of my files onto my flash drive today to try and free up some space on my hard drive. I have a lot of manga scans and image files on here. The various anime episodes I'm going to leave on here since my codec is on here. Although, I am having a bit of trouble with trying to watch Kokumono. The video and audio are massively out of synch.

Word of the Day: lissome
Pronunciation: /LIS-om/
adj 1: easily flexed, lithe *2: nimble</blockquote
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I think I might've fixed the problem with Hakuryuu with the help from the guy at the local Apple store (which isn't an official Apple Store). Turns out I had to download a system cleaner (OnyX) and it seemed to do the trick. Hopefully it'll fix it for the long run.

I went to the bookstore and was able to pick up a few new volumes of manga. Kaze Hikaru 4, Absolute Girlfriend 3 and Buso Renkin 4. I couldn't find NANA 5 though. Maybe next week. Still no luck finding Victorian Romance Emma 2 or 3. *siiiiigh*

I hope I make it back in time from my hair appointment so I can watch Lost tonight. I hope to participate in [ profile] cleolinda's "Lost-endays" on her journal. And, like I said before, I hope to post pictures later on.

And, it looks like we might actually have a winner on the "Name my iPod Poll" *drumroll* Aaaaaannnnnnnnd iiiiiiiiit's... "D-Snap"! *cymbals crash* And, congrats to [ profile] kawaiiayu who suggested it! Take a bow...

Now, I need to keep my one cat out of the other one's food...

Word of the day: stoic
adj: not affected by showing passion of feeling; especially: firmly restraining response to pain
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Well it looks as though we have a tie. Again. Seiryuu and D-Snap are neck and neck. So. if you never got a chance to vote now's your chance.

And THE COLTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! I'm excited, can you tell! But they did a good job and they deserved to win. And yes, there were several cute commercials...

I uploaded a bunch of my CD's onto iTunes yesterday. The ones I burned myself I have to do by hand since Gracenote can't read the tracks. So I have almost 300 songs on there so far.

Work was good today. I seperated some of the documents in inter-office envelopes and scanned some of them. I don't know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow at the OB/GYN office.

I was a major dork this weekend and was rewriting my orginal X-Men character profies that I came up about ten years or so ago. I'd post them if I could get my client to be able of copying and pasting outside documents, but it doesn't want to do that... *mutters*

Word of the Day: arduous
Pronounciation: /AHR-joo-us/
adj: difficult, laborious
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Hmmm, what to post, what to post.

My plans for today are loading the dishwasher, attempting record some of Veronica off of the DVR and washing towels. Fun fun fun.

I do want to make a run to the bookstores to check out any new releases. According to my iCal, nothing should be coming out for at least another week or so, but there could be some stragglers or late releases.

I also want to try to watch my disks of Saiyuki, but I can't do anything else while I'm doing it due to the subtitles.

Well, I need to catch up on some of my FL and then try to get done what I need to do for today.

Remember, it's not too late to vote to name my iPod! So far, D-Snap and Seiryuu are neck and neck!

Word of the day: palatable
Pronounciation: /PAL-a-ta-bel/
adj: *1: agreeable to the palate or taste
2: agreeable or acceptable to the mind
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Well, I'm tenuously connected to the internet on Hakuryuu, so we'll see how it goes. I have Snoopy on as a backup, just in case. *crosses fingers*

Thanks to you who voted in my poll on what to name my soon-to-own iPod. There's still plenty of time to vote, so be sure to do it. *doesn't feel like looking for the link*

And I had to go into some of my Yahoo! groups and change some of my mail settings due to the 12 spam messages I got in my inbox yesterday!! *rawr* Pissed me off. Here I thought I had gotten a lot of mail from legitimate sources...

Work was tiring today. Tuesdays usually are. I tend to be more active as opposed to the other days when I'm generally sitting and scanning. At least the messages weren't as plentiful since they changed the way they do them. Well, I can sleep in tomorrow...

So I hope to peruse my FL for a bit for as long as my Internet holds out.

Word of the day: quondam
Pronounciation: /KWAN-dom/
former, sometime
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Sorry about the sparseness of yesterday's post. I was feeling "ugh" and cranky and blah. But, I feel better today, even though I was almost worked into the ground. My feet kinda hurt a little.

I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow. Mom and her cousin who's visiting want to see a movie. If I see the same one they do depends on the one they pick. Other than that, things are kinda iffy. Friday we're going to the Space Center, so that'll be fun.

I swear, I think I should sink stock into Gap. I went there on Sunday ostensibly to look for a sweater hoodie so I can diversify my sweaters for work. Well, I picked up a pair of pants, a shirt, a long-length cardigan and a pair of wedge heeled sandals. The whole ensemble is qute cute, actually. And I took precautions so the shoes wouldn't butcher my feet.

Annnd, I need my FL assistance in deciding something. Here goes:

Since I plan on purchasing an iPod nano in the next month or so, I was planning on having it engraved. Now, since I'm a bit... eccentric, I decided to choose a name for it. Now, I need your help in deciding what name to use for the engraving. It'll be silver, in case that helps. So, get those creative juices a flowin'. I'll give everyone a week, then gather the names and put up a poll for everyone to vote on!

[ profile] kawaiiayu, can I post a poll using a client?

As to the whole "program issue" I had yesterday, I think I'm gonna look into buying a "For Dummies" book on the subject. Yes, I'm that dense.

And, newest chapter of Kaze Hikaru is out! *squee*

Word of the day: sobriquet
n: a nickname
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I don't have to work today! *dances* Sorry for bragging. But that doesn't mean I can completely take it easy. After all, I still have some stuff to do that I can't ordinarily get done during the day anymore. Such as: I have to wash mom's sheets, go to the bank and deposit my paycheck (since the bank was closed by the time I got off on Friday), get some groceries, go to the bookstore, ect... But I'm glad I at least get a day where I can do that since ordinarily our weekends are pretty busy.

Mom said something about me helping out at the church's garage sale next weekend. I at least hope she actually asks me since she's gotten into the habit of just volunteering me for stuff and simply assuming I'm going to be doing it. I mean, what if I had already made plans? But she wouldn't know that unless she asks me.

I have my Christmas list filled out for the most part. I mean, I'll probably add a bit more, but usually I can't think of a lot of things to add.

I've been wanting to make me some icons, but I can't seem to get it right. I think I need to learn how to saturate/desaturate, but I haven't figured that out yet. It's kinda frustrating, actually.

I've been watching the 'Slayers NEXT' DVD's from Netflix again and I've been internally squeeing at the little Zel/Amelia moments (as well as the Lina/Gourry ones). I think I either have the Kyoto Arc of Kenshin coming next or 'Fushigi Yuugi' (again, sorry for the butchering of the name).

And I think my speakers are working again. I was watching something from Homestar Runner, and I noticed it. Now, if only I can find the manual for my cordless mouse so I can get back to using it again. I miss having it. Mostly for the scroll wheel...

You know, the gadget-phile inside of me wants one of those new iPod nano's...

Well, I know I have some more stuff swimming around in my brain, but it doesn't want to come forward, so I'll be 'signing off.'

Quote of the day: "People need joy. Quite as much as clothing. Some of them need it far more!" -- Margaret Collier Graham