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Well, it's official. Veronica Mars is no more... A moment of silence, please.

Well, now that that's over with, onto the real stuff.

I'm going to try to cut back on my sugar consumption over the week. The key word there being try. We'll see how successful I am.

I still haven't heard from the lady in regards to the Data Entry position. I left a few messages for her on her Voice Mail and if I don't hear form her by Tuesday, I'll call her again. I hope this pans out. If not, I'll be a mite steamed... and then start looking elsewhere.

Next week is gonna be pretty busy for us. On Monday, we have a High School Open House to attend, then on Wednesday there's a function at the Space Center we're going to. Yes, you read that right. A. Function. Ohh la laaaa!!!

Thursday I have to leave work early for a doctor's appointment and Friday we leave for the wedding. I'm pretty excited about it. We're gonna be doing more than just going to the wedding. We're gonna go to Busch Gardens too since it's nearby. Mom said she'd wait for me to go on the roller-coasters if I go on the Safari thing with her. Sorta a tradeoff.

We're gonna go tomorrow and see Shrek the Third. :DDD

Word of the Day: strident
Pronunciation: /STRIDE-int/
adj : shrill and harsh-sounding
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Day Two of scanning. All is going well. I seem to be keeping up with the demands so far. *crosses fingers* And boy, was I mighty comfy in my jeans. I need to go this weekend and get some pants so I can have other things to wear during the week.

Onto entertainment news:

Lost )

Veronica Mars )

And I saw a brief summary for Furuba 135. A tear-jerker to be sure. But it's nice to see that particular loose end tied up. *siiiigh* The end is nigh.

And I've been perusing my newly acquired raw scans of Kaze Hikaru. Much cuteness involved. Poor Saito, though...

The leftover spaghetti I had for lunch today really hit the spot. Now to decide what to do for supper...

Trivia of the day: The evolution of social life in ants and termites has been accompanied by an extraordinary royal perk -- a 100-fold increase among queen ants in average maximum lifespan, with some queens surviving for almost 30 years. This longevity can be attributed in part to the sheltered and pampered life of the royal egg layer.
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I think today I'm mostly posting so I can have a post for today. Yes, I'm that anal. *facepalm*

I only caught the second half of Veronica Mars last night. I hope I can watch it and last week's as well. God willing and the creek don't rise.

I nearly committed homicide on the way to work this morning. I left the same time I did yesterday, but today must've been when everyone else in the world decided to leave as well. It wasn't that bad yesterday. I may have to alter my route a bit tomorrow so I don't get annoyed. Other than that, the day went smoothly. My one hope and prayer is that the Red Tide decides to be nice to me while I'm at work. The High Tide seems to happen on the second day and I don't have the easiest access to the facilities there. Maybe I should supplicate myself for extra measure...

Trivia of the day: The black bear is not always black. It can be brown, cinnamon, yellow, and sometimes a bluish color.
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Today was actually a pretty good day. I may be getting my groove on...

My internet connection decided to be pissy all of a sudden. It didn't want to work. I said to mom, "This is the first night I've had some extra time after work, and I can't do anything!" But, things are going smoothly now. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

I didn't feel like I was working in a meat locker today. I think it may be because I was wearing a sweater.

Not much to report on today. I watched only part of Veronica Mars the other day. I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing as of yet, but I hope I can before the week is out.

I've been rereading my Young Jedi Knights series and reminiscing somewhat. Boy, how things have changed. It's kind of saddens me, actually. I don't know why I torture myself like this...

Trivia of the day: Technology is not infallible. An estimated two million lab mistakes are made in the 100,000 laboratories in the U.S. every day.<---yikes!
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Well, I submitted my entry in the "Name the Next Sith Lord" contest on My crossover to the Geek Side is now complete. I'm not going to reveal the name I chose until the contest is over. I think it's a pretty awesome name myself.

I have some icon ideas I wanna fiddle with, but I need to get my PS working somehow...

I stopped by the Human Resources Dept. and filled out the required paperwork I needed to do, then stopped by the Drug Testing place to submit a urine sample, all without getting lost. Since my sense of direction is pretty lame, I must say. I'm proud of myself. Now I must hunt for my Social Security card so I can fax a copy to them. I never carry it on me since they say there's a higher risk for identity theft, so now I have to figure out where the hell I put it.

After all that was done, I stopped to see mom (per her request) and filled her in on the details. After which I swung by the bookstore. I was looking for Emma and the newest Legacy comic, but I found neither. What I did find was the latest Star Wars Insider magazine and volume 4 of NANA. I went to Books-A-Million to see it I'd have any luck there. Well I did, but of a different sort. I got Saiyuki Reload 5, Bus Gamer and Buso Renkin 2.

I watch Veronica Mars this morning while eating my breakfast. Spoilerish details under the cut...

Welcome Wagon )


Trivia of the day: Some sloths, opossum, and armadillos spend up to 80 percent of their lives sleeping or dozing.
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Man, this week is totally gonna be dull. I mean, both mom and I are stuck in the house most of the day. Tomorrow we have groceries to get and that sort of thing but otherwise...

We had some friends of ours stop by yesterday. We had to go on the porch because the wife is allergic to cats and our male, Ori likes to be the center of attention whenever we have people over. He has so far failed to realize that not everyone likes cats.

After they left, Mom was watching the end of 'Veronica Mars' last night and she was asking me some questions, which I couldn't really answer. Like:

Mom: "What's the deal with Beaver?"
me: "You'll find out later on."
Mom: "What's going on with Woody?"
me: "You'll find out later on."
Mom: "You can tell me."
me: "No. I can't."
Mom: "Can't, or won't?"
me: "A little of both, but mostly can't."

Mom is the type of person who reads the end of a book she's reading and wants to know how a movie ends if someone has already seen it but she hasn't. Some spoilers I myself am OK with, but some I'd rather find out myself. Such as the case with 'The Sixth Sense.' If someone told me how it ended before I saw it, I would've been very upset. Mom's the other way around. She gets upset if someone doesn't say what's happened. It can be a little annoying at times...

I have to sweep the floors today. Most especially the kitchen floor. Mom tends to drop some things and she can't bend down to pick them up.

I've been contemplating making some changes on ATACT. Mostly, due to the fact we're getting a lot of younger members, that we try to ensure that the stories they write are properly spelled and punctuated. And that they do some research on whatever NPC they want to "adopt" so that they can do the character justice and not be to OOC. We've had a few... issues with that sort of thing in the past, so I just want to make sure that it's not too much of a problem in the future. One of my moderators is having a bit of a problem with it, mostly with becoming exclusive. I don't consider it becoming exclusive, just a way to ensure that whatever is written is legible and in character. And this doesn't just apply to the newer members, it applies to everyone. Some of our other members have had troubles in this area which I've tried to address, but to no avail it seems. Anyway, me and my two mods are trying to hash out a scheme that would work the best for everyone.

I was watching 'Gene Simmons' Family Jewels' last night, and his kids are pretty funny. Yes, I admit, it was a guilty pleasure, but then again so was 'The Osbournes.' Plus I was also watching 'ABBA in Concert' on PBS last night. Yes, my dirty little secret is out...

Trivia of the day: The British term for abalone is "ormer." The word is derived from the Latin for "ear of the sea," alluding to its shape.
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My weekend basically went as follows:

Wake up.

watch 'Veronica Mars'.



Wake up.

watch 'Veronica Mars'.


Yep. That was pretty much my weekend. Mom stayed a little longer at my aunt's then she thought she was going to originally, so I had the place to myself for the entire weekend. It was pretty nice. I didn't step a foot outside all Saturday. I was basically a hermit. Well, to be honest, it was mostly because I was trying to conserve gas and also because it was incredibly hot out. I stayed in my pajamas all day Saturday. I did take a break in my marathon to at least take a shower... and then I put my pajamas back on.

As to the show: excellent. I came into the fandom late, so I missed quite a few of the episodes. It was nice to be able to connect certain things that were slightly touched upon in the second season. Mostly I kept thinking, "There is no way I can do what she does. I'm not nearly smart enough."

I overslept on Sunday. I was supposed to get up at 7:30 but instead I woke up at around 8:15. I did set my alarm, but it either didn't go off, or I didn't hear it. So I missed Sunday School. I blame FLCL. It was playing on [adult swim] Saturday night. The entire series, so I stayed up to watch... until 2:00 in the morning. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but since I had to get up...

Mom is staying home from work all week. I mean, I'll lend a hand of course, but I think my nerves will begin to fray by the end of the week. Here's hoping I can hold out.

Trivia of the day: Per a "Newsweek" poll, 49 percent of American fathers described themselves as better parents than their dads.
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Today's quote is from episode 2.14 "Versatile Toppings". I've been trying to find fairly short ones to use since there's a space limit.

Yesterday was spent recording more VM onto DVD's. I told mom I wanted to do it with her so that I could do it myself from now on if I need to. She's convinced, however that when Kendall was throwing herself at Duncan, that he gave in. I said he didn't. I said he may be as bland as paste, but he'd not do anything like that to Veronica. She still seems doubtful. I don't think she'd believe me if I told her that Logan wouldn't do anything like that either if he were still dating Veronica, but I don't think she'd believe me. She wants me to tell her some things about the show, and I will, but I told her I refuse to tell her anything to do with the main mystery. She does think Woody has a creepy vibe and I thought to myself, "If you think he gives off a creepy vibe now, just wait until further on in the season."

I'm still toying with the idea of making a MARS mood theme, but to be honest, all that scanning, resizing, saving, searching for the right images to convey a certain mood; all seems to be a bit daunting. I honestly don't know how [ profile] flamika did it, and she's made six or so so far.

I also want to try to find a tutorial or something on how to color in manga images without losing the original shading. I could try to look through the memories of some icon making communities, but sometimes the way they're organized can be a little confusing.

Today is laundry day from the looks of the piles of clothing on the floor. Mom took the car again this morning. I think I should tell her not to get too used to the idea since this is only because my sleep patterns have been slightly off lately. Tomorrow I'm taking it back. Not that I plan on going anywhere or anything, but still...

I need to go and take my shower soon. I also hope to compile another mix CD sometime. I also have to make some phone calls, which I hate doing since I hate talking on the phone, but I need to do it so I might as well bite the bullet.

Trivia of the day: Hail destroys hundreds of millions dollars' worth of crops and property each year, a greater toll than that taken by tornadoes.
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Today's bon mot comes from Jackie Cooke, who's pretty good with the snark herself. Episode is 2.2 "Driver Ed".

Looking into Wikiquote for some VM quotes, and I never knew just how lewd some of the dialogue on there was. For instance, I have discovered such jewels as 'rim job,' 'tossed salad,' 'motorboating,' and the 'Shocker' hand gesture. Just writing them down has lowered my score on the Purity Test.

Speaking of which, there were two episodes of 'Veronica Mars' on last night. "My Mother The Fiend" and "One Angry Veronica". Trina shows up again in the first one, and I do love the scene where her and Kendall try to one up each other. It's like a mini Buffy reunion... only with Willow being a lot snarkier (sorry, couldn't think of a better word). Veronica also discovers Duncan's dirty little secret. I called mom in and pointed it out to her saying, "Remember when you thought Duncan was hiding something?" I pointed out the reveal, she was all smug. I told her I was pretty proud of her. But then, she generally tends to figure out who "done it" on a lot of mystery shows. Then she wants to tell me who she thinks did it, but I tell her to keep it to herself.

In the second one, Logan buys the tapes of his father and Lilly having sex so they don't wind up all over the tabloids. By why oh why did he have to torture himself by watching them. Poor woobie. And there was much emo!sleevage to be had. But then he had to erase them, which we find out later really hurts the case against Aaron. I want to find out what the song was playing during that scene, so I'm gonna ask on the VM community.

I hardly got any sleep at all last night. Too much stuff buzzing around in my head as well as, due to surfing the Crimson Wave, I had to get up every couple of hours. Plus my left arm was acting funky, causing me to be paranoid. Mom's alarm didn't go off, so she had to hurry in order to get ready for work. I let her borrow the car today since I knew I wasn't gonna be able to make it.

Still feeling a bit woozy and out of sorts today. Not as bad as yesterday, though. No cramps, which helps. Still, it's these particular moments where I hate being female. I don't want to hear any grief from any of you guys out there about how hard you have it!

I posted about FMA 9 on my Greatest Journal. You can read if'n you want. I hadn't posted on it since December. Whoa! Seems strange.

No chores today. I dunno if I really feel like doing much today. We'll have to see...

Trivia of the day: To say "hello" in Sri Lanka, a person must place their palms together under the chin and bow slightly.
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I watched some of my MST3K episode last night. It had been awhile, so I figured I'd pull 'em out again. Last night was 'Space Mutiny'. I always rewind to the part where the "hero" screams like a girl when his "girlfriend" shimmies down a rope. I am always amused by that...

Mom is still doing good. She has to stay on a liquid diet for awhile, but so far she's not had any more pain. *knocks on wood*

Well, as hard as this may be for me, I've come to a decision. I may have to cull some of my friends from my FL. It'll be hard since I have almost 60, but I need to compact my FL some. So here it is:

If you would like to remain of my FL, leave me a comment. You don't have to leave regular comments, but I do need to know if you actually read my journal or not. Certain exceptions will be made, such as for [ profile] cleolinda's, [ profile] radiofreebanri's journal and the like. So, if you want to stay, you need to leave me a comment and you need to actually read my journal, even if you don't regularly comment.

I think mom has definitely joined the ranks of Veronica Mars fandom. She was watching the show we taped on Tuesday since she missed most of it while she was in the ER. She did ask me about the note Meg had hidden that Duncan had found. I told her I thought she had written it to Duncan and hid it where she knew he'd be the only one to find it.

Well, gotta go. A lot of stuff to do. Mom's not gonna be home until real late because there's a Women's Ministry meeting tonight, so she had to borrow the car. Par-tay!! LOL

Trivia of the day: Some form of bowling is played in more than 90 countries around the world. Approximately 100 million people participate in bowling today.
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Mom was feeling kinda bad last night and this morning. I hope that it's just allergies and not a cold. I told her if it was, she needed to stay away from me...

And I think I'm turning her into a 'Veronica Mars' fan. The other night were were burning some DVD's of some episodes we recorded (relax. Once I'm able to, I plan on getting the second season when it's officially released... in some way) and you need to watch them in order to cut out the commercials. She still asks me to explain some things since she's coming in on the second season without knowing what happened in the first. She doesn't like either Duncan or Logan. She thinks Duncan's "hiding something." I had to suppress a giggle. The episode with Meg's "secret" hasn't been re-aired yet, but I must admit she's very perceptive.

OK, time for a break down:


We had our movie night. It was delayed a bit because mom was watching Biography on A&E and it wasn't over until 10:00. The movie we picked out was "The Rookie" and I almost fell asleep toward the end...


Saturday was the wedding. It was a very nice, smallish wedding. Nothing fancy, but that's perfectly fine. I took a few pictures and there were some nice refreshments. We left after the cake was served.

Mom started to record some of the VM episodes. She was able to fit five on one disk, so that was pretty nice. The quality isn't bad, but like I said, they'll do for me until I'm able to get a hold of the second season. After she was finished recording them, she watched the other two episodes that were left. *g*


We had church. Naturally there was a bit of a patriotic theme happening. Mom and I had to place bitty flags around the entrance of the building so it would have a bit of decor.

Our missionary from Japan was there that day and there was a table setup. Naturally I looked. On it there was a Bible in manga form! I thought, "How clever!" The missionaries on on furlough for the time being, so they'll be staying in the States for a period of time before they go back to another area of Japan. I think they're still going to be around Tokyo, but since the city is fairly large, I'm sure there are plenty of areas to go to.

After church, mom and I went grocery shopping and had some lunch. The weather was pretty bad, so we didn't stay out longer than we needed to. When we got back, I watched another movie while mom took a nap.

Tomorrow is Independence Day and all we have planned really is going to the Apartment Complex's cook-out. Maybe it'll give us a chance to meet some of our neighbors.

Otherwise, today is going to be pretty slow. Maybe I'll finally get around to watching those two 'Fushigi Yuugi' disks I have from Netflix so I can send them back and get the next ones. I guess I'm a little wary since we're getting into the darker aspect of the story...

Trivia of the day: The islands of Bermuda have no rivers or lakes. The inhabitants must use rain for water.
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Usually I don't talk about fandom stuff until the last, but I got to thinking about this recently. [ profile] flamika has said she was rereading volumes 1-7 and she was making observations on what she's read so far. Now, she's a Shinogu fan (nothing wrong with that, I happen to like him myself), whereas I'm a Ryoki fan. Now a lot of people don't like Ryoki. It's perfectly understandable since when we first meet him, he's a major jerk. However, as you go through the series, you discover many different layers to him and more on his backgroud and to why he is the way he is and the way he changes over the course of the series.

For instance, a lot of readers seem to want Hatsumi to end up with Shinogu. I can understand why, He's a really sweet guy whereas Ryoki just seems to be an asshole. But the thing with Shinogu is, he wants to do so much for Hatsumi. Almost too much. In doing so, he'd prevent her in many ways from being able to do things for herself. He wants to protect and shelter her and while that can be good, too much can be detrimental, especially to someone like Hatsumi. Ryoki almost forces her to actively think for herself and learn to eventually stand up for herself and the decisions she makes.

People always say that Ryoki doesn't treat Hatsumi like he should. While that's true, the thing is... he doesn't know how to. I mean, look at his family life. His father is absent the majority of the time and has actually told him that he doesn't care for him as much as he does someone else. His mother smothers him and only cares about his grades and the status they give him (and her by association). So he hasn't had a lot of examples to live by. He's said he doesn't care about his parents mostly because they really don't care about him. So it baffles him as to why Hatsumi cares so much about hers. She's had a good family life, especially in comparison to Ryoki. Ryoki's family may be rich and important, but they don't care about each other. Hatsumi's family (while working class) actually care about and love each other. Through his relationship with Hatsumi, he begins to actually care about someone. Hell, even love someone. This is a foreign feeling for him and he doesn't know how to handle it. So he reacts the only way he knows how. However, we do se an eventual softening of him. I mean, it's not instantanious. It happens gradually and for the most part, Ryoki is who he is. But the change is there.

Sorry about the rambling. I guess I sometimes feel the need to defend Ryoki sometimes. Especially since most people tend to not look beyond the surface. And hello! Psychology student here! Don't even get me started on Azusa...


television blathering under here. mostly lost and the amazing race. )

Yesterday I watched the "Weapons of Class Destruction" episode of 'Veronica Mars.' And I had no idea Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in that episode as the Fed guy! Whoa! And, of course, I saw... The Kiss. And I squeed like the good LoVe fangirl I am.

Today I have to try and put some of my clothes away. I can put away what I can, but I need hangars and stuff for a bunch of stuff and my winter clothes are gonna be stored in one of theose vacuum bags... once we get them. I'm also doing laundry.

I have an idea for a wallpaper actually. Maybe a couple. I think 'Star Wars' and possibly MARS. Hmmmm, I'll have to see how my creative juices are flowing...

Trivia of the day: The first U.S. patent for an animal was issued to geneticists at Harvard University in 1988. The animal--called an oncomouse--is a genetically engineered mouse that is highly susceptible to breast cancer.
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Well, here I am, actually able to use my computer in the privacy of my own room. Ahhh, what a wonderful feeling. I still need to get a new desk since the one I had was too big. I want one of those computer armoires. The ones that are vertical instead of horizontal. Saves space that way. At the moment, my monitor is sitting on my TV tray and I have to sit on a stool on the floor since we only had one computer chair and I gave it to mom for her to use. It's interesting to say the least.

The move itself went well. I mean, we have a lot of sifting through things to do since we moved from a three-bedroom house into a two-bedroom apartment. But hey, a roof over one's head is a roof over one's head. A lot of stuff is going to have to go into storage though. I almost have my room put together, but there's still some left to go. I need to seriously organize my closet. I have most of my books on my bookself and I have to put my manga away yet. I have to think about where to put them. At the moment, they're sitting in plastic storage containers on my floor. I'll be taking pictures of the process to post later on.

Mom got frustrated a few times when putting together the futon in her bedroon in order for her to sleep and also when she had to move the washing maching from where it was in the bathroom into the utility closet, hence the title of my journal entry.

I hope everyone is doing well. I can't read all of the entries you all posted while I was gone, since I have a lot of errands to do today. So I have to limit myself to the weekend stuff. If there is anything in particular you want me to read, you'll have to link it to me.

Fandom-wise, I was able to catch the episodes of my different shows, so I'm pretty happy about that. I can't really go into much detail right now since it's quite a lot to go through, but I will say, I was both surprised and happy about the season finale of 'Veronica Mars'. The LoVe shipper in me was very happy...

I was able to see the scans the final chapters of SDK and DN. I liked how SDK ended. I found it to be very satisfying at any rate. I see icons in the future I think... I haven't read the translation for DN yet, so I'm not really decided on it yet.

I've got quite a bit I have to do today. I have to go out and run a few errands as well as try and organize some things in here yet. I won't be able to do them tomarrow since I won't have my car, so it's either today or Wednesday and I'd rather do them today.

Oh, I also learned how to properly crochet from my aunt, and I'm picking it up pretty well. I hope to make a scarf. A real one this time, not the mess I tried before...

Trivia of the day: Bugs hold special places in the hearts of many Japanese, who often keep crickets, beetles and fireflies as pets. Their calls are considered soothing and remind the nature-loving Japanese of a simpler, less hectic age. <-- Yay! Another Japanese trivia!
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I swear, online bill paying has made life so much easier. I just took a few minutes, entered some info, pressed a few buttons and voila! Done and done. I love it. Besides, a lot of my stuff is due around the time we move, and with all of that going on, I don't want to have to worry about if I sent my bills off or not.

Speaking of which, it looks like we might be staying with my aunt after all. I don't mind, really. She has a very nice house. The cats are going to be staying with the nurse that my mom works with. She said she'd take them in for the roughly five days that we'll be "in limbo" as it were. Mom took care of all the necessary stuff that was needed in order to set things up at our new place. Officially, we move everything out on Saturday. So Friday will probably be my last day online for awhile. Hopefully I won't be missing too much in my absence, but I have a feeling I will be. I just hope the last chapter of Death Note comes out before I have to sign off.

Now, onto the important stuff: Happy Go Lucky )

I just hope I'm able to watch the season finale next week, or else I'll die a little inside.

BTW, [ profile] pinnacles or [ profile] umadoshi do either of you have the Tori song, "A Sorta Fairytale"? Part of it was being played at the end of "Everwood" Monday and I liked it. I didn't see it in the song lists from the ones you sent me.

Fandom-wise I heard the CMX has licensed "Victorian Romance Emma". I heard about it through "And Shine Heaven Now" (a Hellsing doujinshi) and it looked to be interesting. I don't know when the first volume is coming out, though.

Trivia of the day: Finland has the greatest number of islands in the world -- 179,584
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No, you're not reading the time wrong. I am in fact, posting at almost 10:00 at night. Why, you may ask? Simple. Life beckoned me for two days, so I went to it.

Seriously, my dad came to visit me for a couple of days, so I was with him doing stuff as opposed to posting. Which is also why I didn't post yesterday. Actually, the real reason he came down (from Michigan) was to help my grandma move her things from across the state to the apartment she got in Michigan closer to where my dad lives. So, while she packed her things, he decided to drop by and pay me a visit for a bit. It was nice. We had fun. We did a bunch of different things like go to the zoo and go on an airboat ride and stuff. I had wanted to see 'V for Vendetta' with him, but I guess we were too late, because it wasn't in theaters anymore. *shrugs*

Anyway, onto other things: Read more... )

So, needless to say, a few of my fandoms have spit in my eye lately. *flails*

I also starting reading a new book series (What? Another one?) They're by Laura Joh Rowland. It's a detective series set in fudal Japan. I'm more than halfway through the first book I got (although not the first one in the series) called The Concubine's Tattoo. I want to get the rest of them. Isn't that all I need. Yet another book obsession...

I just got finished cleaning out the dresser I've been using. The lady we live with is going to be selling it this weekend at her yard sale, so she needs it 'available.' I've packed as much of my stuff as I can into my suitcases. I managed to get it all in there, with a bit of luck and persistance. She's also going to be selling my bed. Luckily I have a sleeping bag I can crash on. It might prove interesting. Now I'll get to truly sleep Japanese style!!

Well, I'm going to try to catch up with two days worth of Friend's List. Wish me luck...*whimpers*

Trivia of the day: President Benjamin Harrison and the first lady never touched the light switches themselves when electric lights were installed during the renovation of the White House in 1891. Fearing shock, they would call for a servant whenever they wanted the lights on or off.
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I. RULE!! I was finally able to figure out what was wrong with the .torrents I downloaded. It seems the player I had (Windows Media Player) would play them after I uploaded them from the client (or however it works). I would only her the sound, not the picture. So after I vented some, I went to take a closer look at the player, thinking I needed to adjust something. As it so happens, I discovered the problem on the website. WMP doesn't have the codec to play .avi files. It even said you could hear the audio and not see the video. So, after my "Ah-ha" moment, I did some searching and found a player that had the proper codec. I downloaded it, installed it and started to play. At first I was a bit worried, since I still didn't see any video, then after a few minutes, it came up. I nearly did handsprings. So, I settled in and watched the episode of 'Veronica Mars' that I missed. The quality was really good, too. It was HDTV! And no commercials. The audio/video was sometimes out of synch, but it wasn't too bad and it got cleared up eventually.

So anyway... Read more... )

Well, today might be my last day of 'freedom' so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. We have dinner tonight (after we take a look at the duplex) and tomorrow there's a company picnic for where mom works being held at the zoo and she wants to go to that. Me, I'm "ehhh" about it. Plus, sometime, we're going to stop in at Old Navy so I can get some shorts. I only have about three pair I can wear. And here, in the summer, they're a necessity.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Trivia of the day: President William Howard Taft was a seventh cousin twice removed of Richard M. Nixon, and was a distant relative of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
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Well, I'm kinda pissed. Since I only caught half of 'Veronica Mars' on Tuesday, I was all set to tape it so I could watch it later, since I usually watch 'Lost' on Wednesdays with mom. Well, due to STUPID FRELLING BASKETBALL, it wasn't on!!! *growls* Now I can only hope to catch it on the rebroadcast my UPN affiliate does on Saturday nights. And, of course, I mised the really cute LoVe snark that was during the first half :3 Maybe I can download the episode sometime... if I can get my BitTorrent to work right and find a .torrent that isn't corrupted somewhere. And, naturally, 'Lost' wasn't even on...

And both [ profile] umadoshi and [ profile] pinnacles are going to search through their Tori Amos collections and upload some songs for me adn make me an official member of the club. *grins*

So, anyway, I kinda want to do a short summary of 'Kaze Hikaru.' But of course, knowing me, it probably wont be all that short. T_T

*titters* )

Well, hopefully I can find some way of getting my BitTorrent client to work. Wish me luck!

Trivia of the day: "The bends" is a painful condition caused when nitrogen gas forms bubbles in a diver's blood. Scuba divers risk getting the bends if they come up too fast from a deep dive.
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I've been trying to figure out how to get my BitTorrent to work, to no avail. It doen't help matters any that I'm such a techno-virgin that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Most everyone on my FL seems to have figured it out, because they seem to be downloading (and watching) all sorts of stuff. I think I need to get a client of some sort, but I have no idea where to look for one. I don't want it just for anime, mind you. Lately I've been wanting to download some Season One episodes of 'Veronica Mars.' I did put the DVD set on my birthday list, but that's a ways away yet. *siiiiigh* If only I could mainline it straight to my brain, kinda like in the 'Matrix.'

Speaking of which, I told mom last night, on no uncertain terms, that we need to get home tonight before 9:00 for 'Veronica Mars.' I mean, I like the fact that it's on Tuesdays again and doesn't conflict with 'Lost,' but it does conflict with Bible Study. It'd be a lot easier if either of our VCR's had timers that worked, but no. That would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Sometime today, since I can't go anywhere due to my car being borrowed, I need to start packing up some of the stuff in my room that I accumulated during these few months we've been staying here. Plus, I want to burn some CD's of stuff so I can free up some space on my harddrive as well as have a backup of stuff for when we have to disconnect for the move. Tomorrow I have the orientation at the Temp Agency, and I don't know how long that will take.

Well, that's all for today! See you all tomorrow! *mutters* Man, I need to think of a better sign off...

Trivia of the day: Sunflower seeds in a bird feeder will attract the greatest variety of wild birds.
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*snickers* I got that from the Sloganizer on my userinfo page. It changes everytime the page is refreshed and that one was one from yesterday. I thought it was funny.

Well, I set up a phone interview for the place I applied for. *crosses fingers* Hopefully I won't be too nervous and totally spaz during it.

And I think fate has determined it's going to allow me to stay at home during the 'Gilmore Girls' episode where Jess makes an apperance. Just in case... )

Oh, that reminds me. Does anyone have a copy of the song "Sway" by The Perishers they'd be willing to share? *puppy dogs and sparkles*

I have some errands I have to do today. Like I need a few groceries and I have to mail my taxes off so they can be postmarked before Saturday. No housework though for today. Sometimes I get a day or two off from that, which I like.

Trivia of the day: During the Renaissance when Charles VIII's armies entered France, he also brought with him his passion for perfume. Charles even had his own personal perfumer. Rose, orange blossom, and rosemary oil were favorite scents in his court.
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I had a bit of another emo moment last night. I seem to be getting them more frequently lately. I think it's because our time is starting to run out. Just a forwarning though, it may get more intense as time goes on...

Last night's Veronica Mars was good, as always. Read more... )

Well, my search for RK 25 crapped out. Usually it's on the shelf fairly soon. I guess I'll try again next week. I did manage to wash my car, though. Unfortunately, I ran out of quarters when I was vacuuming out the inside, so I only got it half done. I was able to finish vacuuming once I got to the house, however I seriouly lacked any Armor All to do a decent job on the rest. Oh well. It's definitely better than it was before.

Trivia of the day: Male and female sea turtles are about the same size.

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