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CURSE YOU [ profile] tenel_ka!!!!!!!!!


I did manage to stump it a few times. Apparently it doesn’t know Keith from Voltron or Soleta from Star Trek New Frontier.

It does know Crow from MST3K however, so that’s something.

And L from Death Note too…
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Hey, it's been awhile since I posted and actual entry, hasn't it? My life has been pretty mundane so far, so not much to post about.

Mom and I visited a friend of ours yesterday. It was awesome. She moved to Sarasota a few years ago and we haven't seen much of her since then, but she usually contacts us when she's in town and we get together and have a lot of laughs. Her health is kinda bad, so it's harder for her to get around, but we still have fun anyway. We laugh so much...

According to my friend Michele, we were successfully able to acquire Tori Amos tickets, YES!! Not only are we going to Diz on my birthday, but the day after is Tori! I'm gonna have a bitchin' b-day this year! I hope I can take pictures...

I got the Ghostbusters video game yesterday. I hope to be able to play it this weekend. Due to the fact that I'm dead ass broke, I have no plans to go anywhere so chances are good I will. Unless I get distracted by the shiny...

I've also become addicted to Bejeweled thanks to a co-worker. I have versions on my iPod and my phone as well...

We're also having issues with our A/C. And summer is technically here already which means I'll be roasting most of the weekend. Fun.

Well, I'm gonna try and clean some this weekend and maybe put away some more stuff. Or I'm gonna be lazy and not do anything. It's a toss up.
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Hey, it's been awhile since I posted and actual entry, hasn't it? My life has been pretty mundane so far, so not much to post about.

Mom and I visited a friend of ours yesterday. It was awesome. She moved to Sarasota a few years ago and we haven't seen much of her since then, but she usually contacts us when she's in town and we get together and have a lot of laughs. Her health is kinda bad, so it's harder for her to get around, but we still have fun anyway. We laugh so much...

According to my friend Michele, we were successfully able to acquire Tori Amos tickets, YES!! Not only are we going to Diz on my birthday, but the day after is Tori! I'm gonna have a bitchin' b-day this year! I hope I can take pictures...

I got the Ghostbusters video game yesterday. I hope to be able to play it this weekend. Due to the fact that I'm dead ass broke, I have no plans to go anywhere so chances are good I will. Unless I get distracted by the shiny...

I've also become addicted to Bejeweled thanks to a co-worker. I have versions on my iPod and my phone as well...

We're also having issues with our A/C. And summer is technically here already which means I'll be roasting most of the weekend. Fun.

Well, I'm gonna try and clean some this weekend and maybe put away some more stuff. Or I'm gonna be lazy and not do anything. It's a toss up.
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I got my new keyboard over the weekend. No, it wasn't replaced by Best Buy. I had to go ahead and purchase it on my own. I wasn't getting anywhere with their Customer Disservice. It's a pretty nice one. It came with a mouse also and even though I wasn't having issues with my other mouse, I switched out anyway. It conforms more to the shape of my hand. One nice feature it has is there's a button where your thumb rests that you can push and a little magnifier pops up and you can see things better. You can also go back a page (Or however many) with the push of ANOTHER button. The keyboard itself is curved so it helps with the natural position of the hands. It's not an ergonomic keyboard in the sense that it has hills or anything like my aunt's does, but it's a bit more comfortable.

I also bought a copy of Phantom of the Opera that's better than the one I have. The other one was pan-and-scan (which I dislike) and didn't have any features because it came packaged with other movies, so no frills. Me, I like the frills when it comes to my DVD's. I got the Flashback edition of Sixteen Candles also. One of my fave 80's teen movies. I also picked up the special edition of Gigi. LOVE that movie to pieces! I got a cool game for my DS which has UNO, Skip-Bo (which I used to play with my grandma all the time) and UNO Free Fall.

Then mom and I stopped by the bookstore. Big mistake. I got a few comics (Buffy Season 8 and the latest Legacy), the new volume of Shonen Jump, a SDK vol. 32 (I think we only have a few more volumes left in the series). I bought a romance written by the author of the Princess Diaries series. It was written ostensibly by the main character of that series and I heard it was pretty good, although the few excerpts I read of it tend to lean toward the smutty side! But, the proceeds go to Greenpeace, so that was a good purchase.

I bought the autobio that Kat von D wrote, who's the star of the TLC series LA Ink which I love to watch. I also picked up the Watchmen film companion. Pretty cool! Needless to say, I cleaned out my wallet...

Later on Saturday night, a few of us gals went to Chili's for a few drinks to celebrate Singles Awareness Day (better known to most people as Valentine's Day). Although the one who organized this whole affair came down with a stomach bug and wasn't able to make it! She was pretty disappointed because out of all of us, she was the one looking forward to it the most. We still had a pretty good time though.

I was able to figure out how to burn some of the stuff I recorded off of my hard drive. I mean, I could just burn them straight onto a DVD, but I wanted to cut out the commercials and divide them into chapters and whatnot. So I started with the final Avatar episode. I've yet to watch the finished product. Maybe if I burn enough of them off, I can free up more of my hard drive because it's getting rather full.

*looks up* Wow. I guess I typed a lot. Well, time to sign off I suppose. Cheerio everyone!

Birthdays Today: Edgar Bergen
b: 1903 - 1978

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Darth Vader's Twitter is so much fun! :-)

Nothing much happened today. Mostly posting to let everyone know I'm still alive. The Red Tide hasn't claimed me as of yet. I just hope it doesn't come ashore when I'm at a friends wedding next weekend. Blargh!

At work I spent the majority of the day entering in Flu Clinic charges. Ahh, yes. The flu season is upon us... what fun. Eh, it kept me busy. I left at 5:00 even though I finished my work a few hours beforehand. So I'm not short by all that many hours.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to finally play the video game I bought a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I caved and bought The Force Unleashed. I know [ profile] rurouni_jedi had mixed feelings regarding it, but it looks like it'd still be a lot of fun to play in the meantime. Besides, I look forward to swinging my "lightsaber" around. And, according to Amazon, you can buy an attachment that looks like a lightsaber for your Wii-mote.

And finally, for motivation to clean your house more often, read about the Collyer Brothers.

Today in History: 1933
"News-Week" appeared on the corner newsstand for the first time. Seven pictures graced the magazine’s first cover, depicting an important happening for each day of the week. In 1937, the publication’s masthead sported a new name: "Newsweek".
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Hey everyone. Have a nice weekend? Mine wasn't bad. Went to a friends house and we watched Iron Man on DVD. It kicked ass like always. I chatted with her roommate a little. He seems nice. The three of us might do another movie night sometime in the future, we don't know for sure. It's more of a "wait-and-see" type of thing really. We might watch Transformers next since neither Michele nor I had seen it yet. I know, for shame...

Mom and I also watched Iron Man over the weekend. Not that I minded watching it twice in two days. Hell, I watched it three times when it was still in theaters. I also watched Speed Racer as well.

I went and bought The Force Unleashed over the weekend. I haven't played it yet since I hadn't really had the chance. I hope to next weekend. I know [ profile] rurouni_jedi kinda had mixed feelings about it, but it looks to be pretty neat, so I'll give it a whirl. I look forward to the Ghostbusters game coming next July. Heee!

I read the interview [ profile] jaina had with Tite Kubo in the latest AI. He's a lot younger than I thought he'd be! He's younger than I am! That's kinda cool. It was a cool interview!

I need to upload the books I bought onto My GoodReads account and then pick up some spaghetti for dinner. Hasta!

Today in History: 1991
Elizabeth Taylor was married - for the 8th time - to construction worker Larry Fortensky. The wedding took place at Michael Jackson’s estate in California amidst a flurry of paparazzi.
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Bertha is offshore, kicking our asses. I know I said I'd never complain about the rain anymore, but C'MON!! Enough of this shit!! My shoes are drenched!

On the plus side, it's the perfect weather for a nice mug of hot cider/tea!

I've been playing some of Super Mario Bros. on my DS. It's pretty fun, even though I don't seem to get very far. I like Giant!Mario because he just smashes anything in his path! Fun!

I've been trying to remember that the final week of Avatar:The Last Airbender is this week. I'd been watching it on and off over the past few years (mostly because I kept forgetting when it was on TT_TT) and I've come to a semi-disturbing conclusion: I have a bit of a crush on Zuko. Especially since he's done his Heel Face Turn and has sided with the Avatar and his gang. I like him even better since he grew his hair out. Needless to say I didn't care for his Prince Xizor topknot. I'm not particularly shipping anyone, so I can avoid all that disaster. Yeesh!

We had our cable box upgraded today. I was done remotely via the headquarters. So far the menu it's been more aesthetic changes. I don't get a chance to watch TV in the living room all that much.

Today at work was... interesting. I came across an overage in my money posting and I double checked everything thoroughly and everything was as it's supposed to be, yet there is STILL an overage. So I had one of my co-workers help me and see if she could catch anything. She's pretty good at that sort of thing. Nada. Needless to say, this little snafu has stumped a number of people, myself included. When I left, it still wasn't resolved. If it were only a few cents, it wouldn't be a big deal, but it's almost $200.00!!! O_o

I made a few icons recently. A few Wall-E and Abe Sapien. ^__^ I want to use them, but I have to decide who to kick off...

Are you a nerd, geek or a dorK? )


Today in History: 1945
"Fat Boy", the experimental, plutonium bomb, exploded at 5:30 a.m. in the first U.S. test of an atomic bomb. The mushroom-shaped cloud rose to a height of 41,000 feet above the New Mexico desert at Alamogordo Air Base. All life in a mile radius had ceased to exist.
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I went shopping this weekend at Kohl's and found a few cute summery dresses to wear on vacation this summer. One because I'm apparently going to a wedding shindig when I'm up at my dad's this summer and two because when I go to church with my aunt, they tend to be a little dressier. I also got a new purse since my old one was getting a little frayed at the handles and I also go a cute pair of mules with a kitten heel and a darling sweater to go with everything, so...

I got my hair highlighted too over the weekend. It's got a bit more blonde and red in it. I tried taking pictures, but it doesn't show up very well.

We also got our GPS over the weekend. I haven't had a chance to really fiddle with it yet. I hope we get a chance to so we're not trying to figure out how it works while we're in the middle of our road trip.

I got a couple of new games for my DS. Super Mario Brothers and the Midnight Play Pack, which has a lot of different games on it, like Solitaire, Pool, Bowling ect... It's pretty neat.

I also finished my game on Mario Party. I won! Boo-yah baby!!! I wonder if I'm brave enough again to try Super Mario Galaxy and not get stuck by the black hole on friggin' Planet D!

I got the second issue of the ST:NF comic series. I'm still iffy on the art, but we see Soleta! Yay! I may icon her some eventually... I want to try to do a more detailed write up on [ profile] stnf.

Today in History: 1911
Harry N. Atwood flew an airplane onto the lawn of the White House to accept an award from President William Taft. There wasn’t a National Airport at the time.
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Today was EOM at work, so a weeeee bit hectic. I had to be a little less possessive and release some of my check into the wild, for it to be cared for by others. TT_TT But I was OK with it overall. I was too busy to care. I also got some charges to post, but I set those aside until I finished my chunk of my check. They'll get done tomorrow.

OK, enough of my boring work crap.

I got all my allergy shot paraphernalia this weekend. Well, almost all of it. I still need a sharps box to put my used needles in. But I'm connected since I have a mother who works in a doctor's office. If anyone were to look in my bathroom, they'd think I was a heroin addict or something due to all the needles, alcohol swabs and gauze I have around my sink. I even have an EpiPen to stick in my purse. I guess it's in case I get attacked by a forest or something.

I'll eventually take a picture of everything and post it because I'm weird that way.

Went to see Wall-E this weekend. It's very cute! I recommend it. I may see it again over the Fourth of July weekend.

I hope to have my vacation schedule together soon so I can post it so everyone knows where I'm gonna be.

Hopefully we can be able to go see a midnight showing on Thursday night (possibly of Hancock). I've always kinda wanted to do something like that but since I've always had to work on Fridays, I couldn't very well do it. But since the Fourth conveniently falls on a Friday, it's now possible. Of course, I have no idea if my family has anything planned for that day or not.

I kicked ass at Wii Bowling this weekend! I got a Pro ranking naow! Heeeee!! I also unlocked a new character on MarioKart! Kewl!!

I doubt there's gonna be any fireworks since various venues canceled them due to the expense. *siiiiigh* Stupid recession...

Today in History: 1859
Frenchman, Emile Blodin, crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope. It took him five minutes. 5,000 spectators stood and stared as he made his way across the falls in a most dangerous Odyssey.
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Well, this week has been off to a great start so far...

I'm behind on my work at my job and there is no relief in sight thus far. My rebate I filled out for T-Mobile didn't come through because they said it was incomplete (WHAT?!?!) and I also discovered I'm ineligible for a stimulus check because my mom listed me as a dependent on her tax return. SNAP SMASH!!!

Plus, the pumps at the gas station are telling me I can't buy gas with my card for some reason. I KNOW I have enough money in there to at least do that! Stop crapping on my parade, life!!

Also, I think I'm PMSing. Terrif.

On the bright side, I was able to get my hands on a copy of MarioKart, which is awesome, BTW. It's such fun! My rating is 5th overall, but I hope to improve the more I play. I also read a magazine article on The Force Unleashed. It looks really cool. I'm pretty excited about it.

I also picked up a copy of Naruto 30 and Saiyuki RELOAD 8. Furuba 20 should be released soon. We're getting VERY close to the end.

We went to see Get Smart this weekend. It was pretty good.

Now I'm off to crawl under the covers and hope things start to improve out there before I get knocked upside the head again...

Today In History: 1961
The Antarctica Treaty, which made the Antarctic continent a demilitarized zone to be preserved for scientific research, went into effect. The original treaty, signed by 12 nations two years earlier, was revised in 1991 to include a ban on mineral and oil exploration for 50 years.
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Just got back from Speed Racer. Most excellent. It's like visual candy. And it was very true to the source material... what I remember of it anyway. I say go see it for sure.

I was gonna try to do a "double feature" along with Iron Man, but SR took longer than I expected, and I wanted to get a few things done yet today.

I did stop by the bookstore and blew over $50 worth on books and magazines. Go ahead, act surprised.

I wandered around the shopping center where the theater was to waste time before the movie started. I stopped into GameStop to see what they had. They looked to have both Mario Kart and WiiFit. Not today though. I'll have to wait until I have more Moolah. Maybe next weekend...

Stopped into the World Market. I saw they had a bag of Pocky there. Also some Oolong tea. It's flavored, but Oolong is Oolong. I'll give it a try. I got the Pocky too. I'm such an addict.

I stopped into A.C. Moore and got some Origami stuff. I wandered the yarn aisle. But since I Still need to finish the scarf I'm in the middle of making for [ profile] kawaiiayu, I didn't buy... T___T

Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to finish laundry and try to milk the rest of the day for as long as I can.

Today in History: 1977
The Human Fly, George Willig scaled the World Trade Center in New York City. It took Willig three and a half hours to make the climb, and $1.10 in fines - a penny per floor.
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Mom stayed home sick again today. She tried going into work for a little while yesterday, but her doctor heard her coughing and, after doing a quick exam, told her to go home. She definitely plans on going in tomorrow since she using up a lot of her PTO time which she wants to save for our extra week of vacation. Meanwhile I've been sucking down AirBourne and Vitamin C like no tomorrow.

This week is the end of the month for us, which means that we have to get checks and charges posted before the close of the day tomorrow. It also means a lot of stress and chaos as well. I'm mostly finished with my checks, but if I have the free time, I need to use it to post other checks that no one has the time to finish completely. Normally I don't mind, as long as they're checks I'm familiar with. However, when I checked last, there were a lot of checks of the type I hate. I pray I can find something else to do once I finish mine tomorrow. *prays and offers supplicants to whatever gods are handy in this arena*

I went shopping this weekend and bought me some more clothes for work, which I needed since my wardrobe choices are limited. I also bought more books (big surprise) and a few DVD's and games for my Wii and DS respectively.

Check out these girls singing the National Anthem. Listen to the harmony they have! And they're only between the ages of 9-6!

If that doesn't bring a tear to your eye, nothing will. I get choked up every time I watch.

Today in History: 1931
The improved version of the zipper was patented by Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback as a "separable fastener."
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I had to tell mom that we're NOT getting anymore kittens. The two full grown ones we have are just enough for right now. Maybe if we lived in a house instead of an apartment it might be a different story.

We got a new dryer (at a discount, I might add) since our old one went belly up. I still wanna get some of those newer "fancy" washing machines/dryers. However, since I dunno when that's gonna happen... They're not gonna be able to deliver until Friday though since we're not gonna be home during their main delivery times. Since the both of us are gonna be home due to the fact I'll be recovering from a Colonoscopy (joy), that's when we had to have it delivered. So we need to get creative in doing our laundry this weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if I went to High School as the person I am now, I wonder if I'd be able to do more than just survive. I'm pretty comfortable with who I am now, geekiness and all, and more mature than I was 12 or so years ago. Not that I'm gonna do an experiment a la Never Been Kissed, or anything. It's just something I've thought about from time to time.

I think I'm gonna step back from Super Mario Galaxy for a bit. I keep getting frustrated due to the fact I can't get past Planet D and the Frikkin' Black Hole!!! *fnarl* So tonight I will play a little Tennis (maybe some bowling) and some more Bleach (maybe I can get proficient enough to get past the training mode).

Got more manga today. Heh... I'll try to update my GoodReads list, but I got Bleach 22, Absolute Boyfriend 5 (one more to go), Busou Renkin 10 and while I didn't see either TriMax 12 or Kaze Hikaru 8, I'm not giving up! There's always Amazon! Huzzah!

Today in History: The Disney animated cartoon classic, One Hundred and One Dalmations, was released to theaters. It took an animation staff of three hundred to complete the film in three years, at a cost of $4 million. It was a huge success at the box office.
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First of all: [ profile] secondlina I GOT THE "PACKAGE" TODAY!!!!! OMG SO ADORABLE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I have it hanging on my closet! For example.

I may even have it framed, like my friend [ profile] kawaiiayu's drawing she did of me (which is sitting on my desk here at home). I'm even keeping the envelope because it has a Work on it!!^_____^ Oh, and it's a Q, BTW...

Work was work. 'Nuff said.

I played some Super Mario Galaxy this weekend. It rocks! It such fun, except when I had to quit because I got SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE!!!! I tried again yesterday, and SAME THING!!! T____T I came thisclose to reaching my goal, but I got knocked off and down I went... Grahhh.

I was able to watch at least one of the Tori DVD's. I like the videos one, although most of the time they seem a little... surreal. But music videos in general tend to be a bit surreal. Still, it's probably something I'd buy.

I reread the volumes of Victorian Romance Emma yesterday. Much squishiness for me at the end of volume 4. I need to see when the next one is coming out so I can order it. I did download and read the Emma Side Stories. There was one of William's and Hakim's ongoing tennis rivalry. Hurrr...

Mom and I went back to the gym for the first time in a few months on Saturday. We're going to be easing back into our regime. I need to make me a mix of upbeat workout songs sometime.

And, I was able to finally enjoy my bubble bath I had gotten months ago. Despite the fact our tub wasn't nearly deep enough for adequate soakage, the amount of bubbles more than made up for it.

Word of the Day: tatterdemalion
Pronunciation: /tat-er-di-MAYL-yon/
adj *1: ragged or disreputable in appearance 2: being in a decayed condition : dilapidated
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Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

That's right! It finally came! I'm really excited. I saw some video of people playing it on wii. com and it looks super fun!

Guess what else came! My new laptop bag!! It's just the right size! It even has a cell phone pocket and a cup holder inside!

under here! )

The majority of my weekend was spent watching a mini-marathon of The Office. Such fun. I also was loaned a couple of Tori DVD's to watch as well. I need to find a time to watch them sometime too, although I might buy me a set of my own!

Of course, a good chunk of my weekend was spend basking in the glow of being right! I was posting on my fandom journal [ profile] ryudoshi about the three volumes of Naruto I bought and read. I was looking up images on Wikipedia to explain about my theory about Naruto being the son of the Fourth Hokage. Well, imagine my surprise when it was indeed confirmed to be true. Of course, the fact that they looked so similar was a big honkin' clue right there. We also "meet" his mommy, whom he gets his surname and his personality from.

Seeing as this was apparently unveiled in September sometime thereabouts and considering I've been a bit removed from the fandom while the anime is airing the fillers here in the US, this isn't new. But to me, it is! so yay!

Evidence! )

And I naturally got new icons...

And a happy birthday to [ profile] ichiban_victory!!

Word of the Day: zibeline
Pronunciation: /ZIB·el·line/
:a soft lustrous wool fabric with mohair, alpaca, or camels hair

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Happy 2008 everyone!!! And, since I am a sheep, the year in review meme:

Take the first (and second if need be) sentence from the first entry of the month form last year and post them. That is your year in review.

January: Fifty books a month in my savings account? I can handle that... even though my bank account might not be able to.

February: Signs you may be watching 'Buffy' too much...You have a dream that you're Willow... and a werewolf. Eh-heh...

March: *fnarl* Well, apparently there was a meeting yesterday in the Med Recs department (that I missed since it was my day off). It seems as if the Med Rec department in the building where I work is going to be obsolete by the end of the year.

April: I think I'm an electronics jinx. My iPod vomited on me today.

May: Geez, one of these days, I'd like to have a Wednesday where I'm not going anywhere and I can just veg. Not even get out of my pajamas.

June: I got the full time position!!!!11!!!!!!

July: Well, I missed my chance to get home early. It all hinged on whether or not any fee tickets came in that needed posting.

August: Today was another early day for me. The beginning of the month is like that sometimes.

September: Happy Labor Day everyone!! It's nice having a paid day off from work.

October: News on the baby duck front: we have babies!!

November: I was supposed to have an annual job review (my very first, actually) which is related to if I get a raise or not.

December: Hmmm, where to start...

New Year's Eve was fun. We Wii'd our hearts out, despite there not being any Mario Galaxy... We played Carnival Games which was fun, since I don't get to play the competition part any. We ate some Chinese, which was delicious. Maybe I should do that for the Chinese New Year next month...

Yesterday during the day, I didn't do much of anything, which was entirely the plan. I watched a few movies: Saved! and The Simpsons Movie (which was my first time seeing it. Yes, I laughed). After that, I played on my Wii some more. The started with the Harry Potter game. And the wingardium leviosa spell is a lot harder than it looks, I tell ya. Then I played some Bleach, which I hadn't played in awhile. Usually I play against Renji, but this time I decided to play against Uryuu. Big mistake! I was only able to go bankai twice! Usually I'm able to a lot more times than that, but since my life bar was always low, I couldn't. Damn Ishida and his projectile weapons...

I was gonna take a bubble bath, too but I didn't. Maybe this weekend.

It's a little chilly here for us. It's 44° here (6.6° C for my Northern friends). Yes, for us, that's a mite cold. I wore my coat into work today. I'll probably have to do the same thing tomorrow.

Word of the Day: jackleg
Pronunciation: /JAK-leg/
1a: lacking skill or training *b: characterized by unscrupulousness or dishonesty 2: makeshift
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Kids say the darndest things...

I ordered Super Mario Galaxy form Amazon and should be getting it on Monday... just in time for the Wii New Years party we're going to. I also got a guidebook as well. I need all the help I can get.

After work, I joined the fitness center, which if free for those of us with a particular insurance since it's the same company who owns the fitness center. There are a few classes I'm interested in, mostly Pilates and yoga. A lot of them are during the day, though...

I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a few volumes of Naruto. Not the whole series, mind you, just the volumes featuring the fight between Naruto and Sasuke (which then leads into the Shippuden Arc (I think I spelled that right)...

I also got the latest Buffy comic and the newest Princess Diaries book also. It was less of a mad house than the last time I went, that's for sure...

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant New Years! See you in 2008!

Pronunciation: /soo-PINE/
adj : lying on the back with the face upward

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So this weekend was a pretty full one.

Saturday, mom went with my aunt to a High School Marching Band competition. It was mostly bands from our area, though. My high school got high marks, so that was good to hear. It took them most of the day.

I was out getting my tires realigned, which took an hour and a half for some reason. After I finished with that, I headed over to Best Buy in a fruitless attempt to buy the Bleach box set that's supposedly out. So I decided to get the individual disks instead along with King Kong and Hellboy as well as a few more games for my DS and some guide books. I did this despite the fact that I have no room to put them...

Then I went to the bookstore to "browse" and ostensibly buy another Tori Amos CD so I can get in the mindset for the concert on the 18th. Not a tremendous amount of selection, however. I did buy a magazine and a book on iPods, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Then I swung by the mall to have a look around in the hopes of perhaps buying another pair of work pants. No such luck, however. I did get friendly with a few kittens at the pet store! ^_^

I bought a pair of shoes and had lunch then went home. I played more Wii and got a good workout with the boxing game, actually. And I totally got a knockout! Awesome! I also played more Bleach and then I watched a couple of movies: The most recent live action version of Peter Pan and Night At The Museum. Very cute! I played some Tetris DS a bit too.

Sunday was really busy as well. After church, mom and I went looking for a pair of penny loafers for mom's costume for Wednesday. The theme of her office is the 1950's. We searched almost the whole mall before we found some at JC Penney's. They were men's since women's doesn't have a pair of genuine penny loafers. I also got me some super cute hats while I was there (not at Penney, at another store). I have pictures even!

The rest of Sunday was spent at home, relaxing. I took a nap for longer than I had wanted to. When I do, I generally have trouble sleeping later that evening, and I certainly did. In fact, I'm surprised I'm as alert as I was when I woke up this morning despite the fact that my brain wouldn't shut up.

I saw the second episode of Death Note Saturday. Needless to say, I love L's voice! It's the same actor who portrays Lt. Gaeta on BSG. Neat! And Light is beginning his decent nto madness. Fun fun.

And, despite the fact that the Red Tide decided to make an appearance, it's been pretty mild so far. Thankfully.

And I finally have a decent version of PhotoShop on my laptop! Whee!! I'm a little rusty, but I'm sure my skills will pick up again. Not that my skills were all that fantastic to begin with...

And I've yet to figure out how to insert pictures from my Scrapbook onto my client. Hrmmm...

Word of the Day: tawdry
Pronunciation: /TAW-dree/
adj : cheap and showy; garish
snapdragon76: this is made of win and awesome (L -- feet)
Every once in awhile, you get a day where it seems you can't do anything right. Today seemed to be one of those very days. I got notified of a few errors I'd made with some posting. now, I know I'm not the only one who makes errors, but when you get three all in the same day as well as having to make four corrections on the current stuff you're doing, it causes your self-esteem to take a bit of a beating.

The lunch we had from Hurricanes was very nice, except for the fact that they didn't have any honey mustard sauce for my wings...

Mom went home sick again today. This is like the second time in as many months too. There must be something going around in addition to the fact she works at a doctor's office. Now before anyone panics or anything, she' s not on the verge of death or anything like that. She's just got a bug, so no worries.

I was playing some Phantom Hourglass last night and now I'm stuck. I have to get to the port, but there are only two ways to get there, over a bridge or through a wooded area. Now, the bridge is destroyed due to monster created earthquake and the wooded area has monsters and I have no means to defend myself. I gotta figure out where to go from here. I knew I should've gotten that guidebook when I had a chance... I guess I could always go back to Gramps' and see if he has anything in his storehouse I could use.

I also got Twilight Princess in the mail yesterday. I hope to play it some this weekend if my shoulder holds out.

And there's still plenty of time to e-mail me your name an year of birth for the arty thing I wanna do. I know there are a lot of you who are busy and such, but it'll only take a few minutes and it'll be pretty painless. I'd appreciate it.

Finally, to those of you on my FL from SoCal, I hope things are all right for you in regards to the fires. My thoughts and and prayers are with you...

Word of the Day: dais
Pronunciation: /DAY-iss/
n : a raised platform, as in a lecture hall or room,generally for speakers
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It caaaaaaame!!!!! I have it sitting on my bet ATM, still in the box since I need to decide where to put it. I know mom wants to play some of the WiiSports games, but the living room is used a lot and I'd never have a chance to play any of my other games. In the meantime, my bedroom has the privacy (so I can move and lunge like a loon), but small space. I think I might be able to swing it, though.

And, like a dork, I took pictures...

Yesterday, I got the cables and my other two games Bleach: Shattered Blade and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My Zelda: Twilight Princess is on backorder... The combo deal I got also came with WiiPlay, which is kinda like the Sports one, but it has pool, table tennis and target shooting. It also comes with an extra controller.

Work was pretty much the same. I got off early so I could go to the bank and then the rental office where my package was. Tomorrow we're going to a lovely tea luncheon, which I'm looking forward to. The last one I went to was a Ladies Tea when we went with grandma.

Mom's getting her tires changed after church on Sunday, which she'd been wanting to do for awhile now. And, we made our reservations at the B&B in St. Augustine! *squees* I'm so excited!!

Anyway, there's still time to respond to my previous post. And you can send replies to my yahoo e-mail addy.

So I'm gonna browse through my FL and then open up my Wii and try to set it up.


Word of the Day: enate
Pronunciation: /enate/
adj : related on or descended from the mother's side of the family

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