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Friday's here! Yays!

According to my WiiFit, I've lost a total of 2.8 lbs over the course of a week. I totally rock! My BMI went down too. Whoo-hoo!

Mom and I are looking into moving into a larger apartment here in our complex. Right now we have a 2 bedroom 1 bath which has a total of 998 sq. ft. to a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a total of 1060 sq. ft. That's a difference of 62 sq. ft. Plus, the rent is actually cheaper than what we're paying now and I'd also have a walk-in closet and my own bathroom! So, we're negotiating with our leasing office, but it looks like it's a definite possibility. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time.

Naruto 440 is out. Awesome chapter.

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Tonight is the last episode ever of BSG. Rest in peace, Galactica...

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Where to begin. For starters, I will say I look like a lobster. Now, I'm a pretty pale person. Very few people are whiter than me. Right now, I look like Rudolph's nose, only on a much larger scale. Mercifully I slapped on at least some sunscreen, or it'd be a lot worse.

The reason for the toasting? Mom and I were out for the majority of the weekend. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Yes, Let's:

Friday: As some of you may know, I had my annual colonoscopy done. The actual procedure itself isn't the bad part, it's the prep beforehand. As I mentioned before, don't let this stuff fall into the hands of our enemies. Things turned out fine, just a wee bit of inflammation, but nothing serious. I spend most of Friday afternoon, waiting for the effects of the drugs to wear off and other after effects to subside. Towards the evening, I was feeling much better and mom and I decided to go out and get me my camera with some of my tax return money (it's the Nokia Coolpix S60 for the curious. Google it). I also got a video game and a few DVD's as well. On the way home we grabbed a bite to eat and stayed in the rest of the night.

Saturday: Our company has a deal where employees can go and get memberships to our local zoo. So mom and I set out in the morning (stopping to get pancakes first), and go to the zoo. It's not a large zoo, but it's nice enough. That day they were having a special "Green Day" where various companies would come and set up booths showcasing their environmentally friendly products. Mom and I are kinda into the Green thing, so we thought it'd be pretty interesting. So we got our memberships and toured the zoo for a good portion of the morning. I took my new camera... which I forgot to charge and ran out of power before we got past the giraffes. Mom had her extra camera (which is the same as my other one) so I was able to get some good shots using that. Hopefully I can post my pictures sometime soon.

Ate at Cracker Barrel. The waiter was cute, but not very attentive. He lost points. Got a glow-in-the-dark solar system for my ceiling.

Then came the grocery shopping. We had a small list, so it wasn't a large load. I did luck out, however, in finding me a WiiFit. Usually those things move like hotcakes are are never seen in stores. I was to the point I was beginning to think they were just a figment of my imagination. But no. There the were. The sales guy said they'd gotten a shipment in that day, which was why there were any there at all. Providence led us to that particular Wall-Mart, I do believe.

I go home and set up my WiiFit. Needless to say, I didn't particularly like what it had to say, brutal truth or not. But, maybe this way I can be a bit more disciplined. We'll see, I know where my discipline leads me...

Sunday: We decide to play hooky from church and head into Titusville and to the airport there (small airport, for non commercial aircraft). There's a Warbird Airshow! I have never been to one! It's pretty cool! I got lots of pictures (this time, I remembered to charge my camera battery). We grab our beach chairs from the back of the car and set them up along the "parade route" as it were. On the way over though I get BIT BY A FRIGGIN' FIRE ANT!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!! Despite this particular hardship, I press on, snapping pics of the planes and the battle reenactment that took place... to which I collected a spent shell casing. :DD

The flight demonstrations were really neat! I managed to shoot some video of a few of the planes in action, I just need to stitch them all together to make one video instead of several small ones.

One thing I was remiss on, however is the application of sunscreen. Hence the lobster effect. I got some on my legs, but I must've missed a spot because my one knee is as red as a beet. My face looks like a reverse raccoon. But I shall endure.

Work today was... okay. It seems that no one bothered to post my charges for the two days I was out, so they were there waiting for me when I came in this morning. And there some of them still sit, since I was only able to do a few of them... GAH!!

In fandom news, the latest chapter of Naruto had an interesting turn of events, It seems Naruto gets to meet his daddy... in a manner of speaking. It was pretty exciting for the majority of us in the fandom. Minato is a fave for quite a few of us, yours truly included. I'd always wanted Naruto to be able to find out the truth about his parents, little did I know it would be from the horse's mouth himself. "But wait," you ask yourself. "Isn't the Fourth Hokage supposed to be dead?" You'll just have to read on to find out, won't you? Moo ha haa!

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I wasn't planning on posting today because I didn't really feel like it, but I got tagged for a meme so I thought, "What the hell..."

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Work today was nuts. I hat EOM and bonus months. Ugh! I'm looking forward to the Pow wow tomorrow...

The latest chapter of Naruto was kind of depressing...
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Well, some interesting developments have happened in the Saga of the Hot Water HeaterTM. It was SUPPOSED to arrive today, however when mom called them today to reconfirm (she stayed home due to issues with her IBS), they had discovered it was 'lost' between Orlando and here. How one loses a hot water heater is beyond me. I mean, it's not that difficult to get to here from Orlando for Pete's sake. So HOPEFULLY it'll arrive later on this week so I can take an actual shower and not sponge baths.

Also, when mom called to see again about replacing my keyboard, she got disconnected due to 'technical difficulties'. Technical difficulties my ass. At this point, I'm willing to chuck the service coverage and just buy me a new frakkin' keyboard...

We're all set to take a walk through of the Barbie Dream Home Saturday at 10:00. I have a pretty good feeling about this... *rubs lucky rabbit foot just in case*

I bought the latest volumes of Naruto (at Wal-Mart of all places) and read them over the weekend. Only one thing kind of bothers me. When Asuma is killed by Hidan, Shikamaru and the rest of his team are all set to track him and his associate down to avenge their Master's death. Fine. However, one thing the editor of the English versions seemed to edit was the fact that Shikamaru had taken up smoking to, I dunno, honor his fallen Master. Now, I'm not one to endorse smoking. I know when I discovered my cousin started up with it, I was bitterly disappointed. But in this particular case, it was a relevant plot point. However, in the English version, they just eliminated the cigarette... not the hand motions associated with smoking a cigarette. So, basically, Shika was smoking invisible cigarettes. It's something that is definitely noticeable. He makes hand motions in one chapter where he's stubbing out a cigarette and pocketing the butt. In the original version of the chapter (which I pulled up to compare), it definitely makes it clear that's what he's doing. Viz's version? It just looks like he's making strange hand gestures near the ground and then clenching his fists. In another chapter, it looks like he's lighting mid air.

Now, I can kind of understand why Viz would be a little squeamish about portraying a 15-year-old smoking especially considering their demographic for this particular title, but I think it could've maybe been handled in a different way. Now, whether or not Shikamaru continues with the smoking habit in subsequent chapters, I don't know. I haven't read far enough ahead as of yet. And I can't believe I typed this much about this thing...

Anyway, enough about that. Most of my weekend was uneventful. I didn't even bother getting out of my pajamas on Saturday.

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Well, this week has been off to a great start so far...

I'm behind on my work at my job and there is no relief in sight thus far. My rebate I filled out for T-Mobile didn't come through because they said it was incomplete (WHAT?!?!) and I also discovered I'm ineligible for a stimulus check because my mom listed me as a dependent on her tax return. SNAP SMASH!!!

Plus, the pumps at the gas station are telling me I can't buy gas with my card for some reason. I KNOW I have enough money in there to at least do that! Stop crapping on my parade, life!!

Also, I think I'm PMSing. Terrif.

On the bright side, I was able to get my hands on a copy of MarioKart, which is awesome, BTW. It's such fun! My rating is 5th overall, but I hope to improve the more I play. I also read a magazine article on The Force Unleashed. It looks really cool. I'm pretty excited about it.

I also picked up a copy of Naruto 30 and Saiyuki RELOAD 8. Furuba 20 should be released soon. We're getting VERY close to the end.

We went to see Get Smart this weekend. It was pretty good.

Now I'm off to crawl under the covers and hope things start to improve out there before I get knocked upside the head again...

Today In History: 1961
The Antarctica Treaty, which made the Antarctic continent a demilitarized zone to be preserved for scientific research, went into effect. The original treaty, signed by 12 nations two years earlier, was revised in 1991 to include a ban on mineral and oil exploration for 50 years.
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Well, I mixed up my nummy-yummy TriLyte and put it in the fridge to chill. According to the instructions, it's supposed to taste better chilled. We'll see. I added cherry flavoring to it to see if it improves the taste. I keep having flashbacks to to horrible stuff I had to drink when I was in the hospital 7 1/2 years ago...

I just hope I'm able to get of of work at a decent time tomorrow. For one thing, I'll be feeling pretty crummy since I'll be consuming nothing but liquids the entire day. I need to eat regularly or else I get headaches. Fun fun.

The one reason I'm looking forward to all of this is because I get a day off of work... let's be honest here.

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I got my set of Count Duckula DVD's today! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! I also got the latest volume of Kaze Hikaru, which I'll be reading soon. Hopefully I'll be able to play my new Naruto game sometime too.

Speaking of which, is it me or does Jiraya have his nose pierced? Look at a color manga image sometime. Instead of being flesh-colored, the "mole" he has is colored... silver. Trufax!

Today in History: January 30,1798
The first brawl in the U.S. House of Representatives was witnessed by legislators as congressmen, Matthew Lyon and Roger Griswold duked it out right there on the House floor. The spat occurred when Lyon spit in Griswold’s face.
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I just finished playing WiiTennis as Tenel Ka and I KICKED ASS!!! I got 138, which is the highest I've ever gotten! Maybe it's because I've been playing for awhile now, or it could be because TK is THAT much of a bad ass. I was gonna play as Jacen afterward, but since the first game was so intense, I didn't. Maybe Wednesday. If I get to go to D*C, I'm totally bringing my Wii.

Maybe I should try to channel her when playing Mario Galaxy...

If I get to go to D*C, I'm totally bringing my Wii.

I had to get some blood work done this afternoon for my Colonoscopy on Friday. The actual procedure itself isn't that big a deal, especially since I'll be unconscious during it. What I'm really dreading is the prep. for one thing, I have to drink this stuff:

It's FOUR FRAKKIN' LITERS!!! Imagine drinking two 2 liter bottles of the nastiest soda you've ever drunk over the course of the evening. That's what my Thursday late afternoon/evening is going to be like. There's four "flavor packets" included which is supposed to make it taste better, but it won't help. All of this plus, the 2 hour season premiere of Lost is going to be that night...

We cleaned mostly this weekend. We got a carpet spot cleaner due to the fact we have a cat who likes to make messes. It works pretty well, too.

We also managed to do laundry despite not having our new dryer yet. Luckily our apartment complex has a decent Laundry Room.

I also bought some new clothes Saturday. Just another pair of jeans and a few tops and shirts. I bought a neat pair of kicks also! They're retro looking and cool!

I got the newest DVD of Bleach and Death Note as well as the new Naruto Wii game (which I've yet to play).

Speaking of which, I saw the conclusion of the Naruto and Sasuke fight and it looks like there might be MORE FILLERS coming!!!! Argh!!

Now I gotta try to write out my profiles for my OC in the Kriff Thiss! RP...

Today in History: January 28,1934
Robert Royce’s ski lift was used for the first time in Woodstock, Vermont. Previously, snow skiers had no way to get to the top of the mountain conveniently.
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Work was so-so today. I had some minor errors pointed out to me today, but they were fairly easily taken care of, so nothing too stressful. I think I handled it quite well, I must say. No meltdowns for me!

I just finished a rigorous game of Wii Tennis, but instead of playing as myself, I played as Mii versions of Rukia and Ichigo. Hurr... Rukia kicked Ichigo's ass, I must say. He had a tendency to hit the ball too hard and cause it to go out of bounds. *whistles innocently*

I think Wednesday I'll play as Jacen and Tenel Ka.

I tried to find a picture frame for the IchiRuki fanart [ profile] secondlina drew for me. I got an 8x10 frame, thinking it'd be big enough, but it wasn't. I'd have to either trim it or fold it in order to fit, both things I don't wanna do 'cause it's an original. So it's back on my closet door (which is metal and can use magnets) so it'll stay nice and crease free. So I need to find another one. I've also been meaning to find frames for the Runaways print I bought and an art piece I did years ago. I have a blank spot on my wall for it and everything.

Mom stayed home today because she was congested (or so she said), so she finished the laundry we started. She had to use the laundry room because our dryer is drying a slow death. Hopefully we can find the right part for it. Ideally, I'd like to get a new washer/dryer set... kinda like the ones we used last night at a friends of ours' house. Yes, we came to socialize and we took our laundry with us...

Naruto is getting to the point where I'll watch it again. Mostly because of the fight between him and Sasuke. I tell you, some of the fight sequences were pretty awesome, I must say.

Now, I must poke my muse with the cattle prod again so I can start writing stuff for ATACT again...

Today in History: The "Nautilus", the first atomic-powered submarine, was launched in Groton, Connecticut. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower christened the vessel with a bottle of champagne.
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Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

That's right! It finally came! I'm really excited. I saw some video of people playing it on wii. com and it looks super fun!

Guess what else came! My new laptop bag!! It's just the right size! It even has a cell phone pocket and a cup holder inside!

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The majority of my weekend was spent watching a mini-marathon of The Office. Such fun. I also was loaned a couple of Tori DVD's to watch as well. I need to find a time to watch them sometime too, although I might buy me a set of my own!

Of course, a good chunk of my weekend was spend basking in the glow of being right! I was posting on my fandom journal [ profile] ryudoshi about the three volumes of Naruto I bought and read. I was looking up images on Wikipedia to explain about my theory about Naruto being the son of the Fourth Hokage. Well, imagine my surprise when it was indeed confirmed to be true. Of course, the fact that they looked so similar was a big honkin' clue right there. We also "meet" his mommy, whom he gets his surname and his personality from.

Seeing as this was apparently unveiled in September sometime thereabouts and considering I've been a bit removed from the fandom while the anime is airing the fillers here in the US, this isn't new. But to me, it is! so yay!

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And I naturally got new icons...

And a happy birthday to [ profile] ichiban_victory!!

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Kids say the darndest things...

I ordered Super Mario Galaxy form Amazon and should be getting it on Monday... just in time for the Wii New Years party we're going to. I also got a guidebook as well. I need all the help I can get.

After work, I joined the fitness center, which if free for those of us with a particular insurance since it's the same company who owns the fitness center. There are a few classes I'm interested in, mostly Pilates and yoga. A lot of them are during the day, though...

I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a few volumes of Naruto. Not the whole series, mind you, just the volumes featuring the fight between Naruto and Sasuke (which then leads into the Shippuden Arc (I think I spelled that right)...

I also got the latest Buffy comic and the newest Princess Diaries book also. It was less of a mad house than the last time I went, that's for sure...

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and pleasant New Years! See you in 2008!

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