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Sorry I've been so sporadic with my posting on here. My depression sometimes tells me why I even bother since hardly anyone reads it, but I know a few of you still do, so I appreciate it.

Health wise things seem to be getting better. I still have a few problem areas, but otherwise I'm doing good overall. Maybe now that we're getting into fall, things will get even better. I do know there are those out there who have it worse than I do, so I guess I'm appreciative for that at least.

Things at work are actually pretty good. I think it's partially because I'm working on changing my overall attitude to try and become a better person. I don't want to be the kind of person who holds onto all of the petty crap and bitterness that happened in the past. It does nothing but hold you back keeping you from moving forward with your life. It won't always be easy, but it's worth it to try.

I also think it helps with the fact that my co-worker that had the most issues with everything is no longer there and not feeding into the situation. I still keep in contact with her and we're still friends and all and I value that friendship, but she's a bit anti-social and misanthropic. So since she's not at work anymore, it helps to stay focused on other stuff and not get dragged down by the little unimportant things.

There's still heavy talk of a buyout, but some of us had a meeting with our supervisor last week and the subject was addressed. It seems for the most part that our department will most likely stay intact. My boss reasons that since we have the more advanced computer system, that it would be foolish to get rid of people who have been using it for awhile and are familiar with it. And since we'll be implementing a new data entry system (which will take a few years to be fully operational) that we'd still be needed. Now, granted this is all guessing, but it still gives me some relief to say the least.

Mom and I are prepping for our vacation in three weeks. I'm so excited! We're going to be in Tennessee and see the fall colors and the beautiful mountains and the crisp air. It's gonna be very hard for me to go back. Especially since more friends of ours moved up there this weekend. I keep hoping and praying that the opportunity will arise for us to make the move up there once and for all. Hopefully...

I finished my reread of Furuba yesterday. I still get the warm fuzzies when I read the last chapter. I have such affection for this series as well as the friends I met through it that it makes me smile every time. I may reread my Ouran series next, even though I'm missing the first ten books. I hope to be able to acquire them at some point in time. Either that or High School Debut, another shoujo series that I find cute and charming. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Well, happy fall everyone! Enjoy the changing of the leaves, the cooler air, pumpkin flavored everything and the coming holidays!
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Well, I'm still having some health issues. this has been a really crappy summer thus far healthwise.

I saw the Endocrinologist last week. He was very personable and helpful. He did a physical exam and said things looked good in that regard, but the elevated THS could be a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain and had me do some blood work. I haven't heard the results yet.

I still have some infections that I'm dealing with, but to my continued annoyance. It's not nearly as bad as it was, but I'd still like things to be back to they way it was before this whole adventure. I no longer have the rash, but I'm still dealing with dry skin. And now the dermatitis on my face has returned with a vengeance and now I feel like a lizard. I might as well put a bag on my head and be done with it all.

We're going to be leaving for vacation in a couple of weeks and I highly excited about it. We're off to Tennessee and I know it'll be fabulous! I love the area and am looking forward to the fall colors and cooler weather. Mom and I still have some stuff to do before we leave, so we're working on that.

People at work seem to be jumping ship left and right. We lost three people that I know of just in the past few weeks. I don't know if they're leaving due to the buy out or not. I know we'll be downsized, so that might be part of the reason people are leaving, but as for me I'm not going anywhere mostly because I have nowhere to go. I am worried that I might lose my job and what I'd do if that happens, but I'm not gonna stress out about it until I know for sure.

I've recently been rereading my Furuba manga. It takes me back so much. I rewatched the anime as well, but nothing compares to the original manga. I almost forgot how much I adore this series. Through it I've made so many of my friends that I still have, so it'll always be special to me.
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Took some pictures of the Woodie that was parked next to us in the parking lot at the grocery store over the weekend. It looks pretty bitchin'!

Went to see The Hangover also with a friend. It's pretty funny, but definitely NOT for the easily offended!

The A/C issues has kinda been resolved at work. We fiddled with the vents some and it helped for it not being so cold. Unfortunately, it made the room kinda stuffy. You can't win for losing.

Been rereading some Saiyuki Reload. Afterwards, gonna reread Furuba, from beginning to end...
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Well, today I purchased the final volume of Furuba in English. It's very surreal to me to be sure. The review I wrote on my GoodReads profile I think sums it up nicely:

The final volume. The end has come, and a bittersweet one it is.

My fondness for this series goes beyond just the art and story itself (although I love both), but for the wonderful friendships I made due to it. Friends I still have to this day.

Even though it's been over for awhile over in Japan, I always had the English volumes to look forward to. No more.

Needless to say, I almost cried when picking it up at the bookstore. I doubt I'll ever find another series that has the same impact this one had.

Thank you, Takaya-sensei.

This weekend looks to be small. That's fine. I'm not someone who needs to be on the go all the time. I'm more of a homebody anyway. Mom and I are probably gonna mix up a few drinks and watch a movie and kick back. Sounds like a fun time to me.
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Well, today I purchased the final volume of Furuba in English. It's very surreal to me to be sure. The review I wrote on my GoodReads profile I think sums it up nicely:

The final volume. The end has come, and a bittersweet one it is.

My fondness for this series goes beyond just the art and story itself (although I love both), but for the wonderful friendships I made due to it. Friends I still have to this day.

Even though it's been over for awhile over in Japan, I always had the English volumes to look forward to. No more.

Needless to say, I almost cried when picking it up at the bookstore. I doubt I'll ever find another series that has the same impact this one had.

Thank you, Takaya-sensei.

This weekend looks to be small. That's fine. I'm not someone who needs to be on the go all the time. I'm more of a homebody anyway. Mom and I are probably gonna mix up a few drinks and watch a movie and kick back. Sounds like a fun time to me.
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I went to see my doctor today. He harped on me about my weight. AGAIN. Yes, I admit I gained a few pounds. Mostly from having a job where I sit all the time and lack of physical activity like I was doing before. It's not like I'm a big eater. I never have been. I don't go and horf down an entire bag of Cheetos in one sitting or anything. Plus, this is coming from a man with a very slight build who probably never had a weight issue in his life. Not everyone is meant to be stick figures there, Twiggy. Plus my stout German stock is kinda working agi'n me.

Besides, according to my WiiFit, I've lost almost 3 pounds just in this one week alone. Not too bad...

We went to a Spring Training baseball game where the Washington Nationals (the "home team") played against the St. Louis Cardinals. We got creamed pretty much. These guys are supposed to be Major League professionals? Mom and I left during the seventh inning stretch... and they hit a Grand Slam in the eighth. Typical. They still lost though it was far less embarrassing for them.

I caved and bought the two disk set of Twilight. Does that make me a bad lolfan? I still laughed in the inappropriate spots. I may watch the extras sometime too, because I do like the behind-the-scenes types stuff. I was going to watch Bolt also, but I got sucked into the 1999 version of David Copperfield with lil DanRad in it to watch it. Ahhh, well. Another time maybe.

And it seems I already bought vol. 22 of Furuba. I didn't think I had, but it must've been out early or something. I need to dig it out from wherever I stashed it and read it again to follow along with [ profile] umadoshi's and [ profile] flamika's reviews.

I didn't exercise as long today because the Red Tide has come ashore and exercising during high tide isn't very fun at all...

Birthdays Today: Joan Crawford [Lucille LeSueur]
Academy Award-winning actress
b: 1904 - 1977 <--- wow, Emi.You share a birthday with ms. "no more wire hangers." scary.

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Well, the majority of our Saturday was spent waiting in line to vote. We waited a total of four hours... and it rained. But, we knew we'd never have the time to do it on Tuesday. Afterward we stopped by Denny's because needless to say, I was STARVING!!! Mom was still feeling a little under the weather still, so even though she ate, she regretted it later.

My Halloween was uneventful, as it usually is. I'm OK with that. Besides, as evidenced by my previous post, I was shredded.

Sunday was kinda boring. I went to church and then out to lunch and then practically bought out the bookstore in order to catch up with my manga. It sucks not having a car of my own to go weekly to the bookstore like I once did... Woe!

Among the books I bought was the newest volume of Furuba. Volume 21 to be specific. We're getting close to the end. Only two more volumes to go. I wonder if I should have a moment of silence once I get volume 23 or not...

Hanajima my spear! Bring me my spear! )

Today in History: 1839
The first Opium War between China and Britain began when British frigates blew up several Chinese junks off Canton after coming under attack.
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Hey all...

Today was boring. I had no checks come in and very few charges, so I spent the majority of the day scrolling through TV Tropes all day.

We didn't do much of anything over the holiday weekend. Stayed home and watched the fireworks on TV. Played a few video games, ran some errands. That was pretty much it. It's OK though. Some days are like that.

Bought a few DVD's. Persepolis and Be Kind Rewind. The first one is pretty good. Very gripping. I watched it in French with the subtitles. I dunno how the English version is though. They got some of the same actors to reprise their roles, except in English.

I also bought volume 20 of Furuba and volume 29 of SDK. Both are nearing the end. I'll try to write up my impressions of Furuba at least sometime. I tend to slack off in that regard.

I finalized some plans with my dad for this summer. We're gonna be doing a lot of stuff in the few days we have. One day there's going to be an after wedding party, which I'm kinda thrown in the middle of, but since it was preplanned already...

I'll try not to let my "inner introvert" freak out too much, as Ysa is fond of saying. I don't do large crowds very well, even less so if it's with people I'm largely unfamiliar with. Needless to say, I never attended very many parties in my younger days.

Mom and I set up appointment to get massages and mani/pedi's the weekend before we leave (which happens to be the day before my birthday). I'm pretty excited. I've never had a massage that wasn't from Massage Therapy students. Moreover, my masseur is a guy! *eep* Name JASON! O_O I'll try not to wig out too much. Either that, or I'll turn beet red...

Today in History: 1802
The first comic book was published in Hudson, New York. It was about "The Wasp" and was created by Robert Rusticoat.
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I forgot today was St. Patrick's Day. I have green eyes though, so I think I'm covered.

I did next to nothing this weekend, which is perfectly fine once in awhile. I did have me a Potter-a-thon over the weekend, so that was fun. Speaking of which, it's been reported that the final book, Deathly Hallows (I wanna spell it like they do on Bleach), will be divided into two films. I can kinda see why though. It's a fairly thick book with a lot of important stuff going on and nothing can really reasonably be cut.

I need to get my ass in gear and start writing something on the Kriff This! RP forum. I have kinda an idea to start with, but I need to try to flesh it out and write it down somewhat coherently.

The clip on my iPod case broke, so I have to stick it my my pocket. I dunno if I wanna bother with getting another one.

I have this sore or something in my ear that hurts like a bitch. I think the ear is one of the most sensitive places, and to get a sore in there is no fun AT ALL!! Especially when I have to shove my earphones in my ear. Argh!

Well, so much for my boring recollection of my weekend. I think Furuba 19 is out already, so I need to check and see. I swore I would try to cut back on my book buying, but some habits are hard to break...

Today in History: 1948
The Brussels Treaty, a 50-year alliance between Britain, France and the Benelux countries, was signed to provide for military cooperation in the event of an attack.
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Ever have one of those days? I did today.

When I came in, it was business as usual. Then I was notified about an error I had made on Monday. Now errors are generally no big deal. every one makes then once in awhile. But this one was following notification of another error I had made, in addition to the one before, so my self-esteem was already considerably bruised as it was.

So I was very down in the dumps for the majority of the day. And today of all days was the big Thanksgiving shindig our office had, and I couldn't even eat anything because my appetite had left me. So I missed out on pie.

I shouldn't let such minor things get to me, but I guess I feel that whenever I make an error, I'm letting the people I work for down and I kinda take it personally. Yet another personality flaw I dislike...

And, as it turned out, the "error" wasn't technically an error at all. Of course, by the time I discovered it, my supervisor had left for the day. I sent her an e-mail pointing it out, though.

I applied the salve of manga onto my wounded ego, however. I stopped by BAM and found Furuba 18, SDK 25 and TB 4.

Word of the Day: chaste
Pronunciation: /chayst/
adj : not having indulged in sexual activity; celibate

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Me and my insurance card will conquer the world! Just the two of us!

Had a doctor's appointment today. It went well. Still healthy, so that's good to know. He did mention something about my weight. I mean, I'm not fat by any means, but it seems I'm on the "high normal side of the BMI." Bleh. I know I need to be more active and stuff. I've been trying to watch what I eat and all, but I can probably do a bit better. I need to get more active and all too. We have a small exercise room here at the complex, but we need to look into using it. I guess this also means that I need to drag out my Yoga books again... Maybe I'll actually get around to kissing my lil jelly rolls good-bye.

Was I ever swamped at work today! I had a ton of fee tickets come in and was only able to post about half of them before I had to leave. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

After weeks of waiting, I FINALLY got my grubby mitts on a copy of the Furuba Cat Fanbook. *squee* And I squeed at seeing [ profile] umadoshi's name!! BTW, interesting middle name you have there, Ysa.

Oh, and I happened to notice a small error, too. In Ayame's profile, a quote that was spoken by Haru ended up under Aya's profile instead. Other than that, an excellent job!

And I got vol 6 of ES and more Bleach (of course).

ch 291 comments )

You should see what I have in my Mac dock. It's silhouettes of Mike and the
'bots! I got them from [ profile] lx. They're pretty nifty! I I like seein' 'em down there.

Well, I got towels to finish washing, so I'll be off. Hopefully the floor will support my weight...

Word of the Day: parturition
Pronunciation: /par-chuh-RISH-un/
n : The act or process of bringing forth young; childbirth
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Today I posted checks, which I don't like as much as posting the fee tickets. You have to make sure everything is added up just so or else you have to stay and fix it until it does. It also causes you to wanna rip your hair out sometimes. One of these days, I'd like to add up on the first try...

I got the first two disks of Gatchaman in the mail from Netflix. I watched the first episode and had a good chuckle out of it. Oh, 1970's animation, how you make me laugh. I dunno if I'll be able to get through this series with a straight face. I do wonder, though, how'd they make it nowadays...

I was able to find a copy of Furuba 17 and am anxiously waiting to read it. Heee!

I also saw that Tori is coming to my hometown in November! Practically in my backyard. I may have to look into tickets... *strokes chin thoughtfully*

And, as [ profile] elantis would say, Now I must away!

Word of the Day: inveigh
Pronunciation: /in-VAY/
v : to make a violent verbal attack or protest vehemently
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Today was another fun filled day at the festering boil known as work. I came close to having a breakdown a few times, but I bucked up and sucked it up. I'm not gonna let them win! They will not break me! Man, it's times like this I wish I was a Jedi. Of course, if that were the case, I'd probably be risking my neck in some adventure. But, that would probably be better than this.

So I hope I can be delivered from my own private Circle of Hell any day now...

I did get some insoles for my shoes, and they helped some, but my feet were still killing my toward the end. I wanted to chop them off. I came home and soaked them in my foot spa. That felt so good...

I also got purple highlighter on my pants. *facepalm*

The one bright shining beacon of my day was that I got my Furuba volumes!!! *squeeeeeeeeeee* So pretties! Volumes 22, 23 and the new fanbook for those who were wondering. The fanbook has a little pull-out booklet full of the color illustrations without the text! Neat! I can't read the text, but I can look at the pretty pictures.

*collapses from exhaustion*

Word of the Day: pinion
Pronunciation: /PIN-yun/
v : to shackle or bind
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Well, I did filing today. I had a brief moment where my frustration was beginning to get to me, but it didn't last very long fortunately. I'll have more to do tomorrow I know. Oh, well. One day at a time is my new motto.

Mom and I visited the traveling Vietnam Memorial at the park this weekend. I did see the real one in D.C, but this one was just as moving. Mom left something in remembrance for a guy she knew at school who was killed over there. There was a memorial for the War Dogs that had gone over. I almost became emotional at that point, actually. I guess different things affect different people differently.

Saturday wasn't too bad either. Mostly what I did (as well as everyone else there) was pull out the documents generated by the computer charts so that the remainder of the charts can be scanned into the computer charts later on. It actually does make sense in a way.

When I'm out Wednesday to get my oil changed (and to do a few other things), I might look into getting a longer Ethernet cord. Right now, I'm sitting at the end of my bed since that's as far as the cord will reach for my laptop. Therefore, I have no back support and it can get a bit uncomfortable after too long. I'd like to be able to lay back like I could when my AirPort was working...

I was able to find volume 5 of Kaze Hikaru Saturday after work. I was so excited. Not as much Okita/Sei squish, but still a good read. I still haven't received my volumes of Furuba I ordered form YesAsia even though they were supposed to have been shipped Wednesday. IIRC, it took a while from my last order from them to get to me. However, I did get my recent issue of Runaways today, so that'll sooth my annoyance to a degree...

And I think The Red Tide is about to rear it's ugly head. I'm more hormonal than usual, as my subject line will attest to.

Word of the Day: fealty
Pronunciation: /FEE-al-tee/
n : faithfulness
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Today was my second day at work in the new building. It went better than yesterday. But then of course, my feet were hurting me and when my feet hurt, I can be a bit bitchy. Plus, I was all angsty and emo about the change of my work environs when I was perfectly happy where I was. Don't get me wrong, the people I've met so far seem very nice. I guess I was feeling a bit... unappreciated? But, today was better. I was determined to make the best of it and I have an activity I can do pretty well so that's something. We'll see how Monday goes.

Tomorrow I report somewhere else for work as well. I'll try to make the best of that as well. I hope I can hear something positive in regards to the Data Entry position... *crosses fingers*

Right now I'm on my Mac because there's something screwy going on with my PC. I still haven't figured out what's wrong with my AirPort, so I'm hooked into my Ethernet. I don't like being tethered, but what're you gonna do...

OK, all you Mac people listen up. How do I get a program I downloaded installed onto my Mac? I've searched and I haven't cracked that nut. So any help is greatly appreciated.

Still haven't received my Furuba volume and the Fan Book. Hopefully soon. *crosses fingers again*

Word of the Day: calumny
Pronunciation: /KAL-um-ni/
n : slander
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It's such a nice day out. Nice enough to go swimming. Although in order to do so, I'd need to shave closely, and I really don't feel like doing it just for swimming. I generally do it in the shower anyway, and I don't like showering before I swim. I like to do it after so I can wash the chlorine out of my hair before it turns funky colors.

Hopefully I can get down to the wire and find out what the hell is wrong with my Internet connection on Hakuryuu. I found my IP address on Snoopy and maybe that'll help. They always say you need to know what it is. I dunno. I can usually figure things out pretty well, and I'm bound and determined to figure this out too.

I did manage to fix my iPod though. I just had to reset it and it worked perfectly fine. Strange.

I have a number of things I'd like to try to do today. Mostly computer related. I want to fiddle around with my iTunes and maybe find some songs I'm missing and find out why some of the songs on my iPod don't play. Plus, I want to get started on a story idea I've had for awhile for ATACT.

I also need to vacuum the floors and do a load of towels. Man, I've got a lot to squeeze into one day. Sheesh.

Oh, and next week Fruits Basket 16 comes out. I found volume 23 and the new fanbook online, but I want to wait until my next paycheck before I splurge.

Also next week something else comes out. Saiyuki. Reload. 7. Two words. Youkai. Hakkai. *drools*

Word of the Day: lucid
Pronunciation: /LOO-sid/
adj : clear in intellect and easy to follow
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Ugh. Mondays are hell. I was so slammed today. I had a lot of charts to scan today since people tend to see the doctor on a Monday since they were held over from the weekend. That in itself wasn't so bad, but then I had messages for part of the day, and that kept me too busy to return to my scanning for a good portion of the time. So needless to say, I still have stuff to do tomorrow when I go in in the morning.

Plus, I have to get up early so I can go and vote when the polls open since we're not gonna make it after work. The non-early riser inside of me is complaining bitterly about it.

And, I have to fix my dinner and take a shower as well. *screams*

OK, onto the weekend:


Errands mostly. I had to go to the mall and get my pants for work (and a few shirts as well). Then a stop to the bookstore. I crapped out there except for a few magazines. Then we got groceries. It took a good part of the day...

Movie night was Over The Hedge. Still incredibly cute. I loved it.


Church. We had a membership meeting afterwards. The Ooma was there! And I actually talked to him, too! It helps that mom was a buffer. I'm slowly working up my nerve...

Different bookstore. Jackpot! I got Legacy 4 (even though I was looking for 5), SDK 20, Immortal Rain 7 and Trinity Blood 1. Good times!

I also discovered that my dad fell from a ladder sometime last week and broke his leg. *facepalm* I chewed him out via e-mail. So he's laid up for 6-8 weeks, which I'm sure he's thrilled about.

On to fandom news. Furuba 135 is out. A very bittersweet chapter, but it ties up some loose ends, so it was good.

SDK was good. I was glad 'Tora got to shine since he's terribly underused. I mean, I know it's Kyo's book, but still. A lot of the other minor characters seems to get more attention that 'Tora does, so I have to support him whenever I can.

And Immortal Rain 7 was much joy. Heee! I hope to do more detailed squeeage on my Greatest Journal, but not this coming weekend since I'll be out of town starting Thursday (heads up, FL).

Hopefully tomorrow I'll not be to much of a zombie and a cranky cuss, but I make no promises.

Be sure to vote tomorrow!!!

Trivia of the day: Alcoholics are twice as likely to confess a drinking problem to a computer than to a doctor, say researchers in Wisconsin.
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Day Two of scanning. All is going well. I seem to be keeping up with the demands so far. *crosses fingers* And boy, was I mighty comfy in my jeans. I need to go this weekend and get some pants so I can have other things to wear during the week.

Onto entertainment news:

Lost )

Veronica Mars )

And I saw a brief summary for Furuba 135. A tear-jerker to be sure. But it's nice to see that particular loose end tied up. *siiiigh* The end is nigh.

And I've been perusing my newly acquired raw scans of Kaze Hikaru. Much cuteness involved. Poor Saito, though...

The leftover spaghetti I had for lunch today really hit the spot. Now to decide what to do for supper...

Trivia of the day: The evolution of social life in ants and termites has been accompanied by an extraordinary royal perk -- a 100-fold increase among queen ants in average maximum lifespan, with some queens surviving for almost 30 years. This longevity can be attributed in part to the sheltered and pampered life of the royal egg layer.
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Well, being that yesterday was Labor Day, we pretty much took it easy most of the day. We did go out to run a few errands, but aside from that, we stayed in. It's still too hot to do much of anything outdoors. The good news is is that the pool has finally been fixed, so it's open for business. I may stop by sometime this week...

There were a ton of marathons on TV yesterday, so I switched between CSI and M*A*S*H. Later in the evening I watched the final two episodes of Season One of Veronica Mars that I missed during my original marathon...

And I was shocked to hear that the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin died! I somehow had the feeling he'd eventually die from an animal, but not this soon. He had a wife and two young children left behind.

I heard from some sources that Hot Gimmick 12 is out now (the final volume). I'll have to swing by Barnes & Noble tomorrow and have a looksee. I'd do it today, but it's Tuesday and I'm sans automobile on Tuesdays.

Volume six of Kaze Hikaru looks to be incredibly cute. Quite a bit of Sei/Okita squee and we see Sei come into her own as a member of the Shinsengumi. I just wish I knew what was being said since I only have scans of the raws. And there are woeful amounts of summaries or translations available. I know many people were upset with the fact that it's not going to be in Shojo Beat anthology anymore, but I'm beginning to see it as a good thing since it means the volumes will be out sooner. Three is coming out in November and then 4 is supposed to come out in February, so that makes four months instead of six between volumes.

And I just got finished seeing digital camera pics of chapter 132 of Furuba. This is the first chapter of the final arc. The next one will be out on the 20th.

All will be well; Even after all the promises you've broken to yourself )

There's supposedly five different endings, but the publisher is only going to use one of them. I hope we get to see the other endings in some form or another. Mostly I want to see what eventually happens to everyone.

Trivia of the day: A Club Med survey found that couples who dieted while on vacation argued three times more often than those who didn't, and that those who didn't diet had three times as many romantic interludes. <---that's because people tend to be cranky when dieting
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Well, I finished my scarf... almost. I just have to add the fringe and then it'll be completely finished. Now I have to think of something else to work on now. Dare I tackle something larger?

And the cook-out last night was very nice. Someone brought homemade Pita bread chips and hummus. It was pretty good. Actually, the hummus tasted like the refried beans you get from Taco Bell (which isn't bad since I like them). Mom brought coleslaw from Chick-Fil-A that someone had at work. It was pretty good. I'm generally picky about my coleslaw.

And Ch. 130 of Furuba is out.

my thoughts... )

As for today, I have one little place to go and that'll probably be it today. I need to fold the towels sometime today, but that shouldn't take me too long. I also made me some more Star Wars wallpapers and I'm debating on if I should post them or not. Decisions decisions.

Trivia of the day: A cat keeps purring no matter if it is inhaling or exhaling, a baffling accomplishment.

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