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Rukia is awesome. She seems to be the only one to knock any degree of sense into Ichigo. Excellent chapter for the IchiRuki shippers. :DDD
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Rukia is awesome. She seems to be the only one to knock any degree of sense into Ichigo. Excellent chapter for the IchiRuki shippers. :DDD
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Well, the majority of Saturday was spent cleaning things off of some of my bookshelves and my closet in preparation to move. I did a lot, but it doesn't seem that way since there is so. much. more to do... While moving in and of itself can seem pretty exciting, like colonoscopies, the prep is the worst part. It doesn't help matters any that I'm a total pack rat. Yeah...

Work tomorrow is going to be interesting. It's EOM, which can be really hectic. THANKFULLY, it's not a bonus month! I may as well kill myself then and get it over with.

We may or may not be having ducks nest under the window again. I dunno. I think a lovely young couple were testing out the nest that was there before.

I read Vampire Knight 6 last night. Basically I'm buying this series for one reason: Zero. Everyone else: meh. Yuki is pretty much useless except for mainly having the two guys fall over themselves for her (for some reason). Kaname is basically a Gary Stu who's main purpose is to look pretty and give Yuki someone to fawn over, as well as everyone else in the series. JUST because he's a pureblood. He's practically a God Mod at this rate. Where's the Zero love, everyone? He's a hottie! Sure, he has MASSIVE emotional baggage and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but still. That can be over looked, can't it?

Whatever people...

I also read Bleach 26. I like having Rukia and Orihime working together. Some of the shippers out there are all determined that Orihime hates Rukia for being an obstacle in the way of Ichigo. Uh, no. She looks up to and respects Rukia, and Rukia is quite fond of Orihime as a friend and comrade. SO THERE!!!

I still ship IchiRuki though, don't get me wrong. *ahem*

Birthdays Today: Vincent van Gogh
b: 1853 - 1890

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Well, it's official. I am a sheep. I joined Facebook. Since so many people I know are on it, I figured, "Why not!" I already have a MySpace (which I swore never to do...), so why not something else to suck away my time! So any of you who want to friend me (and know my name), you can. I have six people on there already, more are welcome!

I have to try to get off work a little early tomorrow so I can take my MacBook and see why it wont start up. I tried doing what the instructions say, but they might as well be written in Greek or something for what it's worth. Still, I tried to no avail. So I'm gonna take it in to the local Mac specialist and see what they can do. Hopefully 1. they can salvage my laptop (I've formed quite an attachment to it, you know) and 2. it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Wish me luck!*lights incense and says chants over Hakuryuu*

Work was a bit hectic today. I had to catch up with the stuff I missed for the past two days. In actuality it didn't take as long as I thought it would. I think I'm getting faster. Still, after having two days off, it took me a bit to get used to the ol' routine. Not that I was playing hooky or anything those last two days or anything, although I did watch me some of my Count Duckula DVD's. LOL

I tried to play some more Mario Galaxy, even to the point of starting all over again. Yet, I STILL get stuck at the friggin' Black Hole on Planet D. Once I got soooooo close. I was able to get past the Piranha Plant and onto the switches, but when I went to hop up onto the wall to turn the wall switches off... I overshot it and fell into the Black Hole again. *sobs*

I played more of my Bleach game and moved onto the Arcade Mode. First I played as Renji (and kicked ass) then I played as Ichigo. I still won, but it took me a few times to win against Hitsugaya. As soon as I saw I was up against him, I was all, "Man, I am so gonna get my ass kicked." Of course, it doesn't help matters any that he has those ice wall shield thingies he uses. Still, eventually I was able to defeat him. Hell, I had a hard enough time defeating Uryuu!

So, the Super Bowl was last night. The Giants won. I was happy. Truthfully I wasn't rooting for either team, but I kinda sided with the underdog, so I was cool with it. The commercials were great though! A few of them made me laugh out loud. We were at friends of ours' house, so that made it all the better. It was fun.

Today in History: February 4, 1974
Patricia Hearst, the grand-daughter of the late William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
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Happy 2008 everyone!!! And, since I am a sheep, the year in review meme:

Take the first (and second if need be) sentence from the first entry of the month form last year and post them. That is your year in review.

January: Fifty books a month in my savings account? I can handle that... even though my bank account might not be able to.

February: Signs you may be watching 'Buffy' too much...You have a dream that you're Willow... and a werewolf. Eh-heh...

March: *fnarl* Well, apparently there was a meeting yesterday in the Med Recs department (that I missed since it was my day off). It seems as if the Med Rec department in the building where I work is going to be obsolete by the end of the year.

April: I think I'm an electronics jinx. My iPod vomited on me today.

May: Geez, one of these days, I'd like to have a Wednesday where I'm not going anywhere and I can just veg. Not even get out of my pajamas.

June: I got the full time position!!!!11!!!!!!

July: Well, I missed my chance to get home early. It all hinged on whether or not any fee tickets came in that needed posting.

August: Today was another early day for me. The beginning of the month is like that sometimes.

September: Happy Labor Day everyone!! It's nice having a paid day off from work.

October: News on the baby duck front: we have babies!!

November: I was supposed to have an annual job review (my very first, actually) which is related to if I get a raise or not.

December: Hmmm, where to start...

New Year's Eve was fun. We Wii'd our hearts out, despite there not being any Mario Galaxy... We played Carnival Games which was fun, since I don't get to play the competition part any. We ate some Chinese, which was delicious. Maybe I should do that for the Chinese New Year next month...

Yesterday during the day, I didn't do much of anything, which was entirely the plan. I watched a few movies: Saved! and The Simpsons Movie (which was my first time seeing it. Yes, I laughed). After that, I played on my Wii some more. The started with the Harry Potter game. And the wingardium leviosa spell is a lot harder than it looks, I tell ya. Then I played some Bleach, which I hadn't played in awhile. Usually I play against Renji, but this time I decided to play against Uryuu. Big mistake! I was only able to go bankai twice! Usually I'm able to a lot more times than that, but since my life bar was always low, I couldn't. Damn Ishida and his projectile weapons...

I was gonna take a bubble bath, too but I didn't. Maybe this weekend.

It's a little chilly here for us. It's 44° here (6.6° C for my Northern friends). Yes, for us, that's a mite cold. I wore my coat into work today. I'll probably have to do the same thing tomorrow.

Word of the Day: jackleg
Pronunciation: /JAK-leg/
1a: lacking skill or training *b: characterized by unscrupulousness or dishonesty 2: makeshift
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Man, it seems like every weekend I have gets sucked away... *siiiiigh* Saturday was mostly spent running errands, but they needed to be done. Before that though, mom went to her Weight Watchers meeting and I was catching up on some shows I had recorded but never got a chance to watch before.

We went to the camera store and mom was drooling over a camera case she wants. We then had lunch at a nearby diner where we ate the the counter, which I though was kinda fun. I liked watching the servers banter with the customers, each other and the cooking staff. That's the people watcher in me.

We then went to Best Buy to look at washer/dryers. I also bought the Bleach box set and a few other DVD's. I saw the Guitar Hero III on the shelves and subsequently drooled.

We then got groceries and called it a day. We didn't get home until about 4:30 or so. I spent the rest of the day mostly watching my Bleach episodes.

Sunday I woke to discover that a bird (or, more likely an entire FLOCK) decided to use my car as target practice. So I had to drive to church with my car marked up. *fnarl*

After church got out, I grabbed a bite and went home, ate and changed my clothes. Then I took my car to get washed of it's new "paint job." After that, I went home, started on some laundry and uploaded more CD's onto my iTunes.

I also watched the first disk of Princess Tutu. I LOVE it!!! *squeeee* Duck is so adorkable!! And I think I have a slight crush on Fakir. I was so enamored (even from just watching the first five episodes) that I bought the yet-to-be released box set from Amazon! I know the series gets darker as it progresses, but I have a feeling it's a definite keeper.

And I bought gas today after work... at $3.12 a gallon!!!!!! Holy !#*@#$&&)@#(!!!!!

New episode of Heroes tonight. After last week's shocker, I wonder what other surprises are in store?

ETA: I forgot to mention that I was successful in my search for Michael Bublé tickets! Yay! And they're on the lower tier!

Word of the Day: malevolent
Pronunciation: /muh-LEV-uh-lunt/
adj : exhibiting or wishing harm to others; malicious

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So this weekend was a pretty full one.

Saturday, mom went with my aunt to a High School Marching Band competition. It was mostly bands from our area, though. My high school got high marks, so that was good to hear. It took them most of the day.

I was out getting my tires realigned, which took an hour and a half for some reason. After I finished with that, I headed over to Best Buy in a fruitless attempt to buy the Bleach box set that's supposedly out. So I decided to get the individual disks instead along with King Kong and Hellboy as well as a few more games for my DS and some guide books. I did this despite the fact that I have no room to put them...

Then I went to the bookstore to "browse" and ostensibly buy another Tori Amos CD so I can get in the mindset for the concert on the 18th. Not a tremendous amount of selection, however. I did buy a magazine and a book on iPods, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Then I swung by the mall to have a look around in the hopes of perhaps buying another pair of work pants. No such luck, however. I did get friendly with a few kittens at the pet store! ^_^

I bought a pair of shoes and had lunch then went home. I played more Wii and got a good workout with the boxing game, actually. And I totally got a knockout! Awesome! I also played more Bleach and then I watched a couple of movies: The most recent live action version of Peter Pan and Night At The Museum. Very cute! I played some Tetris DS a bit too.

Sunday was really busy as well. After church, mom and I went looking for a pair of penny loafers for mom's costume for Wednesday. The theme of her office is the 1950's. We searched almost the whole mall before we found some at JC Penney's. They were men's since women's doesn't have a pair of genuine penny loafers. I also got me some super cute hats while I was there (not at Penney, at another store). I have pictures even!

The rest of Sunday was spent at home, relaxing. I took a nap for longer than I had wanted to. When I do, I generally have trouble sleeping later that evening, and I certainly did. In fact, I'm surprised I'm as alert as I was when I woke up this morning despite the fact that my brain wouldn't shut up.

I saw the second episode of Death Note Saturday. Needless to say, I love L's voice! It's the same actor who portrays Lt. Gaeta on BSG. Neat! And Light is beginning his decent nto madness. Fun fun.

And, despite the fact that the Red Tide decided to make an appearance, it's been pretty mild so far. Thankfully.

And I finally have a decent version of PhotoShop on my laptop! Whee!! I'm a little rusty, but I'm sure my skills will pick up again. Not that my skills were all that fantastic to begin with...

And I've yet to figure out how to insert pictures from my Scrapbook onto my client. Hrmmm...

Word of the Day: tawdry
Pronunciation: /TAW-dree/
adj : cheap and showy; garish
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Yes, I changed my layout again. It's more Halloween-y this time around. Bats!!! Coooool! I wonder if it'll be permanent later on...

I also got my Bleach figures today! Ichigo and Rukia natch. And I took pictures. I may upload them later on. The detail is pretty cool, too. They're standing in front of my monitor as I type this. You should see the wee little Kon that came with Rukia! He's even poseable!

Mom went to work for a full day today for the first time this week. The bronchitis she had really knocked her down. So she has to stay a little late in order to try to catch up. Bummer.

Work was OK for me today. Pretty much the same as usual. It was kinda slow, but that might've been because it was a Friday.

I haven't been as alert during the day as I used to be. Despite the fact I want to play on my Wii some more, I may have to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Especially if I don't want to over sleep tomorrow and get a headache from it. I may play a little bit tonight though.

Tomorrow I'm getting my tires aligned and possibly doing some other errands. Depends on the weather really and if I feel like it or not...

Word of the Day: lank
Pronunciation: /langk/
adj : tall, slender, and lean

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This weekend was fun, if a little short.

The tea/luncheon was very pleasant. We stayed and chatted for several hours and it was very nice. However it did eat up a lot of time, but it was time well spent.

That night, I played some more of my Wii and tried out my new Bleach game. It. Is. Awesome. However, by the end of my session, I felt like my arm was about to fall off. If I was more creative, I'd have drawn a little cartoon of me standing and holding my Wii controller and nunchuck and looking at my right arm on the floor. The caption would read, "Dude, and that was only the training level." Hee!

I didn't fare too badly, despite the fact that I was dueling Renji and he has Zabimaru which can stretch... the dirty (but pretty hot) cheater. I was able to go Bankai (since I was playing as Ichigo) and knock him down several times though.

I was able to catch the Death Note anime. I thought I was pretty decent. I liked the voices of Light and Ryuk. Never having seen the Japanese version, it seemed pretty faithful.*shrugs* I dunno...

Sunday I went to church and afterward I stopped by Best Buy to look for some DVD's. I found the third Hellsing Ultimate, which will probably be the last one unless another company picks up the rights... *grumble* But still... PIP!!! *squee*

Then I stopped by the bookstore to primarily browse, but that hardly ever ends up being the case with me and bookstores... I picked up the latest volume of Vampire Knight (and I'm still rooting for Yuki/Zero even though I do kinda like Kaname). I also got a few magazines and a copy of Anne frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. I read it before in High School and I really liked it and it's one of those books that's a must have.

Later that afternoon, I was gonna watch some DVD's, but I was running out of room in my media cabinet, so I went through some of my old video tapes and got rid of what I didn't need anymore. My MST's and Star Trek however are forbidden from being touched.

I started watching volume two of The Office. My favorite episode thus far has top be the one with the fire drill and where Dwight takes the bottle of water from the top of the water cooler and tosses water in the hallway then proceeds to crawl on his stomach to the exit. HAR!!

Mom spent most of Sunday at the tire place getting her tires changed and then at my aunt's helping her clean for Christmas. Early? For most people, yes. My aunt is the queen of Christmas. She has over half a dozen different trees, each with it's own theme. It's all very lovely, but a lot of work.

It's still not to late to send me your full name and your year of birth for a little gifty thing I'm doing. It works best if I have more people. So far I only have two of you. Let's get on the ball, peoples!!!

And finally, a meme I swiped from [ profile] flamika:

The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
Your Result: Kurosaki Ichigo

You secretly desire a guy who you'll hate on your first date. His impeccable style and general coolness will drive you nuts. Against your better judgment you'll still go out with him even if you do nothing but argue. He'll be aloof and standoffish, but somehow along the way he'll show you his tender side without too many words. Once he falls for you, he will fall hard, so beware. Even when you try to get rid of him, he'll just stalk you to the ends of the earth, beat down on your defenses, and make you his. Be prepared for a lifetime of passion and heroics: it's going to be one wild ride.

Abarai Renji
Kuchiki Byakuya
Yasutora Chad
Ishida Uryu
Hitsugaya Toshiro
Ukitake Jushiro
Kisuke Urahara
The Best Bleach Boyfriend for You
See All Our Quizzes

*gigglesnort* But hey, having Renji in second place isn't too bad.

Word of the Day: emulate
Pronunciation: /EM-yuh-late/
v : to seek to equal or surpass, especially by imitating or copying

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guess what I just received in the mail!!!

*squeeeee* )

I know what I'll be doing the rest of the evening...
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I wonder if sometimes people think I'm deranged. I heard a song on the radio at work today and it reminded me of a riff in the MST episode Devil Fish. Needless to say I chuckled a great deal. I don't think anyone saw me, but if they did, I'd probably get weird looks...

I accomplished quite a bit this weekend actually. Aside from going to the grocery store (and buying the Anniversary editions of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal), I was able to move some files onto my flash drive and update my GoodReads some more. I'm close to being finished with the books I have in my room (in various places). I think I may have one or two shelves left to go.

Not much going on this week. We had another month with no errors, so we get lunch again. I just hope it's not from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Bleh.

I found out that Viz is gonna serialize Bleach in Shonen Jump. I wonder how this will affect the release of the volumes? I mean, with Shojo Beat, the titles that were serialized in there took longer to come out in volumes (which annoyed me to no end). Especially since 21 volumes are already out...

Speaking of which, I love Yoruichi. She's so bad ass. I think she deliberately flashes Ichigo just to see him wig out. I think it's hilarious...

Tonight is another installment of Heroes. I think we see the return of Sylar! Yeah, yeah. I know the majority of you probably don't care...

Word of the Day: exhort
Pronunciation: /ig-ZORT/
v : to urge to do something, often with great emotion and real or feigned logic
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Mama moved the babies. I dunno where. I think mom might've gotten some good shots before she moved 'em though.

It's Hump Day, so not a whole lot to report. I got frustrated a bit at work today. I was posting my fee tickets and I had gotten some back that I had sent back because they were missing some info I needed to post the charges. The ones where the patient paid their co-pay I post as a Balance Forward so I can balance out my batch. When I went to move the payments from the Balance Forward, someone else had gone into the account and moved the money to another payment! *fnarl* That means I have to go looking for it and reattach it to my charge posting. I dunno who keeps doing that, but they need to stop. I don't mess with other people's payments, they shouldn't mess with mine.

Bleach musings )

And I keep forgetting the Beauty and the Geek and The Office on TBS are on on Tuesdays. Ergh...

Word of the Day> estrange
Pronunciation: /i-STRAYNJ/
v : to alienate or make unsympathetic or indifferent to
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Mom went back to work again today after being sick for two days. She says she should've stayed home for another day since she still feels pretty crappy. I hope I don't get sick again myself. The last cold I had beat the shit out of me. Besides, I need to conserve as many days as I can so I can take the time off I need for holidays and such. Our offices are already closed that day anyway, but in order to get paid for it, you need to ask for it.

The bad thing about sitting where I do at the office is that I'm generally the first person anyone sees when they walk into the place. Our office is a converted doctor's office. Where I sit is where the registration used to be. Now I share the space with another girl, but she sits toward the front, near where the waiting room used to be. Most people when entering the place, use the side door, where, once you go past the fax machine, I sit. So I spend a few moments being the person to direct people where they need to go (if I know where they want to go, that is) and signing for packages. The latter is what I did today. The suite next to us is a high risk pregnancy office, and they're not in there the entire week. So we go stuck with a delivery for them that you-know-who had to sign for.

Tonight there is only one premiere that I need to watch: CSI:NY. Since Lost still has a few months to go yet before it returns, my loyalties wont be quite as torn. Tomorrow we have a bunch of premieres. CSI:LV ( a must watch), Grey's Anatomy (I think is being recorded), Ugly Betty (also being recorded), Men In Trees (which I really got into when it was on last year) and ER. Whew! Friday is Moonlight and NUMB3RS. Yesterday was Bones and House and Monday was Heroes.

I finally bought all the volumes of Bleach that are currently out in English. From where I sit, I can hear my wallet sobbing quietly. I'll try to appease it later on. At the moment, I'm starting to read vol. 12 as well as the chapters after vol. 20 and the current ones. I need to update my GoodReads profile again.

Some day, when I'm unlazy, I need to go through and organize my journal tags. Maybe this weekend since I don't have any plans. Like I don't have anything better to do with my time...

Word of the Day: hierophant
Pronunciation: /HY-er-uh-font/
n : an interpreter or explainer of arcane knowledge or cults
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First and foremost, I wanna wish my Dad a Happy Birthday!! Dunno if I'll be able to call you tonight, however...

Another weekend come and gone. I hope next weekend will be a lot more relaxing. We went to get mom's oil changed and then to her hair appointment. After that, we went to the Flea Market and browsed. We got some T-shirts and a few Italian charms there. It was extremely humid and not much of a breeze. I can't wait until the weather cools down.

Then we went to Sam's Club, and even they were sold out of Wii's!!! *fnarl* Then from there we went to get groceries and went home where I crashed. The rest of the afternoon I spent fiddling with my iTrip which is supposed to enable you to listen to your iPod through your car stereo. However, I got crappy reception every time I tried to use it, so there goes that plan...

Sunday was spent at church and warding off a headache at home. I also downloaded more Bleach to enjoy. So far I have up to volume 16 in the volumes, so I only really need to buy 4 more and I'll be caught up. In addition, I'm also reading the newest chapters as they come out. I don't obsess much, do I?

I found the newest issues of the Legacy comic as well as Buffy Season 8. Both were good reads. Buffy was actually focusing on Faith. It was a BKV issue, so naturally it was good. Legacy was pretty interesting as well. It focused on the aftershock of the revelation of Darth Krayt's true identity and how he started on the pathway to being a Sith. Cade's mom shows up too.

Well, that's all for now! TTYL!

Word of the Day: metonymy
n : word or phrase is used in place of another that is associated with or suggested by it
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ARGH!! Stupid weather front causing the preemption of television shows...

Last night, mom and I were watching Oprah and she had Sean Penn on. Now, the reason I was interested in watching it was because he was going to be promoting his new movie Into the Wild (I already own the book). However, during the course of the telecast, we kept getting interruptions from the network about the severe weather front that was occurring further inland. Now, I want to be updated as much as the next person, but stopping every ten minutes! I mean, what's wrong with a crawl and a wee little graphic in the corner. Since the original broadcast was on at 4:00, we didn't record it unaware of the interruptions that would happen. So I missed the majority of the show, not to mention the parts of it I wanted to watch the most. *fnarl*

[ profile] kawaiiayu, I actually began working on your scarf again. I may actually finish it for your next birthday... T_T

I made an appointment to get my contacts fitted finally. Alas, 3:40PM on a Friday was the latest I could get it... This coming on the heels of needing to fill out the forms to get the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off. Yikes!

I think I wanna dress up as a gypsy for Halloween. I pretty much have all the stuff I need, except for a peasant skirt and bangle bracelets. I need to wrack my brains in order to find what I need.

Tomorrow, mom and I have a ton of stuff planned. I wanted to have a Saturday where I could basically stay home. *sigh* Maybe next weekend...

I bought even more volumes of Bleach. I'm slowly building up my collection. I have up to 12 at the moment. There are currently 20 out now. *siiiigh* That and I still need to catch up to where the current chapters are (well, sorta. I read about ten back, I think). I'd like to try to make a headway this weekend sometime.

Now to finish drinking my cider outta my Spidey mug. *sluuuuurp*

Word of the Day: parley
Pronunciation: /PAR-lee/
n : a conference or discussion, especially with an enemy <---naturally I think of PotC when I see this word
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Me and my insurance card will conquer the world! Just the two of us!

Had a doctor's appointment today. It went well. Still healthy, so that's good to know. He did mention something about my weight. I mean, I'm not fat by any means, but it seems I'm on the "high normal side of the BMI." Bleh. I know I need to be more active and stuff. I've been trying to watch what I eat and all, but I can probably do a bit better. I need to get more active and all too. We have a small exercise room here at the complex, but we need to look into using it. I guess this also means that I need to drag out my Yoga books again... Maybe I'll actually get around to kissing my lil jelly rolls good-bye.

Was I ever swamped at work today! I had a ton of fee tickets come in and was only able to post about half of them before I had to leave. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

After weeks of waiting, I FINALLY got my grubby mitts on a copy of the Furuba Cat Fanbook. *squee* And I squeed at seeing [ profile] umadoshi's name!! BTW, interesting middle name you have there, Ysa.

Oh, and I happened to notice a small error, too. In Ayame's profile, a quote that was spoken by Haru ended up under Aya's profile instead. Other than that, an excellent job!

And I got vol 6 of ES and more Bleach (of course).

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You should see what I have in my Mac dock. It's silhouettes of Mike and the
'bots! I got them from [ profile] lx. They're pretty nifty! I I like seein' 'em down there.

Well, I got towels to finish washing, so I'll be off. Hopefully the floor will support my weight...

Word of the Day: parturition
Pronunciation: /par-chuh-RISH-un/
n : The act or process of bringing forth young; childbirth
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I had a somewhat rough day at work, but I don't want to get into it right now. I'm trying to put it behind me.

The wedding we went to was nice. The bride looked lovely. The four of us (mom and I and two friends) sat together and were basically being catty bitches the majority of the time. So it was basically the same as always.

We weren't able to leave until 9:00 in the evening. We had wanted to leave earlier, but we didn't want to be caught. We had to drive 1 1/2 hours in the dark, and mom can't handle driving at night much anymore, especially on the freeway. But we listened to Cecelia on the way home, so that was fun.

Sunday we went to church and then went to lunch with our wedding compadres and chatted more. It's too bad we can't get together more because we have such fun together. But one lives in North Carolina and the other in Bradenton.

The Emmy's were last night. Surprise surprise The Sopranos won. I was only semi-focused on the telecast since I was busy mainlining Bleach chapters.

Speaking of which:

WARNING: Bleach ramblings ahoy! )

I have a ways to go yet (like almost 100 more chapters), but I shall keep plugging away. Poor Hakuryuu's hard drive. *pets*

Word of the Day: speleology
Pronunciation: /spee-lee-ol-uh-gee/
n : the scientific study or exploration of caves.
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Man, I am never eating anything from Tropical Smoothie Cafe ever again. I spent the better part of today and a portion of yesterday with massive stomach cramps from the lunch we were treated to yesterday. Urgh. Add that to the fact that my back was killing me... which I think is due to the chair I use at work. I may need to drag out my back massager from storage.

And STILL NO LUCK IN FINDING THE FRAKIN' FAN BOOK!!!!! *fnarl* Woe to not have any Waldenbooks or a Borders around here! Just two BAMs and a Barnes and Noble. Now, generally they suffice fairly well, but Waldenbooks and Borders tend to have a more generous manga section. It's probably just as well. I've been snatching up volumes of Bleach every time I go in there like it's goin' out of style (not likely). My wallet, it weeps. I may as well download it directly to my brain and save trouble.

I got my hair cut yesterday. It doesn't look all that different stylistically, but it's more manageable now... at least for the time being.

Mom was watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader last night and was getting frustrated with some of the people in it. One lady didn't even know what "TransAtlantic" meant. Mom made the statement that we (meaning the two of us), probably know as much as we do because we read a lot. There is some truth to that, I feel. I mean, I know both my vocabulary and spelling have improved due to reading. PEOPLE NEED TO READ MORE!!!

And no, you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I changed my layout again. Not that I didn't like the fireflies, but I felt a change was due. So, tis now a Raven. And I added a heap load of Bleach icons. Me? Obsessed? Never!

Word of the Day: ana
Pronunciation: /AN-uh/
n : a collection of anecdotes or various materials that reflect the character of a person or setting
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Well, no luck in the search for the Furuba fanbook, now supposedly out in English... I may have to make Amazon my new best friend.

Meanwhile, I've been shelling out moolah on the Bleach manga. Yes, I caved. I'd been holding off due to space and the fact there are 20 volumes out now and that's a lot to catch up on. Still, I figure if I can buy around three volumes at a time, I may be able to catch up. Now I gotta figure out where to put them all...

I also got the newest volume of Immortal Rain.

As I've said before, I think I mainly work so I can feed my addiction. Manga is my crack...

I came home today to the most pleasant of surprises. My cat was sick again. Not as bad as she'd been before but still not something I look forward to coming home to. Guh. Before, we attributed it to a sudden change in the food, but we've been sticking to the same brand for awhile now and it seemed to have been the solution.

Went to a baby/wedding shower yesterday after work. It was pretty nice. The wedding is this Saturday, so I have to figure out what to wear. I think I have an idea, though.

I need to spend some time focusing on my communities. They are in woeful need of attention.

And finally, I'd like to welcome another MSTie to my FL. [ profile] sandoz_iscariot joins [ profile] elvenmoon and [ profile] dirkdigital. Let's all give a big hearty MST welcome, shall we?

Word of the Day: dormer
Pronunciation: /DOR-mur/
n : a window in a gable of a sloping roof
snapdragon76: this is made of win and awesome (Ichigo/Rukia --- bitch)

Guess who I have hanging from my cell phone at this very moment? Yes, that's right. My new Bleach phone charm featuring chibi!Ichigo in his shinigami glory! Heee!

And, being the massive dork I am, I took pictures!

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