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ARGH!! Stupid weather front causing the preemption of television shows...

Last night, mom and I were watching Oprah and she had Sean Penn on. Now, the reason I was interested in watching it was because he was going to be promoting his new movie Into the Wild (I already own the book). However, during the course of the telecast, we kept getting interruptions from the network about the severe weather front that was occurring further inland. Now, I want to be updated as much as the next person, but stopping every ten minutes! I mean, what's wrong with a crawl and a wee little graphic in the corner. Since the original broadcast was on at 4:00, we didn't record it unaware of the interruptions that would happen. So I missed the majority of the show, not to mention the parts of it I wanted to watch the most. *fnarl*

[ profile] kawaiiayu, I actually began working on your scarf again. I may actually finish it for your next birthday... T_T

I made an appointment to get my contacts fitted finally. Alas, 3:40PM on a Friday was the latest I could get it... This coming on the heels of needing to fill out the forms to get the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off. Yikes!

I think I wanna dress up as a gypsy for Halloween. I pretty much have all the stuff I need, except for a peasant skirt and bangle bracelets. I need to wrack my brains in order to find what I need.

Tomorrow, mom and I have a ton of stuff planned. I wanted to have a Saturday where I could basically stay home. *sigh* Maybe next weekend...

I bought even more volumes of Bleach. I'm slowly building up my collection. I have up to 12 at the moment. There are currently 20 out now. *siiiigh* That and I still need to catch up to where the current chapters are (well, sorta. I read about ten back, I think). I'd like to try to make a headway this weekend sometime.

Now to finish drinking my cider outta my Spidey mug. *sluuuuurp*

Word of the Day: parley
Pronunciation: /PAR-lee/
n : a conference or discussion, especially with an enemy <---naturally I think of PotC when I see this word
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I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY FRAKKIN' IPOD YET!!!! *fnarl* It's hung up in either Memphis or Indianapolis, the Fed Ex tracker isn't sure about that one. Stupid blizzard! Why'd you have to muck up my iPod aquirement! I have headphones, but nothing to attach them to! *fumes*

Why I'm posting so late is because we were over at my aunt's house where we ate dinner and played a hand of "Shanghai Rummy." I lost. My aunt from up north is leaving early tomorrow, so it was nice to spend time with her before she leaves. Of course, the batteries in my camera had to quit.



Aaaaand… I have nothing else to say. I did work on more of [ profile] kawaiiayu's scarf. I have more to do on it, but maybe some this weekend with any luck.

Word of the day: pogonip
Pronunciation: /PO-gan-ip/
n : a dense winter fog containing frozen particle that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.
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To Whom It May Concern:

Before you send document to us in Med Recs to scan, please try to ensure that it's not something that has already been scanned into the computer database. It saves me the hassle of trying to append it later on if there happen to be duplicates. I cannot spare the time to pre-check everything myself. Plus, it saves me from wanting to yank my hair out by the roots.


The OB/GYN Scanning Serf

I've been mainlining my Pixy Stix for two days now. Can someone turn off that strobe light?

Mom's hosting a Body Shop ™ on Sunday, and the lame-o that I am, totally forgot to take the invitations with me into work today. *facepalm*

To TPTB, please make sure that decent amounts of people come to the party on Sunday. I don't need emo!mom over the weekend…

And wish the spam would stop infiltrating my Newsgroups!!!! *fnarl* I keep thinking I have actual mail from actual people!!

And I SO NEED TO FINISH [ profile] kawaiiayu'S SCARF!!!!! I have a whole skein of yarn yet to use!!! Damn my busyness!!! *stabs*

Tomorrow I need to work on my forum wiki, move some files from my hard drive onto my flash drive and try to figure out a way to unblock my laptop's internet signal, which is what I think the problem is.

Wild Adapter is supposed to come out today. I'll probably buy it even though I have a suspicion it contains elements of shonen-ai in it, which isn't my bag. I'll just focus on the pretty boys…

I bought NANA 5 Saturday. I may write it up on [ profile] ryudoshi at some point.

Word of the day: capricious
Pronunciation: /ka-PRISH-us/
adj : governed or characterized by impulsive ideas or actions : unpredictable
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Last night was Bible Study, although we didn't really have a Bible Study. I was more a discussion of the state of our church and reactions to the big meeting on Sunday. We didn't get home until almost 10.

I was pissed at my computer yesterday. It was being slow and dragging and taking twice as long as usual for some reason. It seems to be doing better today. Now watch me go and jinx myself.

Turns out I don't need to undo my rows for my new scarf. It's the same width as mom's so we're doing good. It's a relief because I didn't really feel like yanking it all apart.

Didn't get much done yesterday except for washing the sheets. I blame my computer...

I downloaded this picture onto my cellphone, which is apparently a new feature Photobucket has now. I had to readjust and shrink it a bit, so it looks a bit squished, but you can still tell what it is. I was charged $.99 for it.

Also, the Japanese cover for The Joiner King has been released. I want to find a high res version of it so I can perhaps fiddle with it some. Sweet looking as always.

I want to try and download more of my torrents onto my client again. I didn't get very far last time and I think it was because I was trying to do too many at once...

Trivia of the day: According to Chinese folklore, peaches not only kept lungs healthy, but those grown in a mythical garden were the fruit of eternal life.<--ooh, more peach cobbler for me!
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I was a busy little bee yesterday. I ran some errands. Mostly I went to get a few groceries of stuff we were running out of. When I got back, the urge to try an reorganize some things struck me for some reason. Since it doesn't happen all too often, I figured I'd take the opportunity to go with it.

Now mostly I just culled some of my magazines. I cut out the articles I wanted to keep, and tossed the rest of them. That freed up some room so I could move things around and condense a few things. Alas, I didn't really get rid of any boxes per se, but I was able to rearrange things so that it freed up a bit more floor space. Things still look a bit crammed, but not like it was before, so yes it is an improvement.

I finally finished mom's scarf. She really liked it and I've started on another one. I'm doing the double crochet stitch this time instead of the single one, and even though I've gotten about three rows done, I feel I may have to undo them. It's too narrow. But, it's good I realize this now then before I get too far into it.

And it's time for another meme. This one looks to be pretty cool. Ganked from [ profile] kawaiiayu who herself ganked it from [ profile] flamika:

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, what significance does it have.

keywords: Rei
made by: [ profile] selen_phobia
Rei Kashino from the manga series MARS. I love the series a lot, and I really liked this particular image of him.

and the rest... )

Well, that's all for now. I've got sheets to wash...

Trivia of the day: Although many food writers have translated the Italian "antipasto" as "before the pasta," its literal meaning is "before the meal."
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Well, despite my minor freak out yesterday (both wasp and non-wasp related), things are as they should be again. I fixed my iTunes. I had to go in through the hard drive, but, it was reuploaded and working smoothly now, so things are good. *contented sigh*

Now, for what I went through all this trouble for, a music meme I snagged from [ profile] flamika, [ profile] kawaiiayu and [ profile] umadoshi:

Do you trust my taste in music? If so, pick a number between 1 and 138 and I will upload it for you. Oh, and thanks to [ profile] flamika I can have them in a numerical order...

Well, I'd post stuff about my weekend, but nothing really happened so I won't. Funds are low, so no grocery shopping or anything like that. I am making progress on mom's scarf. I have about 5 or so inches to go and then the fringe. It's looking pretty nice, actually. I may want to make me another one since my first one didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to.

I plan on taking a dip in the pool today. My first since moving in. Most of the time it was crowded with kids and everything, so it seems like a good time to stop by. I like having semi-privacy when I swim. I realize it's sort of difficult to do in an apartment complex, but it can be done. I guess it's more of a self-confidence issue.

Trivia of the day: Mary Anne Nichols, Martha Turner, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, and Catherine Eddowes were London prostitutes who were murdered and dismembered by the notorious "Jack the Ripper" in the autumn of 1888. The perpetrator of these chilling atrocities was never found, although many theories as to his/her identity persist to this day. <--they forgot to mention Mary Kelly, his last victim
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Well, I spent a good... half hour or so switching more of my icons. I did a bunch this time. Some of them have the same subject, just different icons, if that makes sense. Some are totally new. Like my 'Pirates' one. I may change one to a different one as soon as I can find the CD-ROM I put it on...

I have to go and take two of our cats to the vet's tomorrow. Our male is having a problem peeing. I don't know if it's a kidney problem or a bladder problem. I guess we'll see. Our older female has diarrhea and is throwing up quite a bit. She's the one we're worried about the most. She's getting older, so we hope it's nothing too serious that can be treated fairly easily. She's been kinda lethargic most of the day, so I'm keeping an eye on her. I had to fix them both some rice that's a little easier on the stomach but I flavored it with some chicken broth. The male seems to be fine except for the 'trouble peeing' thing.

The scarf for mom is coming right along. I still have a ways to go yet, but I'm making progress. It's looking pretty good, too.

Last night was our first Bible Study in awhile. It was pretty good, actually. The whole Mayberry thing is a nice one to get us back into the groove of things.

No major drama going on in my life thus far. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Now watch me jinx myself...

Trivia of the day: The first state minimum wage law in the U.S. went into effect in Massachusetts on July 1, 1913. It would be another 25 years before minimum wage law went into effect nationally.
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The guy that's been annoying me on my forum has been at it again. I've decided to ignore him. Completely. Akin to shunning, basically. I'll not read any of his posts anymore, because I really don't care what he has to say. I can't kick him off since he hasn't officially violated any rules, and it wouldn't be fair of me to do so without proper justification, so I'll simple ignore him. If I don't know what he says, then he can't piss me off.

I've started in on reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Basically that's where I left off, technically. It's a long ass book though, but it flows well and it doesn't seem to take to long to read, so I might be able to get through it in a relative short amount of time. It just depends, though.

Someone on the FGML linked to an interview with Takaya-sensei on Time Magazine Online. It's pretty interesting. She basically talks about how manga has grown more popular outside of Japan. She even mentions she's a CSI fan! I thought that was pretty cool!

I had to take mom to get her haircut this morning. She's been wanting one since her hair had gotten too shaggy for her liking. Then we went to get a few more things at the store we forgot yesterday.

And I started on another scarf for mom. She picked out a nice soft Autumn Red for the color she wanted. There's a pattern for a nice simple poncho on the label, but the instructions are for knitting, not for crocheting.

A friend of mine is going to be on the CBS Early Show's Living Room... LIVE! on Monday morning with her band performing a song she wrote for the talent search competition! I'm really excited! So if you get a chance, please be sure to watch! If you don't get up that early (or don't get this network for those of my friends who are Canadian), it'll be available for viewing online.

Tonight is movie night and we'll be watching Rear Window. I've seen it before on television and liked it.

Have a good weekend!

Trivia of the day: Pooch Passion: According to a pet owner survey, 79 percent of Americans give their dogs holiday and/or birthday presents.
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I had some ducks outside my window this morning being very vocal. I had to rap on the window to get them to knock it off. Stupid quackers...

Anyway, I have my evening all set for Friday night. I even have a coupon for the pizza I'm gonna order. Yay!

I have to go to do some errands today as well as stop by the bookstore to see what has come in. I'll try to reign myself in. I will admit to behaving myself very well recently, but only because I've had to.

I haven't had any comments to my posts recently. I know that sometimes there are lag times and that people have lives. If only I didn't angst about it. I mean, not totally, but just a twinge here and there.

OK, time for some pics. They're not random, but a few are some projects I've done, some are birthday related and one is for amusement.

One finished scarf. Not to bad, eh? Ignore the fact that one end is wider than the other...

Read more... )

Well, I plan to peruse my FL and eventually change my Bishie of the Month banner on my userinfo page, so I'm going to toddle off now!

Trivia of the day: The brilliant colors in a hummingbird's feather are created by tiny platelets that resemble a pancake filled with air bubbles. They are called "interference colors," and are much like the shimmering colors seen in a soap bubble or in a drop of oil.
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Dammit! What is it with [adult swim] changing the frelling schedule around all the time?!?! I mean, the Monday night airing of FMA was almost to the end of the series and I was looking forward to seeing it again, but now the Monday night schedule is completely different!!!

*stabs [as]*

I was also pissed at my cable for going out in the middle of 'Dracula'. It was a community wide outage, so it was nothing I did (or didn't do).

Anyway, my weekend as follows:


Movie night again! This weeks choice was "Seabiscuit". Things were pretty laid back.


We had errands to do mostly. Grocery shopping and the like. Then mom took me to lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet for my birthday. It was very nice and the food was very good.


Church and then home. We did most of our errands on Saturday so Sunday was a laid back kinda day. I worked more on my scarf since I wanted to lengthen it more. And, I was able to finish it! One end is slightly wider than the other, but it's still not a bad finished product. I took a picture which I hope to post sometime.

I finished watching all of 'Fushigi Yuugi' (and, I might add, all in Japanese). I'll write up my impression on my GJ sometime, or I hope to anyway. I also downloaded some PGE (or 'The Wallflower' as it's otherwise known), so I hope to read some of that sometime. Maybe I can read more of 'Vampire Knight' and perhaps a few more chapters of FMA.

And [ profile] kawaiiayu has discovered the awesomeness that is 'Veronica Mars'. Welcome to the ranks, kiddo.

Logan!Xterra sightings:

Me: 3
Mom: 4

Trivia of the day: According to weather forecast experts, here is a rule of thumb for weather forecasting: winds from the northwest, west, and southwest usually indicate fair weather for a time, whereas winds from the northeast, east, and south predict unsettled weather.
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Gah! I hate having a headache in the mornings. I hate having headaches period.

Mom took the car this morning since I was so out of it I wasn't able to really wake up. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today anyway. I did all of that yesterday.

I went to B&N to look around. I've been very proud of myself. I used to go once a week, now I go about twice a month. That's cutting back for me. Anyway, I picked up the latest 'Shojo Beat,' 'Legacy' 2, 'Wizard' and 'The Wallflower' 7. I also looked around some. There were some sections I never really look at, so I went to peruse them. I found a section on knitting and crocheting. I saw a few books on crocheting I wouldn't mind getting sometime. Eventually I'd like to try and make a poncho, but I'm not quite advanced enough for that yet. Mom said she'd like a scarf sometime too, but a little bit longer than the one I did. I'd like one that was really long too, but if I wanted to do the fringe, I had to make it shorter. Maybe next time. Anyway, I told mom I'd make one for her, she just needed to pick out what yarn she wanted.

We had a thunderstorm yesterday, and it caused a power hiccup which in turn caused the router to go blooey. So I had to sit for a bit and fiddle with that some, which was a whole lot of fun. *eye roll* But things are fine now, obviously.

I was watching something on TLC last night and there was this woman who had... worms in her scalp. *shudders* Creepy. Now I'm all paranoid about getting worms under my scalp. *retches*

Today I've been instructed to watch the 'Angel' episodes I have saved on DVR. Mom is paranoid that we'll run out of available space on the DVR for other stuff. I think she's worrying for nothing, but I do need to watch them...

Trivia of the day: It is against the law to yell out "Snake!" within the city limits of Flowery Branch, Georgia. <--WTF?!
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Well, I finished my scarf... almost. I just have to add the fringe and then it'll be completely finished. Now I have to think of something else to work on now. Dare I tackle something larger?

And the cook-out last night was very nice. Someone brought homemade Pita bread chips and hummus. It was pretty good. Actually, the hummus tasted like the refried beans you get from Taco Bell (which isn't bad since I like them). Mom brought coleslaw from Chick-Fil-A that someone had at work. It was pretty good. I'm generally picky about my coleslaw.

And Ch. 130 of Furuba is out.

my thoughts... )

As for today, I have one little place to go and that'll probably be it today. I need to fold the towels sometime today, but that shouldn't take me too long. I also made me some more Star Wars wallpapers and I'm debating on if I should post them or not. Decisions decisions.

Trivia of the day: A cat keeps purring no matter if it is inhaling or exhaling, a baffling accomplishment.
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We have a cook-out today for out Bible Study group. We're going to be starting back up again since the summer's almost 'over.' School here starts on the 7th, which seems odd to me since when I was in school it started much later. Strange...

I was able to finish up my Furuba Jyuunishi bookmarks yesterday. They didn't turn out too bad. It took me a bit to do them, though. I had to print them off (since there's a total of 15 of them, I had to print off about five sheets with three bookmarks per page). Then I had to cut them all out, trim them, laminate them, cut them out again and trim them again. Phew! Plus, I was feeling a bit light headed since I hadn't eaten yet. But, they're finished and looking decent, so it was pretty worth it. I may give them out to my Furuba fans, if anyone wants any. I have all the Jyuunishi plus Tohru, Kyo and Akito, so...

My scarf is really coming along. I still have a ways to go yet, but it probably won't take me all too long to finish it. Then I have to see about the fringe...

I just found out my dad and step-mother are going to be going to Germany to visit my German "brother." I'm a little disappointed, actually. I've mentioned quite a few times that if they ever decided to go, that I'd like to go with them since 1. I've never been out of the country (and the few times we drove through Canada doesn't count, IMHO) and 2. I have family connections in Germany. Most of my mother's side of my family came from Germany. My great-grandfather (my grandmother's father) actually was born over there, so it has a bit of sentimentality to it...

I'll probably get over it eventually, but I'll probably never get another chance to go. Oh well. Life's full of disappointment, and I know I've had my fair share already.

*reads* God, I sound whiny. OK. Shutting up now.

Today, I have a few minor housekeeping things to do. I want to try to save some of my image files onto CD-ROM sometime as well as some other things so that I can maybe free up some space on my hard drive. Do I want to attempt to defrag? I dunno yet.

Trivia of the day: From 1941 until 1950, violet was part of the color mixture for "M&M's"® Plain Chocolate Candies. Violet was replaced by tan. <-- I dunno why. Violet is so much prettier than plain ol' tan
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In case you missed my previous post I changed my layout yet again. My Mikami one lasted a pretty long time I'll admit.

Anyway, pretty long weekend, a-ho!!


Well, movie night didn't pan out, so Friday night was pretty sedate. I watched the last part of "I ♥ the 70's Volume II". You know me, I'm such a nostalgia show whore. I also was able to catch 'Dracula 2000' on TNT. Not too bad. Until they come to the part of Drac's origins, then I was like, "You've got to be kidding me!!" Still, Gerard Butler as Drac and then as the Phantom. He's someone I wouldn't mind bumping into in a dark alley sometime...


Many errands were run on this day. We stopped by the Ink Refill place since we needed some ink and it was cheaper than buying brand new, so I have colored ink again. Now maybe I can print off those Furuba bookmarks I've had on my computer for some time now.

We were gonna get our sleeping bags from the storage unit, but we forgot to bring the key for the lock, so that was a no go. We swung by the grocery store and got some groceries. I also got me some yarn so I could start on my scarf. I've been crocheting like a fiend for the past couple of days, but my scarf is really coming along. I want it to be pretty long, so I've got a ways to go yet. I may take a picture of it to keep track of my progress. I had to rest my wrist for a bit because the repetitive motion was starting to bother it. I had to pull out a couple of rows because it began to become crooked, but it's straightened out some. I even crocheted during church (I could still pay attention to what was going on, though).


First was church. Then, we went to the movies. We went to see 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' (more on that in a bit). First, an amusing little incident or 'When fandoms collide with Real Life.' In the parking lot of the theater we passed by a yellow Nissan XTerra and I let out a somewhat involuntary squeak. Mom snickered and said, "You only did that because of Logan." Busted. So I said back to her, "Yeah, and if I see another one, I'll probably do the same thing." In fact, on the way home, I very nearly did. I tried to suppress myself, but something may have slipped out. Mom remarked, "I caught that."

Anyway, onto the movie!! Man, I so need to upload some of my POTC icons...

Aye, there be spoilers ahead. Ye have been warned. Arrrr... )

So far today I plan on washing the towels and vacuuming the floors. And I've been instructed by mom that I need to watch some of my 'Angel' episodes I have saved on the DVR, so I need to do that at some point today...

Trivia of the day: When Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, Harry Truman became the first U.S. President to take office in the midst of a war.


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Well, here I am, actually able to use my computer in the privacy of my own room. Ahhh, what a wonderful feeling. I still need to get a new desk since the one I had was too big. I want one of those computer armoires. The ones that are vertical instead of horizontal. Saves space that way. At the moment, my monitor is sitting on my TV tray and I have to sit on a stool on the floor since we only had one computer chair and I gave it to mom for her to use. It's interesting to say the least.

The move itself went well. I mean, we have a lot of sifting through things to do since we moved from a three-bedroom house into a two-bedroom apartment. But hey, a roof over one's head is a roof over one's head. A lot of stuff is going to have to go into storage though. I almost have my room put together, but there's still some left to go. I need to seriously organize my closet. I have most of my books on my bookself and I have to put my manga away yet. I have to think about where to put them. At the moment, they're sitting in plastic storage containers on my floor. I'll be taking pictures of the process to post later on.

Mom got frustrated a few times when putting together the futon in her bedroon in order for her to sleep and also when she had to move the washing maching from where it was in the bathroom into the utility closet, hence the title of my journal entry.

I hope everyone is doing well. I can't read all of the entries you all posted while I was gone, since I have a lot of errands to do today. So I have to limit myself to the weekend stuff. If there is anything in particular you want me to read, you'll have to link it to me.

Fandom-wise, I was able to catch the episodes of my different shows, so I'm pretty happy about that. I can't really go into much detail right now since it's quite a lot to go through, but I will say, I was both surprised and happy about the season finale of 'Veronica Mars'. The LoVe shipper in me was very happy...

I was able to see the scans the final chapters of SDK and DN. I liked how SDK ended. I found it to be very satisfying at any rate. I see icons in the future I think... I haven't read the translation for DN yet, so I'm not really decided on it yet.

I've got quite a bit I have to do today. I have to go out and run a few errands as well as try and organize some things in here yet. I won't be able to do them tomarrow since I won't have my car, so it's either today or Wednesday and I'd rather do them today.

Oh, I also learned how to properly crochet from my aunt, and I'm picking it up pretty well. I hope to make a scarf. A real one this time, not the mess I tried before...

Trivia of the day: Bugs hold special places in the hearts of many Japanese, who often keep crickets, beetles and fireflies as pets. Their calls are considered soothing and remind the nature-loving Japanese of a simpler, less hectic age. <-- Yay! Another Japanese trivia!

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