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Apparently, my hoop jumping is far from over. I went to the school today to turn in my initial certification application, and it seems the school doesn't even have my graduation status up yet in their official documents. The lady there, who was very nice, said it might not be until January 23rd or so. Which is interesting since I have to pick up my diploma on the 19th. I also have to order my transcripts from my other schools to be sent to the state Board of Education. I'm not going to worry about that just yet, since it'll still be a few weeks until everything gets organized. Luckily, the schools are used to the whole red tape aspect of everything, so if I say my certification is “pending” that'll usually do for the time being until things come together.

While I'm glad to be finished with grad school and all of that, I still have the stressful part of the job hunt ahead of me. I filled out the online application for the Knox County School System, so that's done at least. I haven't heard anything back yet, but it may be a little while yet and there's also the holidays coming up and people are busy with that.

My dad was in town for my graduation and it was nice that he was here. The ceremony itself was pretty basic, not that it wasn't still nice though. It was a typical graduation ceremony and all. The graduate students went first, with the doctoral candidates going first and getting hooded onstage, followed by us, the Master's candidates. Finally the undergrads went. The speaker was actually pretty decent, which can't be said of most graduation speakers. We went to get a quick bite of lunch afterwards, and then I went home and changed and dad and I went to the movies. We went and saw Spectre which was pretty good. There were some Star Wars cos-players in the movie theater who were promoting the new Star Wars movie (which mom and I are planning to see on Monday morning, once the opening weekend crowds thins out a bit. Presumably) and I got a picture of dad with them. It was fun. Mom wasn't feeling well, so when we went to dinner, she didn't eat anything. I think the burger she had for lunch was under-cooked, so it was bothering her. We were going to go and see the lights at the local raceway, but she really wasn't feeling well enough to go.

Sunday, I went and had lunch with friends of ours, as a post-graduation celebration of sorts. We went to our mutually favorite Chinese place and it was very good, the company AND the food!

So, due to all of the goings-on recently, we haven't decorated for Christmas. At all. I have my lights in my windows, but that's mostly because I didn't bother to take them down last year. If I do end up moving to Knoxville, I will have to take them down eventually. That's another thing I'm trying not to think too much about. I don't mind having to move, but the actual act of moving isn't all that fun. But, I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch, as the saying goes.

Hopefully I can get some things done around the house now that I'm no longer tied up with studying. I need to do some catch-up house cleaning and organization. And reading!! I can do some pleasure reading again! And hopefully I can re-learn my knitting. My skills are considerably rusty since I haven't been doing it as much due to school. I had to frog what I was working on and start over since I forgot a simple purl stitch. And my knit stitch could use some work as well...

I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy many hot beverages lately. The crazy weather due to El Niño hasn't helped any. It's usually a looooot colder by this time of year and we've had at least one snowfall by now. It's barely broken the 60's for the majority of the time. I don't know what January and February will bring since they're usually the coldest months. I guess we'll see.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and I'll send out letters as soon as I can!
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Well, so much for going to the pool yesterday. I was all set to go and guess what? It was closed again!! I think it does this on purpose. It thinks to itself, "I know Snap's planning on going swimming today. I think I'll have a breakdown so she can't go. Fwa fwa fwa fwaaaaaa..." I don't think TPTB really want me to swim. And if it's the pump again, I think the management needs to invest in a better system. It was just as well that I didn't go, since the skies decided to contribute to the frustration by dumping out every inch of water it's collected. Blargh.

So, since I apparently wasn't destined to go swimming, I took my shower and decided to try and organize my closet. Despite my previous claims to the contrary, I was able to find room for the shoes and the big bag o' desk stuff. I took a few things out that I'd use and crammed the rest in my closet. I had to do some clever rearranging in order to accomplish it, but I was successful. Now my room has even less of that refugee feel to it. Just don't open my closet.

I'd like to try to watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 on TNT tonight, but tonight is our movie night and it's mom's pick and somehow I doubt she'll pick it. However, this being TNT, they'll be replaying it ad infinitum, so I have a feeling that I'll be able to catch it again.

Well, I've got laundry to do and perhaps some manga to read.

I had a slight headache this morning and I took some Advil, so now I have a slight buzz. Whoo!

Trivia of the day: Kickers score more points than anyone else in professional football. George Blanda, who began his 26-year career in 1949 and ended it as a kicker in 1975, scored 2,002 points — more points than any other player.
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The guy that's been annoying me on my forum has been at it again. I've decided to ignore him. Completely. Akin to shunning, basically. I'll not read any of his posts anymore, because I really don't care what he has to say. I can't kick him off since he hasn't officially violated any rules, and it wouldn't be fair of me to do so without proper justification, so I'll simple ignore him. If I don't know what he says, then he can't piss me off.

I've started in on reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Basically that's where I left off, technically. It's a long ass book though, but it flows well and it doesn't seem to take to long to read, so I might be able to get through it in a relative short amount of time. It just depends, though.

Someone on the FGML linked to an interview with Takaya-sensei on Time Magazine Online. It's pretty interesting. She basically talks about how manga has grown more popular outside of Japan. She even mentions she's a CSI fan! I thought that was pretty cool!

I had to take mom to get her haircut this morning. She's been wanting one since her hair had gotten too shaggy for her liking. Then we went to get a few more things at the store we forgot yesterday.

And I started on another scarf for mom. She picked out a nice soft Autumn Red for the color she wanted. There's a pattern for a nice simple poncho on the label, but the instructions are for knitting, not for crocheting.

A friend of mine is going to be on the CBS Early Show's Living Room... LIVE! on Monday morning with her band performing a song she wrote for the talent search competition! I'm really excited! So if you get a chance, please be sure to watch! If you don't get up that early (or don't get this network for those of my friends who are Canadian), it'll be available for viewing online.

Tonight is movie night and we'll be watching Rear Window. I've seen it before on television and liked it.

Have a good weekend!

Trivia of the day: Pooch Passion: According to a pet owner survey, 79 percent of Americans give their dogs holiday and/or birthday presents.
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My "Service Engine Soon" light keeps coming on, and staying on and according to the manual, that can lead to very bad things. And since it's the only car we have ATM, it needs to be looked at. I hope and pray it isn't anything too severe. *crosses fingers and lights incense*

Anyway, I want to thank those who responded to my post yesterday. For my friends who are out of town, I kept you on, however if there are those of you'd still like to remain, simply post here.

A conversation I had with my stomach yesterday:

stomach: I want Chinese.
me: Yeah? So?
stomach: I haven't had Chinese in awhile.
me: Yes you have! We went on Sunday!
stomach: Yes, but that was the other place. I want the one that has the honey chicken that we like...
me: I see your point.
stomach: Can we go?
me: We can't. Mom has the car today.
stomach: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me: We'll go tomorrow.
stomach: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me: Now I'm hungry for Chinese...
stomach: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So, today, in order to please my stomach, I shall be trotting to the Chinese buffet with the honey chicken that I like. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

Tonight's movie tonight is going to be "Pirates of the Caribbean" in honor of today being the opening of the sequel in theaters. Ohhh, Orlando. Ohhhh, Johnny.

Trivia of the day: In 1986, Rob Angel, a 24-year-old waiter from Seattle, Washington, developed Pictionary, a game in which partners try to guess phrases based on each other's drawings.
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Anyway, mom was having trouble trying to download a song from iTunes last night. It's been awhile she she did it, and so she had thought she lost it. I told her to show me what she did. So she went through all the steps and then I figured out why she couldn't find the song on her hard drive. She didn't download it like she thought she had. She did the second time. Then she tried to burn it onto a disk, but the format was one of those m4p's instead of an mp3, so she couldn't do it. So she had to download a converter that would allow her to do it.

Tonight is our movie night and it's my turn to pick, so I'm gonna pick "The Mummy." She's never seen it all the way though, so I felt it was high time. That is, unless my aunt wants her to come over so they can look through photo albums before her and my uncle leave on their vacation on Thursday.

Went to the bookstore yesterday. Got some manga. DN 6, FMA 8 and the final volume of RK. Twenty-eight. I've only read FMA and RK so far and so, I give my impressions...


RK Finale )

I want to see if I can watch some more of my torrents that I have. Hopefully I can maybe burn some of them so that I can perhaps make more room to download more.

Trivia of the day: In English folklore, Queen Mab was a fairy queen who governed people's dreams.
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I was somewhat of a busy little bee this weekend.

I did decide to go to the movie night Friday. And I'm glad I did. I had fun. I did tell mom of my little dilemma, but she said if she wanted to do something without me, she would. Makes sense since I do a lot of stuff without her only by myself.

I also made a few icons over the weekend. I felt I needed some 'Star Wars' icons since I already have a 'Star Trek' one. I need to cover all of my fandoms, don't I? They aren't from the movies, but rather the novels (or Expanded Universe as it's called).

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Meet Jaina Solo. Daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. Jedi Knight. Pilot. All around good egg. The first image is fron the Essential Character Guide. I was going to scan the image myself since I have that book, but I was lucky enough to have found one online which saved me the trouble. The background wasn't originally purple. I did that myself. Trying to erase around her hair nearly killed me. I made the background purple because that's the color of her lightsaber. I added a light texture from [ profile] colorfilter and text and voila! I originally had a border, but I had to adjust the light filter on the original and forgot to put it back on. I may do so eventually.

The second image is from a Japanese cover of one of the New Jedi Order novel series. I didn't do anything to the background. All I did was add a couple of textures and a border. I liked how it came out.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

This is Jacen Solo, Jaina's twin brother. Jedi. Philosopher. Nature lover. Still damn good in a fight, though. Again, the first image is from the Essential Guide to Characters which I also found online as opposed to scanning. I had to erase the background again, but I didn't have as many hair issues. The green background is because his lightsaber is, what else, green. Add another light texture from [ profile] colorfilter and text and a border and... there ya have it.

The second one is my favorite (which is why I'm using it). This is from another of the Japanese covers. I did the same thing to this one as I did the second Jaina one, although with a slightly different border. Also, a note to the artist the Japanese publisher commisioned for their covers: Good job, I must say.

A question for you icon makers out there: How do you get a picture where you already merged the layers and... unmerge them? Is it possible? There are some I'd like to save as .psd so I can change some things, but I don't know how to do it. Also, how you you get the half text I've seen on some icons? Thank you.

I've been thinking of making my icon journal into a community so I won't have to sign in in order to post stuff. I only have two entries on it, so maybe I can do it. A lot less hassle.

My computer speakers have been acting funky again. They do that from time to time. So no downloading any songs until they get their act together.

I should be getting my TriMax 6 soon. I've been told we learn a few more things about everyone. *glee*

Quote of the day: "It is surely better to pardon too much than to condemn too much." -- George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
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Today our movie night is gonna be held elsewhere. A friend of ours invited us over to her place to watch 'Million Dollar Baby." I said I wasn't sure I wanted to go. Not because I heard the movie is a major tear-jerker, but because I wanted to give mom an opportunity to go and do something without me tagging along. Then I thought, "I really should socialize more." So I'm still kinda on the fence. Maybe I'll call mom at work and explain the sitch to her.

An interesting development has cropped up in the book I'm reading. I'm reading the new 'Star Wars' novel, 'The Joiner King' and it's very good. I mentioned before in this post on my GreatestJournal. Anyway, I've grown very fond of a number of the characters in the newer series due to the fact that I read about thier adventures when they were Jedi trainees in 'Young Jedi Knights.' Two of them, Jacen and Tenel Ka sort of had an attraction when they were in training together but nothing ever really came of it. Well, over the years since, wars have come and gone and now a new conflict arises. Since Tenel Ka is now the Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Jacen went to seek her assistance in this new conflict. Well, let's just say, he was able to... convince her to make use of her fleet. Whatever happened is never explicitly mentioned even though it's strongly implied. Whatever it was, it was enough to convince members of her Court and the Royal Family to refer to Jacen as the Queen Mother's new consort.

Now, the reason this floored me, aside from the mention of people actually having a sex life in the 'Star Wars' Universe (not that there wouldn't be, but still...), is that I kind 'grew up' with these two characters and while I enjoyed the brief flirtation they used to have I was a bit surprised things 'advanced' to this level. Now I haven't read far enough into the book yet in order to discover if this is an 'official' position for him or not. Needless to say, even though I'm enjoying the underlying intrigue that's center stage of the novel, this new development has distracted me enough to want to know more details. Man, I'm such a perv...

Now I want to make an icon of sorts... I can't stop myself. Oh, and I apologize for my massive run on sentence, there.

Quote of the day: "The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return." -- Maria Edgeworth

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