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I've never been one for patience.

I'm wanting these next four months or so to be over with quickly. I want to quit my job and leave (at least temporarily) all the stress behind me. If I didn't need to work for the money and, more importantly, for the insurance, I'd be very satisfied at staying at home.

Maybe the time in between when I quit my job and start another one in Tennessee I'll have recovered enough from stress that I won't burn out. Hopefully.

The majority of the stress comes from the soon to be buyout and the transition that comes with it. We have to amp up our workload in order to make sure we get all the stuff caught up and posted and it means longer hours for us. Plus, I got in a wee bit of trouble due to my hours being askew since I had to go in early and leave later for the past few weeks. Hopefully since my mom's hours have regulated, so have mine. There are days when carpooling kinda sucks...

I got into a bit of a tiff with a friend of mine on Facebook took something I posted the wrong way. I mentioned the fact that I didn't want to see pictures of mutilated or dead animals on my news feed because it's just something that I don't want to see. Yeah, you can hide them, but the image is still in your head. My friend had posted earlier about a petition to prosecute a guy who killed a dog by malnutrition or something (I didn't read the post too closely) and thought that I was singling her out specifically. I told her it wasn't due to her alone and that there have been other posts about various animal abuse causes that tend to use graphic images in their postings. She mentioned how she was creeped out by Domo-kun for some reason and didn't want to see any pictures of him and some such. We were able to hash things out and I think things are cool between us now, but I just hate how political Facebook has gotten. And how hyper sensitive people are anymore. All I wanna do is keep in touch with friends and family that I don't get to see on a regular basis and post geeky pictures and cat macros. so I'm laying low for a little while until the whole thing blows over...

My anxiety and the paranoia that sometimes comes with it is starting to crop up again. Hopefully my meds will regulate things again and I can feel like a human being once again. It really sucks in the meantime. Maybe once all of the stuff regarding the take over is all over and done with, things will begin to smooth out and feel normal again.

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