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I broke my Facebook and Twitter hiatus today officially. I'm gonna ease my way back in and try not to be on quite as long or check in as often as I did. That way I can still have more time to do other things also.

I had a meeting with the Dean of graduate studies, the Assistant Dean and the head of the department of the program I wish to apply to yesterday afternoon. I think things went pretty well. I didn't freeze up or stumble over my words like I tend to do when talking to people of authority. I said my main concern was that my GRE Quantitative scores would probably not be all that high due to my learning disability and that I didn't want it to hinder my acceptance. They eased my concerns and said that the scores were only a fraction of what they take into consideration when admitting students and that based on my other information it probably wouldn't be difficult for me to get in the program. The head of the program also said that the only math-based course I'd be taking was more of a Statistics type course and that if I register with the students with disabilities office, I could get the additional help I needed (which I had planned to do anyway). They do have a copy of my testing that I had done when I was in Community College, so that will help also.

I made an appointment to take the GRE for next Thursday for 1:30 in the afternoon. It's in Bristol since there were no openings on the campus for anytime in November. It's about 45 or so minutes away, and we need to be there a half an hour beforehand so I can register. So, hopefully my mind won't go blank when it comes to actually take the test. And it takes a total of four hours to take it, with a ten minute break halfway through. It'll be a loooong afternoon.

The weather is gonna take a dip for a few days next week. Enough that we may even get frost and even snow. I do need to see about getting some winter clothes in the near future. Mostly thermal undies and some boots and coats. It will be kind of nice to have a Christmas that actually feels Christmasy though.

We're trying to conserve gas, so we haven't been going very many places, and it can get kind of boring after awhile to be stuck inside the house all day. Hopefully mom will be able to find a job soon so that we can have some income coming in and actually afford to do more things around here. Here's hoping for the best!!

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