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OK, so there's a slight chance we may be moving.

Here's the breakdown. Friends of ours live in an adult-only apartment complex that is based on income. Since mom is the only one who is over 55, it'd be based on her SSI that she receives. This is good since she'd be living there on her own eventually anyway. Our rent is currently $800.00 a month. I usually pay the rent with my monthly annuity, which basically takes all of my money. However, if we get this new apartment, it'd be cut in half, if not more.

It's much smaller than our condo, and there is no garage and no basement. However, with the money we'd save on rent (which mom would be paying instead of me), I can get a storage unit for the extra stuff we have and still have money left over. For me, it'd most likely be temporary, because once I find a job (God willing), I'd eventually move out on my own and mom would have the place to herself.

We took a tour today and found the apartment to be very nice. It has a laundry room and an elevator, which would help mom out considerably since it's on the second floor. I'd have to try and re-work my space issues with my stuff, but I think I can figure out something. Plus, I'd get my own bathroom again, which I miss since living here.

The area isn't all that far from where we are now. While we're currently on the South side of town, this is closer to the North side and we'd have to get re-oriented to where things are located.

It shouldn't be too difficult for us to qualify. While I'm not thrilled at the prospect of moving again, I think it's the best for both of us, since it'd save so much on money and maybe I can get ahead financially and can save some money for when I move out on my own. Ad I know it'd be a load off of mom's mind since she was always so worried that she'd have to find a place that was less than reputable for her to live in eventually. This place is nothing like that.

So prayers and good blessings that things will fall into place as needed. While we're far from being homeless, it's been quite the struggle to keep up with bills and rent and everything lately and moving here would help us out quite a bit. Plus, there are people we know who live there and that would be nice for us in many ways.

I'm not gonna mention anything about it on social media until things are finalized and I tell my immediate family what our new address would be.

No news on the job front. Maybe next year? I dunno. I don't know if others have as much difficulty with trying to find employment in my career choice or if it's just my luck. Maybe I'm meant to wait a certain period of time until after the potential move and mom's possible knee surgery next Spring? I just wish I had a little heads up as to what the plan is so that I can rest easy. Augh, so much uncertainty!!

I voted early last week, so hopefully this dumpster fire of an election will prove to be fruitful for the right people. I'll be honest, Trump in the White House terrifies me on so many levels. #ImWithHer

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