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I started a new part-time job Thursday. It's an online one and it's four hours per day. I signed a NDA so I can't go into too much detail, but it's basically doing search engine assessments for a company. I have to make sure that the search query that people search for in Google, come up with the right results and if they're for commerce products or not. Barring any technical issues, I should be OK. I couldn't work Friday because there were no queries in the queue to assess. Not a good start for my second day. Hopefully this week will be better...

Still on the hunt for a career type job. The PT job is nice for a few extra coin, but it's not a career. Besides, there's no way I could make my student loan payments with it. Hopefully, more openings will come up as the school year comes to an end. I want a high school, ideally, because it's the type of books I read and I can relate a little more to the students. Plus, I wouldn't have to do a lot of actual teaching. I almost had a nervous break down when I had to teach a class of sixth graders, and that was only one lesson! Yikes!

The university had a comic-con that I tried to go to. Turns out you need to have a valid student ID in order to get in for free. Sadly, I did not have the fee to pay for admittance. But, I was able to get some pictures of cosplayers, so it wasn't a total loss. I didn't want to hang around too long because I didn't want to come off as a creeper. I dunno what'll happen next year if I'll even be in the area to go next year. I guess we'll see.

Not much else has been happening. Mom has been doing a lot more stuff with the cronies from her card group, which I'm glad. Neither one of us tends to get out much, especially since we don't go outside to do any work. Maybe once the weather gets a little nicer and I have a little more money in my pocket, we can do some more things.

I saw my GI doctor on Friday. Things are pretty much status quo, which I was happy to hear. I do need to schedule my colonoscopy soon within the next few months. That'll be fun... I don't want to do it so close to the 4th of July like last time, or near my birthday. That'd be a bummer of a birthday, I tell ya.
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