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Today was the last day of my Practicum and it was a little bittersweet. I do think I learned a lot from this experience, though, which was the point. I will enjoy having more free time devoted to classwork (and, let's be real, sleeping in). I still have a few more months until graduation, so things will be getting more hectic. Hopefully I can keep my cool. I'm not gonna lie, I had a minor nervous breakdown on Friday. I guess all the stress had built up and it just exploded into one roiling sob fest. It did feel good afterwards, however. Like a catharsis of a sort. I guess it's something that you need sometimes...

I have some potential job prospects in the Knoxville area soon. My adviser had email some of us in the Practicum class about openings coming up in Knox County in January and gave us the name of the lady who is the liaison between the school board and the principals in hiring of new school librarians (I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Go figure). She did contact me back and we're going to be setting up a Skype interview within the next few weeks. Mostly because Knoxville is about two hours away from here. I am kind of hoping to get one of the later openings in May and thereabouts so that it will give me some time to move there. I'd rather not commute that distance, especially with a less than reliable car and in the winter. If it does happen, mom had mentioned something about moving with me and helping me get settled for a year or so, then moving on to maybe Townsend, TN which is closer to the Smokies, which is her dream area. Only time will tell, I guess.

I have to prepare for my Oral Presentation on Thursday. It's also via Skype with my graduate adviser and another instructor who teaches a lot of the library classes I take. I'm not super worried, but I do need to print off a bunch of stuff so that I can show them my physical binder. I have quite a bit of it already, but there are still a few items that I need to add yet.

I had my Remicade on Wednesday. Like a total dumb-ass, I forgot to do my lab work ahead of time, so I had to do them both on the same day, which took a long time and I had to wait awhile before I was even set up for it. Then, they couldn't get a good jab into my vein, even after multiple tries (which hurt. A LOT). They moved to another vein and things were better. I was the last person to leave, however, once everything was done. My next one is in December, a few days after my graduation. The only thing I wouldn't look forward to about moving again is having to re-establish with doctors and finding new favorite restaurants. It's the little things, sometimes...
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Having a chronic illness that needs to have expensive medical treatments really sucks sometimes. I've been unemployed for over a month now, and while it's been nice having the time off and everything, not having medical insurance really bites. This is one reason why I support a nationwide medical care like many countries have. Yes, I know it has it's own issues and all of that stuff, but why does it have to be so hard to get decent medical care for people who are unemployed, self-employed, full time students ect?

Sorry, didn't mean to complain. I don't have any regrets moving here. I love the area. I love our home. I'm just worried I'm going to have to settle for a dead-end job that I'm miserable in just so I can have health benefits. I know I need to have patience and trust in God to lead me in the direction He wants me to go, but faith and anxiety issues don't go well together.

Ideally, I'd like to work at the college so that I can be on campus for classes and such, but there is nothing for someone like me in a non-faculty office position. At least, nothing that I've found so far. It'll be hard enough to go to school full time as well as work full time. I know people who are able to do it and I think it's wonderful! However, sometimes I have the attention span of a fruit fly and find it hard to focus a lot. Plus, I don't do well under a lot of pressure. When I was an undergrad, it was easier because 1. I was younger then, 2. I didn't have the health issues I do now, and 3. I wasn't working. That made things easier.

I do think this is something I'm supposed to be doing, but time is ticking away and I need to find something to be able to support myself on. I'm really trying not to stress out too much about it, but it's easier said than done.

Otherwise, things are coming together. I've gotten more of my room set up and the living and dining rooms are looking like actual living spaces and not a box depot. We're slowly working on the stuff in the garage. Mom and I put a bunch of boxes of books (mostly mine) down in the basement. It's nice to have an actual basement. There are still more things to go down there, but the main focus is the main part of the house so that maybe we can actually have people over sometime.

We got our car tags and drivers licenses the other day, so we're 'officially' Tennesseans. Of course, to be counted as a resident for school, you have to live here for a year. *facepalm*

I got a new battery for my car, so maybe it will stop dying on me. I have a few things from the move still in there that I hope to be able to take out before I drive it too much. Maybe I can figure out a place to put some of it once we get more organized.

I'll try to be more positive in my next post. Honestly.
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Well, here I am, laying on my bed in my new bedroom in Tennessee. It's very nice. It seems bigger than my other room in Florida, but it could be because I don't have as much in it as I did down there. Mostly because there's not really the room for it, but also because it's set up a little differently.

I will say this, though. I never want to move again for a loooooooong time. It's really the worst. The day we loaded, last Thursday, was hot as hell and a little scattered. But, we had mostly teenagers helping out and they tend to not be the most responsible group. Still, they got the job done. I didn't do a lot of the physical stuff due to my back wanting to give out on me and the temperature. I mostly directed the guys moving and packed up a few last minute things. The girl who was supposed to help us out by cleaning did a rather piss poor job of it. We had to have a friend of ours (who was actually riding with mom on the way up) come over on Friday morning and help us clean out the refrigerator.

We ended up tossing away a few things at the last minute, like the vacuum cleaner, the brooms, the majority of the food in the refrigerator, the pots and pans, the cleaning supplies, because they 'supposedly' wouldn't fit in the truck. Mom said later on that she though they probably would've, but by that point we were over packing and loading that we didn't give much of a damn about anything.

Then, I had a brief emotional breakdown a few hours before we left due to the build up of stress and frustration and anxiety and all of that other crap. So I was sitting on my luggage bawling my eyes out, while the carpet cleaners were cleaning the apartment. It was rather cathartic now that I think about it. Added to it all was the fact that my car wouldn't start and we needed it to in order to load it onto the car trailer on the back of the moving truck. We eventually had to repower the battery and got it started enough to get it on. It's dead again, of course, but I think it's because I need a completely new battery since I just had the car tuned up not long before we left.

The trip up itself wasn't so bad. we drove straight through, although we had thought we might have to stop overnight at some friends of ours, but we were making good time so we didn't need to. We did pull in after midnight, so I needed to stay overnight with friends before coming to the condo the next morning. Once we got the key, we unlocked everything and once more people arrived, began to unload. The unloading seemed to go much smoother I think because we had all adults helping and the weather wasn't as monstrous as in Florida. Yes, it was hot but not ungodly like it was on Thursday.

We're gradually beginning to unpack everything and set things up the way we want them to be. We did have to buy some things, like a new vacuum, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, food, ect. We want to try to get things on the inside set up before trying to tackle the things in the garage and basement. THAT will be the fun part.

The cats seems to have adjusted quite well already. They like to run up and down the stairs and explore things. We do have to make sure that the basement and garage doors are closed so that no wandering kitties will appear... and then disappear.

Here are some pictures I took of the inside of the new place. I wanted to get them before we started loading a bunch of boxes and stuff inside. I hope to take more once we get everything all put into place.

One of my goals is to try to go back to school and get my Master's Degree in Library Science at Eastern Tennessee State University. I never tried to do school and work at the same time because I knew I couldn't do both. Hopefully I can get a job on campus as a Graduate or Research Assistant so I can pay a lower tuition. It's knowing where to start is the tricky thing. But, hopefully it'll work out. I want to try to avoid getting the same kind of job I had in Florida, because it wasn't fulfilling, and I'd like to try to avoid getting a job out of necessity rather than enjoyment if I can help it. Wish me luck!
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As those of you who follow me on Facebook may have guessed by now, mom and I are in Tennessee looking for housing. It took as almost the entire day yesterday (Friday) to find something, but I think we may have struck pay dirt.

It's nothing fancy, but it's very charming and has a spectacular view of the mountains from the living room window. That in and of itself may just be worth it. It has smaller bedrooms that what we have now and MUCH smaller closets as well as one full bathroom (which means I have to share. After having my own bathroom for four years, I got a little spoiled), but it has a very large basement which looks like it can hold quite a bit of stuff, especially if we condense it.

Besides, if we find another place we like better after a year, we can move again, but I honestly don't see that happening. For one thing, I don't think I'd want to move again for a very long time. Nothing is official as of yet, but we filled out applications (we both had to) and hopefully it'll get processed and approved so that we can move out by the time we need to be out of our Florida place. There are a few minor things we need to do as of yet, like finish up the packing, find someone to drive the truck for us while we drive the car and tow the other car (which in actuality will be behind the moving truck) and finish up some things before we make the move.

Monday I have a meeting with a financial adviser about rolling over my 401(k) to an IRA and then we have to take our older cat to the vet to get her shots updated and then receive copies of her records for a vet up here. Then the rest of the week will probably be more packing...

We did go to the movies today. We went to see Now You See Me which is about a group of magicians who rob banks and give the cash to the less fortunate. It's a lot more complex than that, but I can't really describe it any better. The theater we went to is very nice. Nice large curved screen. I told mom that when the second Hobbit movie comes out as well as Catching Fire we need to see it in that theater. It's a bit out of the way though, but most everything is here. I have to get used to finding my way around once we move up. I'm used to things being more close together where we are now.

We went to this quaint little bakery in downtown Bristol, VA (which is a hop, skip and a jump from here). It had very good pastries for reasonable prices. I debated on getting an elephant ear, but I stuck to a couple of donuts instead.

Later today we went to other friends of ours in Piney Flats to have a nice little cookout and swim in the lake nearby. It was a lot of fun, but I almost had a panic attack getting into the lake since the access point we have is very steep and a bit slippery. I eventually made it in though and had some fun.

I think I'll turn in now since it's been a long day and we need to head out in the morning. Hopefully I'll have more to report later on.
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Time is inching closer. Yet it still seems like forever. Of course, whenever you're looking forward to something, it always feels like it takes forever.

I of course speak of our move to Tennessee.

There is a shit ton of stuff we have to do beforehand though. Most of it is stuff I'm not particularly fond of... like intensive cleaning. And packing. I kind of have to really be in the mood to do a lot of cleaning. I hate to say that because it makes me sound like I'm a slob or something (which I'm not). I just dislike cleaning unless I'm in the mood to do so. But, since I'm only working for an hour and a half tomorrow I'm going to TRY to motivate myself to get a little bit done. If I tackle a section at a time, I may be able to make some progress.

So wish me luck.

In other, yet related news, mom and I have been browsing some of the housing option on Craigslist (I know, not necessarily the BEST choice when considering housing but hey) and she found one with a decent amount of acreage and within our price range. It's a condo, so I emailed them to see if there was a wait list for May. Two bed and two bath with wood floors and a decent sized kitchen. And there are pictures!!

The front

the deck

the kitchen with a good view of the wood floors

There's no guarantee we'll get it, but maybe. If not, then there's another better one out there.

We're gonna turn in our notices at work in May and then go up for a few weeks and house hunt. I think once we move and find a place and get settled and all of that then we can start really looking for jobs. It'll be easier once we have established residency I think. I just hope I don't get lost since I have a terrible sense of direction.

And this weekend we're going to the Central Florida Highland Games along with [profile] cosmic_reverie! I always enjoy going because I have a lot of fun while there and since this will be our last year to go. I'm definitely looking forward to it!
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This is gonna be a bit of a long post since I have a lot of ground to cover, so I'll try to break it up into chunks.

First of all, I'm gonna do the Year In Review meme I always do, so therefore:

Year In Review )

As for Resolutions, I tend not to make any since they usually get broken and it's stuff that you usually shouldn't have to resolve to do. I do have a few goals I'd like to accomplish though, such as eat a little better, be more active, eat more fruits and veggies ect. Hopefully I can discipline myself a little better.

I had a good Christmas. I got a few new cell phone cases. One is an OtterBox Defender from mom. I'll use it for when we go places where we spend a lot of time outdoor. And I got a Rabito case from dad. It has cute lil rabbit ears on it. I've gotten a lot of comments on it. I also got a Blu ray copy of The Dark Knight Rises from mom and the entire Indiana Jones series from dad and a Watchmen photo book. So it was a good day.

And finally, mom and I have made the decision to go ahead and work toward our move to Tennessee in a few months. Probably sometime in late May to early June. There is a lot of stuff we have to do beforehand first, but I think we can get it together and do it. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
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So, yesterday I saw snow.

Yeah, I know it's not a big deal for you in the Northern regions, but for someone like me who has lived in a sub-tropical area like I have been for nearly 30 years, it's quite the rarity.

This was in the upper elevations of the Smoky Mountains which was brought on by the colder weather and the side effects of Sandy. And it was the nice snow. The fresh, clean snow that covers everything in a fine white powder. For some reason, it makes most anything look magical. Kinda like being in a winter wonderland.

It was a bit of a weird juxtaposition, coming from obvious Autumn to Winter. But, it was a nice surprise nonetheless.

There's a bit of a change coming for us coming down the line. The current plan is to move to Tennessee sometime in the Spring or early Summer. There is a job possibility for me which is essentially the same thing I'm doing now. So, when we get back home, I need to look for my resume and update it and send it in. I'm hoping for the best. The company I'm looking at is pretty large and there are a number of openings in the medical data entry department.

So... here's hoping. I can't take Florida heat anymore. All the health issues and the constant oppressive heat are too much for me. I know Tennessee has heat in the summers, but not nearly as long as in Florida. It's unbearable. Plus, mom and I have been wanting to move there for quite awhile. She doesn't want to move in the Winter, so that's why we're aiming for the Spring or early Summer.

Wish me luck!
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