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Today has been a fairly long day.

I had my Remicade treatment today. I tend to sleep through it, so it's not like it's super stressful. I mean, I don't like being poked, and my veins are starting to scar over and soon it'll be difficult to find a viable one to use. I'm considering having a port put in near one of my shoulder blades so that there is one spot to put the IV in as well as take whatever labs are needed. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it as soon as I can.

After that, I went to eat at my favorite Chinese buffet (which I will miss greatly once we move) which satisfied my craving for at least a little while.

Then I had to go over to the main building of our company and fill out paperwork and do a little dance in order to get everything set to be an employee of the company that bought ours out. It was a lot of hoops to jump through. I needed to bring in my Degree for some reason as well as copies of my driver's license and social security cards (as well as the originals) and fill out a lot of paperwork. I had to get a picture taken for the new badges we'll be getting. Hopefully it won't look too hiddy, but I'm not holding my breath. Then came the lab work. Routine drug testing, but instead of just the urine test, we had to get our blood tested as well. It took bloody forever.

For starters, they call you back two at a time and have you stand in line. First, you have to wash your hands, then stand back in line. Then they call you back for your blood work. Since my veins are thin and my one good vein was already used today, they had to find a smaller one to draw from. That was a lot of laughs. They took five vials of blood which makes me wonder just what they're testing for. I'm surprised I have any blood left.

Then after the blood work, we stand in line again for our urine sample. This is what took the longest. You get up to the test administrator, present your photo ID, partially fill out more paperwork, grab a specimen cup, go into the toilet to fill said cup, come back out, wash your hands again while they pour your urine sample into a smaller cup to be sealed, sign and date the seal, finish filling our the paperwork and then you can leave. Good Lord!

So after that was all done, I thought I'd go ahead and wait for mom to go back and finish her work up for the day and go home with her since we have to share a car.

And for some reason, the new kitty Tor-T has gravitated more towards me than mom even though ostensibly she's more mom's cat than mine. I have no idea why. I do nothing to encourage her to do this. I mean,  I'm nice to her and scratch her on occasion when she'll let me, like mom does, but for some reason she like to lay on my bed with me more so than mom. And mom is kind of upset about it. I mean,  I can see why since she wanted a cat for her to love on. What can I say? Cats are fickle. I don't know why they do what they do. So now I have to deal with mom being emo over her cat liking me better than her. You can't win for losing.

Maybe things will look up once the weekend comes and mom's best friend from her school days comes and visits.

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