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I've noticed an odd pattern of sorts recently. Whenever I tell someone (or they find out somehow) that I'm moving away, I always seem to get asked the same types of questions:

1. WHY?!

I understand people are curious as to why we're moving, but it's no big important reason really. Because we want to. Pure and simple. Wanting a change of pace and/or a change of scenery.

2. Do you have family up there?

I get this one a lot. Like the only reason to move is to be closer to family. I understand that's why a lot of people move, but that's not the only reason. I do say we have friends up there and that seems to be an acceptable answer. I guess they like to be reassured that we're not gonna be alone or something.

3. Do you have a job or something?

True, lots of people move due to their job relocating them, but not everyone. I think it may be easier if you do, that way the company may pay for moving expenses and you'd have an income once you move. I think that's the scariest part for me.

I'm not 'offended' or anything by people asking me these questions, but I just noticed a bit of a pattern with the line of questioning. Hell, I may ask these kinds of questions myself of people whenever I find they're moving.

Still nothing on the housing front. I'm trying not to angst about it. I just want us to be able to find something nice in a nice area for us to stay put for awhile. I mean, I don't want to find something kinda meh to transition into a better place later on. I don't want to move again for awhile if I don't have to.

I've been busy at work training the people who are going to be taking over my posting when I leave. It's a bit exhausting and time consuming to say the least. I guess I was a little bit short tempered or frustrated today because I got an email from my boss saying I need to 'get along better' with my fellow associates. I didn't realize i wasn't, but maybe I was and didn't notice or something. I dunno. I have my exit interview scheduled for the 10th at 2:30 and then after that it's 'hasta la vista'!

I have my final Remicade treatment on Wednesday and maybe I can do more packing that day since I'll be home. I did talk to my GI doc today and he said he'd like me to try to get established with a GI doctor up there so that I don't fall behind on my treatments. Which is all well and good and everything, but if I don't have insurance to AFFORD said treatment due to not having a job, than it'll seem relatively pointless.

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