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Friday was our company 'Spirit Day.' Basically meaning we could wear a company shirt or company colors with jeans. Any chance I can get to wear jeans at work, I'm gonna take. This next week will be our last as our company as we know it. It'll be a little weird and hopefully the transition will be a smooth one.

They told us we'd be getting cubicles, but I don't know when for sure. I mean, it could be as soon as next Monday. I guess we'll have to see. They're also gonna cram more people into our room, so that will take some time getting used to. I got my tax return and ordered me a new iPod so that I can listen to my music/podcasts in peace. I mean, I like the camaraderie we have now with the open floor plan and that will be pretty much eliminated with the cubicles, but maybe it'll help me to be more focused.

I will hopefully be able to get my car fixed so that I can drive myself due to the schedule shift under the new company. Since I carpool, trying to get to the office at a specific time isn't always viable. We try, but things happen sometimes. Maybe if I drive myself, it'll be less problematic. It hasn't been a major issue as long as we're not super late and get our allotted hours in, but the new company is much more strict in these type of matters.

But, no matter what, I'll only have a short amount of time left anyway, so I just need to bide my time in the meantime.

Some friends of ours who live in Tennessee came down for a little while to clean up their house down here they were renting out for awhile. Their renter moved, so they needed to do some minor touch ups and repair work so they can have it ready for the next renter. I volunteered to help paint, which is what I did yesterday morning. I'd forgotten how hard painting can be on your back and shoulders. But we got it done, save for a few trim areas that I couldn't reach.

I got to talk to the wife for a little bit and she told me that the university she teaches at have Graduate Assistant positions open for those who want to pursue a graduate degree and have it paid for. I will admit it has been something I've thought of now and then, but I've never had the money or the time to do so. I think if I were to go back to school, I'd probably focus on English Lit or Library Science. It's something to consider at least. I do know I will look for jobs in other fields other than medical, for the sake of my sanity at least. I think I'm beginning to burn out from this stuff. Maybe the time I have between jobs will give me a fresh perspective and a bit of a rest.

I've been brining home some of my stuff from the office here and there. Originally it was because of the inventory they plan on doing on Thursday and if you don't want your personal items to be counted as belonging to the company, you need to take it home. I had originally planned to do it slowly over the past few months, but this inventory thing has me needing to do it sooner. I was able to bring most of it home, but there are still things I have to wait until the last minute because I still use them. I need to go through the boxes so that I can keep the necessary stuff and get rid of the stuff that isn't. That part will be easier than going through my closet, which is crammed full of stuff. I'm not looking forward to doing that. Plus, my closet always gets wicked hot and I hate being in there for long periods of time.

I did mange to pack a few more of my books away. I still have quite a few left though. Such is the curse of being a bibliophile. Both of my parents are the same way. I suppose I could donate some to libraries or used bookstores, but I have a hard time parting with my books. I haven't reached hoarder status just yet, but I need to watch myself.

I have Friday off (actually, our whole department does since the computer systems will be down), so I think I will try to use my time to my advantage. I do want to go to the movies and see Warm Bodies sometime, so I'll try to then. Maybe I'll attempt to tackle my closet some. At least go through some of my clothes I don't wear anymore.

Our internet was down for a few days, so that was a lot of fun. We had a tech come out and replace our modem, so it's faster and they were running a deal where we could get a few bucks off per month and have a free preview of Showtime and Cinemax. So, we took it. :D

That's all for now. I'll try to keep everyone updated on how things are going at the company after the transition has been completed. I did get my new ID badge and was able to sign up for the new benefits package, so that's one thing out of the way.

And I want to dig out my past volumes of Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji) and reread them.

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