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I went to a job fair today that was for educators and future educators at my alma mater. I think things went pretty well. I went around to the different tables and got some information from the various schools and districts.

There were a few home health businesses, which I thought a bit odd since this job fair was for teachers and others in the education field. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that there weren't any representatives from the city school district, nor the local county. You'd think there would be since they were local and that these future educators may want to have some options closer to home. Whatever...

I was pretty proud of myself for being very professional. I shook hands and introduced myself and would ask the necessary questions. Some of them were unable to say whether or not there would be any librarian positions open, but to check back in the summertime when the majority of the postings would be available. Some said there would be some retirements coming, so to check back in a few months.

I did get swag and lots of other information, like salaries and information about the schools. I handed out all of my employment information, like my cover letter, my resume, my test scores and license information. Most just had resumes, but I figure if I can give them more information, that's less they have to look into and it's stuff that can be on hand as they look through all the piles of resumes they got.

The weather isn't very cooperative lately. While it's been pretty warm most of the week, today was cooler than usual and I got a headache on top of it all. I seem to be getting a lot of migraines in the springtime due to the up and down weather patterns. I wish things would level out so that my head can be at peace for once.

My knitting has been getting better. I still haven't figured out socks, but I've been practicing my magic loop circular knitting and I've gotten the hang of it, for the most part. I just got to keep at it and keep getting better.

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