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Well, I was just unfriended on Facebook by someone who said I was being ‘rude’ for asking people to show respect towards Caitlyn Jenner and other trans* persons and that if they weren’t, that they please unfollow me. While Facebook in and of itself may be a public forum, my personal Facebook page is mine and if I want people to be respectful on it, that’s my right. I can’t understand why people who call themselves Christians can treat other people so abominably. That’s the antithesis of what Christianity is, at least to me. Now I know why people think the majority of Christians are pedophilic hypocrites. It’s rather sad. As for me, I’ll continue to follow the intent of Christianity: Love your neighbor as yourself.

I’m not going to let myself be upset over it or anything. It’s for the best. One less person I have to tiptoe around anyway. And my mom is being amazing. She’s behind me 100%. I love her.

Aside from that little bit of drama, things have been pretty low key. Summers generally are. The pool is officially open, but I haven’t made it down there yet. Either it’s too crowded or the weather is too bad.

The local public library is having a comic con on the 27th and I want to try and go, since it’s free and all. It might be kinda fun. Plus, it’ll get me out of the house for a bit.

I moved some files from an old external hard drive from my desktop computer and I’ve been going through them. My desktop has the ability to record from the TV if the cable is set up and I had some old shows from years ago that I’d recorded. I have an editing program from when I had a school assignment and I’ve been using it to edit out old commercials and the like. It’s been kind of fun, strangely enough. Some videos I’d edited were of when mom and I released paper lanterns in 2011 to commemorate what would’ve been my sister’s 40th birthday. I uploaded the video on YouTube in case you’d wanna watch it.
Well, two, actually. One taken by me and another taken by a friend of ours with another video camera.

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Sorry things have been quiet on the posting front. I kept meaning to, but then I never got around to it.

Anyway, things have been kind of up and down lately. We're still trying to get adjusted to the new merger at work. They are a lot stricter when it comes to a lot of thing and that takes some getting used to. We now have to fill out (what seems like) a ton of paperwork just to request time off. We haven't been divided into cubicles as of yet, but it'll be coming soon I think. Maybe it'll be after I leave, which is in another few months. Maybe once I turn in my notice, I can light a fire and do more packing. My weekends have been pretty scattered lately so I haven't had much of a chance to do more sorting and packing. Mom is getting frustrated because she thinks the place looks like a hoarders house to which I assure her that it doesn't look anything like that. Also, that the boxes will increase the closer it get to when we move.

I'll be visiting my dad and step-mother this weekend for a little while, as in a few days since that's all I can spare due to the fact I have no Personal Time saved up do to the merger. I hope it goes better than last time when I had to leave early due to some disagreements with my step-mother. maybe it will be since it'll be at an actual house and not a cramped RV. I guess we'll have to see...

I had planned on going to a Pow-Wow last weekend that my cousin likes to go to, but mom and I decided to go to a memorial service for a fiend of ours from church and I'm glad we did since we were able to get together with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time and were able to catch up and have lots of fun. It was a good celebration of life.

I may have had a falling out with another close fiend of mine over the weekend. Things have gotten rather strange with her lately. She's been posting all of these rants about being prepared for the Second Coming and how all the Muslims on the planet seem to have a personal blood Jihad against the entirety of the United States. I know some of the more fanatical factions probably do, but the majority of the Muslim people more or less want to live their lives as the rest of us do. She's always been rather conservative in her beliefs, especially after she married her husband, but it was never to this degree. And it's only really been fairly recently too. I may have aggravated things a little by asking a few questions here and there and getting these bizarre tirades in return. I sent her a message on Facebook saying that I don't want whatever may have been done or said to come between us as friends and to try to smooth things over a little. She responded by saying she'd pray for me to have my eyes opened to see the truth that is out there. O...K. I tried leaving neutral responses and stuff, but I haven't heard anything back yet, so I have no idea if I'm on the shit list or not.

She's the one that we'd do a lot of fun stuff with, like game nights and going to the Highland Games and snorkeling and all kinds of things. I miss my fun-loving, adventurous friend. I hope she returns.
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I've never been one for patience.

I'm wanting these next four months or so to be over with quickly. I want to quit my job and leave (at least temporarily) all the stress behind me. If I didn't need to work for the money and, more importantly, for the insurance, I'd be very satisfied at staying at home.

Maybe the time in between when I quit my job and start another one in Tennessee I'll have recovered enough from stress that I won't burn out. Hopefully.

The majority of the stress comes from the soon to be buyout and the transition that comes with it. We have to amp up our workload in order to make sure we get all the stuff caught up and posted and it means longer hours for us. Plus, I got in a wee bit of trouble due to my hours being askew since I had to go in early and leave later for the past few weeks. Hopefully since my mom's hours have regulated, so have mine. There are days when carpooling kinda sucks...

I got into a bit of a tiff with a friend of mine on Facebook took something I posted the wrong way. I mentioned the fact that I didn't want to see pictures of mutilated or dead animals on my news feed because it's just something that I don't want to see. Yeah, you can hide them, but the image is still in your head. My friend had posted earlier about a petition to prosecute a guy who killed a dog by malnutrition or something (I didn't read the post too closely) and thought that I was singling her out specifically. I told her it wasn't due to her alone and that there have been other posts about various animal abuse causes that tend to use graphic images in their postings. She mentioned how she was creeped out by Domo-kun for some reason and didn't want to see any pictures of him and some such. We were able to hash things out and I think things are cool between us now, but I just hate how political Facebook has gotten. And how hyper sensitive people are anymore. All I wanna do is keep in touch with friends and family that I don't get to see on a regular basis and post geeky pictures and cat macros. so I'm laying low for a little while until the whole thing blows over...

My anxiety and the paranoia that sometimes comes with it is starting to crop up again. Hopefully my meds will regulate things again and I can feel like a human being once again. It really sucks in the meantime. Maybe once all of the stuff regarding the take over is all over and done with, things will begin to smooth out and feel normal again.
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Here I am, sitting on a sleeping bag atop my box spring because my umpteenth air mattress developed a massive air bubble which made sleeping pretty difficult. I had tried using another spare air mattress we had which developed a leak that I foolishly thought was fixed, but it took a few DVD episodes of 'That '70's Show' to prove otherwise.

So, since I have to wait a few weeks for my tax refund to come in where I shall be able to buy an actual mattress, I have resorted to the above configuration. This is not the first time I have had to sleep on a box spring. When we first moved down here, we had a bunk bed. Mom took the top mattress for the lower bunk and I had the box spring for the upper bunk. Not too bad, although I was only ten at the time and a lot more durable, so to speak. I do have my egg crate mattress pad underneath the sleeping bag, so that gives a little bit of cushioning. I shall pray for my return to come quickly so I can have an actual mattress again after SEVERAL years.

I am also joyfully involved in more work drama. The best kind!! /sarcasm

Anyhoodle, one of my co-workers is recently pregnant, and I don't know if it's the hormones or what, but she's become rather, well... bitchy. I mean, she's always been one to go off at a moment's notice over anything really. But this is the first one directed at me. Now, when I eat my lunch, I drink out of a plastic skull mug I had gotten for one Halloween one year. I use a skeleton straw to drink from. Sometime I do tend to slurp when I hit bottom, but I try not to do it too often. Last Tuesday, however, I must've done it waaaaay too many times (i.e. ONCE) and set off this particular co-worker. Basically she snapped at me.

Now, I understand that excessive drink slurpage can be cause for annoyance, and I do try not to do it often, but there had to be better ways to deal with the situation than fly off the handle like that. Sending an email, wording it a little more tactfully, ect. Basically it was pretty embarrassing for me since she did it in our office in front of all my other office mates, which I really think was uncalled for. But then, she never was one for discretion.

Now she's not even talking to me. I did apologize for the 'offense' and have even taken to eating my lunch elsewhere so I can slurp in peace if need be. I mean, I didn't think it was THAT big of an offense, but I guess so. I mean, she doesn't even acknowledge me when I greet everyone in the mornings. Whatevs. I'm trying to be Zen about the whole thing, but I flip back and forth between caring and not caring. I think my FIG rates are at an all time low right now.

Thank God I have an ally in there with me. My other co-worker/office mate was out for a few weeks following a neck surgery she had and previously mentioned co-worker was rude to her as well for no real reason. I mean, me I kind of get, but her? I have no clue. There are a bunch of children in there. So me and my ally email each other back and forth in order to have conversations with each other. Hell, no one else in there is talking to us, so we might as well join forces.

My one consolation is that the pregnant co-worker will be out on maternity leave come July, so that's one less stressor I have to worry about. I swear, all of this crap has brought my Anxiety Disorder back with a vengeance. A few times I had to hide in the bathroom in order to stave off a panic attack. Talk about awkward to have at work!

Makes me really look forward to the vacation Mom and I have planned for late October back to Tennessee. I think that is where our hearts truly lie. Now, if only we could get the money to move there permanently, we'd be all set.
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Well, it seems we're moving! Not far, just a few doors down, actually. We've been looking to relocate to a bigger place far awhile now. Ideally we'd like a house, but we haven't had any luck. Now this housing market has proven to be a bit of a boon for some of us since it's forced down the rents for several properties. However, they still require first/last month's rent, a pet deposit (usually per pet) and a security deposit which can add up to quite a bit. So, needless to say although I've saved, I haven't saved quite that much.

So, this works out well for us. Not only is it $75 cheaper than where we are now, we'll mostly likely be able to at least downgrade the size of our storage unit which equals less rent on THAT. Plus, we don't have to pay any additional fees since we're still in the same building and complex. Easier to haul our stuff over too.

This whole thing isn't going to be happening until May sometime, so we still have some time. First comes the unpleasant part: packing. The thing I hate the most about moving is all the packing and stuff. At least with it being a few doors down, I can basically toss stuff in a box and walk it over. It's on the second floor, yes but I think as long as I'm careful, it can be done.

There's this whole drama thing going on at mom's work. The lady who took over mom's position as medical secretary for a particular doctor is a really nice lady. She's pretty fun and is cool to hang round with, which we've done a few times outside of work. However, the girl who sits next to her, "K" is being a bit... troublesome. For instance, you're only allowed a half hour for lunch if you're going to be away from your desk. K likes to take an hour and sometimes MORE for lunch. She goes with some friends of hers and does who the hell knows what, meanwhile the aforementioned "P" has to try to cover her phones as well as K's phones.

I'm trying to be neutral in all of this, since I like both parties involved with this whole mess, but then today K posted something on her Facebook profile basically calling P out. No names were named, but it was obvious what she was referring to. Funny thing is, P is on K's Facebook profile and can see what she wrote. Hmmm...

On another front, I have to try to figure out why I'm so low on PTO time when I haven't taken off a lot of time to BE low. This is a concern because I want to take a couple of days off for the move as well as both mom's and mine birthdays to go to Disney. *ker sigh*

Birthdays Today: Elton John [Reginald Kenneth Dwight]
Musician, singer, songwriter
b: 1947 -
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Ugh, I wish this whole LJ drama would just end already! I have a few people on my FL threatening to up and leave because of all of this. I think this has all been blown out of proportion. Yes, I can see both points of view, but all the bitching people have been doing is getting a little tiresome. Generally I try to stay out of stuff like this. I can understand if it was like the last time, when there was a general freakout and there were actions before thoughts, but this time it's a tad more thought out. It's more specific rather than general. This has got a few on my FL really worried. To some of us, LJ is a release and a connection to others that we might not have. True, you can probably find the same thing at another blog site, but we've been here too long and know too many people to just pull out now. So I plan on sticking around for awhile.

And that is all I'm saying on the subject...

Today at work wasn't bad. The insurance checks I posted were fairly easy and I could finish them without a lot of additional stress and whatnot. Which is good, because I definitely don't need additional stress.

I'm also officially insured! YUS! I have my shiny new insurance card tucked into my billfold all snug. Hee!

We were supposed to go to a baseball game on Friday night, but by the time it was supposed to start, both mom and I were to tired to care. It seems it went in to 15 innings! We'd have been there all night if we had gone (although we could've easily left at anytime).

Mom is thinking about perhaps going back to school to get a Fine Arts degree in Photography. I wish her the best, but the last time she tried to go back to school, it was kind of a letdown. But this is something she really enjoys, so I hope she can do it!

And a Happy Birthday to [ profile] pathseeker and [ profile] pinnacles!! Many more to come I hope!

Word of the Day: wraith
Pronunciation: /rayth/
n : the supposed image or apparition of a person that appears just before or after that person's death; ghost
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Not a lot happened this weekend, but it sort of did, if you catch my drift.


Movie night. I picked Yours, Mine and Ours (the original, not the lame remake). That was pretty much it, really.


Stayed home most of the day, watching TV and looking at more raw scans of Kaze Hikaru (weeps because she still wishes she could read what's going on). We did see the shuttle go up, which was nice because we actually had a nice day for it. The only time I left the house was to pick up a few groceries and my prescription. I got mom a copy of Shall We Dance since she liked the movie when we saw it at the theater.


Church as usual. Afterwards was a church meeting laying out the state of our church. Lemme tell you, it's not pretty. Basically, we're in heap big trouble. I'll not get into detail on here, but we need to whip ourselves into shape. Of course, the real drama began when the floor opened up to questions. A lot of people had some valid things to say, but there was a lot of heavy emotion in the air. It was very intense.

Like most of the weekend, the rest of the day was just spent at home, relaxing. Mom talked on the phone for a little bit and I was glued to the computer as usual.

A meme I snagged from [ profile] kawaiiayu and a few others:

My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424

I had to change some of the pictures to ones that were less... risque. A few I have no idea how they came up with a particular image for a particular interest.

Today will be uneventful. I plan on running an errand or two and doing some stuff around the house.

And finally, a moment of silence and reflection to the victims of the tragic event that changed everyone's lives five years ago.