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We got the car fixed!! Thanks to a dear friend who came over and took care of it for us. Granted he had to go by a YouTube tutorial, but it worked and now we can drive once again! I still need to get a newer car at some point, especially once I start working. But, that's a ways away yet, so I'm not gonna fixate on it right now...

I think I need a fundamentalist detox. Some of the people I went to church with down in Florida, while overall pretty decent people, they are still so very narrow-minded about so many things. Someone posted about Target making their bathrooms gender neutral for people who are trans, and there was a big uproar about it! Mostly from dude-bros with hunting rifles who threaten to 'hurt anyone with a penis who dares share a bathroom with my fragile wives and daughters!' Mostly they were talking about the guys who want to abuse the system by 'claiming' to be trans men (while looking decidedly like cis men) and raping and fondling women. There was definite trans misogyny going on. I was very polite with my response, saying that all anyone who is trans wants to do is use the bathroom in peace, like everyone else. Naturally this was when the trolls came out. Saying, 'If God gave you a penis, then you were meant to have a penis!' I had to stop receiving notifications after that or else I would've let my emotions get the better of me.

I did make it a point to post on my own page, that the likelihood of those who molest women and children are straight, cisgender males, not anyone from the LGBTQA community. This is 2016, people! Stop living in the dark ages! And this isn't helped any by the Trump campaign, which does nothing but get people riled up and start regressing backwards. Is it any wonder people are afraid and worried?

Additionally, we found out today that Prince passed away at only 57 years old. This hasn't been a very good year for celebrity deaths. Why can't Death take less likable people? I shouldn't say that, though...

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