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I hope that everyone has had a safe and pleasant New Year thus far. Mom and I stayed in (like we usually do) and watched some movies, ordered some pizza, watched the ball drop and drank some sparkling cider.

A lot of things happened in 2015. Some good and some bad, not just to me personally, but worldwide as well. People passed on and babies were born, there was a new Star Wars movie that was released, the final Hunger Games movie as well. Some book releases as well as educational achievements, like graduating from grad school, possible employment opportunities and induction into the educational honor society.

Here's a brief recap of 2015 as I can remember it:

January: new semester started and we're getting ready for the home stretch. Weather was kinda wonky, but the snow provided many photo opportunities that I took advantage of.

February: Still chugging along with classes. I know that I don't have too far to go, so that helps to keep me motivated.

March: Weather is starting to thaw, so I enjoy being outdoors a bit more.

April: Spring is almost here! I be sure to take pictures of the blooming trees and flowers.

May: Classes are over and so I get into summer gear, which is pretty much nothing.

June: Mom's 65th birthday. Since it's a low money month, I have to give her an IOU for her birthday, to be redeemed in the Fall once I get my loan money. We also celebrate my cat turning 13. We're a weird family... I also get a bit of fallout for asking people to be respectful of trans* and other persons on my Facebook page. It may have cost me a friendship or two, but it was worth posting. Elsewhere in the world, Princess Charlotte is born and there is a winner of the Triple Crown, which hasn't happened in decades. Then there was the whole Rachel Dolezal controversy. But, the biggest news is legal marriage for same sex couples!! Also, we'd officially been in Tennessee for two years!

July: My birthday, for starters. Also, I had to take my Praxis exams, so the majority of the month was spent studying for that (oh joy). I spent the majority of my time, when not studying, trawling the internet and trying to learn how to knit. Also, Cecil the lion was killed by an asshole dentist and I complained about the weather. A lot.

August: Smack dab in the middle of summer, so I stayed indoors a lot. Also, to conserve gas, since money was (and still is) pretty tight. I took a lot of cat pictures, mostly on Instagram and posted even more cat memes to Facebook. And, I found out that I passed my Praxis exams! I registered for my Fall classes and started my final semester at the end of the month. I also started my Practicum at my chosen schools. I also learned the importance of proper footwear... In other news, people freaked out over what high school girls wore to public schools... and a lot of them fought back. And basically the only summer film I was able to watch was Ant Man, which I really liked. People were also bitching about the Confederate flag and it's purpose in the 21st century. Mostly people from the Deep South... where I live.

September: More Practicum for me! I'm not complaining too much, though. Although the hours are taking a bit to get used to... My dad and stepmother are in town for a visit for a week, so I have to try and squeeze in some time to see them while doing my hours for my Practicum. It's not easy, but it's doable, so we go and see Oak Ridge for a day and mostly go out to dinner. In other news, the clerk from Kentucky who denied marriage certificates to same sex couples got arrested and put in jail. She of the many spouses and adultery is after same sex couples for committing sins against “traditional” and “biblical” marriage. Don't stand too close unless you want to be struck by lightning... Also, the Pope visited the US for the first time and was delightful. I also survived teaching my very first class to a group of 10th graders. I attended a graduation celebration at the university and picked up my regalia and had pictures taken. It was pretty neat.

October: Actually a pretty low-key month. I enjoyed the color change that Fall brings. I also finished my Practicum, which was nice. I missed out on celebrating Halloween at the schools I was at, but once I get a job, I can celebrate with the students there.

November: Getting close to the end of school. Making sure things are ready and set for graduation and finishing up my classes. People are also getting up in arms about the new holiday Starbucks cup because people have to complain about something. Paris got struck by terrorist attacks and a lot of fatalities were had, but Parisians are resilient and weren't going to be swayed by ISIS assholes. Also, the final Hunger Games movie was released and I watched it and liked it. Mom and I went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving because we didn't feel like cooking with just the two of us. I liked it and may do it again next year, despite the fact that it was crowded. I also re-hennaed my hair in time for my graduation. Mom also started going to the local community center to play cards and really enjoys it.

December: BIG month for me. I graduate from graduate school, my dad is in town for a few days, the new Star Wars movie comes out, Christmas time. Mom and I opt for Chinese on Christmas Day instead of cooking. It's a good tradition started by the Jews and it's a good one to have and we may continue to keep doing it. The weather is continuing to act all weird and I have to wear lighter clothes for the majority of the month.

Soooo, that was pretty much my year. This coming year has lots of promise. There is a possibility of a job and maybe a move to go with it. It's a little exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I think it'll be good, though. I'm not going to get too much ahead of myself, but I'm going to try to stay optimistic. And not think about the looming student loan payment that's coming up...

I hope 2016 will turn out to be a good one for all of you and I look forward to seeing what'd next in your lives!!

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