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I'm sitting in front of the fireplace at the community center while my mom plays cards with her card cronies. Mostly to get out of the house after a long blizzard-induced exile. OK, she also bribed me with food... Most of the snow has melted, but there is still quite a bit on the ground. It'll probably be all melted by the middle of the week.

I picked up my diploma last Tuesday, before all the snow came. So I guess it's officially official. I have a Master's Degree! Now comes the fun part of finding a job. My application for my certification has been sent out to the Board of Education in Nashville. It'll probably take awhile before it gets finished though, since they're only into the November applicants. But, this is par for the course, so I'm sure the school systems are used to it. I just put “pending” on my applications. So far, I've only just filled out the application for Knox County. I need to look into what the requirements are for the local counties. I did find out that the county closest to me, needs copies of the applicants' transcripts. Those suckers cost $25.00! Especially since I have more than one university to send. That's not even including the one I just graduated from! So, I can't do that right now since I don't have the money to do it. I'll have to see what the other area counties require. I haven't made progress with the Asheville applications, because I need to see what I need to do to become certified in North Carolina and I may need to wait until I get my Tennessee license.

Things have been pretty low key lately. I don't have classes, so I've been trying to fill my time with other things, like going through some old things and reorganizing my dresser drawers. I also need to re-learn to knit since I'm extremely rusty since I had to stop for awhile for school. I'm also starting to get notices from the lenders in relation to my student loans. I know I'm going to have to defer since they want my first payment in July. I'll also need to consolidate them so that I can just make one payment. As it is, it may take me at least ten years or longer to pay them off. I guess we'll see...

Mom and I have been going to a local Methodist church and we've really liked it. It's smaller than the one we'd been going to, but I think that's what makes it nice. Plus, the building is beautiful. It's 100 years old and it has a beautiful pipe organ and stained glass windows. The pastor is very nice, She came over to the house a few weeks ago and it was very pleasant. Mom officially joined last week and I may join eventually. I'm still contemplating. Besides, I hear the Methodists are a little more liberal than the Evangelical sects, which I like.

I've been thinking about getting a BJD. No real reason, I just like the look. I have two Tonner dolls already, but they don't have the articulation that the BJD do. But, I need to save up, because they can be pricey, especially if you want one with a face already painted. I'd need that since I have no artistic talent to do it myself. It seems a little... odd to be an adult women and collect dolls, but I'm hardly the only one! I'd also need to get clothes and stuff and wigs and all kinds of things, so I may need to wait until I get a job before I can start. I just have to figure out the best way to start!
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