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The wonderful world of living with Anxiety. For a lot of people, they have concerns about certain things. For me, and many others with Anxiety, it ramps up. Right now, I'm feeling so much Anxiety about what will happen to me in the future. It's 24/7 all the time. I have so much going through my mind, like: Will I find a job? Will it pay well? Will I have to move? If I do, how will I afford it? Will I find a place in a nice area? Will I need to get a newer car? Will mom have to come with me? Will she be able to manage without my car? Will I do well in my new job? Will the students like me? Will my co-workers like me? And etc...

The meds I take do help, believe it or not. Without them, the feelings would be a lot more intense and overwhelming. As it is, they're still there, but not at the forefront of everything else. And they help with my Depression as well.

I know it seems like a lot to dump out all at once, but I think once you see it in black and white, it helps clarify things sometimes. Plus, it can be a way of looking back and reflecting. I just hope that I can be successful as an adult after all...
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I'm sitting in front of the fireplace at the community center while my mom plays cards with her card cronies. Mostly to get out of the house after a long blizzard-induced exile. OK, she also bribed me with food... Most of the snow has melted, but there is still quite a bit on the ground. It'll probably be all melted by the middle of the week.

I picked up my diploma last Tuesday, before all the snow came. So I guess it's officially official. I have a Master's Degree! Now comes the fun part of finding a job. My application for my certification has been sent out to the Board of Education in Nashville. It'll probably take awhile before it gets finished though, since they're only into the November applicants. But, this is par for the course, so I'm sure the school systems are used to it. I just put “pending” on my applications. So far, I've only just filled out the application for Knox County. I need to look into what the requirements are for the local counties. I did find out that the county closest to me, needs copies of the applicants' transcripts. Those suckers cost $25.00! Especially since I have more than one university to send. That's not even including the one I just graduated from! So, I can't do that right now since I don't have the money to do it. I'll have to see what the other area counties require. I haven't made progress with the Asheville applications, because I need to see what I need to do to become certified in North Carolina and I may need to wait until I get my Tennessee license.

Things have been pretty low key lately. I don't have classes, so I've been trying to fill my time with other things, like going through some old things and reorganizing my dresser drawers. I also need to re-learn to knit since I'm extremely rusty since I had to stop for awhile for school. I'm also starting to get notices from the lenders in relation to my student loans. I know I'm going to have to defer since they want my first payment in July. I'll also need to consolidate them so that I can just make one payment. As it is, it may take me at least ten years or longer to pay them off. I guess we'll see...

Mom and I have been going to a local Methodist church and we've really liked it. It's smaller than the one we'd been going to, but I think that's what makes it nice. Plus, the building is beautiful. It's 100 years old and it has a beautiful pipe organ and stained glass windows. The pastor is very nice, She came over to the house a few weeks ago and it was very pleasant. Mom officially joined last week and I may join eventually. I'm still contemplating. Besides, I hear the Methodists are a little more liberal than the Evangelical sects, which I like.

I've been thinking about getting a BJD. No real reason, I just like the look. I have two Tonner dolls already, but they don't have the articulation that the BJD do. But, I need to save up, because they can be pricey, especially if you want one with a face already painted. I'd need that since I have no artistic talent to do it myself. It seems a little... odd to be an adult women and collect dolls, but I'm hardly the only one! I'd also need to get clothes and stuff and wigs and all kinds of things, so I may need to wait until I get a job before I can start. I just have to figure out the best way to start!
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I hope that everyone has had a safe and pleasant New Year thus far. Mom and I stayed in (like we usually do) and watched some movies, ordered some pizza, watched the ball drop and drank some sparkling cider.

A lot of things happened in 2015. Some good and some bad, not just to me personally, but worldwide as well. People passed on and babies were born, there was a new Star Wars movie that was released, the final Hunger Games movie as well. Some book releases as well as educational achievements, like graduating from grad school, possible employment opportunities and induction into the educational honor society.

Here's a brief recap of 2015 as I can remember it:

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Soooo, that was pretty much my year. This coming year has lots of promise. There is a possibility of a job and maybe a move to go with it. It's a little exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I think it'll be good, though. I'm not going to get too much ahead of myself, but I'm going to try to stay optimistic. And not think about the looming student loan payment that's coming up...

I hope 2016 will turn out to be a good one for all of you and I look forward to seeing what'd next in your lives!!
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OK, so I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens today and I have thoughts. I shall put them under a cut as to spare everyone from spoilers.

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So, those are my thoughts. I think I was more coherent than I thought I would be. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what next on the horizon.
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Apparently, my hoop jumping is far from over. I went to the school today to turn in my initial certification application, and it seems the school doesn't even have my graduation status up yet in their official documents. The lady there, who was very nice, said it might not be until January 23rd or so. Which is interesting since I have to pick up my diploma on the 19th. I also have to order my transcripts from my other schools to be sent to the state Board of Education. I'm not going to worry about that just yet, since it'll still be a few weeks until everything gets organized. Luckily, the schools are used to the whole red tape aspect of everything, so if I say my certification is “pending” that'll usually do for the time being until things come together.

While I'm glad to be finished with grad school and all of that, I still have the stressful part of the job hunt ahead of me. I filled out the online application for the Knox County School System, so that's done at least. I haven't heard anything back yet, but it may be a little while yet and there's also the holidays coming up and people are busy with that.

My dad was in town for my graduation and it was nice that he was here. The ceremony itself was pretty basic, not that it wasn't still nice though. It was a typical graduation ceremony and all. The graduate students went first, with the doctoral candidates going first and getting hooded onstage, followed by us, the Master's candidates. Finally the undergrads went. The speaker was actually pretty decent, which can't be said of most graduation speakers. We went to get a quick bite of lunch afterwards, and then I went home and changed and dad and I went to the movies. We went and saw Spectre which was pretty good. There were some Star Wars cos-players in the movie theater who were promoting the new Star Wars movie (which mom and I are planning to see on Monday morning, once the opening weekend crowds thins out a bit. Presumably) and I got a picture of dad with them. It was fun. Mom wasn't feeling well, so when we went to dinner, she didn't eat anything. I think the burger she had for lunch was under-cooked, so it was bothering her. We were going to go and see the lights at the local raceway, but she really wasn't feeling well enough to go.

Sunday, I went and had lunch with friends of ours, as a post-graduation celebration of sorts. We went to our mutually favorite Chinese place and it was very good, the company AND the food!

So, due to all of the goings-on recently, we haven't decorated for Christmas. At all. I have my lights in my windows, but that's mostly because I didn't bother to take them down last year. If I do end up moving to Knoxville, I will have to take them down eventually. That's another thing I'm trying not to think too much about. I don't mind having to move, but the actual act of moving isn't all that fun. But, I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch, as the saying goes.

Hopefully I can get some things done around the house now that I'm no longer tied up with studying. I need to do some catch-up house cleaning and organization. And reading!! I can do some pleasure reading again! And hopefully I can re-learn my knitting. My skills are considerably rusty since I haven't been doing it as much due to school. I had to frog what I was working on and start over since I forgot a simple purl stitch. And my knit stitch could use some work as well...

I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy many hot beverages lately. The crazy weather due to El Niño hasn't helped any. It's usually a looooot colder by this time of year and we've had at least one snowfall by now. It's barely broken the 60's for the majority of the time. I don't know what January and February will bring since they're usually the coldest months. I guess we'll see.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and I'll send out letters as soon as I can!
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I have less than two weeks before I graduate and still so much to do. I have to write a six page research paper by the 9th and finish up my online portfolio. I'm trying not to freak out about it, but I tend to do that anyway (thanks, Anxiety). Then I have other problems to deal with, like my insurance premiums going up drastically and only having limited funds. I probably wont even be able to get a job for six months after I graduate and in the interim, I'll be dead ass broke. I'll probably have to look into a part time job in the meantime, which has never been an easy task. I'm trying not to feel discouraged right now, because I want to focus on the positives, at least until after graduation. It majorly sucks, being below the poverty line. I just want to have a job where I can have a comfortable existence and not have to wonder where my next meal is coming from, or being unable to pay my bills and where I don't feel like I'm just existing.

Sorry for the complaining. I get these moods where I just feel sorry for myself and can't shake it. I think it's part of my Depression. I haven't even been on my Flist for weeks because I just can't put in the effort anymore. I keep it though, because the rare few of you who do actually post anything anymore, I want to stick around. Plus, I can say things on here that I can't anywhere else, and I think it helps a little bit, even if no one ever reads it.

I did manage to have my hair re-hennaed yesterday. It looks nice. It'll most likely settle into it's more 'permanent' color in a few weeks, in time for me to graduate. I also have to practice my very rust makeup skills for 'the big day'. I feel like I'm getting married. I have announcements, a gown, photographs, a rehearsal, etc... No honeymoon, though. But, I'm excited and will be looking forward to it and for it to be over with. I just hope I'm able to find a job at a good school as well as be able to move (if I need to) once the time comes. Adulthood really sucks...
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I swear to God, Anxiety is the WORST! My instructor for my Practicum class (who is also my advisor and basically heads up my major), keeps telling me I need to tweak my lesson plan assignment for the last lesson plan I did. It’s not out of malice or obstinance or anything like that, she’s my teacher and she’s trying to teach me things that I’ll need to know for my career. The logical side of my brain understands that. The emotional side of my brain, however, tends to overshadow the logical side, so I get anxious and panicky and all sorts of crap. Then comes the self-doubt and the self-loathing and then my Depression likes to rear its ugly head and it’s just a big ol’ mess. Even with the medication I take, which helps a lot, it can still be overwhelming. So I think I may have dumped a lot of Anxiety onto my instructor with my last email and I’m hoping I didn’t weird her out or anything or give her reason to think I can’t hack it as a librarian. It’s a vicious circle.

Anyway, I’m trying to think of more positive things, like my graduation coming up in a little over a month. My dad is finalizing his plans for coming down, I got my photos from my graduation shoot in the mail and I uploaded them onto my computer and shared them. I will probably print them out on an as needed basis to give to family along with the graduation announcements I plan on ordering in the next few weeks. Plus, I still have my classwork to do over the next few weeks. It’s not as busy as it was when I was doing my Practicum, which is helpful.

I had a Skype interview with the lady who is the liaison for the Knox County Tennessee School District about future openings in the Knoxville area. It’s roughly two hours from here. It went pretty well. Mostly she was asking me about what policies I would use and technology and collection development. She doesn’t do the actual hiring, that’s the job of the principals. However, when I apply for a position there, she can go and tell a principal at a certain school that she spoke with me and she knows I’d be a good fit at that particular school or not. While there are positions opening up in January, I do want to wait until after the school year since I really need to have the time to be able to move to the area and I want to start when the new school year starts instead of in the middle. So, hopefully things will fall into place soon-ish so that if I need to move, we can. Mom said she’d move with me for a year so that I can get settled and then she’d move out on her own. It’s a bit of a scary prospect since I’ve never lived on my own, not even at college where I always had roommates.

We went to the local campus of the VA and took some pictures of the trees and some of the older buildings there. It’s a very nice campus with a lot of character to it. It’s a good place to have a picnic since it has a lot of open spaces as well as some shady spots. I’ll link to my Flickr album where I posted all my pictures at. I also have some from the cemetery from the other day that is on the other side of the VA where the military folks are buried. I may have a few from around our neighborhood as well…

Autumn 2015

I have other pictures on my profile if you wanna take a gander.
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Today was the last day of my Practicum and it was a little bittersweet. I do think I learned a lot from this experience, though, which was the point. I will enjoy having more free time devoted to classwork (and, let's be real, sleeping in). I still have a few more months until graduation, so things will be getting more hectic. Hopefully I can keep my cool. I'm not gonna lie, I had a minor nervous breakdown on Friday. I guess all the stress had built up and it just exploded into one roiling sob fest. It did feel good afterwards, however. Like a catharsis of a sort. I guess it's something that you need sometimes...

I have some potential job prospects in the Knoxville area soon. My adviser had email some of us in the Practicum class about openings coming up in Knox County in January and gave us the name of the lady who is the liaison between the school board and the principals in hiring of new school librarians (I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Go figure). She did contact me back and we're going to be setting up a Skype interview within the next few weeks. Mostly because Knoxville is about two hours away from here. I am kind of hoping to get one of the later openings in May and thereabouts so that it will give me some time to move there. I'd rather not commute that distance, especially with a less than reliable car and in the winter. If it does happen, mom had mentioned something about moving with me and helping me get settled for a year or so, then moving on to maybe Townsend, TN which is closer to the Smokies, which is her dream area. Only time will tell, I guess.

I have to prepare for my Oral Presentation on Thursday. It's also via Skype with my graduate adviser and another instructor who teaches a lot of the library classes I take. I'm not super worried, but I do need to print off a bunch of stuff so that I can show them my physical binder. I have quite a bit of it already, but there are still a few items that I need to add yet.

I had my Remicade on Wednesday. Like a total dumb-ass, I forgot to do my lab work ahead of time, so I had to do them both on the same day, which took a long time and I had to wait awhile before I was even set up for it. Then, they couldn't get a good jab into my vein, even after multiple tries (which hurt. A LOT). They moved to another vein and things were better. I was the last person to leave, however, once everything was done. My next one is in December, a few days after my graduation. The only thing I wouldn't look forward to about moving again is having to re-establish with doctors and finding new favorite restaurants. It's the little things, sometimes...
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Today was my Remicade treatment. You'd think, after having done this as often as I have, that I'd remember to do my lab work ahead of time, like I have so many times before. Not this time, apparently. Granted, this semester of school has been a rather hectic one since it's my final one and there's a lot of stuff to do in addition to my Practicum. Monday was especially busy and it slipped my mind to go and do my lab work. Luckily, they were very nice at the infusion center and I was able to do both my lab work and my infusion on the same day. However, it did cause a few hiccups. Like I had to wait until 1:00 to actually get started on my infusion, and they were very busy today, so I actually didn't get started until after 2:00. Then, the nurse had a hard time accessing my vein, which really hurt as she was digging for it. Mom said I looked peaked afterwards. Then, because it took longer than expected, I was there until after 5:00 when everyone else had finished. We kept apologizing to the nurses for keeping them so long, but they said they had charting to do, so it wasn't a big deal. Then, mom and I went and had some Chinese food afterwards since I was starving by the end. We had some errands to do today, so we were able to do those in between my lab time and my infusion time.

I'm getting close to being completely finished with my Practicum. My last day is next Tuesday. I still need to get together with my supervising librarian to get a lesson together for me to give on Monday as part of my grade as well as doing some paperwork stuff. Friday there are no classes in the library, so I hope I can get some time to talk to her then. Next Thursday I have to present my Oral Presentation via Skype, so I've been working on getting all of that together. I also have an assignment based on a book that I've been reading, so I have that to finish before Sunday. Things have been pretty busy for me. I just hope I don't suffer burnout before the semester is over.
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I survived the visit with my dad and stepmother. I had a few tense moments here and there and one time I actually had to leave to go outside in order to avert an anxiety attack, but luckily it was just the one time.

On Saturday we went to Oak Ridge and went to the American Museum of Science and Energy. It was pretty nice. Nothing too fancy, but it was a nice little museum. I took pictures and posted them on my Flickr account if you want to peruse through them. :-)

While I enjoy doing the internship at the school library, I am looking forward to it being over because I'm exhausted. It'll be nice to be able to keep up with my housework in the very least. It's the simple things sometimes...

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, and so far, it doesn't feel much like fall. While we are getting some color changes with the leaves, the weather is still pretty warm and I hope it starts to cool off again soon.

I'm gonna cut this short because my brain is fried right now...
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This is going to be a very stressful week. My dad and step-mother (as well as the people they care for) are visiting and, while I get along great with my dad, things can be tense with my step-mom. Not that we don’t get along in general, it’s just certain aspects of her personality kinda rubs me the wrong way. Dad said he thinks she may have an undiagnosed mental illness such as bipolar disease, but refuses to acknowledge this in order to get diagnosed. It’s… frustrating and convoluted at times. I can only take the whole crew for more than a few days. So while I was disappointed not to go to DC with them, it was probably for the best, because being enclosed in the relatively small enclosure for even four days, it would’ve been too much to deal with. So, I’d still like to go, but maybe just with mom and sometime during the fall when it’s cooler and less active.

So, we’re set to go to Oak Ridge, TN tomorrow (which is two+ hours away. Help me), and it should be an interesting experience. Hopefully I won’t break out into an anxiety attack (like I almost did at dinner tonight). Luckily mom will be with me to act as a buffer. She’s a calming influence on me and it helps to have her around.

Working at the library is very busy, but not in a bad way. I like doing what I do and am learning quite a lot about how a larger high school library works. I’ve gotten a bit more confident when it comes to getting kids to be doing what their supposed to be doing and I get a hands on experience. I still have to do a collaborative lesson plan, so that’s a bit nerve-wracking, but I just have to suck it up and do it. It’s just for one day and I like the teacher I’ll be collaborating with, so that will help. I just need to do the same when I return to the other school I was at once they return from fall break. Then I have to gather the materials I need to do my Oral Presentation toward the end of October. Hopefully I can get to a point where I can sit and do all of that stuff relatively soon. I can survive until December. I know I can!!
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I basically have a four-day weekend. I was off on Friday and Monday is Labor Day and no school. Online classes are still available though, so no getting out of that… Tuesday and Wednesday I go back to the lab school I’ve been at for the past two weeks and then on Thursday I go to my second placement. Why a weird schedule? Because the lab school is on a year-round schedule and they have a Fall break coming up for the majority of September. My main concern with the new placement is the fact I need to be there by 7:15 in the morning. As someone who isn’t a morning person, this will be a bit of a struggle for me. It’s bad enough that I get up at 6:30, now I have to do it even earlier. Plus, no Fridays off. But, it’s all a part of the education system! Day to day activities aren’t an issue, but I will have to do a collaborative lesson plan, and that worries me. I don’t know if I need to actually get up in front of a class and teach a lesson, or if I need to meet with a teacher and we come up with a lesson together for them to teach? I don’t know. I’ll ask my supervising librarian about it.

My classes are going pretty well so far, but I’m only in my second week. It hasn’t been easy trying to juggle my hours at the school with keeping up with my classwork, but with a schedule adjustment, it’s been a little easier. I’m concerned about my Seminar class. The instructor seems to be a bit of a martinet (and a humorless one at that) and while the discussion postings in and of themselves haven’t been too bad, for some reason, she wants us to have responses with citations, instead of just posting a response based on our previous experiences and opinions. I just have to try and hang in there for another few months. I may be finished with my Practicum sooner than expected and then I can devote more time to classwork.

I did make a book trailer for a class and I think it turned out pretty well! See for yourself:

I had some help with the program I used. I basically used a premade template and added some words and pictures to it. But, people seemed to like it, so that makes me happy.

My dad and step-mom are coming down in a few weeks. While there’s not gonna be a trip to DC for me, it’ll still be nice to visit. Maybe if I can swing it, I can spend some time with them in the afternoons and evenings while they’re here. Besides, if the weather is going to be like it is now, it’ll be too damn hot to go to DC at this time of year…
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Well, I survived my first day of my Practicum. Even though we had periods of lulls, it was still pretty exhausting. I was originally going to go to the campus library afterwards to do some schoolwork, but by the end, I was too tired and my feet were killing me, so I opted to go home. I was tempted to pick up some takeout, since at this point I was starving, but I didn’t. Mostly because I knew mom was going to fix Mexican lasagna for dinner tonight. One day this week I may cave, though.

I learned quite a bit today. I learned how to check in books and how to check them out to the students. I also stamped the library name on some new books that arrived and have yet to be entered into the system. I also explored the shelves and learned where the different books were located and how they were organized. Different libraries do it differently. Since it’s a small library, there isn’t a lot of space, but they seem to make do with what they have.

I also rearranged the children’s magazines and re-labeled the shelves they were on. The library even has its own pet, a guinea pig named Gus. There are even kids who come in and are ‘helpers’ and feed him (with supervision) and take pictures of him and keep a log. He’s very cute.

Since I’ll be going in every day for 8 hours at a stretch, I’ll probably be finished with my Practicum by mid-October or thereabouts. Which will be nice, since it’ll give me a chance to concentrate more on my classwork. And I’ll need it! That Seminar class looks to be rough! Oy! But, I need to make sure I stay focused so that I can pass and be able to graduate as well as maintain my GPA so that I can keep my KDP membership.

I don’t think I’ll have any problem getting to sleep tonight. I do have a doctor’s visit on Thursday that I have to leave early for. I need to ask her about the major pain I keep having in my back. It seems to be getting worse, which is something I don’t need. I did go to the chiropractor and get a readjustment, which helped a bit, but it seems to be getting worse. I’m worried it’ll cripple me one of these days…
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I PASSED MY PRAXIS EXAMS!!!!! I did better on my PLT one than my SLM one, interestingly enough. That one was the one I was worried about the most. I had the results sent to my university, the Tennessee Board of Education and the North Carolina Board of Education. Virginia, interestingly enough, doesn’t require the Praxis for their teachers. Hmmm…

Classes start next week on the 24th. That’s also when I report for duty at my first school library. I have to start going to bed early and getting up early this coming week to train myself to do it for the rest of the semester. Not easy for a natural night owl like myself. Although, I had to get up at 6:30 for six years when I was working in an office, and I didn’t like it then either. But I’ve been spoiled for the past two and a half years of sleeping in whenever I wanted. Plus, I also have to keep on top of my other classes. Oy! I have to tell myself not to get ahead of myself and worry about things before they happen, but Anxiety doesn’t like to listen to reason…

The meeting I had with the second librarian I was assigned to went very well. This was definitely not her first rodeo with a grad student. She did say she had a hard time pinning down a schedule with the last student she had, because I think there were conflicts, but that’s not going to be an issue with me. I don’t have a job to go to that takes up the day, so I can come in all day, every day. Hell, I’ll probably be finished with my 100 hours with her before it’s time for me to go back to my other school when they return from their fall break. I might even be finished before the semester is over.

She even had a lesson plan idea for me to do for my video evaluation. I guess the school has an International Baccalaureate program and some of the students have had difficulty with proper citation of papers. So I need to come up with a lesson plan about a works cited page and plagiarism. I just hope I don’t puke my guts out beforehand.

I tried pleading with the Financial Aid office to see if, by chance, I could get my loan money early. No go. They said I can’t get it before the 19th, which is Wednesday. HOPEFULLY I’ll actually get it then instead of a few days after, so I can have time to get some things I need before the 24th.

I’m thinking of switching from my bank to a Credit Union. I’ve done a little research and it sounds like a CU would be better suited to me. I know there are pretty much only regional branches, but many are connected by networks so that you can use them without being charged a fee. Plus, they don’t have a lot of other fees that national bank chains charge since CU’s are not-for-profit. I’m done with being screwed over by my bank and its ridiculous fees and I think my mom is too.

I have my next Remicade treatment on the 19th, so I have to go tomorrow and get my bloodwork done. Hopefully I won’t run a red light this time. I wonder if I should get my allergy shot while I’m out as well since I usually get them done on Wednesdays.

Since Verizon is charging me a crapton of money in order to reinstate my cell phone, I think I’m going to go with one of those StraightTalk deals from Walmart. I can use my old iPhone 5 as just a phone for going back and forth to school and such in case I need to use it for emergencies or letting people know when I’m leaving and the like. Mostly for mom’s peace of mind since she tends to worry about me a lot. But, being she’s my mom, she’s gonna do that… 😉
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Well, I had a bit of a letdown today. I had a meeting with one of my supervising librarians today, which went well, and I told my dad that I was able to make time for the originally planned vacation to DC in October. It seems plans changed and while they’re still going to DC, it will be without me. I don’t think it was a deliberate snubbing, but just the way the scheduling worked out. And it’s been moved up to September.

The way the one school’s schedule is, they have a year ‘round schedule and they have three weeks off in September. Ordinarily it’d be fine, but I have to schedule my hours for my other school during that time. So I’ll be unavailable during the days they plan on being here… except for one day. A Saturday. I’m glad I have at least one day, but I would’ve liked to have had more. What I really would’ve liked was to go to DC during the fall with the fall colors in the city, but I guess that was flushed down the toilet. This was like Germany all over again. They told me over and over that whenever they’d go to Germany to visit the foreign exchange student we’d hosted, they’d take me too. Well, they went to Germany… and I didn’t. I’m still sore about it too, as you can clearly tell. Whatever…

At least dad is still coming down for my graduation in December. I don’t know for how long though, so I have no idea what is going to happen aside from going to the ceremony. But, that’s four months away yet.

I hope I get my loan money soon. The bursar’s office said it’d be the 19th or so. Classes start on the 24th. You’d think that’d be enough time, but they don’t always release the funds on the day they say they will. Sometimes it’s a day or so later. It makes no sense. I have to order my books online since the campus bookstore doesn’t carry the books for my major. So that takes time to arrive. I also need to get some things for when I start my Practicum, like professional type clothes and a day planner as well as printer ink for the schedule I need to print off and my syllabi. I can’t do ANY of that until I get my loan. It’s aggravating. I don’t know what I can do to light a fire under the Financial Aid offices to see if they’d get it too me faster. Mom practically has all of it spent already…

I have my meeting with my other supervising librarian on Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning. I also have to start next week by retraining myself to get up early again so that I can get used to waking up since I’ll be needing to get up at about 6:30 or so in order to have enough time to do everything so that I can make it to the school on time. Oy… Not easy for a natural night owl like myself.
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I was supposed to have a meeting with one of the supervising librarians I’ll be working with for my Practicum this coming semester, but when I showed up, she wasn’t there. I guess she’d forgotten she was supposed to meet with me or something, despite the fact that we had this meeting set up for over a week. Her GA was there and he spoke to her and basically the gist was that I can pop in anytime during school hours to start on my hours. However, there’s more stuff that I need to speak to her in person about, so we kind of set it up where I will stop by on Monday during school hours (so 1:30 or so) so that we can get together and set up a schedule because I need something concrete to turn into my instructor. I have a tentative meeting with the other supervising librarian for next Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning so we can set up a schedule. Hopefully no other calamities will befall me.

I’ll get my loan money sometime around the 19th or so. I’d like to get it earlier so that I can get the books I need (one of which costs $150.00!!!) and stuff like that before classes actually begin. Why they don’t take this into consideration when they distribute the funds, I have no idea…

One of my instructors did open the class online already so we can get an idea and read the syllabus and the assignment schedule. There is a loooooot going on this semester. Not only the Practicum, but the other classwork as well. I also have to videotape me doing a lesson as well as having two observations of conducting a lesson. That is what I’m most nervous about. Not just due to my voice issues, but my Social Anxiety as well. Public speaking has never been a strong feature of mine. I can do one-on-one instruction and small group, but standing up in front of a classroom and conducting a lesson is a whole other matter entirely. Hopefully I won’t fuck things up too much.

I hope I can be able to keep up with all of my classes while I’m doing my Practicum hours. I’ll just have to make sure I go to the library afterwards so that I can focus and get everything done. I won’t be sad once I graduate since I’ll be done with all of my schoolwork. I also have to set up a time to do my Oral Presentation in October. I’ll probably nail down a date once I finish setting up my schedules for my Practicum.

I’m STILL waiting for my Praxis scores. Hopefully I’ll get them soon, especially since I have to put them in my portfolio for my Final Presentation. Wish me luck!!
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So yesterday was my birthday. I turned 39. I don’t feel 39. Well, not emotionally. Physically things have started to go a little downhill, mostly my back. I had a low-key birthday, which was fine. Mom fixed my favorite meal for dinner, which was excellent. I had a lot of people write birthday greetings on my wall on Facebook and I got some cards in the mail. Maybe once we get a little more income coming in, we can celebrate. I still owe mom for her birthday last month. I hope to do something special next year for my 40th birthday. Maybe I’ll be on the cusp of employment by then…

I ordered a few things from Amazon with a gift card I got from my dad and step-mom, which arrived today. I got a BluRay of the last Hobbit film and a few graphic novels. I tried not to go overboard, since I couldn’t pay for shipping on my own, so I had to make sure the gift amount covered both the purchases and shipping. I’m still glad with what I got.

I left a message with my bank saying they can stop calling my house and leaving notes in my mailbox informing me of how little I have in my bank account. I have access to online banking as well as a mobile app. I can keep track of how little I have that way, thank you very much. Save a tree and stop calling me!

I haven’t received my Praxis scores yet. It’s kind of frustrating. I need to have more patience in the matter. If only…

I also looked up to see when I’d be receiving my student loan, and it said sometime around the 19th of August. Classes start on the 24th and I hope it’ll be enough time to buy my books and whatever else I’ll need before classes start. I have a meeting with one of the librarians I’ll be working with on Friday in order to set up a schedule for my Practicum. I haven’t heard from the other one yet, but I emailed her work and I don’t know when classes start at the school, so I don’t know when she’ll read it.

I also turned in the paperwork I needed for my Intent to Graduate at the Graduate Services Office a few weeks ago. I got an email saying they received it and that the procedures will be started for graduation. So there’s that taken care of.

And I think this is the most I’ve posted in quite a while…
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Well, maybe not a national nightmare, but it was pretty intense.

Yes, I am finally finished with my Praxis exams! Hopefully for good, depending on if I get a high enough score on them. I’m not gonna get rid of all of my notes just yet or anything.

Still, I’m glad I have time to relax and actually enjoy the rest of my summer before classes begin and I start my Practicum. I have a meeting with one of the librarians I’ll be working with on Friday to set up a schedule. I haven’t heard from the other one as of yet, but I hope to soon. I don’t know when she checks her work emails since school hasn’t officially started for the city as of yet.

My birthday is Monday and my dad and stepmother gave me a $100.00 gift card for Amazon (which I’ve already used) so that was very nice of them. I got some books and the last Hobbit movie on BluRay. Most of them should arrive on Tuesday with one arriving sometime in August.

That was pretty much the only big event that has been going on so far. I mean, summers tend to be pretty low key and especially when you’re broke and can’t go anywhere. I think I’ll watch some TV and read a bit.
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I took my first Praxis exam yesterday afternoon. I think I did okay. None of the questions that were on the exam were on any of the study guides. Most of it was common sense as well as stuff I had studied from my classes. Hopefully I did well enough to get passing marks per state qualifications.

I have my final one next Friday, and I can only hope I do well on it as well. I’ll be more than happy to be over and done with all of this soon.

I set up an impromptu meeting with one of the librarians I’ll be working with for my Practicum so that we can set up a schedule for next semester. I haven’t heard from the other one yet, but I think that’s because I sent an email to her work address (the only one I have) and classes haven’t resumed yet. One school is on a year-round schedule and the other is on a regular one.

Mom is kind of champing at the bit for my loan money to come in. I mean, I know there are some things that need taken care of, like catching up on bills and getting the cars fixed, but I’d like to have some of it for me to use. There’s a few things on Amazon I’d like to get as well as a few other things. I need to get new clothes for my Practicum (as well as future employment) that are more akin to working in a school library. I have a feeling my regular jeans and T-shirts won’t cut it, lest I be mistaken for a student. Plus, I owe mom a birthday gift and a birthday dinner, in addition to shopping for Christmas early since I doubt I can during the actual holidays.

Hopefully it won’t cost too much to get the cars taken care of and I can have enough left over for an Apple MacBook Air for me to take back and forth to the library once I finish with my Practicum for the day so I can catch up with my own schoolwork. I can get a refurbished one with a student discount for about $740.00 or so. It’s lighter weight and slimmer so it’ll be easier to haul back and forth, in addition to not having a lot of other stuff on it to slow it down any…

Summer here is pretty sluggish. We can’t really go anywhere and I have no money to see any of the movies I want to see, so I’ve mostly been hanging around at home trying to do some casual reading and catching up on some TV shows here and there. I only go out once or twice a week to either get my allergy shots or get a bite to eat when I’m able.

I’m going to go now since there are a few things I want to do yet today before I get too sleepy to do any of it.
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Life apparently likes to take a dump on me at the most inconvenient times…

Yesterday my car decided to throw a belt while we were running errands. Luckily we were able to get back home ok, but it can’t be driven until the problem is fixed lest we risk damaging the engine. Naturally this happens before I get my student loan in order to be able to fix it.

A friend of ours said he’d take a look at it tomorrow, so hopefully we can get it fixed enough that it can be driven again so that I can go take my first exam on campus on the 17th. I know at some point I’ll have to get a newer car, but I can’t right now. Hopefully I can get a few more years out of it…

I filled out the form I need to file for my Intent to Graduate. I just have to turn it in to the Graduate Studies Office when I’m on campus next week. It’s pretty basic, really. I just needed to fill out my name as I want it on my diploma, the size of graduation robes I’d need and my major information.

I did hear from my advisor and she told me the schools I’ve been assigned to for my Practicum and they’re the ones I wanted. Mostly because I had already interviewed the librarians there for another class of mine, so I have a familiarity with them as well as the libraries themselves. I’m a little excited and yet nervous at the same time. I think I’ll be OK though…