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…Not just any witch, but a Christian Witch. Sound a bit contradictory? Yes, but they are out there.

I’ve been kind of ‘toying’ with the idea for a little while. I’ve always been fascinated with the craft of witchcraft (LOL), but having been raised Christian, it seemed wrong somehow to even entertain the idea. As it stands, I still cannot let go of my monotheistic background, and a large part of me doesn’t want to.

Still, after doing a little research, I discovered there was a sect of witches known as Christian Witches. They still worship God and Jesus, only they use the rituals of the craft in order to enhance (is that the right word?) their worship.

Many witches are polytheistic in their rituals, but instead of making altars to and offering prayers to different Gods and Goddesses, I’d just be praying to the Trinity of God. God has three different parts: God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. While there calls for a feminine aspect of many of the rituals, I don’t believe the Holy Spirit has a specific gender. Technically God doesn’t either since He’s God and omniscient and all, but He’s been given the Father title, I felt I should continue to see Him as the masculine side. Jesus is His own person, the human part of God.

Anyway, I haven’t told anyone I’ve been contemplating this since many still see witchcraft as something evil. I think I’d prefer to be surrounded by good witches and Wiccans over many so-called “Christians”. I do have a few friends who are Pagans, but I don’t know if they’re necessarily witches or not. I reached out to one of them for a little advice and hopefully, she can help.

My belief is that God created everything on the earth, and why wouldn’t it be infused with some of His spirit and life force. I think it’d be a respectful way of honoring God and His creation with ceremony and rituals.

My one problem is that I have no money to get the things I’d need, like for the altar and the spells et al. So, I might have to practice “in theory” for the time being. I know there are some who make travel altars to take with them and I may do that, once I find the tin and the other things I’d need. I especially can’t do it while I live with my mother. She’s pretty open-minded, but I doubt she’d be as understanding with this as she has been about my sexuality and my political stance.

I have to back-burner things for now, but I hope once I am able to get a steady income that I can get started on doing the necessary things I’ll need to do in order to become a full-fledged Christian Witch. So I have a secret Pinterest board on the various rituals and materials needed for witchcraft. Wish me luck!

Oh, And I think my witch name would be Amethyst Moon. I definitely feel like a Moon Witch.
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