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In case you haven't heard by now, America decided to vote into the highest office in the land, a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, vile human being.

Our country will be set back by decades, if not more, with this man in office. All the hard work we've achieved over the past few years will be undone. My heart is broken for all of the marginalized and disenfranchised of this country. Sadly, I was once friends with many of the biggest supporters of Trump. Deep down, I think they are overall decent people that have been deceived by his empty promises and lies. Maybe that makes me naïve, I don't know.

For me, this doesn't change anything. I will still fight against injustice. I will still strive to support my LGBT community, the Muslim community, the black community, the Hispanic community, the disabled community, the lower income community, the scientific community, and the women of this country. My brothers. My sisters. Myself.

I will not give into my anger, my despair, my outrage. I will use that energy to keep speaking out and continuing the uphill struggle for equality for everyone. For treating people like human beings, regardless of their skin color, gender, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

All I ask from you is to be kind to your neighbor. Your LGBT neighbor, your Muslim neighbor, your black neighbor, and even your racist neighbor. I will not be brought down to their level. I will be better than that. I will rise above and hold my head up high.

Be good to yourself. And each other.
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